View Full Version : Paint Stunning Sunsets in Watercolor

04-30-2010, 09:41 AM
Patrick Howe guides you through a series of stunning sunset scenes in his Improve Your Sunsets in Watercolor video workshop with artistsnetwork.tv (http://www.artistsnetwork.tv). Patrick starts with three colors and a silhouetted landscape to keep things simple and spontaneous. He moves into gradually more developed sunsets, including tips on reflecting the sun in water, creating cloud formations, developing atmosphere, working wet-in-wet, using a Chinese brush and more. At the end of this video, you will have the skills and confidence to create your own light-filled skies.

In this preview from Patrick Howe's Improve Your Sunsets in Watercolor video, learn to use the flat and side of your brush to create nuance and dimension within your sunset-colored clouds.
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