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05-05-2010, 04:42 PM
Hey?! Where is everyone!

What are you all up to? Sleepy cold day here, have so much to do, and no umph to do it. But I'm going to try.


05-05-2010, 06:41 PM
I've had a more than usually full day. Work was weird, my boss was off because his child is ill and his wife had an important meeting, he carelessly rolled over month end and locked me out of the part I was supposed to be finishing! MY day has been frustrating! This evening we took Leon to the coast as David had to pick his boat up, I took a strawberry tart for the guy who was looking after it (his wife was killed in a cycling accident last year and he doesn't get much home cooking these days). Then I had to go and sort out show music with my sister and have only just got home.

Need to get my new website (for the show music) finished off and send everyone the links. Seems like the more I do the more there is to be done.

Pam, how was the homeschooling centre? Are you getting any benefit from the meds? I had my book on cortisol arrive yesterday, it's very interesting and covers all the sort of dieting but not losing weight, problems with insulin, blood pressure and thyroid things that seem to afflict so many people.

Barrie, congrats to Kevin and Claire, sounds like they have it all in hand. Fun to be shopping with Claire, is Freya going to be a bridesmaid?

Maggie, sorry you are feeling bad, hope it's just a temporary thing.

05-05-2010, 07:15 PM
Popping by while we are getting into the mood for cinco de mayo! The feast I am planning just gets bigger and bigger by the minute as I add things--tortillas, pico de gallo, chile rellenos (which are a huge production but I'm up to the challenge!), beef roast for tacos.. and margaritas, I want to try to emulate the ones that Cruz the bartender made down in San Quintín.

I slept really crappy last night, I don't know why--kept waking up every hour or two, never really feeling asleep but dreaming vividly about this book I was reading. Yesterday we went for a long walk and I should have been super tired, but I just.. couldn't sleep. In our seemingly endless crusade to quit smoking, we're giving it another go... there's a weird crankiness under the surface, but otherwise, it is okay.

Claire, sorry your day has been so hectic :\ It was nice of you to whip up a strawberry tart for him ^_^ Kindness is eternally underrated.

05-05-2010, 07:21 PM
Good afternoon! Pam, was it cold in your neck of the woods last night? It was bitter cold here (for May!), and I had a heck of a time getting warm in bed. Hope you found some umph today!

Claire, definitely sounds like a full day for you! How sweet to take that fellow some home baking. For the wedding, Claire has her two nieces as flower girls and Freya will be dressed in a similar outfit and will pull Dayton (the ring bearer) up the aisle in a little wagon. That way all three girls are incorporated and Dayton will do anything for Freya so this way stands the best chance of him getting down the aisle without too much fuss. Should be fun!

Maggie, hope you're feeling better soon!

:wave: to everyone today. Well, I spent a furious few hours finishing the awareness ribbon pendant. It's not perfect but the customer picked it up and genuinely loved it, so I will stop fretting about it. It's done and that's all that matters! I'm heading off to the Cinqo de Mayo Jewelry Fashion show in a bit, so dh is fending for himself for dinner. I'm looking forward to going out - it's been ages! :) Hope you all have a great day! Cheers!

05-05-2010, 08:52 PM
Barrie, that sounds so cute (the wagon thing!) and yes it was FREEZING cold, as usual. Hail, snow, rain. The usual baseball game weather.

Susie, that sounds yummy, can I come over for dinner?

Claire, it's touch and go, as I'm stopping the old synthetic thyroid replacement and starting the new natural stuff and so have to start slow as the old stuff wears off and the new stuff builds up... I was good for a few days, and now it's catching up with me. I added a little more to the regiment today, hope it helps. I go back monday and so will get it figured out. PLUS we stayed up til midnight watching rachell maddow... not the smartest move on my part, I badly need my beauty sleep. Which book did you get then? Frank has me researching Maca root from peru - have you found any mention of that??

