View Full Version : Any example works for 10 colour pan pastel set?

05-13-2010, 02:42 PM
Any example works for 10 colour pan pastel set? i mainly mean paintting set. Bigger sets are bit pricey here.

05-13-2010, 11:26 PM
I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking?


05-14-2010, 05:54 PM
I ask works what arre made with 10 pastel pan pastel set ? and if these not available any works with info how many pan pastels used works perfectely.
i trying get image how nice works is possible only 10 hues.
ps. i ask second queston: how i can mix two pan pastel hues to get third ? when i mean big area. its possible paint layer for example blue and second with yellow and mix them to green. i dont mean gradient type stuff in some site i see how is possible but i dont yet found this. i thinkig use for at least for backgrounds.

05-14-2010, 06:03 PM
I would suggest you go to the PanPastel website and view the numerous intructional videos that they have there. Pans can be mixed on the paper, or on the sponge applicator. I can't help you as far as a 10 pan pastel set would work - you would probably have to go by the official color names (thalo blue, thalo green, etc.), and then pick a palette that way. They may also have a set of 10 that would be suitable for mixing. I can mix all of my watercolors from only 11 tubes of paint, so I'm sure you can paint with 10 pan pastels - it just depends what kind of painting you want to do, i.e., high chroma or more earth tones. Hope this helps.


05-14-2010, 09:33 PM
I've tried using just the five colors in the five color Painters set and gotten a full set of secondaries from mixing the red, yellow and blue in it. Ten color Painters is a complete palette.

To mix colors, dip a tool into one color and then dip it again into the next. This will mix on top of the pan, but it wipes clean with a paper towel. Definitely get paper towels. They mean that on the videos -- facial tissues and toilet paper don't work as well as actual paper towels.

You can also mix colors on the paper or surface by laying down one color, say, red, fading it out till it's almost not there and going over it with yellow to get a gradated orange with yellow at one end and red at the other. I've mixed colors often in my paintings even though I have at this point got the full 80 color range. I am considering getting a 10 color Painters in order to use it for a plein air setup, since it'll have everything I actually need in it.

Tints are convenience colors, mixed with white. Pick up some white and paint into a color area and you'll lighten it. Or pick up some white on a sponge and then swipe it through the color. You can also use the lids as palette cups, picking up one color and then the other in the mix and swiping them together to mingle thoroughly in that before putting it on the page -- this lets you get a little more precise in color mixing, like a pale tint of three swipes white and one light of swipe red, that sort of thing.

The colors you put over other colors mix with them as if you're painting with oils, where the underlying color is always actively "wet." It's more like painting than like the usual pasteling experience. If you know how to mix colors with a palette knife in oils and acrylics, then that's a lot of what it's like.

I love the palette on the 10 color Painters. You get a strong green and a strong violet, two essentials for floral and landscape painting. You get three useful earth tones, the Raw Umber is a dark brown, Yellow Ochre a beautiful gold, and Burnt Sienna is a good base for skin tones and red rocks in just about any medium. Black and white are there in all the sets. The mixed orange is so bright that you don't really need a premixed orange.

So I'd say go for it. You'll probably love them and the 10 color set makes a very good field set by itself. Experiment with different ways of applying them based on the videos -- watching the videos is a great help. They really did pick the best mixers for the smaller Painters sets, Pthalo Blue is a slightly bluish very bright green that's easy to mute or push toward yellow by adding burnt sienna, yellow ochre or hansa yellow respectively.

And they do mix like paints. Imagining these as gouache colors, would you enjoy that palette?

05-15-2010, 11:14 AM
i thinking this set now and few extras for my main subjects what magenta for example (impossible mix but one my favorite colours) but must compare how much pricey is order few extras than 20 colour set actually seems very pricey product when i buy one by one (and even sets are more pricey than they are in use...) but i look colour chart later today (and order goes much latter in this year if all goes well)... but at least these works what we see in manufacturer page is lovely and some works very lovely. and i dont yet know if this is medium to me. at least pictures looks nice stuff for backgrounds at least. of course other uses as well but currently i think going work way pan pastels for backgrounds and Schmincke for details. of course i test full works with pan pastels and all things in beetween... ps. i still almost fully sure i order them...