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06-21-2010, 12:08 PM
Just getting us started today. I'll bet Pam and Dawn are getting ready to have a good day in Vegas! Wonder when they'll be back home? Nothing going on around here today - I have some email stuff to deal with, a phone call to make to one of my vendors to get the report on a competitor's bead show this past weekend. I love hearing what all the vendors are up to, whether there's someone new to invite to ours, etc. Then I'm hitting the studio - I'm hoping to get started on my jewelry for the wedding. Along with my own stuff, the bride has asked me to make necklaces for the bridesmaids, and Kevin specially requested a pair of cuff links for his tux. He has always loved my work, and he LOVES french cuffs so he can wear cuff links so he made sure that his tux could use a pair. Not sure what I'll come up with, but with all these things to make, I best get cracking today. Hope everyone has a good Monday - hope it's not too horrible of a day (Andee, sending you calm soothing wishes - hoping you get some peace from the road noise!). Cheers!

06-21-2010, 03:32 PM
Hi Barrie, hi all! Too tired to write much - they didn't work on the street last night (phew), but I got woken up by the noise from the other apartment on my floor which is being renovated atm (don't let me get started on the dust. Dust. Everywhere!!). Sigh. One day this, too, will be over... Back to work tomorrow. Hate it already...


06-21-2010, 04:13 PM
Hi folks
My colleague came back in to work today, he is moving very slowly but seemed to cope OK. I think I must have caught back ache fromhime because mine is playing up, as is my knee. Maybe doing the agility with Leon was a mistake, I didn't climb through the tunnel or anything but I did trot around with him which is closer to running than I have done for months.

Not a lot going on here, work was OK, weather suddenly turned hot which is very pleasant. David wants to get Leon clipped, I'm leaving it up to him to organise, I don't really want my woolly boy changed but I can see he will get too hot if it is very warm on holiday.

Barrie, I'm sure your kids egg each other on, but it's great that they all get on so well. Yay for your dh getting the garden cleared up, we've been doing some here too and Leon has decided he can now get under the choisya - that was not the idea. You've got a lot to get made in a short time, sending you inspiration vibes.

Andee, it always astounds me how much dust building work creates. Hope you sleep better tonight and work isn't as bad as feared. Has your new boss started yet?

Dawn and Pam, hope you are having a wonderful time.

06-21-2010, 04:48 PM
hi everyone, I'm back at the house in Bath. The boys had put the lining paper up in the bedroom and it looks much nicer with the dark blue covered up. They had done 2 squares of my tester pot, but I don't like it. Think I will get something that is almost the same creamy colour as the lining paper :lol: it isn't exciting, but for renting out that is probably the best plan. I got a tester pot of a possible colour and can probably get that up tomorrow. They won't need a decision for a few days.
DH e.mailed the gallery in Italy that he bought the statue from and they replied that they now have the documentation needed to ship. So next challenge is to see when the shippers can deliver............. I'm sure there will be customs issues this end as well.
Andee, hugs for tomorrow.
sorry not to chat to everyone but I need my supper. Fiona