View Full Version : WIA TGIF May 21/10

05-21-2010, 12:15 PM
Be right back!

05-21-2010, 12:27 PM
Good morning!

Claire, sounds like things are perking up a bit in your world! Yay! I hope the yoga and the physio do the trick for you. Sounds like you found a fantastic physio therapist!! Yay! Any fun doodle things planned for the weekend?

Dawn, how's Chase feeling today? Poor guy! One week til summer vacation? lucky boys!! Freya still has about a month and a week of school left. Her parents had her do summer school last year, but not this year - which means I get two full months off from picking her up and dropping her off from school! woohoo! We're going to have play days tho so I won't miss her too much. Hope your Friday is a good one! :)

Andee, hope your bum has warmed up some! lol Hope its not a cold and that you have a fabulous long weekend!! It's a long weekend here too - yay!! The only difference for me is that dh is home one more day than usual, otherwise, same old same old! lol

Pam, I had the same kind of 'doesn't quite feel good enough to go to school, but doesn't really seem sick' thing with Cody when he was that age. I finally figured out that he was bored with school (well that particular teacher and grade). The next year was more challenging so he dropped the sick act. But much like you, I preferred to keep him home than send him to school if he was sick (I don't think he ever figured out that he wasn't really sick). Good luck!!

:wave: to all today!! We finally had 24 hours with no power outages, yay! We've gotten very spoiled over the past few years with no outages, so I don't really have a right to complain, but I did anyway! lol Today I'm teaching a metal etching class in my home studio. Should be fun, and an easy one to do. I guess I better go print off notes and get ready. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!! Cheers!!

05-21-2010, 01:09 PM
TGIF! LOL, it's meaningless... it just means another week gone by that I got nothing done. Luke is home again today, runny nose, watery eyes... so I guess he really was feeling sick.

Have fun with your class Barrie, sounds like a good way to spend the day :) And yay to having power. We lost ours a couple times in the past few days too, but nothing long - just enough to have to go reset clocks all over again.

xoxo to all of ya!

05-21-2010, 03:47 PM
Hey everyone!

Barrie - Chase is doing better! Yay for sleeping in - I SO can't wait.

Pam - I know what you mean, I have been feeling that way for several weeks. I just don't have a block to time to set aside for torching or even metal. Making me nutso. Poor Luke, hope he's better soon.

:wave: everyone!

Not much going on today. It's been a slow couple of days at the store but still lots to do so I'm definitely not bored!

I did some searching for shows to see when we're in Vegas. I'm leaning toward a package our hotel is advertising for 2 shows for $75. They have a Cirque magic show with Criss Angel and also a dinner show with knights and jousting and eating a three course mean with your fingers, lol. I think the boys would enjoy both. We're also going to rent a car and drive to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. Going to be a busy week for sure.

Okay back to packaging and labeling beads! Hugs.

05-21-2010, 03:55 PM
Dawn, we got tickets to "O" on the 21st. And I want to do another show, but I haven't picked one yet - think Luke would like that jousting one too. Also want to rent a car and go to the GC! When are you going to be there? I booked the MGM...

05-21-2010, 03:56 PM
Hi Barrie and Pam and everyone else who drops in.

Barrie, I'm glad all the finned friends ( and corals LOL ) made it through the power problems. Did you find out what caused it ?

Pam, poor Luke, being suspected of copping a sickie when he was really ill, LOL. There are worries in the UK about how much time will be lost to "sickness" during the world cup!

Dawn, some schoolless and stress free time will do you and the boys a world of good. We had an actual Summer day in London today, I do hope it isn't the only one.

Maggie must be getting close to the "day" for her house. Must go and check FB and see of there is news.

Andee, YAY Friday. Hope sunshine also hitting your part of Europe, so noce to thaw the toes.

I was out all day. Visiting with friends and then a stroll around the shops on the way home. Found a rather nice frock, on sale even. It was a little bit "challenging" to wear as it has a big farbic belt and that needs to be propely arranged, but once I had struggled into it I thought it was rather interesting, so I did the deed. I hope it rolls up small in my luggage. Fiona

05-21-2010, 04:00 PM
Oh we HAVE to have lunch! We fly in on the 19th and leave on the 25th. Not sure yet of our exact schedule. We're at the Excalibur. It was cheap and I thought the boys might enjoy it. That's where the dinner show is.

05-21-2010, 04:19 PM
Maybe! we could do the excalibur show together?! We fly in on the 19th and leave on the 23rd.

05-21-2010, 07:19 PM
Hi all
It's late here and I have only just got on the pc. David has gone off to Scotland for the weekend and I have full home and dog responsibilities. Yoga went well last night, it is very different to dance but I can feel some benefit. We also do meditation which is very helpful for my stress and cortisol control.

Rehearsal went OK, the music parts I have been working on seemed to be right (always a worry when you don't know the instrument). Leon had to come with me, and it was a warm evening so we had the doors open. Twice he ran off outside across the football field to meet other dogs, luckily they were nice ones who wnted to play.

Dawn, poor Cody, is he always going to be on insulin or will they be able to control by diet eventually? Your trip to Vegas sounds fun, I can't imagine what that place is like.

Andee, Ihope you aren't getting sick for the wekend, that doesn't seem fair.

Pam, another plus to home schooling is that Luke won't be picking up so many bugs. I think both sides is a good idea, and anyway my right knee isn't that brilliant itself!

Barrie, it must be the season for powercuts, we got one at rehearsal tonight, ours was due to a lorry driving into an overhead cable. Maybe you could have a sideline breeding corals. No doodle meets this weekend, it is usually alternate weekends although I think next week several people are busy. Hope the class goes well.

FIona, well done finding an exciting bargain. I can't remember when I last bought a frock, it's always skirts or trousers in my life.