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05-14-2010, 10:15 AM

I had only been sketching for 6 months when I took this trip. I can see my skill and style have evolved since then, but I wanted to post to show my beginner "plein air" sketches.

I sketched these directly in ink using a plain office supply pen (Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 (http://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_skuset.asp?CatIds=3,158,159,276&name=CA_SK_PILOT+-+Hi-Tecpoint+V5+RT+Grip+Pens) ) and a Hand*Book hardbound journal (http://www.dickblick.com/products/hand-book-artist-journals/)in landscape orientation.

Most of my sketches were quick so that I would not hinder my travel companions.

My sketching did attract attention from fellow travellers and from Caribbean locals. "Are you an artist? Wow!"

Here we go:

1 through 5 - airport & airplane sketches

... more to come ...

05-14-2010, 10:16 AM
6 through 10 - plants and shells

... more to come ...

05-14-2010, 10:17 AM
11 through 15 - St. Thomas (USVI), Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, Venezuela

... more to come ...

05-14-2010, 10:18 AM
16 through 20 - Venezuela, Aruba, Grand Cayman

... more to come ...

05-14-2010, 10:19 AM
21 through 25 - Aruba and items on the cruise ship


05-14-2010, 11:02 AM
Super sketches EP, just the thing to do on holiday.


05-14-2010, 11:21 AM
Wow, awesome sketches! You've had a lot of fun with them. Thanks for sharing!

05-14-2010, 12:02 PM
Why call them beginner sketches? I like them alot. :):thumbsup:

Also I think that your particular style aready showed in these early sketches ;)

05-14-2010, 03:00 PM
EP - these are fantastic. I especially like all the double page landscape spreads. You get so much detail in that way that I feel as though I am there with you. I'm getting ready for 2 weeks in Alaska - think I'll try to do something similar to start working on my plein air skills. Thanks for sharing!

05-14-2010, 03:34 PM
EP, your travel sketches are wonderful. I love the variety and intricacy of them. Some of them are just lovely contours, others deeply shaded and realistic -- you did great! Congratulations on a wonderful travel journal!

Someday I'll go somewhere good, been lots of times but didn't know how to sketch till recently.

Vivien Maloney
05-14-2010, 06:30 PM
Ep; Love your travel Journal of "Sketches from the Caribbean". A great record of what was obviously a wonderful holiday!

05-14-2010, 08:25 PM
Great work! I'm going to try to do some of this on my next airplane trip, though I don't think mine will be nearly as good. :)

05-14-2010, 11:45 PM
I'm sure you have wonderful memories captured in these sketches. And it goes to show, all you need is a pen and paper. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

05-16-2010, 03:40 AM
lively and atmospheric :) have you thought of scanning them and adding colour to the prints???

05-18-2010, 04:55 AM
These are great EP! I tried to view this thread a couple of times but couldn't see the attachments (just the link). I eventually switched computers and am so glad that I did! Wow, you even sketched the seatbelt on the plane!! I love your enthusiasm! You really captured the atmosphere of the trip... the plants, the beaches, the shells, the scenery! I agree with Vivien, they would look great with a bit of colour. Maybe for the next trip....

05-18-2010, 04:16 PM
If you hadn't said these were beginer's sketches I never would have guessed.

Looks like it was a great trip.

05-18-2010, 05:55 PM
Wow, that lasat photo had a lot of emotion. Must be a pretty good sight. Thanks for sharing!

05-18-2010, 09:47 PM
EP, these are AMAZING, I am in awe of your sketching ability even at this early stage. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

05-19-2010, 12:30 AM
Great sketches, EP. Wonderful idea to remember your vacation. Thanks for sharing.


Joan T
05-19-2010, 01:07 PM
EP - These are really great travel sketches. I don't think I've seen any of these before. I have to get my butt in gear and post some of mine. lol I'll need a few years to do that.

05-22-2010, 01:17 AM
Doug, Raymond, Silvia, Jean, Robert, Viv, John, Debby, Vivien, Cairo, Horsa, Stacey, Doug, and Joan - thank you.

To answer your question, Vivien, I did add colour to the sketches I did on my more recent trip. I'll post those sketches soon in their own thread.