The homeschool tour went well - I like the place a lot. They have a robot/lego lab room with computers for making animated movies and graphic design, an apple lab and a pc lab, spanish, latin and american sign language, a speech and debate team, courses to take in high school that are worth college credits, all the regular class stuff, lots of music and drama and even karate. Luke would LOVE it. the teachers and staff were totally friendly and happy and relaxed seeming, the parents and kids we saw were happy and smiling... it seems like a well balanced place and a decent option.

well... time to get the kid to baseball practice... and I need to find some mud boots for him for friday's field trip to a place called padilla bay - salmon river joins the puget sound. mud and wetlands... I'm going to go with him.


05-05-2010, 09:48 PM
Claire, It not only sounds like a frustrating day, but also too busy for my liking.

Susie, How I would love to come over for dinner! I have done nothing to celebrate cinco de mayo. No cerveza in this household even.

Barrie, They even celebrate cinco de mayo in Canada? So strange as it's not really a Mexican holiday of any sort, just the day a battle was won. The only places in Mexico that celebrate are the ones catering to tourists for some American dollars.

Pam, The homeschool sounds great. Some homeschools are better run than public or private schools. The parents make the decisions, which I think it great. I would love to teach at a school like that.

I am still feeling miserable, but wanted to pop in. Sinus woes, sniffling, head isn't as bad and ears feeling a bit less stuffed up. Might take Friday off. We are state testing so no way I want to take test days off. Four weeks from today is the close of escrow for my house! More paperwork for signing and info for sending off my down payment are being overnighted to me! Think it's just about time to get excited again!

05-05-2010, 09:50 PM
Hi everyone!

Pam - that sounds really, really cool! I bet you would cut down on sickness too.

Claire - sounds like a busy and frustrating day. Hope you get some time to yourself soon.

Barrie - have fun at the fashion show!

Susie - wow! My boys would call that a feast! I was totally uninspired by CDM and made breakfast for dinner.

So I had a very stressful day today! Monday Cody comes home from school and tells me that the board is blurry. I say no problem we'll go see the eye doctor. Then last night he starts telling me how he was sitting in Spanish and he looked up and the board was blurry. So he rubbed his eyes thinking there was something in them but no, still blurry. So then I got a little concerned that it seemed so sudden. So I call the nurse this morning and she agrees to talk to the doctor (I'm thinking if the dr. refers him then our medical will cover the eye visit since we don't have vision ins on him). She calls me back and says the doctor says he needs to see an opthamologist TODAY. So then I really start freaking out! And of course when I call the Eye Center to make the appointment they are out to lunch. I finally got him in this afternoon and all is well but he needs glasses. Poor kid couldn't even read the biggest E on the chart.

After that I needed comfort food so I made waffles and scrambled eggs for dinner. Now I think I'll veg in front of the tv with some magazines.

Have a good night!

05-06-2010, 02:27 AM
That IS stressful Dawn! I wonder why his vision just changed like that so quickly - did they say it just happens??? Or did his seat get changed? I have Luke taking Omega 3 and DHA for vision and brain development - he definitely does better when he's taking it regularly. I started him on it with the speech issues he had, and stepped it up again with the vision stuff.. maybe Cody could use some too.

Maggie, I think you should start a school and do things the way you want. Or just do glass. Or whatever. But you'd make a great school if you ever decided to do it. Hope you are feeling better soon.

We had tacos for dinner. heh. I'm sure they were no where close to as good as Susie's dinner.

05-06-2010, 03:33 AM
Dawn, so stressful! I'm glad it's just that he needs glasses!

Maggie, I'm so happy for you getting your house! You will feel so great the first night you can put up your feet in your new living room.

Pam, your tacos may not have been as... homemade? as ours, but I bet you didn't work on dinner for five hours :D The beef roast that I was making... I had it in the oven at 300F to slow cook and my husband accidentally turned off the heat when he was doing dishes. Two, two and a half hours later I went to check on it.. the oven was stone cold and the roast was raw! I very nearly had a wee little tantrum; it was already almost 9 o'clock. He made it up to me by making the chiles rellenos so I could take a break after rolling out all of the tortillas. (Which, the tortillas turned out awesome.. and they're not hard to make at all! But, they would have been easier if I'd had a tortilla press rather than having to roll them individually.)

That homeschool center sounds really good. I wish I'd gone to school like that :D

*yawns* now that the epic cinco de mayo feast is done, I'm going to bed, I think.. maybe have one more margarita ;)