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06-13-2010, 05:56 AM
Hi everyone :wave: I bet Andee is away on her holibags and not thinking about us at all :lol:

I have been rather busy and stressed out. Think I have got most things moving in the right direction now. The guy came yesterday and measured to make a matching pelmet for the bedroom in London. He sent me the costings by the evening and so I have told them to go ahead and will drop in the fabric and a deposit to the shop this week.

During my short visit to Bath I saw the chap who will put in the new carpet and the decorators for the bedroom. They are planning to start next Saturday, but I think I will let the builder deal with letting them in. I don't really want to go back there till the Monday so I shall just cross fingers that they don't do anything daft. I know, I know I really should go play tea lady, but they won't finish on the Saturday, so I can bribe them with some biscuits another day.

While I was there I caught up with the lady who runs the B and B that DH and I stayed in when we went on the house buying trip. Her and her husband were really nice to us and very helpful about recommending a surveyor and lawyer to work on the acquisition. We kept in touch but different committments had meant we hadn't had a chance for a good chat. Anyways we finally made it for a very indulgent coffee and snack in the Pump Room. It's a beautiful Georgian room attached to the baths. Funny how some people it's like you have known them for ages, we are hoping to do another girlie lunch before I leave.

I made one splendid purchase while in Bath. Saw this in an antique shop before I went to Milan, but didn't want to spend when I was just about to go away, and wasn't exactly sure of what the price should be. The very first day we were in Italy I saw a similar thing that the guy wanted more than double for. He wasn't about to discount it to what it should have cost, so I told DH I was going back for the other if it was still there. I went straight there after I left my bag at the house :lol: was so happy it hadn't sold.


Would have been hung over a belt ( there is an attachment at the back ). Called a chatelaine and derive from the fact that the lady of the house used to carry the keys to the castle around on a belt. Over time they morphed to become a more decorative thing ( although apparently housekeepers still had ones of a more functional nature ). They did them with various different "things" ( I guess the Georgian/ Victorian version of apps :lol: ) some have spectacles or magnifying glasses or small fruit parers etc. This is mainly a sewing one, so there are scissors and the "egg" shaped piece is a thimble and needle case. It is all original ( same makers mark and designs ) and the date letter is for 1879. Individual parts are often on e.bay or in dealers so sometimes things that look complete are really bitzers. The ladies then were wearing the huge skirts and so the dangles hung in the folds, I have one big gathered tunic dress which it might work with, otherwise I shall just have to revive the crinoline!

So that is about the only exciting bit of news to share.

I feel shamed by Pam doing her painting whilst I am paying boys, but they do have to do lining paper over what is there, and I couldn't do that..... good excuse. Have a good Sunday all, Fiona

06-13-2010, 12:44 PM
Hi all,
We had a lovely walk this morning, the dogs (seven in total) had a great time together swimming and chasing through fields, it is a perfect place for them. Leon is tired out, so am I - daredn't go and sit on the sofa or I know I'll fall asleep.

Dawn, hope you got some good bargains for holiday clothes, I need to think about that but I might just buy them when we get there.

Barrie, maybe your new dressmaker will make your jacket too - or did you get around to making it yourself? How big is your town?

Pam, congratulations to Luke's team. What style of wedding dress do you want, can you hire something?

Fiona, love the chatelaine, my mother used to have a tiny one with miniature scissors and suchlike. So nice that you will actually be wearing it. Sounds like things are starting to fall into place at last, well done.

06-13-2010, 01:55 PM
Hi all, and you're SO wrong, Fiona, because I am thinking of you all, even while being on vacation. :)


06-13-2010, 02:21 PM
Hi everyone!

Fiona - wow that is really cool! I've never heard of such a thing but what a great find!

Claire - so glad you and Leon had a nice time! Not even lunchtime here but a snooze sure sounds good.

Andee - hi! we're thinking of you too! have fun!

:wave: :wave: :wave:

Glad Pam is having some sun - I think she sent me her rain. It was 48F this morning! Brr we're freezing and it's been raining for three days! I really needed a tan before Vegas! Hoping it will clear up by tomorrow.

I'm just doing laundry and packing and trying to come up with some new jewelry to wear on vacation. I'm such a procrastinator - I always think I have so much time and then all of the sudden it's less than a week away.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

06-13-2010, 11:14 PM
Wow! Fiona, what a score! The chatelaine is gorgeous!! And I love that you're going to wear it!! Glad you had time for a nice visit with the B&B lady! How fun to have a new friend to have girlie lunches with! :)

Clarie, yay for a successful doodle meet! I'd be tired too. I haven't made the jacket up yet (just re-found the pattern the other day! lol), but I think I might tackle it while making the flower girl dresses. Claire (my Claire) and I are heading to the fabric store this week - after flower shopping! Maybe I'll find something perfect there - we shall see! :) Oh, the town I live in is fairly small, and is about 45 km from Vancouver proper - the gallery is located much closer to Vancouver, and is quite the artsy community. My town is more agriculturally inclined, not even remotely artsy!

Dawn, have fun packing! Hope it warms up a bit there for you! It was chilly today, the sun only peaked out at about 4pm. The rest of the day was quite gray - but I had fun at the gallery anyway.

Andee, yay that you're on holidays and yay that you're still thinking of us! :)

Pam, have you tried Craigslist for wedding dresses? You can find some incredible deals that way!

:wave: to all today!! I'm tired again after a nice day at the gallery. I didn't get as much done today, spent much more time chatting. But I have several pieces on the go that I'll try to tackle tomorrow (after flower and fabric shopping!). I have to find shoes this week - I'm thinking white gladiator type sandals (must be flats so I can walk in them) - hoping it's as easy to find them as it was the dress! :)

Anyway, have a great Sunday evening all!! I'm off to watch tv and relax with kitties in my lap! Cheers!

06-15-2010, 01:29 AM
not a real wedding dress, you sillies. been there done that. something fun this time, but I'm not finding anything yet.