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06-01-2010, 11:28 AM

Welcome the the Goal Post. Goal setting is a very good tool to help people get organized. If you write or post your thoughts, you are more committed and have a better chance of reaching those goals.

Your goals can be short term or long term. They can be daily, weekly, monthly or annual goals. Goals are personal, so everybody's goals will be different. They are your goals, so you can do what ever you want.

Come join the regular gang and get encouragement to help you reach your goals. We have a very friendly group and we are always looking for new people to join us.


06-01-2010, 02:35 PM
My first goal is to be the first to post in the goal post....tick!
2nd is to do quite a few pics from the spotlight challenge. Done 1!
3rd is to actually sort out which Paintings I'm going to submit for consideration to a local exhibition...selection day is this saturday.
I'll think of some more later.

06-01-2010, 02:48 PM
Yeah, Ruthie!
Must do these!
1)Be prepared to do a mono-print workshop for the local art society on Thursday. Paper and print surfaces are ready, just need to organize the mediums. We are working on small 4 x 6 inch pieces to fill centre pieces for the art society masked gala in October. Serious Fundraiser.
2) Sort out pastels and references to paint with at the Open Doors show this weekend. (Robert and Charlie, I will break my shminkes in half to fill a PA box with other pastels) Decide which paintings to take to that show as well.
3) Road trip on the 9th to deliver paintings to Arts Without Borders show in LLoydminster.
Like to do these:
Chart the new Winsor Newtons and take them as well on Friday.
Check out the spotlight.
Paint a big red poppy.
Tweak the last commission and sign it.
Try to paint as much as possible before the kids are out of school for the summer.
Survive single parenting for 3 weeks, which isn't horribly hard, I am just out of practice. DH is on temporary duty on the east coast.

06-01-2010, 04:02 PM
Thanks for hosting again, Doug!

Ruthie, great goals to start with. Yay for doing your first Spotlight sketch already and posting first, go you!

Terri, wow! You're ambitious this month. Yay for the art society fundraiser, that sounds like so much fun. You know if I was local to you I'd monoprint my cat, or get him to sign it with his paw.

Courage to break your beautiful new Schminke pastels in half to fill your PA box! I bet this lets you use them, once they're busted and repacked they're a Working Set.

Yay for charting your Winsor Newtons too and doing the road trip. Definitely check out the Spotlight, it's awesome. Looking forward to the big red poppy and yes, paint lots before you have kids around all the time and three weeks of single parenting.

My June Goals...

1. Save $65+ in June -- tick-tock! Saved $130+ to cover next month's Unisons.
2. Sort Stuff
3. Sketches & Studies - tick - 6 today.
4. Do Charlie's June Spotlight
5. Finish Suzette Morrow's "Start a Sketchbook Habit" workshop
6. De-Clutter my studio area.
7. Draw my cat in motion.

#6 is separate from Sort Stuff, which means "sort the stuff that hasn't been unpacked and pack up things to go in the basement" and is long term. #6 is de-cluttering my immediate working area to try to make better ergonomics. That includes a clutter-tray for things I use all the time -- pencil sharpeners, small still life objects in current use, salt cellar, coffee sweetener, pills etc.

If I can get it completely cleared and come up with a good organization strategy, I might be able to use the sectional side trays for some of the small clutter effectively. But those have to be kept clear of stuff on them or anything in them is inaccessible.

So there's my three permanent goals and four June-specific ones. One challenge in the current Scavenger Hunt is to draw a moving subject -- bird flying, car moving. Well, cat moving is one I've wanted to do forever and maybe I can observe Ari well enough to sketch him in motion from life. I'd love to catch him jumping, he's so beautiful when he jumps.

No more resolutions about not buying art supplies, if I just resolve to save then it doesn't matter where the spending money budget goes. But I do need to get used to saving up for biggish art supplies by pre-saving and keeping track of it.

This is going to be a great month. I'm going to have fun with all of this and the hardest part's done already.

Edit -- Tick!
Started the reorganizing goal by cleaning out what's under my table entirely, sweeping that area, getting rid of all trash that fell off the table and rearranging the stack of books and sketchbooks neatly so there's room for my legs. Yes some books need to be on the floor. But they are easier to get at now. So is the lightbox that is a lot easier to use now that it's in the front where it's easy to grab instead of needing me to crawl under the table to get it out.

In the process I swept out enough of Ari's Cat Hairs of Inspiration to knit myself an extra litter of kittens. I feel loved and inspired.

06-01-2010, 10:53 PM
Setting goals is a good habit to get into. I know from past experience that things don't happen if I don't have a plan, but it doesn't come naturally. So here I go -

This month I want to;

Paint two spotlight paintings. 1 down, 1 to go.

To draw from life 3-4 days a week, either from still life, or outdoors on my lunch hour.

Get back into the gym, and start running again. Since I started drawing and painting again, I spend too much time on my butt! There'll be a lot more of it to sit on if I don't get moving. :lol:

If I think of some other stuff, I'll add it.


06-02-2010, 12:44 AM
Yay Robin, those are good goals. If I can get used to savings, you can get used to running again.

*Tick* -- #7 -- today -- I drew and painted my cat in motion. He's posted in the Scavenger Hunt and in the June Scumble just now. I'm very proud, he actually held the pose for only a couple of moments but repeated that pose twice coming down a pile of pillows... and it was enough to pencil him. After that, inking his fur texture and painting his markings was easy.

06-02-2010, 12:03 PM
lol! I think Robin has the most ambitious goals so far. Robin, there was a thread a while back about painting in a barcalounger and how to collect the pastel dust. May want to check that one out:lol:

I'm not feeling very goalie, and maybe that's the best time to have them.
So, do two spotlight paintings (Mr. Frog his Royal Greenness is in process),
continue pastel sketches (at least three a week),
choose photos and do drawings in preparation for Dianna's workshop (yay!), regular drawing practice from the De Reyna "How to Draw what you See" book.

06-02-2010, 12:49 PM
I'm at work ,so will be quick, but i have been thinking about goals.

I will do one 60 min. pastel sketch a week.

This week, i will take advantage ofthe moccasin flowers in the woods and the lupines in the garden and at least sketch them.

I will enter at least one new picture for a group show a local gallery is doing. the show is about summer and i have a couple pictures from last year i can frame, as well. I have a couple weeks to get that done

I will apply to a local artist/artisan group- i'm halfway to that goal, have done the resume and cover letter/ artist statement already.

Finally, i will continue to attempt [one more time] the landscape for my friend's son's wedding. I'm still not happy with the last one-and i'm getting sick of looking at it on the wall.

Looking this over, it may be over-ambitious! we'll see....

We all do seem to have some ambitious goals, though.
Robert i will check out your kitty later, at home! :cat:

Charlie, the spotlight looks great, i will be following it closely. this is certainly the time of year to explore greens!

Best of luck to all :heart:

06-02-2010, 06:55 PM
Hi Gang

Sorry I haven't been around lately, but life is getting in the way of art, and 'art' is getting ticked off.:mad: Anyway, I haven't given any thought to my goals, so I will post them in the next day or two. I actually got to play with my pastels for an hour today and did Charlie's demo. It was fun and I know one of my goals will be The Spotlight.

Ruthie- I am sure you will pick out a winner for your local exibition. I always enjoy looking at your paintings and I am sure I am not alone. BTW, your bird painting in The Spotlight is beautiful. You did a great job with all those greens.

Terri- Snap those babies in two. They don't feel it. I love breaking my pastels now, but it took a while to get used to it. Still can't do in infront of my wife though. She just shakes her head and can't understand why I would want to break something that is new.:lol: Good luck with the show this weekend and have fun on the roadtrip.

Robert- You will feel great when you clean up your area. It gives you more energy when your work area is cleaner. You are doing a great job with your sketching and I know you will keep it up. Good idea not to make any goals about art supplies. If you need them and can afford them, then you can buy them. Who cares if it's this week or next. Keep at it, Robert.

Robin- Very good goals. You did a great job with your limes. The painting is beautiful. Smart idea to practice drawing from life and good luck with getting off your butt. Maybe you can paint while you run and call it an abstract.:confused:

Chuas- Your goals sound very good. Pastel sketches are great, because they keep your fingers dusty and they can grow up to be bigger paintings. I look forward to seeing your frog. The Spotlight should be fun. See you there.

Rachel- There is nothing wrong with ambitious goals. You can always curtail them as the month goes on. Good luck with the show and getting accepted into the artist group. You will nail that landscape, I am sure.


06-02-2010, 07:16 PM
Chuas, good goals! Plenty of pasteling for me to enjoy. I should do more pastel sketches among my Sketches and Studies, even if the new pens are so much fun to play with.

