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06-20-2010, 02:39 PM
Hi everyone :wave: not much going on here. It was cloudy and grey until late afternoon, by which time I couldn't be fussed with going out. I did wave the vacuum cleaner about a bit and scrub the toilets ..............fun. Need to throw some things in the bag for tomorrow, but it's only 4 nights, so not a lot to take.

Andee, sorry to hear about your vacation and the road being ripped up. Are they at least burly young workmen taking their shirts off whilst labouring away? My gas men weren't but maybe you have better luck :lol:

Almost evening here, have a good one all of those of you just starting Sunday. Fiona

06-20-2010, 03:14 PM
Hi all!

LOL Fiona, nope, no such luck I'm afraid... But thanks for the chuckle! ;) Btw, it said you commented on my photo on FB, but there was no comment?
Ugh, scrubbing the toilets? I'm sure you're glad that you're done with it. Have a safe trip, although I completely missed where to...?

I spent my day staring at my beach finds and stacking cairns, still don't know where to put all that stuff (pic is on FB, it wouldn't let me upload here from my iPhone). Will watch the match now, and I'm glad that I won't have to go back to work yet, one more day off before madness commences.


06-20-2010, 04:48 PM
Hi all
Well today has been a busy one, and there I was thinking we were having a lazy weekend. The morning was the usual cleaning and shopping, then this afternoon we took Leon to a dog fun day. He had a wonderful time, met loads of dogs, had a go at the "dog dash" and the agility course, charmed lots of people, had an icecream and bought a load of treats. We didn't enter him for any of the showw classes, those were drawing to and end when we arrived as we got there late. The traffic in our town has gone crazy, one of the major roundabouts is closed and they haven't bothered to put notices on the bypass. As is usual on a summer Sunday the bypass is solid with traffic and people are trying to take short cuts through the town, then finding they can't get out again!

Fiona, I'm a pretty confident needlewoman so this should be fairly straightforward. We will be camping for the first week of our holiday, Leon does love it. I think he must be woken by another dog going past the house, he only barks about 3-4 times and then stops. Seagulls are a menace, bins also get attacked by cats and squirrels, such a pain that you can't have wheelie bins. I didn't know you were an accountant, same here although I gave up studies before achieving charterdom.

Andee, what a total drag, hope you have earplugs. You deserve a refund for the train and for the holiday, so unfair when you had been looking forwards to it for so long. I'll have to take a look at your beachcombings, now you need to have the inspirations for using them.

06-20-2010, 09:44 PM
Good afternoon!
Fiona, a quick four day trip (I missed where you were going too!) is easy to pack for! Gray and cloudy here too - the rain hasn't come yet today, but I'm sure it will! Good for you for at least waving the vacuum around - no such luck here! Dh is outside 'pruning' the plum tree out front - there's a bunch of dead sucker branches and stuff and he's clearing that out. I don't think the blackbirds are too happy with him (they were having a lovely afternoon eating from the feeders).

Andee, one more day of peace (sort of!), hope it's a half decent one for you!

Claire, sounds like a hectic traffic day in your town! Lucky Leon getting to have a dog day!! We took the dogs to the kids' place when we went for dinner last night - they have a huge fenced back yard and our dogs get along great. They had as much fun as we did! Wish there were other things we could take them to, but dh is a hermit, so not gonna happen any time soon!! lol

:wave: to all today. So yes, we did end up going to dinner with the kids last night, but it was almost cancelled. The girls called me earlier in the afternoon - yesterday was the day that Kevin, the groomsmen (Mark is one of them) and Claire's Dad went to order tuxedos. From there, Claire's dad took them all out to the pub for lunch. And they all had more than enough to drink and had quite the buzz going on by the afternoon! More like they were bombed!! lol So the girls were worried that dinner would be a disaster as they'd been at a kids birthday party all afternoon, and weren't sure what the boys would have ready. So hubby and I went over there anyway by which time the boys had sobered up enough to not be obnoxious, just funny and happy. Freya and Dayton were playing in the pool (Dayton's lips were turning blue, but I asked him if he wanted to get out and he said quite loudly 'NO'! So he stayed in a bit longer - kids are amazingly immune to being cold!!). Anyway, there was barbequed ribs, salad, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob followed by a store bought strawberry shortcake - yup, store bought (blech!). But unfortunately we couldn't get more strawberries! So we had to settle for the store bought. I'll be heading to the farm this week to get more strawberries so I can have home made shortcake, that's for sure! lol (I'm still obsessing over strawberries!) Anyway, a good time was had by all, including the dogs, and the boys didn't make total fools of their drunken selves. Whew!!! Today I spent a few hours in the studio, working on a new ring for myself (best way out of a slump apparently is to make something for myself! lol), but still have a few days work to do on it. I figure it's way over the top, but perfect for a summer wedding, kind of like a cocktail ring - yeah, that's it!!! lol Pics when I get it done, for sure.

Hope Pam & Dawn are having a blast in Vegas!! Don't forget to play the slots a couple of times girls!!

I'm off to watch a little tv before dinner with dh - have a good evening all! Cheers!