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06-06-2010, 12:32 PM
Hi Peeps :) Hope your days are off to good starts. Luke is still asleep and it's 8:30, it's a miracle. Raining again... not a miracle. Yesterday was the miracle nice weather day. At least the yard is mowed.


06-06-2010, 01:39 PM
Good morning!

Pam - wow 8:30! Mine were up at 7:30 - still not too bad. Wish I could send you more sun. Gorgeous here.

Claire - my boys are all out of school until September. We usually adjust the bedtimes so they can stay up a bit later during the summer and sleep in more. During the school year we get up at 6:30 - ugh! They've been getting up between 7:30 and 8 this week - happy with that.

Heading outside for a bit to get some sun. I hate being pale! Laundry and hopefully glass later. :wave:

06-06-2010, 03:21 PM
Good morning!! It's raining here too this morning. Much like Pam, we got a little reprieve yesterday with some sunshine - unfortunately dh figured it would be sunny today so didn't cut the lawn (he had to work a half day, so decided to take the afternoon to relax). But now it's too wet to cut. Won't be long before it's a jungle again. Hopefully we get a couple straight days of sun so it can get done before it's too horrible. I'm having a headache day today - day 2 actually. Hopefully it backs off enough to get my custom work done before tomorrow night! I'm flush (gypsy) setting four stones into a white gold wedding band so it needs precision, not ideal for headaches! lol Oh well, nothing I can't handle! :)

Dawn, summer holidays are always the best when the kids learn to sleep in a bit. Freya has another two weeks of school, then I get my summer off too. Hope you enjoy that sunshine - I'm thinking I need a little sunshine myself before the wedding in July so I'm not too pasty pale for the dress I'm wearing! lol Have fun at the torch!

Pam, miracle of miracles, the boy slept in a bit!! :) Gotta love that! Won't be long before you'll be nudging him at noon on weekends to get his butt out of bed - mind you, that's usually starts at 14 or 15 so you have a few more years yet! :) Hope you manage to get to the torch yourself today.

Claire, I had a chuckle when you said you worried that you'd disappoint if you brought store bought food - here I'd be more worried if I cooked it! lol Much safer with store bought! :)

:wave: to all today, guess I should go tidy up the kitchen, then head to the studio (headache willing), and get some work done. Other than a few simple chores, it's a quiet day for us. Have a good one everybody! :)

06-06-2010, 03:51 PM
Hi everyone
We had a good party last night, loads of people and lots of food. But very few people had brought home made things, my contributions disappeared instantly which makes the work worthwhile, it does strike me as odd that though people so obviously prefer home baked they still don't bother to do it themselves. There are some murmurings going on about one of the committee members, she has been blatantly cheating on her husband (who is a long standing member and also on the committee). I'm afraid it is going to blow up into a big row, at least he knows that we are on his side, even one of her closest friends is against her. It may mean we lose a couple of people, but we can cope with that if it makes it a nicer place to be.

GOing home from the party at 2.00 in the morning I was waved down by a couple of lads who had rolled their car and needed a lift back to the village. They hadn't been drinking so I took them, only afterwards did I think that it might have been a risky thing to do. I had £400 in cash from bar takings in my bag in the back seat with them, not to mention my purse with credit cards etc! Luckily they were genuine and were very grateful for my help.

Pam, we have been having thunderstorms today, got totally soaked out walking Leon. I hope you manage to get your energy levels back to normal for your holiday. Have you looked at sam-E? I've found it very good for helping me get on with things.

Dawn, that is a long summer holiday, here they don't break up until mid July, our kids have six weeks in the summer break. Hope you got the chance to be out in the sun.

Barrie, I hope your head clears and you get that custom job out of the way successfully. I have a small and annoying repair job to tackle, I'm putting it off because it has to be a mechanical joint and I need to make a copper crimp (claw type), fiddly job.