Rachel, sounds good! What are moccasin flowers? I know what lupines look like, but there's an excuse to draw the moccasin flowers. Answer me in the Pastel Sketch thread. Ambitious goals are cool, when I do that I can usually count on getting at least some of them done and progress on the ones that don't get done.

Doug, thanks! Yep. I've got the hardest part done as of yesterday, clearing out behind the table and under the table. I've also got half the stuff that was on the table actually put away somewhere else. The next good day, it'll be getting everything else off onto the bed, wash the table thoroughly, put anything on the shelves that I don't need immediately and put the rest back in a new and hopefully better arrangement.

That should make it a little more comfortable to type and thus help my back a bit.

06-03-2010, 11:39 AM
My goals for this month:

1) I will participate in The Spotlight and paint at least two paintings.
2) I will paint at least two other pastel paintings.
3) I will add to my Pen and Watercolour journal at least once a week.
4) I will paint at least one small watercolour painting a week for my 50 Small Paintings project.


06-03-2010, 03:00 PM
Doug, thank you for keeping this going, and being such a wonderful host!

Really good goals, everybody! Seems the whole group is raising ambitions! It is contagious! :-)

And thank you, you who are following the Spotlight, this *is* such a perfect season for it, though some of you live where things have started to go yellow.

I'll have to be reasonable, this month, as I'm a bit overextended.

1) I will comment and encourage the Spotlight posters (and rein in the school-marm, it is supposed to be *fun*, I take learning and testing as "serious fun"....)

2) I will do a Scribbler.

3) I will paint at least one painting per week.

4) I will do plein air sketches, when weather permitts. To that end, I have already cut sanded paper into bits. Now I only need courage to brave the tourists in town, and actually set up in the midst of the hordes. (Extra hordes because of The Wedding, crown princess marries her man of the people.)

5) And, if time allows it, I'll build my foam-core invention of a PA box.

6) I will order the pastel goodies!


06-04-2010, 11:26 AM
Charlie- You are welcome. I thank you for hosting The Spotlight this month.:) These do sound like very reasonable goals. I know hosting The Spotlight can be time consuming, but it gets so many people involved in things they wouldn't normally do. Not everybody will say it, but I am sure they are all very grateful. A painting a week sounds like a good goal and I know you will find the courage to get out among the masses and do some plein air sketches. I KNOW you will reach your final goal. That is a MUST.:evil:


06-04-2010, 12:42 PM
Such good goals stated already. Guess it's time for me to state some myself.
1. Will do at least one Spotlight Challenge. (did this morning!)
2. Will continue sketching my peony bush as it opens into full bloom. (lots of green there to play with, too)
3. Will continue the "green" thing by doing more sketches of leaves

May add more later, but right now that's it.
Hubby will be coming home next week, so my time may become more limited again...

06-04-2010, 04:33 PM
Hi everyone!

I hope you don't mind if I jump in!

I did a LOT of thinking about my goals over Memorial Day weekend, and so this is a perfect thread--very motivating to see others' goals and exciting to see people meet them (and also reassuring that not every one makes every goal 100% of the time)

My June Goals include:

Finally deciding and ordering samples. This is something that I've turned to time and time again over the last three years but indecision and a profound feeling of "unentitlement" (if that's a word) preventing me from doing so. So it is very exciting that I actually went ahead and did this this last weekend--I decided on and ordered a pastel pencil sampler, a soft pastel sampler, and a paper sampler from Dakota. Yay!
Deciding on and signing up for a pastel class. This, too, I did this last weekend (I know: it really seems like I'm stacking the deck here! lol!) But again, this is a huge step for me.
Begin the process of switching was is now my "study" with our master bedroom, to create a studio for myself in the master bedroom. This is super scary and involves a huge amount of planning, but the truth is, one of th things that really prevents me from working more (by which I mean: being more creative) is the fact I feel so squished in my current room. The only thing we use the bedroom for is sleeping, and the bed fits in my current room. My husband is okay with this, which is very nice. But it is going to involve a HUGE amount of work and planning, because I have four IKEA PAX units that are going to have to be taken down and put back up. Plus, I don't know how we are going to move our huge sleigh bed--we will have to call someone for sure. But yesterday I started AutoCADing my current room, to see where to put the bed and have confirmed that it will indeed fit, so that's a start. I want to get the planning in place that that in July we make the move.
Continue with Suzette Morrow's "21 day to a sketchbook habit." Even if I'm not up to doing one of her assignments, I just want to be able to do SOMETHING every day.
Decide on a basic pastel set--and paper--for use in the pastel class. I plan to do this after I get the sampler stuff.
Identify a few things that I would like to try to paint. I've already found one--I love the cover of Claude Textier (sp?) Great American set. I also want to look through pictures and see if I can identify other subject matter that interests me.
Sharpen and organize all my colored pencils and watercolor pencils that I used for a class last quarter--I still haven't put them away and not doing so has prevented me from playing with them. (Also done this weekend!)
Thanks for the motivation all!

06-04-2010, 04:45 PM
1)Mono-print workshop done. Gouache, oil sticks and oil paint made the best mono-prints. Done
2) Sort out pastels and references to paint with at the Open Doors show this weekend. Decide which paintings to take to that show as well. Done Must admit schminkes unwrap very easily for breakage. Quite impressed.
3) Road trip on the 9th to deliver paintings to Arts Without Borders show in LLoydminster.
Like to do these:
Chart the new Winsor Newtons and take them as well on Friday. Done
Check out the spotlight. Printed out froggy to work on at the show.
Paint a big red poppy.
Tweak the last commission and sign it. (That was White Anemone #7, haven't taken it to client as the weather has been less than ideal.)
Try to paint as much as possible before the kids are out of school for the summer. Realized that I probably only have 10 working days left in June. So sad.

06-04-2010, 05:02 PM
Judi- I was beginning to think you were mad at us.:wink2: I like your 'green' theme. By the end of the month you will be ordering more green sticks. These seem like very good goals for you, Judi. I already commented in The Spotlight on your beautiful parrot. Good to hear your husband will be home next week. Must be a relief for both of you. Take care.

Anne-Marie- Welcome to the Goal Post. We always enjoy having new goalies. You have some very good goals and don't feel bad about already reaching some of them. You are setting yourself up for success. I had to laugh at your idea of switching bedrooms. I am always telling my wife that our master bedroom would make a great studio. Let's just say your husband is more understanding than my wife is.:lol: Actually, I am happy with my 10' x 11' studio and you are correct about feeling more motivated when you have an organized room to go be creative. Good luck with all your goals and enjoy all your samplers. And again, welcome to the Goal Post. Pop in from time to time and join in with the chatting.


06-04-2010, 05:08 PM
Terri- You are doing great with your goals. That frog looks like he will be fun to paint. I can't believe that school is almost done for the year. Where does the time go? Have fun and good luck with the show this weekend.


06-04-2010, 07:06 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome, Doug! I do feel horribly guilty about the bedroom-studio switch but, you know, we really do just sleep in there, unlike some bedrooms which are more lounges or TV watching rooms or whatever. If we had a single-family home, I'd be up for knocking out a wall and expanding by 10 feet--it's not that hard, and I know people to hire for the job. Unfortunately, we live in a highrise, so we just have to re-purpose the space we do have.

My current space is similar to yours: 10'-3" x 12'. Have not yet measured the space in the bedroom, but it's a good few feet wider. Also, I am moving the PAX units to the living room, rather than the studio, which will create a feeling of much more room.

06-05-2010, 05:59 PM
Charlie, great goals! Thank you for hosting the Spotlight. It's one of the most exciting ones I've seen -- need to pop in and see Judi's painting and drool at every green painting. One more day for Sketchbook Habit and then I'll be free to get out my greens and go for it! Our yard is now the perfect green-tinted paradise it was when I first moved here -- the green explodes over everything in the sunlight, this is the perfect time of year for it!

Anne-Marie, welcome to the Goalies! Your goals are wonderful. I know that feeling of Unentitlement all too well -- not to get something that's too expensive or too fancy or that I couldn't use well, or keep in storage if I do get it and not try. Courage! I think all your goals harmonize well and once you do switch the bedroom and studio, that'll really help. Especially for doing pastels -- it's good to have a sink handy for cleanup and good to have space to spread out with them. Your husband's being very cool about it.

Judi, great goals and congratulations! As mentioned, I'll stop by Spotlight to see your first painting. That's awesome.

Terri, good goals! I misread one of them as "paint a big red puppy" so if you like that idea, do a big red puppy too.

Doug, thank you for hosting!

Now to look at my list and see what I've done so far...

