View Full Version : WIA Tues, May 25/10

05-25-2010, 12:37 PM
Good morning!
Dawn, hope your instructor can get those set for you. I find flush setting a little (LOT) frustrating, but only because I haven't done a lot of it. I have a commission piece to pull of in the next couple of weeks with white gold and four flush set stones, guess I better get over it, huh?!?!? lol

It's a busy day for me today, working on correspondence first thing, then off to pack my tool box to head to class early. I have to go to my assistant's house first so we can package up some kits for tonight's class (chainmaille). I ordered a bunch of bright aluminum and colored copper rings for the students to practice with, so need to break up the bulk packs into usable quantities. Fun!!! Hope you all have a great day!! Cheers!

05-25-2010, 01:32 PM
hiya Barrie :wave: and the same to the rest of you!

Have no idea what I'm doing today... I think I overdid it yesterday... maybe I'll try to melt some glass, but the house is a wreck.... maybe I'll take a nap.

05-25-2010, 01:54 PM
:wave: Work was utter madness today, won't get better tomorrow nor the day after that. Next: shower. Then: bed. :wave:

05-25-2010, 05:12 PM
Hi everyone, just an end of day run by from me. Went to Oxford St today to pick up a couple of last things for my hols. A pair of black Havaianas with the Brazillian flag on and a thin pink cotton top. I think I have enough for the trip and that it will just about fit in my "one bag" luggage allowance. I thought about asking DH to find some of my Summer things and bring them from Singapore, but he is stressed enough what with having to pack his own bag. He is fine for business trips, but I usually do his holiday wardrobe and lay out something everyday for him. Not too much of a problem going to Italy though as they do actually have clothes there LOL. Have a good one all. Fiona

05-25-2010, 07:00 PM
Hi all,
Sorry this is a late and quick one, I have just got back from a hectic rehearsal, after a busy day at work followed by physio. And somewhere fitting in dog walk and supper in between.

Physio was pretty good, I think I have seen some improvement and she did more ultrasound and gave me more exercises. Not that I have had time to do them yet, I'll have a go at bedtime.

Sorry this is a quick one, I'll try to do better tomorrow, there's a meeting in the evening but should get time during the afternoon.