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06-18-2010, 06:13 AM
Morning all :wave: not a lot going on in my little world today either. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, although the temperature wasn't that high. Grey today though and not toasty warm either.
The bed manufacturers just called with a delivery day, :clap: July 13. So that doesn't go out past my booking of the 15th :clap: again.

Pam and Dawn, hope you have fabulous holidays, you deserve them.

Claire, how is the knee doing today? has the therapist had any more thoughts on the actual cause or is it one of these things that will get better on it's own anyway given time and the right excercise ? The statue is eventually destined for the courtyard garden at the back of the house. However the plan is to keep it in the apartment in London for now. Always assuming that the thing does actually arrive!!!! DH is out of Singapore and his own office for a while, but once he is back next week I think he will chase them about it. I am hoping they are just being held up by the customs department about the export docs.

Andee, sorry to hear about the repair work going on, but the treasures you have collected sound delightful. Beaches are so interesting like that.

Barrie, and any others that drop in :wave: Have a good one, Fiona

06-18-2010, 12:29 PM
Good morning all!!
Fiona, yay for a delivery date! We're having alternating gray/sunny days here too. Doesn't bother me, though I would like a few more sunny afternoons so I can sit on the deck to work and get some sun - I'm hoping to get a bit of a tan for the wedding without having to resort to the spa-type tan. Hope we'll get a pic of the statue when it arrives!

Angela is on her way to see those new babies, hope she remembers to take lots of pics! :)

Claire, sorry the knee isn't happy yet - sure would be nice if they could figure out exactly what it is and just fix it!! How's that puddle hound doing today? Bailey's been needy the past few days - dh has been going to work an extra hour early each day this week, and I think she misses their morning play time.

Pam, what's up in your world today?? Hope you guys are enjoying the beginnings of summer vacation!

:wave: to all today! I got my strawberries from the local farm yesterday! OMG DELICIOUS!!!! I ate too many last night, but it was well worth it!! I'm contemplating having them for breakfast too! We're heading over to Kevin & Mark's place tomorrow evening for Father's Day dinner, and I'm thinking of making a strawberry shortcake - guess I'll be recipe searching this morning!! Then I should probably hit the studio and get some work done later on. Hope everyone has a lovely day!! Cheers!

06-18-2010, 02:28 PM
blue skies today! yay! I'm shopping for white capris today. that's what I'm doing. and packing. and laundry. and waiting for a zappos delivery! And I just booked a pink jeep tour to go see the valley of fire -they have petroglyphs! http://www.sunsetcities.com/valleyoffire.html So much to do, have to get off the computer....

strawberries sound yum... I should go see if there are any in my garden ready for picking. the birds keep getting them before I do.... darnit.

Yay for a decent delivery date, Fiona, that's a relief, I'm sure. I hope you make your departure date this time.

OK, I have to run....

06-18-2010, 03:04 PM
Hi everyone!

Last day of work before vacation! :clap:

Fiona - toasty warm here! Unfortunately I'm sitting in front of the heater because of the a/c.

Barrie - LOVE fresh strawberries! Hope you get to work on your wedding jewelry today!

Pam - that tour looks like fun! Too funny with the pink Jeeps though!

:wave: everyone!

So it's been a stressful couple of weeks getting things together but I think I'm totally set. Cody's mail order medicines and supplies arrived earlier this week and we were missing a box of insulin so they overnighted that yesterday and it should arrive today. I (WAY last minute) ordered a new phone wallet and they made sure it shipped Tuesday for me and it arrived today: http://www.amazon.com/JAVOedge-Apple-iPhone-Style-White/dp/B001MCBCK2/ref=pd_cp_cps_3 it's similar to my current case except the phone snaps in rather than having the leather come up and around the phone. Love this idea because the leather hurts my ear when I talk on the phone and it also makes it a little difficult to type and such.

I have to finish up my little Father's Day stuff for DH. He will get his big present next month but for now I made him a PMC pendant with the kids' thumbprints and a World's Greatest Dad coffee mug with a place for a pic of the kids. LOL!

I am so not into work today but it's lunchtime so I better go warm up my lunch. Hope everyone is having a nice Friday!

06-18-2010, 03:51 PM
TGIF here too. It has been a long and busy week. The weekend should be a quiet one, no particular trips or activities planned, I need a bit of relaxation. Tonight I was supposed to have a rehearsal but the director decided I wasn't needed. I still have to go over there as I have a few people to see, but I can go later and come home early.

Fiona, a statue in a courtyard will look perfect. Nobody seems to know what is wrong with my knee, everyone thought it was a torn cartilage, the symptoms all point to that but the mri scan doesn't show it. So I am having ultrasound and exercises, and we will see what 6 weeks of that will do.

Barrie, I am not sure what strawberry shortcake is meant to taste like as I've never had an authentic one. We have to make the most of summer fruit while it is in season, even if that means eating them for every meal! Leon is fine thanks for asking, he is another needy dog who wants a lot of attention. When he gets demanding I usually do some training with him, he loves that.

Pam, the valley of fire sounds amazing, much better than an elvis wedding! You are brave getting white capris, so not my lifestyle LOL. When do you go?

Dawn, you sound like you are all prepared now, I'm impressed that you got the father's day stuff done too. Have a wonderful time, and take loads of pics.

06-19-2010, 12:22 AM
What a day!! First Paypal cancels my debit card because there were two suspicious transactions (Home Depot in FL and GA for $10 ea???), and I because I'm in Canada, I have to fax them all kinds of documents to verify myself before they'll send me another one. Then tonight, dh & I were out shopping, tried to use my bank debit card (which is in no way and has never ever been connected to my PP account), and there's a security restriction on it! The bank wanted me to go to an ATM and change my PIN number - I talked them into letting the one transaction where I was shopping at so I didn't have to go back. I think there's been a debit card number scam in the area and it was just a precaution, but bugged me because it was both things in one day. Weird!! Just plain weird!! Got the debit card straightened out, but will have to deal with PP next week. Sigh!! Otherwise, I had a great day!

Claire, I don't know about authentic, but we just use a nice sponge cake, strawberries and whipped cream. I have to go get more strawberries - between dh & I (and the lizards of course), we're out! :) But they were so yummy! Glad the farm is close by!! Too funny that Leon likes training, so does Jessie - she just wants to be the good dog. Bailey could care less (she wants dh to think she's a good dog, but has no interest in making me happy! lol).

Dawn!! LOVE the iphone case!! it's fabulous!! I can see how the leather thing of the old one would drive you nuts (I have a similar one for my ipod, but don't have to worry about using it like a phone). The present for your dh sounds fabulous!! Can't believe you got that done with all the holiday preps you've been doing! :)

Pam, white capris? Wouldn't work for me either - too many critters and I'm way too clumsy for white pants of any kind!! Now white shirts are a different story! :) The Pink Jeep tour looks awesome!! Looking forward to your holiday photos! :)

:wave: to all - I'm going to relax and watch a little tv tonight - tomorrow is a busy one (off to the saltwater store in Vancouver in the morning then a quiet afternoon followed by a fun dinner with the kids for Father's Day). Hope you all have a great evening! :)