1 - $avings -- double-saved so I can get Unisons next month.
2 - Sort Stuff -- picked away at the shelves and got rid of some boxes.
3 - Sketches & Studies -- tons, multiples per day usually.
4 - Spotlight -- will start when Sketchbook Habit workshop's done tomorrow.
5 - "Start a Sketchbook Workshop" today did Day 20, tomorrow last day!
6 - De-clutter my table -- picking at it, put away some little things.
7 - Drew my cat in motion for Scavenger Hunt #179.

So most of these are in progress. Two bold ones are actually complete, the rest are ongoing. It's great to have the space under the table clean and de-cluttered though, that's a biggie. I may even include "sort and organize the little drawers of the table" to de-cluttering my table, since those really ought to be for small high priority items I always need. Not just "Stuff in a Drawer" junk, junk drawers don't need to be right in reach.

I'll bet it'd be a lot easier to keep the table de-cluttered if I do those drawers and keep one empty or nearly empty for random junk-drawer stuff, but clear it out regularly.

06-05-2010, 08:45 PM
Terri, I misread one of them as "paint a big red puppy" so if you like that idea, do a big red puppy too.

Now to look at my list and see what I've done so far...

1 - $avings -- double-saved so I can get Unisons next month.
2 - Sort Stuff -- picked away at the shelves and got rid of some boxes.
3 - Sketches & Studies -- tons, multiples per day usually.
4 - Spotlight -- will start when Sketchbook Habit workshop's done tomorrow.
5 - "Start a Sketchbook Workshop" today did Day 20, tomorrow last day!
6 - De-clutter my table -- picking at it, put away some little things.
7 - Drew my cat in motion for Scavenger Hunt #179.

So most of these are in progress. Two bold ones are actually complete, the rest are ongoing. It's great to have the space under the table clean and de-cluttered though, that's a biggie. I may even include "sort and organize the little drawers of the table" to de-cluttering my table, since those really ought to be for small high priority items I always need. Not just "Stuff in a Drawer" junk, junk drawers don't need to be right in reach.

I'll bet it'd be a lot easier to keep the table de-cluttered if I do those drawers and keep one empty or nearly empty for random junk-drawer stuff, but clear it out regularly.

Hi Robert!
Thanks for the nice welcome and warm support--you are such a sweet heart. I'm glad you suggested I check out the pastel board!

I too, thought Terri had said "big red puppy"--which I thought was a most excellent idea for a subject! :thumbsup:

Good job with all your goals! I'm impressed! It's only one week down in the month and you are making good progress on all and got two done! Yay! What Unisons are you planning on buying? I love Unisons, but I want to check out other brands before I splurge more. Am patiently (well, maybe-maybe not) waiting for my samplers to come in so I can experiment and see.

I agree that it's nice to have things cleared and de-cluttered in order to work one's best. I like the idea of having a drawer deliberately cleared and then gone through on a regular basis. I keep telling myself I need to post to my blog--I sort of fell out of the habit once I started up school again. May I use that idea for a future post? I will link to your web sites of course.

We are actually going to start moving the PAX units this weekend!!!!! There are five of them, so we are going to try to do one a week. I'm excited. This is the first step in switching out the master bedroom and my current studio.

06-06-2010, 07:08 AM
Anne-Marie, welcome to the Goalie Gang! I've just spent some time on your site, it is awsome, daunting, and I have *tons* to learn, being really good on creating clutter and chaos in 3 minutes.

Bedroom studio change makes total and perfect sense. One can sleep in any little 'cubicle'/'wardrobe', but the studio needs to be big enough, and then a bit larger. I did that where I lived before, and it was perfect. Where I'm now, there is a missing wall, so I can't use pastels in the area adjacent to the kitchen, otherwise that would be perfect, and the bed doesn't fit into the 2 x4 room I use as a studio. Well, the bed would fit, barely, but one would have to crawl into it from the foot-end... so I'm wanting the livingroom! No do, though, as Hubby won't agree to that, and I agree with him, as we entertain sometimes and need *one* room that can be kept neat... er... neatish.

Yeay for beating the 'unentitledness'!!!


06-06-2010, 02:09 PM
Greetings from rainy NH..First I checked out the goalpost and enjoyed looking at all the greens by Judi and Doug. Judi, i wish you the best when your sweetie comes home.
And Robert, i especially like cat number 2 in the scavenger hunt- really nice colors and movement. The moccasin flowers are like lady slippers, and i had thought of pencil sketching, but pastel sketch is a great idea- plus it would tie in to my pastel sketch goal .
welcome Anne-Marie-best of luck with your major move. I'm way too lazy to attempt anything like that!
Terri - what progress!

I have been a complete slacker this past week as far as art work goes-still trying to get all the garden in. I did a little work on the landscape and thought maybe i would concentrate on the mountain- did a sort of abstract of it in watercolor- can't decide if it is good or stupid-it sort of looks like a car! I'll try to post it when my son isn't too "busy" to help me with the posting process. I realized finally that i could take pictures with the little digital camera his aunt gave him for Xmas, and actually have put some on the computer, so i am making progress. You wouldn't believe what a technological idiot i am. Till next time,

06-07-2010, 11:10 AM
Rachel, thank you! That's the first time I sketched him in motion from life and I love how that came out. I have to do that again -- once he wakes up of course. He does sleep most of the time, it's a cat thing. Moccasin flowers are beautiful, those are awesome. Don't feel too bad about being a technological idiot, anything like that takes time and has a steep learning curve. Once you get used to it then it's easy, but anyone who did is likely to forget how hard it was to learn in the first place.

Anne-Marie, congratulations on the studio move! Sounds like it's going well. I want the new 120 half stick set of Unisons, but Blick was sold out on them and the back order date keeps being pushed back, so I might not get them in July either. I'm starting to lean toward getting something smaller and get the Unisons when they are actually in stock, much as I want them. Heh, I just put all three of the things I'd really like in the cart at once and they're all out of stock, so it doesn't matter that I'm not doing a $600 order.

I might wind up just using that as a shopping list and deal with them one at a time when they do come into stock. I still don't think it's worth skipping a $40 coupon and paying shipping on top of that to get them from Dakota faster. It's not like I'm selling my art yet so it's not a rush.

Tick - big tick - finished the 21-day "Start a Sketchbook Habit" workshop on Ning. Couldn't do the last day yesterday when it was scheduled because I had my worst sick day of the year so far, passing out, nauseated from pain, barely able to do a three minute cat sketch. But after sleeping almost as much as that cat, three long naps and then a 12 hour sleep, I got up feeling much better. The weather changed too, a front passed through.

So I did the new page first thing and completed that one. Most of the rest is continuing and won't be ticked off till the month is over.

1 - $avings -- double-saved so I can eventually get Unisons.
2 - Sort Stuff -- picked away at the shelves and got rid of some boxes.
3 - Sketches & Studies -- daily art.
4 - Spotlight -- will start when Sketchbook Habit workshop's done tomorrow.
5 - "Start a Sketchbook Workshop" finished today!
6 - De-clutter my table -- picking at it, put away some little things.
7 - Drew my cat in motion for Scavenger Hunt #179.

I pushed Sketches and Studies up to "daily" since I did manage a cat gesture yesterday. If I could draw him that well when I'm that far out of it, I can get by with a thumbnail or gesture on bad days. Daily art is good for me.

06-07-2010, 04:21 PM
Rachel- I don't think you are a slacker. You worked on your landscape, and it doesn't matter is you like it or not, because you probably learned something. Remember, the 'pros' don't always paint masterpieces every time. Good luck with getting the rest of your garden in. If it makes you feel any better, it is raining here in Northern BC too.:mad:

Robert- I think I would wait for the Unisons for the savings as well. That's like throwing away two twenty dollar bills. Good to hear you finished your Sketchbook Workshop, but sorry to hear you are under the weather again. I hope you get better soon.

I guess I am having a good month so far. I haven't done any watercolours yet, but I have one Spotlight painting done and I did a pastel landscape painting for the Landscape Challenge. That is half of my pastel goals done. I just started the frog for The Spotlight, but my back isn't cooperating today. I hope the meds kick in so I can get back at it. Our youngest daughter's HS graduation is this weekend and she LOVES frogs. She has books of frogs and loves looking at them. If the painting turns out I want to frame it and give it to her. The pressure is on now.:evil:

I hope everybody is painting up a storm.


Mary Brigid
06-07-2010, 06:11 PM
First of all thank you Doug for hosting the Goal Post. I have to admit that I have often taken a little peep in here, and i am in awe of how you all are so commited to your Goals.... And so many goals. I am also amazed at how many of you achieve your goals.. Wow... a big cheer to you all.
Life constantly gets in the way of art on me.... but I am trying to make more time for me and my pastels...
So, with a big deep intake of breath, I am going to jump in, make goals and do my best to achieve them.
1. Do Charlie's spotlight ( I thought this would be easy... Greens... a landscape.. boy I got fooled :lol: )
2. Enter this months Get Dusty Challenge with the PGE.
3. Do at least one Plein Air.
4. Tidy and clean my pastels.
5. On the 1st of June join the Goal Post and ....... on dear :o Failed this one... It is now the 7th of June :eek:

I have loved reading all your posts.. and wish you all the best with your goals...
Mary Brigid

06-07-2010, 06:39 PM
Ooh, so many replies since I was here!
Anne-Marie, welcome to the goal post!
Mary Brigid, good to see you here too!

