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05-19-2010, 01:29 PM
Hi everyone :wave: just a guickie to start us off. Having a clear up day today before I go back to London tomorrow. Agent phoned and wanted to bring someone to look around, but I had to put them off. I think they parked outside later and were looking at the outside. Hope everyone else is having a good day. Fiona

05-19-2010, 02:42 PM
Hi Fiona, that's kinda creepy if you are inside watching them snoop around, no? LOL Good luck!

I'm dragging today. Oh well. Luke is home sick with a stomach bug anyway... so it's not like anything is getting done one way or another.

Hugs all around...

05-19-2010, 05:06 PM
Fiona, safe travels back to London tomorrow!

Pam, hope you and Luke are feeling more energetic soon. Stomach bugs are no fun for Mom or kids!

Crazy week here. DH's boss, who was the same age as DH (54), died suddenly on Monday evening. He had just had some minor surgery a few weeks ago and apparently, developed a clot that traveled to his lungs. So, the head honcho asked DH to step in and fill his shoes. Threw DH into a tizzy since he has been thinking about leaving the job and now doesn't feel like he can. Definitely increased the stress in our house.

I'm off to the ortho today for a check on the knee. Doing better but still not 100% so I'm hoping he continues the PT for a little while. Pouring rain and yucky weather today. I really want to curl up with a good book instead of going anywhere!

Hope you're all having a good day!

05-19-2010, 05:14 PM
:wave: all!! I think I caught the dragging bug too (but not the stomach bug! Whew!). We had a power outage in the middle of the night last night, and I awoke to what I thought was dh's cell phone beeping (it does that when there's a text that isn't answered). Turns out the noise was coming from our backup power supply for the hexagon saltwater tank. Dh in all his infinite wisdom has everything but the kitchen sink plugged into it, not realizing that when the power goes out, all those devices (filter, heater, lights, more lights, pumps, etc) suck the power out of that thing like crazy. Anyway, it went from intermittent (every 5 minutes) beeping to, beeping every 30 seconds, to constant beeping, then finally just a long drawn out beeeeeeeeeep before it died (the gadget, not the tank or any of its inhabitants!). It sounded like it flat-lined (like the machines in the hospital when someone dies!!). Kind of weird! Anyway, dh got up, checked to make sure that nothing disastrous would happen when the power came back on, then went back to bed. Not me, I'm not totally trusting that the filters, pumps, etc would come back on without some kind of drama!! I curled up in the recliner and promptly nodded off. About 2 1/2 hours later, the power came back on, woke me up from a dead sleep!! No drama!! Yay!! All the tanks and inhabitants made it no problem, still don't know why the power was out. There wasn't a storm or anything. Weird. Anyway, I went back to bed, but am still rather dragging today. Good thing I don't have to be with it until tonight's class.

Hope everyone has a lovely day. I'm off to putter in the kitchen, get dinner prepped for dh (he'll be totally shocked!!), and hang out with Freya when she gets here after school. Cheers!

05-19-2010, 05:20 PM
Hi everyone
This being my night off for the week we have taken Leon for a long walk and went to a pub for a meal. It has suddenly turned warm so we could sit outside to eat and Leon lounged on the grass. Today was my first physio appointment, she was extremely nice and I went through everything that happened with her. She thinks there is internal damage, which is what I think too, and she is going to look at the mri images. More help than the consultant was! She did some ultrasound and gave me a few exercises. It was pretty funny, she had to test my range and strength of movement so was holding my leg down and telling me to lift it pushing as hard as I could - which I did and knocked her over! She did comment that I have very strong quads, and lifted her eyebrows a bit at how far I can lift my leg up, but that's the years of dancing for you. Now she understands how important it is for me not to lose that.

Pam, eating to suit ourselves is something we women don't seem to manage much. This plan I am following recommends eating every two to three hours, alternating meals and snacks where the snacks are mostly fruit with something that is either protein or fat. Sounds difficult but I've been using yogurt or cheese which is quick and easy. Then I can have meals with David just maybe not each a huge amount. It does seem to be evening out the blood sugar/insulin spikes and I'm not getting carb cravings so much. Looks like Luke is happy about the home schooling, what happens about sorting out curriculum? And will you get time to yourself if he is at the centre some days? SOunds like you are perking up a bit, I looked up Graves and was horrified. Not so much by the pictures as by the Aspartame link, I knew that stuff hadn't been properly health tested and was passed for human consumption because of political manipulation, just didn't know how dangerous it is. I shall be careful to avoid it in future.

Fiona, who are you with for gas and electricity? I think they are mostly as bad as each other so probably changing won't help. I'm looking forwards to seeing pics of Bath, I love that creamy coloured stone they use there.

Andee, glad you are enjoying the iPhone. Yay for a long weekend, I don't get one for another week.

Barrie, are you getting to make any jewellery for the wedding? Strange about the power cut, we are lucky not to get many here, just the odd few minutes now and then. Lucky the tank dwellers made it - that could have been a serious drama.

Dawn, poor Chase, he seems to have had a few health problems lately. How is Cody coping now?

Susie, taking the meds before bed sounds like a good idea if they are tiring you, be nice to be rid of the insomnia too.

Angela, what a shock about the boss, your dh works tough enough hours without having to take that on. I hope you can get your physio continued until you are fully well. I have exercises to do for my knee, kind of simple ones (plies and lifts) but I suppose they might help.

05-19-2010, 11:42 PM
Hey everyone!

Fiona - that's good news right? You're trying to rent it out? Have a good trip to London!

Pam - poor Luke, he must be sick of being sick! I know I'm tired of Chase's fevers.

Angela - that's too bad about DH's job. Will he enjoy the new job any more than the old? How was the ortho appointment?

Barrie - we had a very large saltwater tank in our living room and the power went out or something one summer when we were on vacation. We now have to hide the rotted part of our carpet from where it leaked everywhere. That was the end of the fish tanks for me - blech.

Claire - eating outside and taking the dog sounds so wonderful! Yes poor Chase just seems to catch all the little bugs going around. He never gets really sick, just sick enough to stay home (and play video games).

:wave: Susie, Gwen and everyone else who pops by!

I had high hopes for this week but got nothing done. Cody had a poetry festival at school today where each kiddo in his class memorized a poem and they all had to recite them in front of parents. Afterward we had a nice little surprise reception. I let him go ahead with the sweet treats and he had a little of everything. I was expecting high blood sugar at dinner but he was actually low. Probably burned it off with the nervousness and stress of the performance. He's doing really well with it all except for getting up at 6:30 to test. He has to wait about 10 minutes between insulin shot and eating so we have to get up a little earlier than usual. One more week and he will get to sleep in!

I'm back to work tomorrow though Chase is still running a small fever. He was fine all day until just before bed. I need to get creative again!