View Full Version : Learn Watercolor Painting on YUPO«!

06-11-2010, 11:01 AM
Workshop favorite, Mark Mehaffey, makes his artistsnetwork.tv debut as he demonstrates techniques for Watercolor Painting on YUPO®. In this 95-minute video you will learn a variety of techniques for working with watercolor on YUPO® Synthetic Paper, opening the way to further experimentation that will lead to exciting paintings. Mark stars out by exploring the possibilities of what can be done on YUPO®, applying and lifting paint, working with stamps and masking, mingling color and more. He then demonstrates how these techniques can be applied to actual paintings as he demos a non-objective piece and a more realistic landscape subject.

In this preview from Watercolor Painting on YUPO® with Mark Mehaffey, follow along as Mark shows a variety of techniques for applying and lifting paint from this slick surface.
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