These were my hastily put together goals

"My first goal is to be the first to post in the goal post....tick!
2nd is to do quite a few pics from the spotlight challenge. Done 1!
3rd is to actually sort out which Paintings I'm going to submit for consideration to a local exhibition...selection day is this saturday.
I'll think of some more later."

Still only done one for the spotlight but I feel another coming on tomorrow.
I sorted out the paintings for the exhibition and 2 out of 3 were accepted!
Another goal I didn't mention was to sort my pastels into ones for the studio and ones to take out in my carry box, to classes etc and maybe even plein air. I've done that and took my box to my portrait class this morning only to find I didn't have the colours I needed. (I did actually but I was just thinking of the ones back in the studio which I haven't duplicated to my box - sigh) Anyway, that's a tick too!
I hope to be able to do a painting for the PGE Get Dusty challenge this Month but not sure whether I'll be able to (it's a Cityscape, I wouldn't be saying that if it was an animal challenge LOL). Anyway, I'll TRY and get one done.

No more goals except to get through this week unscathed ready to go off for a week in Cumbria on saturday.

06-07-2010, 06:46 PM
Mary Brigid- Welcome to The Goal Post. I am glad you decided to join us. You will accomplish more now that you have set some goals. Before I started setting goals, the month would pass and I would wonder what I had done. At least with goals, after you achieve one, you can move on to the next one. Before you know it, your are ticking off goal after goal.

Just remember, they are your goals. You can change them whenever you want. Good luck and we will see you over in The Spotlight. It's not easy being green.:D


06-09-2010, 12:03 AM
Hi all, welcome Mary Brigid and Anne-Marie.
The show I went to this weekend was quite small but fun in that I painted though most of it except for the perogy fundraiser luncheon which was really tasty!
I did the Froggy. Great choice on him, Charlie. My daughter is putting dibs on him. I got a purple frame for Froggy as it yells kid's room to me.
I managed to do 3 other small pieces, nothing bigger than 8 x 10 inches. I find I can still chat and paint if I am working small. They would probably classify as a sketch except I can't remember how much time they took less chatting time. So that was a bonus goal. I might I have gotten a pet commission out of it as I was working on an old dog portrait there. Molson will get posted on Thursday as I was having rechargeable battery issues with the camera. I shouldn't complain as that set of batteries is about 8 years old.
I forgot to add to the goal list, a 4 x 8 ft mural that I am doing as a fundraiser for the local art society. That is going to be like an old photo album with 2 3x3 foot squares to be painted on a black bg. One will be the old town site near the lake and the other a horse and box sled. That must get done before school is out.
Having goals written done really helps me. Much appreciated Doug. Liked your limes, frog is so much fun too paint.
Ruthie, wasn't it Cumbria where that nastiness with the taxidriver happened? I hope you missed that and are safe. I saw your cheetah and quite liked it. (I am also geographically challenged so you may have been no where near there.)
Robert, hope you are having better days. Cool damp days aren't my favorite either but it's more to do with mood than body aches. Nice job on getting your cat in motion.
Rachel, you're on Wetcanvas, definitely not a techno-luddite. Garden is not slacking, it is preparing for future painting subjects. I am functionally literate with my computer, definitely not genius level by any means. Good luck with applying to the local artist group.
HMMM, big red puppy. Perhaps I need references of my friend's irish setter/poodle cross (gorgeous with curly red/ginger fur and a nice disposition)
Robin, good job on getting both spotlight paintings done. I stand when I paint so the chair time isn't huge. The advantage for me for painting is that I don't snack and paint. Glad you are running. I am being a wimp and waiting for the lake to warm up before getting my kayak out. My rolls need some practice.
Chaus, nice checks on the spotlight paintings. Have fun with Dianna's workshop.
Where is Elsie?

06-09-2010, 12:27 PM
:wave:Hi, there Goalies!

Elsie? Who is that? Never heard of her...oh, yes, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

Life has been crazy around here and will get more so! Bob's surgery is June 22nd and there are a million things to do around here before, that have nothing to do with art! Oh, yes, BTW, I got one of my nasty lung infections last week! Just what I did not need. But, I'm getting over it! Life happens! :wink2::p

June art goals.....yes, it is June 9th already!
1. Survive until JUly! We're workin' on this one!:eek:
2. Complete the June project for my Watercolor group.
I have it sketched! :p
3. Get my colored pencils stored much better.
With CP's, I went through the same sort of "process" of getting used to
brands, colors, types etc. that I did when I started in pastels. In pastels, I tried the Richard McKinley/Albert Handell palette that had temperature, values, etc. and all the brands in one big palette. As a beginner I went crazy. I just did not have the knowledge of what I was grabbing etc. So I gave in to my "Type A" compulsive self and kept brands separate for awhile. After I felt very comfortable with brands, hardness, texture etc. and could identify by "feel" I went to the more general, mixed palette.
Well, same thing with CP's. Most of my drawing experience was with graphite, so when I moved to CP's, I had the similar problem of not knowing what I was grabbing...also, age and eyesight were against me in reading all those little, tiny labels on the pencils! :eek: Now, I'm tired of sorting through trays of brands etc. So, I looked into buying some sort of rotating thing that I could put them all into and have a similar thing as to my pastel palette. Yes, I found it, but it was BIG $$$$$$. So thus my June goal:
Find, make, construct, move into such a device.
Progress: Found it, too $$$. Made one using T-tissue rolls and a round tin that cookies came in! But, I need another (yes, CP addiction is similar to Pastel addiction:p:wink2:). So I have one more to go.
4. Do at least one pastel painting before Bob's surgery. Done.
5. Use my PA SunEden setup, on the sunporch to paint in pastels and watercolor, until Bob can be left alone or until he can come to basement etc. do stairs after surgery!
6. Make three Father's Day cards (Hubby, two sons-in laws) and make a birthday card for son-in-law, Neil.
7. Keep up with my drawing class on Faces, with Sandra Angelo.
Progress: I'm behind, but yet getting lessons done. :)

I know that much of this will not get completed this month....but, I'll give it a good try!:wink2::cat:

Have a great June and I'll try to check in every once in awhile!
Get dusty!

06-09-2010, 01:04 PM
Lovely to see you all so industrious, and "stranger" Elsie passing by. (Not implying we miss you, Elsie... ) First things first, and surgery and survival of it all is a top priority.

Mary Brigid, lovely, you'll get things done with goals! For some of us it takes a few months to get into it.

Ruthie, LOL, might list them *before* meeting them, goes for Robert too! You both are inspiring!

Rachel, you'll learn the computer things soon enough. Write down what your son shows you, and then you can follow the steps when he's not around.

If I forgot any, it is unintentional.

I've met one quarter of a goal, one painting painted, a cityscape. Won't show it until later, as I'm entering it in the PGE Get Dusty.

Doing prep work on another painting, oh yes, one more, actually, two of them in prep stage.

Getting "art supplies", too, just ordered a new computer, with wireless broadband. We didn't like the situation when our computer crashed (still isn't entirely healthy), and all info was online...


06-09-2010, 01:07 PM
For anyone wanting to paint the Big Red Puppy :lol:


06-09-2010, 06:09 PM
Too funny, Chaus!

Happy Dance!!! All three paintings I entered into the juried show received some type of an award. Goalie skates as still life on blue #2 - honourable mention floral/still life, White Anemone #4 - 2nd place floral/still life and White Anemone #5 - 3rd place cropped.

The results of all the show will be on the website artswithoutborders.ca with in the next few days.

Good to hear from you, Elsie!

06-09-2010, 06:57 PM
WOW, Terri....CONGRATS! Very happy for you...and well deserved...
Chuas....LOVE the 'big red puppy!" mine is mostly white, and weighs about 10 pounds. How much does yours weigh?

06-09-2010, 10:30 PM
Charlie, looking forward to seeing the cityscape when the Get Dusty is over.
Bummer about the old computer, bonus about the new.

06-10-2010, 11:32 AM
:wave:Hi, All!

Chuas: Cute puppy!

Terri: Big Congrats! :clap:

Thanks, Charlie: One day at a time here! I did get to finish a watercolor painting yesterday that will go on front of card for my son-in-law's birthday card! Tick Tock!:cat:

06-10-2010, 12:01 PM
Terri- Congratulations on all you awards.:clap: You should be very proud. All the work is paying off.

