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05-01-2010, 11:34 AM
I'm having a ton of trouble deciphering the whole "brushes/brush plug-ins" scene as it relates to PS CS4. I've been using the standard/supplied "air brush" setting so far for digital paintings and I'd like something with faster/more intuitive control over the hardness or softness of edges such as one gets in the physical realm of oil painting with a couple of sable filberts and one or two sable rounds. I can't seem to find digital brushes/assortments online which offer a physical brush comparison that I can understand and, at this point, I don't even know how to install such brushes even if I found a good set let alone delete the ones I'll undoubtedly have to be getting rid of if trial and error is my only option here. Could anyone point me in the right direction here? A good web link/instructional would be fine but the dedicated CS4 forums are too heavily populated with techno-nerds of the "Google is your friend" variety to be any help to an oldster like myself who's not using the product for photography...

Thanks in advance...

05-01-2010, 03:05 PM
Well, I hope you´ve figured some more out but I´ve a few tips.

Make a folder somewhere , and save the brush files you download off the internet, they are .abr files. Now when you´ve opened photoshop hit B or select the brush tool.

Then right click on your canvas you´ll see the brushes there click on the little arrow, and go to load brushes, then find the folder where you saved the .abr file and load it, now you´ll see the brushes available...

Heres more in depth, http://www.easyelements.com/install-photoshop-brushes.html ....Note its an older version of photoshop but you should manage:)

Once you´ve got the brushes installed that you want to try out, change the settings hardness etc. open the brushes palette , window - brushes or hit F5

Then play around with those settings, I know there are so many which can be daunting, but look at the options in the shape dynamics, like yo usaid itñll be trial and error while playing around with the settings but you´ll figure it out:)

EDIT you wont need to ever delete brushes, to reset the default brushes in photoshop , IE if you´ve loaded so many and you dont use them and its getting difficult to find the brushes you actually need just do the same as loading but instead of clicking load brushes you need reset brushes:)