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06-16-2010, 12:28 PM
Hi everyone :wave: I went to check out new beds yesterday. I am still using the inflatable one from when we had work done! The frame we have in storage is now earmarked for the guest room in the house. I had seen one online with storage underneath and as they said it was on 2 to 3 week delivery I have ordered as I think it will be here before the other things! DH was keen as he didn't really like the temporary one. I bounced on some mattresses as well and think I know which one we want, but they told me to order that a little nearer the time so it can all be co-ordinated. Now turning my attention to some bedside tables, although the bed has things that pull out, I would rather a couple of small drawer units.


Singapore has had torrential rain for a couple of days and the main shopping st has been flooded. Some shops on basement levels full of water. Very unusual as there are huge storm drains that generally make sure all the water goes out to sea quickly.

Hope Andee is having a great holiday. Fiona

06-16-2010, 12:54 PM
Good morning!!
Fiona, I love that bed! So interesting and practical at the same time. Can't blame you for wanting proper bedside tables - those are cute but drawers are a must in my world! Flooding in Singapore? That is unusual! Hope that stops soon!

Pamm, big congrats to Luke and the Braves for winning the championship!! Exciting!! How's your throat today!? LOL

:wave: to all!! I'm going to treat myself to a pedi today, then more studio time. I'm fighting a bit of a headache this morning (sleeping in my recliner will do that! Bad me!), hopefully once I get going, I'll be back to 100%. Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!! Cheers!

06-16-2010, 02:13 PM
Yes Barrie it's most unusual for the storm drains to be overwhelmed. It was right in the part of Orchard Road where I go shopping! Wondering if one of my friends that recently moved to a house will be OK, not the time to be in a place with a garden as lots of nasty snakes and things swim about eeeeew ( I know you like reptiles, but cobras are not to be messed with ). I have seen some 3 drawer bedside things that I like, would definately be an improvement on 2 cardboard boxes with spare wooden kitchen shelf on top! although it almost looks OK. When we were here last Summer DH asked me when I had bought the new units LOL.

Pam, super pix of Luke and buddies. Is it all over for another season now ? you must be pleased LOL.

06-16-2010, 02:39 PM
!!!! Still floating about the big win! My throat is better this morning, yes :) Stopped at the store and got star shaped donuts for Luke to share with his class this morning. He's so proud. I'm so happy for them, they worked so hard and it makes sitting in the cold wind and rain almost worth it ;) AND YES!!! We are DONE with baseball for the year!!!

That's a great bed for a small space, Fiona! I would want proper bedside tables too though. Wow, that must be a lot of rain... we are having the wettest June in I don't know how many years - 2002 I think they said.

Barrie, pooh on the headache. You should try that d-ribose stuff - I bet it would help you with your sore muscles... I just love the stuff - I missed it one day and wow did I notice the difference. Speaking of... I had to do that blood draw today so I'd better go take some since I'm all out of my routine again.

xoxo to all of ya :)

06-16-2010, 08:14 PM
Hi guys, sorry to have been MIA, work then preparing for meeting, then the meeting. Afterwards my friend whose marriage is breaking up wanted to talk, I owed him that. Now grabbing some food before bed.