Elsie- Welcome to The Goal Post. This thread is..... Oh! THAT Elsie.:lol: Those seem like good goals in a busy month for you. I hope everything goes well for Bob. It is a smart move to use the sunporch to do your art while Bob is recuperating.

Charlie- I can sympathise with you with your computer problems. I felt lost when my laptop crashed a few months ago, but now I am glad it did. I love my new laptop. It is faster, lighter and has a bigger monitor. Our wireless system is strong enough that I can take it out in the backyard and still get a strong signal. Ain't technoligy great?

I look forward to seeing your cityscape.


06-10-2010, 12:07 PM
Chuas....LOVE the 'big red puppy!" mine is mostly white, and weighs about 10 pounds. How much does yours weigh?

lol! Judi, this one (Harry, short for Dirty Harry...he is a grimy little boy) weighs 12 lbs. I have another one who is a whopping 15 lbs and badly needs to be put on a diet! :o

06-10-2010, 12:20 PM
Elsie and Mary-Brigid, great goals!

Elsie, I know that feeling about keeping brands separate. I still do that with both pastels and CPs. I wind up rotating which set I'm using instead of putting them all together. Cool that you are setting up those rotating pencil holders. I might try something like that someday for mine, especially the ones that are loose in a box.

Chuas, great photo! Thanks for providing the big red puppy!

Still just doing sketches and studies in watercolor, started a project testing each of the colors in a new-to-me watercolor set with a sketch done predominantly in that color. It's turning into something like a demo on pigments and that's cool.

06-10-2010, 05:34 PM
Robert- Good to hear you are still sketching away. I will have to go look at your new project. I forgot to tell you that my Derwent wc pencils arrived. I have only played with them once so far, but I can already tell I like them. I will have to try a little painting with them soon.

Well, I have a big tick. One of my goals was to paint two Spotlight paintings and I just finished the second one. Now I just need to paint one more pastel painting and I will have another tick. So far this has been a good month.


06-10-2010, 09:59 PM
Hi Elsie...welcome back!...lol.
chuas....here is my little guy...taken 2 years ago. He's a bit bigger now...

sorry about the green in his eyes...lol
Doug...good for you! Keep it going!
Robert...been looking through your reviews...decided I really need a better supply of pastel pencils. Been using an Aquabel Super Deluxe sketchbook, mostly, but find the pastel really smudges a lot. Can you recommend one that would be best for pastel sketches....would appreciate it...
Charlie....bet you'll love your new computer!


06-11-2010, 06:30 PM
Oh, he's adorable! Chihuahuas rule! :clap: :clap:

06-11-2010, 09:10 PM
Hi Everyone! Cute dog Judi!

So far this is a goaless month for me. Last month I didn't complete my goals so this month I will leave out the Scavenger Hunt but I haven't come up with any goals yet. I am eyeing that frog in the Spotlight! Great job on yours Doug!

06-11-2010, 11:40 PM

Doug: Enjoy those Derwents!:clap:

Linn: I know how you feel....some months you just need a break and do a little catch-up! :heart:

Judibelle: He is so cute! We were to dinner last week with old friends and they have a Chihuahua. She is so sweet! She cuddled with me after dinner as we sat on their sofa! Maybe we need to see some Chihuahua painting! :p

Doug: Congrats on getting the goal done! :thumbsup:

I got my second CP holder finished! Tick-tock!

We went out to dinner with our daughter and family this evening and on the way back in I fell on the one step up into our kitchen. Landed with a huge thud on both knees! I DID NOT NEED THAT! :eek: Bob got me some ice packs and I sat all evening in my recliner with them on my knees. I'll count my blessings...I did not break anything.:angel:..but my ego! :wink2: But, I'll have some pretty sore knees for a few days. The studio may not get visited for a couple of days. But, who knows....maybe by morning.....:p

Happy Painting!

06-12-2010, 08:15 AM
Oh, Elsie...OUCH! I felt that in my knees! Ohhh, I do hope they heal up quickly! Sending healing thoughts your way..
I did one skech of my 'little Bud' that didnt turn out too well...I will need to do some more practice on getting him right...

06-12-2010, 09:08 AM
'Dorable doggie!

Elsie, aouwwww, poor you, hope you didn't damage anything. Get the knees checked, will you?

We're having strong winds, deep low pressure, rain, therefore a migraine, and have brushed out parts of a painting -- thrice... heading for the fourth brush-out. Perseverance, or shere mulishness?


06-12-2010, 09:22 AM
Hope your knees are okay Elsie! Hope you didn't skin them! That hurts and so long to heal it seems. I did that about a month ago...tripped over something skinned one knee and sprained my wrist. Can still feel the effects of the wrist but haven't worn the wrist brace the Dr gave me this past week. Feels so good to have that off.

Mary Y
06-12-2010, 10:31 AM
Hi Doug, Thank you for hosting this thread again.
Your spotlight frog is lovely and I commented on your landscape in that thread.

Chuas and Judi, beautiful little dogs. We have a much loved cat .
Judi glad to hear you husband will be getting home soon if he's not home already.
Chuas enjoy your DP workshop, you are so lucky, I'm looking forward to seeing what you paint at it.

Terri, good luck with your multiple goals and congratulations on the awards. Your white anemone series is really lovely ,any chance of a gallery so we can see them together?I am looking forward to your poppies.

Elsie, sorry to hear you fell , hope you are up and about soon.Perhaps a few days in the recliner with coloured pencils before you venture down the stairs again.
Have you used your confetti TLs ?

Charlie, I am enjoying this month's Spotlight very much.

Robert, I think it was you that mentioned Suzette Morrow and the sketchbook habit.I had a look and I am now on day 7. So thank you for that I am enjoying each day.

Hi Anne Marie and Mary Bridget good luck with your goals .I know it helps me to write them down.(Even though I loath typing)

Ruthie Your paintings go from strength to strength your wesite is great.

Linn, good luck finding some goals.

Mays goals -I managed to post twice in WDE(I had aimed for 3)
Posted in Spotlight Tick
Less time on internet.Tick
Finished and posted my green landscape. Tick
:( I didn't do anything with my pencils.

Goals for June---Continue Sketchbook habit.
Post in landscape challenge Tick(Hope to do a pastel)
At least one spotlight challenge.
Try and use my pencils this month.
Use my MV chromatic set -the colours are gorgeous.
Thanks again for keeping us motivated Doug.Hope I didn't miss anyone.


06-12-2010, 11:47 AM
Linn- The frog is fun. He stares at you while you are painting him. Just a warning.:evil:

Elsie- :eek: I hope you are alright. It is a shock to the system when something like that happens. I hope you are doing well.

Judi- You were painting and that is the main thing. Your second attempt will be better.

Charlie- I hope the forth time was lucky for you. I hope you get rid of your migraine. You can't do much with those headaches.

Mary- You have some good goals here. I have to get back to sketching daily myself. I will have to check out the Landscape Challenge. Didn't you love looking at the chromatic set when you opened the box. I remember opening mine. Candy for the eyes.:D

We are all getting ready to go to our youngest daughter's HS grad ceremonies this morning and then it is the dinner tonight. No painting today, but a day to be a proud pappa.:D


06-14-2010, 06:40 AM
Judi, your puppy is cute! Great photo. What I'd suggest for a pastel sketchbook is a cheap Mi-Tientes pad -- the Heritage, Neutrals or Brights pads are about five bucks and change at Blick. They have 25 sheets in five colors each and the sheets are 8 1/2" x 11". They get bound with the wove side up though, so I pull the sheets out. However, they're just the right size to use a three hole punch and stick them in a normal ring binder.

My other suggestion is to get a 140lb watercolor paper pad that's wire bound, then prime the pages with Colourfix primer. I still mean to do this sometime, just haven't gotten around to it. That and tape glassine sheets to the bottom of each page to flip up over it as I use them. I meant to do that with the Strathmore Windpower pad but got sidetracked by using it as a watercolor journal. But I'll be trying this again next time I do a Blick order and have actual photos of it when I get it set up.

Elsie -- owww! Take care of your knees, knee damage is so rough. Be careful and stay off them till the swelling goes down. Like messing up your back, that's one of the things that can get a lot worse fast if you push it before it heals properly.

Charlie, perseverance! Brushing it out that many times means that the true right version is there in your head just waiting for you to let it out. You'll get it right. When you do all that work will have been worth it. I feel for you about the migraine, hope that goes down fast.

Mary, so glad you're enjoying the "Start a Sketchbook Habit" workshop. It gave me so many ideas and helped me understand some things that have puzzled me for a long time.

I've been stuck in the water on my own goals lately, have been just doing pen and watercolor stuff and fishing for ideas without much body energy to do anything that isn't already in easy reach. I did get out some stuff to work on the Spotlight though, so that's a step in the right direction -- found my small PastelMat pad so I can get at it with pastel pencils or color Conte.

When I'm not up to getting set up with the bigger sets of pastels and clearing them up afterward, I can usually do pastel pencils and color Conte. I'm beginning to think that despite all the fun I have with soft pastels, the pencils and color Conte are my favorites because I can do those anytime. Which makes PastelMat top on my papers list too. I've got the bigger pad handy in my taboret too and that's easier to get at than stuff on the shelves.

For some reason for the past week or so I've had no energy -- it's the usual chronic fatigue stuff hitting, but more frustrating when it's hot out and pretty and I should be feeling great and doing more. Maybe it's gotten too hot and the best weather of the year's already over.

I've also decided that I need to set up a pastel art journal, because lately I've been getting into sketchbooks and art journals so much. If it was easier to use pastels in them I'd do more pastels.

06-14-2010, 11:53 AM
Robert- I hope you start feeling better soon. At least you are still adding to some of your journals. The idea of using your pastel pencils sounds like a good one. Good luck.


06-14-2010, 03:42 PM
Got an unexpected goal done because my parents are coming to visit today.

Check out the before and after shots. Notice the nice rug in the studio, it covers up the almost white berber that exists in there. I am hoping the ugly rug protects the white one. What were they thinking when they installed that?

Now if I had time to paint I would be a very happy camper.

I will respond properly hopefully by Wednesday. Take care everyone and I hope you are feeling fine/better and getting dusty.

06-14-2010, 05:10 PM
Lol! Terri, that is a fine piece of "bulldozer" cleaning! Where did you cram it all?

You'll enjoy painting there, for the full 5 minutes it will stay as neat and beautiful!


06-14-2010, 07:52 PM
Terri- :lol: Great 'before' and 'after' shots. Have a good visit with your parents.


06-15-2010, 08:51 AM
Wow...great transition, Terri! enjoy the visit with you parents...

I've been sketching a bit, and did a couple of pieces from some photos from a friend who lives out near the desert, and does some fantastic photos of the wildlife there. i am really flattered that he wants to use mine on his website! i may post one in the studio....have never posted there before...

Robert....hoping you are getting back to 'normal' by now and feeling much much better! Your sketches are really fabulous...just love seeing them.

06-16-2010, 12:09 AM
Judi- I love desert scenes. I fondly remember the desert area we lived in before we moved up north. (Yes, there is a desert in Canada:) ) Don't worry about posting in the Gallery. It is a friendly bunch there. Neat that your friend wants to post some of your work on his site. He must think you are doing fine with your art, or he wouldn't offer. You are doing great, Judi. You are growing with every new painting. Keep at it.:thumbsup:

I hope to be able to do some painting tomorrow. I am still recovering from the weekend, but I am itching to do some painting. The paper is ready and all my pastels are put away from my frog, the photo is printed, so if my back cooperates I can fly at it. One more painting and it will be another tick.:D

I hope everyone is ticking away.


06-16-2010, 06:03 AM
Doug, Canada has a desert? Where've you've hidden it? I've flown over all of Canada (great circle from Greenland to Seattle) and there were a gazillion of trees, some mountains and rivers. Unless you count the bit above the treeline as desert... ;-) Anyway, Canada looks quite like home to me, same pine-belt type of nature (but we aint got no mountains, only measly little ones well worn down by all the ice-ages).

Tick, one of my challenges met. That involved quite a bit: reorganizing a ref photo from horizontal to vertical by extending it, 're-decorating' nature by moving bushes and creating a path, trimming some other foliage. So, there is a bunch of thumbnails and notans for working out the composition, then a graphite drawing of the scene which is also a value study, and the painting (the one I brushed out and re-did oodles of times). So glad this tick is ticked. I also focused on getting really bright spring greens in that little painting. Very good learning experience. Now I have to submitt it, and see what verdict it all gets.


06-16-2010, 11:24 AM
Greetings- it is already mid-june! It has been a long time since i posted, but i have been reading faithfully, and trying to check out the spotlight and pastel sketch thread regularly...kudos to all who have posted their works.
Elsie, i hope your knees are mending.
Doug, congrats on your daughter's graduation-my youngest still has 3 years to go. I hope your back will improve.
And Robert- i hope you also are feeling better and your energy returns. I guess it can prob. get pretty hot in Arkansas-that's why i like the North-at least till i get too old to handle the snow.
Charlie, good goal accomplished. Have you done any plein air?
Mary, best of luck with your goals-keep us posted.
I'm sure i've forgotten several people- please forgive.

I have done 2 pastel sketches- one of moccasin flower, the other of poppies. I used canson mi-tientes -the rough side- with mixed results. The moccasin flower was on the rough side, because the first attempt on the smooth side was a no go- so i folded the paper- then i thought i'd try it again for the poppies, but it really was too rough.
I would love to know what other folks use for paper- i've only really used canson, and a couple times i used somerset. At any rate i'm on "schedule" for my pastel sketches.
I tweaked my landscape in water color and decided it was good- so it is matted-just have to get a frame. Happy to have that goal accomplished.
I have got everything together to submit to the arts group- just have to get to post office.

So now i just have to get a piece ready for a show- i think it will be a watercolor of some fields and mountains near here- i rode my bike there yesterday and did some sketches. And continue the pastel sketches. I know this goal setting has been really good for me-i'm sure i wouldn't have done the pastel sketching if i hadn't said to you all that i would.

Finally, we seem to have a glitch in the posting of images from here...apparently [as far as i understand it] i need some kind of application on my computer [a mac] to be able to resize my pictures- the computer hard drive disk which has this is at my son's friend's house in Vermont-he took it it there for some obscure reason, thinking i "would never need it"- so now i have to hope his friend will mail it back....15 year old boys!:rolleyes:

Well, back to the gardens-cheers to all!:wave::heart:

06-16-2010, 02:02 PM
Rachel, may you get your computer stuff back! Well met goals. Lucky gal to be able to get out.

We're having one of *those* early summers, with clear cold nights, and cloudy days. Plein air is hard enough without trying to time strokes to the one minute of sunlight there is between 5 minutes of cloud shadow. 5 - 1 - 5 - 1 -5 .... etc. So I plonked down in one of the garden chairs, and painted from a ref. I think the weather might be because of the volcanic ash from Iceland. It is usually sunny and dry at this time of year.


06-16-2010, 02:50 PM
Rachel- I am happy you feel that goal setting is helping you. Some people are intimidated when in comes to setting goals, but what better way is there to keep your focus on the things that are important to you? Anyway, that is why we have this thread, and I am sure I can speak for the others, we are glad you decided to join us. You are doing a great job with your goals. Keep at it.:thumbsup:

You asked what paper others use? I started with Canson MT, because that is the only pastel paper I have seen for sale in my part of the world. I now use Wallis, UArt, and AS Colourfix. The beauty of these papers is you can brush off the pastel if you don't like your painting and use the paper for another painting. You can also use many, many layers of pastel on these papers.

Charlie- It sounds like you put alot of thought and planning into your painting. I am sure it will be a winner. To bad about your weather. We have been having our usual sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons.

Here is a link for a site with some beautiful photos and a virtual tour of the desert I was talking about. The town we lived in was just a 25 minute drive from there. We had rattlesnakes and tumbleweeds and lots more. http://www.desert.org/desertclassroom/virtualtour08.html


06-16-2010, 03:15 PM
Doug, thanks for the link. What a beautiful place! The Mariposa lilies look just like the butterflies they're named after!

Rachel, forgot about the paper. I use Fisher 400 (similar to Uart 400), Pastelmat, and try to remember to use up my Colourfix as the other two are more suitable to my style.


06-17-2010, 07:54 PM
Charlie and Doug, thanks for your paper choices- Canson is the only pastel paper my nearest [2 hrs. drive away] art supply store carries- and it is also the kind i learned on, so i'm not really unhappy with it, but i'm ready to explore others... Again,Thanks so much!
Charlie, your weather sounds very New England-ish...i can definitely relate!

I've had this cold and cough which finally brought me down today. I feel better after spending the day in bed and doing absolutely nothing, except watch Ingmar Bergman's version of " the Magic Flute" on DVD.:music: Sometimes the body must rest!

Happy goals to all!

06-18-2010, 06:36 AM
Rachel, when you try other papers, a new pastel world will open, but there *is* a learning curve (for every type of paper...). Bergman's Flute is quite a good one! He's actually grasped quite a lot of the message of Mozart and Schikaneder. The singers are good, too! Especially Håkan Hagegård, Papageno. I love the Flute, it is one of the most wonderful operas ever, it has everything! I found that in the original libretto, when Tamino is dreaming over the picture of Pamina, the ladies tell him to get going, Tamino ask "what?", well, go rescue the girl, boy! What, you mean there's a real one?, Tamino asks. Not a hero just yet, eh?

Get well, Rachel,


06-20-2010, 06:42 AM
Yes, Hakan Hagegard is fantastic as Papageno-i'd be his Papagena any day!:lol:
I love the Magic Flute, too; although i occasionally listen to opera on the radio, The Magic Flute is the only one I've seen live- and that makes all the difference.
I'm up early today-i still have to try to do the watercolor landscape-i need to drop it off for group show by Tuesday. Looking out the window, a young bear is rummaging around in the compost heap-we've seen her/him a few times this spring-must be mama bear has kicked her out, to favor this year's cub. We seem to be part of the rounds she makes- i just hope she keeps out of our strawberries and blueberries...

I hope everyone has a productive week!

06-20-2010, 08:14 PM
Rachel and Charlie, opera sounds wonderful. It's been years since I've even seen one on PBS, but I love opera and The Magic Flute was one of my favorites too.

Charlie, congratulations on ticking off that difficult painting!

I've gotten sidetracked into a lot of pen and wash. It's hot and I get tired easily, so I wind up doing a lot of pen and watercolor that doesn't take getting up or reorganizing supplies. Doesn't bode well for about half my goals -- but took a step toward doing the Spotlight today when I did three preliminary sketches for the Spotlight bird reference. It's not an underpainting but I'll post it with the finished pastel when I get it done even if the sketch is in Pitt pens. I feel more confident if I sketch a subject more than once.

06-21-2010, 08:03 PM
Goal #4 done -- did at least one Spotlight painting. But I might go back for more, there's still a third of the month left.

No progress on Sort Stuff or De-Clutter Table though, I haven't had any good physical days for running around like that. Urk. Hope to get at it soon.

06-22-2010, 08:44 AM
with a week yet to go, I.ve done pretty well....a bit more than I expected.

1. Will do at least one Spotlight Challenge.
2. Will continue sketching my peony bush as it opens into full bloom. (lots of green there to play with, too)
3. Will continue the "green" thing by doing more sketches of leaves
Did all 3

then did the CAC challenge, and a couple of landscapes of my own photos, along with some sketches for fun from Robert's list of Scavenger Hunt.

Received my order from Blick...pastel pencils galore. 2 boxes of 48 each...Conte and Carbothello. Pnly trouble is, I thought I ordered the Cretacolor set...but it was the conte set. Not sure I'm gonna like them...tried them out on a little sketch...they dont seem to layer too well.
do you like the Contes, robert.?.. they seem a little on the 'hard' side...I really wanted a softer type. Oh well...I'll use 'em anyway, for sketching in the sketchbook.

Mary Y
06-22-2010, 11:06 AM
Well done on your goals this month. The greens in your spotlight parrot are lovely.Have fun with your pastel pencils.

Robert, Hope your energy levels are improving.You achieved amazing detail with your Pan parrot.

Charlie, Hope the weather is more to your liking. Will we get to see your latest painting?

Rachel, you are getting through your goals. How lovely to have a bear cub in your backyard--and scary in case his parents visit also.

Terri, I enjoyed your before and after pics for your parent's visit.

Doug, I hope the HS graduation went well.

I have managed to complete most of this month's goals.
I posted a pastel in the Landscape Challenge and also Spotlight.
I am on day 16 of the Sketchbook Habit and have used a variety of pencils in that.
I used my Mt Vision pastels and really enjoyed them.
Work permitting I would like to try another landscape and possibly Kermit.
I started a frog but he grew bigger and bigger and he is now buried in a French poppy field over in the WDE.

06-22-2010, 11:27 AM
Rachel- I hope you are over your cold. I know it is tough to be creative when you are not feeling well.

Robert- Who cares about the clean-up goals. You will get around to them when you are feeling better. Good to see you have your Spotlight goal done and you are still doing pen and wash sketches.

Judi- Way to go! You are having a very productive month. Have fun with your new pastel pencils. I have never used Contes. I hope after you use them for a while, you find that you like them. I have never found a pastel that I don't like. I just like some better than others.:D

I have a half finished painting sitting on my easel. I have been painting it for the past three days. When ever I feel up to it, I go to my room and paint.

Things have been a little hectic around here the past week, because we have been doing some de-cluttering while we still have our two daughters at home to help. Our son's best friend has been helping as well. His pickup truck has come in handy to go to the dump and recycling depot. He is is heading out of town soon to become a firefighter in another town, so this all has to be done now. Fun, fun,fun.


06-22-2010, 11:51 AM
Mary- You are having a great month too. It is a good feeling to be able to paint or draw every day, and the sketchbook challenge helps make it a habit. We all have our frog "underpainting" landscapes.:lol: Ain't sanded paper great.

The graduation went well. There were 56 in the class and I think I knew over half of them. For such a small school, the arts program is the best. The art teacher has been a big influence on all three of our kids. We are so lucky to have art classes in our schools. I don't know if it is like that in all of Canada, but in BC, we have art classes in all of our schools.


06-22-2010, 05:04 PM
Hi guys, you're doing so well!

I've been 'under the weather' a couple of days (allergies), with the actual weather being not so great. However, today dawned gloriously bright, cool but sunny. I needed a sweater sitting in the shade, but not in the sunlight. (Will there be real summer this year, or just this arctic excuse for one?) Anyhow, I *needed* to paint, so I went to a nearby park thingy (with a 7H farm thing too)... used to be a summer manor of the smaller sort. There is a little folly there, several centuries old. I painted it. Now, PA is really a weak point, for me, so I'll only show it to you Goalies. :o It is about half a painting, and I didn't even develop my main subject (the hood) so much (or, at all, there's only the underpainting and first modifying strokes).


It's hexagonal, and a yellowy ochery colour. Funny, the bit of dry-stone wall terassing the lawn, well, I didn't even try with it, and it is the best part. Go figure. Anyhow, you see why I really need to practice PA...


06-22-2010, 08:41 PM
Hey Charlie, i think your PA is great- such great colors...i hope your weather improves so you can do [and show us] more.

Doug, it is amazing how much a teacher can make a difference-for good or ill. Our public school art teacher turned my son off from art, more than any other person- he spent two years wasting his time/sitting in the hall-[that is one reason he no longer goes to that school] At any rate it sounds like you are being productive one way or another!

Mary, you had some ambitious goals. I don't know, this sketchbook thing you and Robert are into, might have to be a future goal for me,too. I bet it is fun.

Judi, you have been very productive...i have to admit, before i joined WC, i had never even heard of pastel pencils-what do you do with them exactly??

Robert, i hope your energy returns. I feel as you do, about sketching first- it really helps me "see" the object- often i will approach the same subject several times-and see more and more each time.

Today i dropped off two pictures to group show about an hour from here-one old, one i just finished yesterday-i was hoping to have 3 ready- but oh well... apparently i am expected to be at the opening on Friday...those events always cause me quite a bit of Angst, you might say-the last time i went to one, i practically had a panic attack! But i shall persevere!:crossfingers:

Take care all

Mary Y
06-23-2010, 09:24 AM
Doug, Glad to hear the graduation went well.
It feels good to have a major tidy up every so often.

Charlie ,I wish my finished paintings were as good as your "Half". It has a lovely light in it.

Rachel , Well done on your two out of three for the group show. Good luck on Friday I hope it is better than you expect and you enjoy it.

06-23-2010, 01:05 PM
Charlie, I'm with Mary. Wish my wholes were half as good as your halfs. ;)

Judi, I'm surprised you found the Contes hard. I think of them as some of my softer pencils, although I think Cretacolor is my fav. I LOVE my pastel pencils. Often I use them to define a line by pushing softer pastel around or sand them to a wedge to make razor thin marks (like roman numerals on a watch face!). I've been working a lot on La Carte with NuPastels. The addition of pencil blends nicely since NuPastels aren't a big "tooth filler." Will be looking forward to your work with them!

06-25-2010, 03:18 AM
Judi, well done! I love your Spotlight frog, it's one of your best. You're growing again, getting those quantum leaps. I haven't really tried the Conte ones except for one that I got as a sample -- haven't tried layering with it. I have the Cretacolor ones though and they're great. I also really, really love the New Derwent ones, which Blick may be getting in very soon. I'm going to email Blick before ordering the 72 color set of those because I definitely want the new ones. I think CarbOthello are extremely soft but mine were also extremely crumbly -- but I also bought them open stock at a closeout so they might have been put through the wringer before I got them. Others have had a better experience with them.

Doug, thanks! Good luck on your de-cluttering. Mine is still not happening, my back's been acting up bad. When it does that I know better than to push it, I'd just be asking for more down time. I'm annoyed I didn't get outside for plein air yet either, haven't had a good day for it.

Mary, it's so funny the way you put it, burying froggy in the poppy field! Sounds like that little patch of my yard as a kid that got all the dead mice and road killed turtles with little crosses rubber banded from twigs... and a good thing to do with a failed painting.

Charlie, you may not be happy with that PA but I think it's awesome. I love it. It's got all your color and liveliness and warmth in it, that looks like such a perfect day. It's got a great composition. You might as well keep it and do a more refined painting from it, but don't toss this or dare bury it under a poppy field or something. Your failures look like successes to me, so really, spare that no matter how frustrated it makes you. Do the one you wanted it to be, but use another piece of paper.

Besides, sketching the same place more than once is one of those things that works so well for improving it, so this is important as the start of a series if you do that. I never got rid of the really bad rose I did first from the Perfect Rose thing and I bet the one you wanted is still possible -- but don't ditch that, it's so cool.

Rachel, thanks. It doesn't look like it's happening. I may have to pass on those decluttering goals till I get a really good week, a lot of physical intensive things just get put off till they happen. I almost shouldn't even list stuff like that as goals, they happen in "launch windows" that are unpredictable and I seize the day when I have one.

Mary, yay on the Sketchbook Habit! It's moving on July 1st but will still be there on Suzette's own Ning site, can't remember the name or link right now but I posted it on one of the Art Journals threads and will dig it out later if anyone wants it.

06-26-2010, 04:42 PM
Charlie- I hope you are feeling better. Allergies are a pain in the butt. Your painting looks fine to me. I do agree with you about the rocks. They look fantastic. Maybe it's because they are surrounded by those warm greens, yellows and pinks. Anyway, you don't have anything to fear about PA painting.

Rachel- I had a similar experience with an art teacher as your son did. It turned me off art for over thirty years. I used to draw all the time when I was young, but after walking out of my grade 12 art class, I didn't have the desire any more. She sapped it out of me. Then thirty years later I had to find a hobby to save my sanity. My wife is the one who pushed me to start drawing again. Then of course I wanted to discover colour. Needless to say, I have the desire back.

I hope your show went well and you didn't panic too much. Next time, just remember to 'breathe.' I remember reading somewhere (some self-help book) to try to change your nervous feeling into excitement instead. It works for me.;)

Looking back at my goals, it doesn't look like my watercolour goals will be reached, but the pastel goals are looking good. I just have to finish one of two paintings I have on the go. I should be able to do that.


06-27-2010, 08:39 PM
Charlie, the dome caught my attention first and held it there, while eye darted back-and-forth to lovely foliage. Awesome creamy orange highlights against delicate magenta/lavender on the shaded side of the cupola / dome! The looser wet-look is very attractive without further work needed, in my opinion.
How large is it?

06-28-2010, 12:43 PM
Rachel- I had a similar experience with an art teacher as your son did. It turned me off art for over thirty years. I used to draw all the time when I was young, but after walking out of my grade 12 art class, I didn't have the desire any more. She sapped it out of me.


Odd how that happened to so many of us. For me it was my mom, who criticized every mark I made on paper (she passed away in October but still hovers over my shoulder when I'm working saying "that's awful! You can't draw, you'll never amount to anything."). At fifty four I can finally say to her "so what? This is fun!"

06-28-2010, 05:57 PM
Aw, thank you! The PA is very small, about 8x6" (A5), mostly Rembrandts. I'm thinking I may make a larger painting, as I did 'get' the light down fairly properly, and that is sufficient for a studio painting. Got photographs, too, with more green stuff around the folly. It is a good idea to take a photo about when you start painting, so the light is fixed in the photo, and to take many pics, also from several angles. One of the photos may provide the best composition, and the little PA will give some info the camera will not catch. Like, pink highlights on green leaves!

Today, it's been too hot, for a change. First really hot day. (You guys would probably think it balmy, with 28 C). Sat in the shade, painted some rooftops from a ref. No energy for going out, as sunday was spent socializing all day. (I'm an introvert, really, charging batteries when alone, spending energy when in company.)

Checking my goals, when I still have two days of grace. :angel:

1) I will comment and encourage the Spotlight posters (and rein in the school-marm, it is supposed to be *fun*, I take learning and testing as "serious fun"....)

Think I did allright.

2) I will do a Scribbler.

Done, except for minor adjustments, like having a website to post it on... out of my hands, hopefully will be fixed this week.

3) I will paint at least one painting per week.

Goal's met. 4 or 5 done.

4) I will do plein air sketches, when weather permitts. To that end, I have already cut sanded paper into bits. Now I only need courage to brave the tourists in town, and actually set up in the midst of the hordes. (Extra hordes because of The Wedding, crown princess marries her man of the people.)

Three, I think.

5) And, if time allows it, I'll build my foam-core invention of a PA box.

No time, but I found a hole! :rolleyes: I mean, I found a camera thingy I can slaughter and get the 'bolt' thingy I want to fasten under the box, so I can secure it to my tripod. For that, I needed a 'hole'. I also need to think more on the design of it.

6) I will order the pastel goodies!

LOL, the one really fun goal, and I've not done it yet. Thing is, I've got plenty of sticks, but will need more paper soonish.


06-29-2010, 03:22 PM
greetings all-

Doug and Chuas-i guess it is a testament to the creative in us all, that those of us who had bad experiences continue or restart our art in spite of them. Art rules!

Charlie, you did really well with your goals. The PA box sounds intriguing, though i can't quite envision it! Maybe you could draw a picture of it.....!

I can't seem to make the computer return to the start of this thread, so i can't exactly remember all my goals-however i did do 3 pastel sketches, i got into the art group i applied to, i did one new watercolor and did live through the reception for the gallery show-barely. perhaps a self-help book is in order...:o

One goal i accomplished, but hadn't posted was the ability to actually post a picture- it has only taken me 2 months to figure it out-so you will now have to see my work, as well as read my words...

Take care all!:heart:

06-29-2010, 04:50 PM
Sorry I haven't posted here much but nearly month end so i thought I'd better review my goals (couldn't remember what they were!)
I've actually met them all. I've done another 3 for the spotlight challenge AND I've done a cityscape for the Get Dusty challenge.
Last challenge of the month....I WILL get a photo of my cityscape which doesn't distort the perspective and make it look even worse than it is!! (yes I do use zoom to avoid camera distortion but it's Soooo hard to get the pic dead on level and the perspective is a little - er - precarious anyway).

06-29-2010, 05:21 PM
Rachel, looking forward to seeing your pix! How was the reception? Good goal-meeting!

Ruthie, I take it you do not have the 'noodling' capacity in your image editing program? In so many of them, there is a thingy dealing with perspective. Gimp is a nice free download. You've done great on your goals.


06-30-2010, 08:59 PM
My goals for this month:

1) I will participate in The Spotlight and paint at least two paintings. - Done.
2) I will paint at least two other pastel paintings. - Done. I posted a painting in The landscape Challenge and did two other paintings that I didn't post yet. I am going to let them sit for a while, because I am just not that happy with them yet.
3) I will add to my Pen and Watercolour journal at least once a week. - Nope.
4) I will paint at least one small watercolour painting a week for my 50 Small Paintings project. - Nope.

Well, I am happy with the five paintings for the month. Watercolour had to take a backseat to pastels. I hope to be able to find the time and energy to paint in both mediums in the near future, but if the energy is low, pastels will be the medium that I use.:D


06-30-2010, 11:51 PM
Charlie- You did a terrific job on your goals, but no pastel goodies?:eek: Thanks for taking the time to host The Spotlight this month.

Rachel- Good to hear you figured out how to post photos. It gets easier every time you do it. You did a great job on your goals.

Ruthie- You made all your goals! Way to go. Looking forward to seeing your cityscape.


07-01-2010, 05:53 AM
Doug, thank you for hosting the goalpost, every single month! You did well on your goals, they were to paint, and you painted!

I guess I've not gotten pastel goodies because I have already too many... I need only a few more. But I got a new camera, a new laptop, one of those rubber pads to cut paper on -- they're also supplies!

Onward, to July!


07-01-2010, 01:37 PM
Well, I've got five out of seven goals this month.

Goals accomplished:

Save $65
Sketches & Studies -- lots, most days I did multiple sketches and sometimes multiple pages.
Did one Spotlight painting, though I would have liked to do more.
Finished my Sketchbook Workshop
Drew my cat in motion.

Goals not accomplished

Sort Stuff
De-clutter my table.

I'm about ready to give up on scheduling the physical cleaning-up and sorting goals, since I can't predict when I'll have the energy to do it but I'm constantly picking away at it. So maybe I'll stick to art goals for July to keep it simple.

07-01-2010, 03:45 PM
Good idea, Robert. Leave the cleaning up for the days you feel up to it. You did a great job on your goals. Now on to July!