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04-01-2010, 01:38 AM
Hello All

Welcome to the Goal Post, a thread that will help you reach your art related goals. Post your goals and share your thoughts with other artists. You will see the difference in your productivity if you set goals and work towards them.

Goals can be daily, weekly, monthly or longer. Goals are personal and everybody's goals are different. If it is important to you, then it should be a goal.

Come and join the gang. We are a friendly bunch and always like it when somebody new joins in.


04-01-2010, 02:09 PM
Hi Doug...once again, thanks for hosting this great thread.
Looks like I'm the first one here, so i'm just gonna dive right in....
Looking over the challenges, there are several that really appeal to me.
The Spotlight, the Landscape,...even the CAC (if I get up enough nerve to try it).

So it looks like I'm expecting a great 'painting' month:
For April, I will
1. do at least one Spotlight challenge, and one Landscape challenge.
2. do some sketching from the Scavenger List (havent done this one in a while)
3. do some studies of birds and flowers, maybe in different mediums. They will be practice studies, as I feel under-qualified at this point...
AT least one of these will be plein aire...
4. keep my pastels in good order
5. and enjoy coming into Spring!

Wishing us all a very good month...

04-01-2010, 02:12 PM
WOW...I just realized I'm a 'Wet Canvas Minion' now...over 1000 posts!:)

04-01-2010, 02:29 PM
Congratulations, oh Minion Judi! Yay! I love seeing my title change after making a lot of posts, it's so cool. Great goals! I'm looking forward to your birds and flowers, even if you don't have much practice. You might surprise yourself because you've been doing landscapes and still lifes -- your observation skills have improved. Yay for plein aire!

Edit: Oh wow, I just became a WC Legend... got 10,000 posts. This one is my 10,000th post! We're in synch!

I think I want to keep my April goals very, very simple... no gag goals from me today. Though I was tempted to put "sell all of my art supplies in the swap shop and take up music instead" I'm not that cruel to whet everyone's appetite.

1) Complete 100 pages of "Three Dead Punks and a Telepath" for Script Frenzy. I've got six pages done this morning, started at 7:30 am. I think I might try to keep working on my script as the first thing I do every day till it's done.

2) Participate in WC prompts and challenges such as WDE, Scavenger Hunt, Spotlight or Plant Parade, just whatever grabs me.

3) Sketches and Studies, as many as possible this month. Layouts of pages in my graphic novel will count as sketches, as long as there's at least stick figures in the drawing.

I'm keeping it very loose on a short list this time because if I have too much trouble with the graphic novel format I could be up to my neck in that project. This is a lot like Nanowrimo in November, except I'm much less experienced! But I made a good start today and may work on it some more later too, it went very well this morning.

04-01-2010, 03:07 PM
I think I'd better join in this Month (oh and congrats Judi and Robert on Minion and legend status!)
This month I will -
1 Finish (and start) 2 pastel pieces of our Koi for Hubby's Birthday on the 5th May. I have done sketches so must be half way there, yes?
2. Decide which of my paintings I am going to enter for an Exhibition in June so I have plenty of time to get them framed.
3. Enter at least one challenge, the spotlight, the Animal and wildlife one or the Florals one and hopefully more than one.
4. Do at least one sketch for the sketch thread.

Is that enough? I think so. I have visitors from Sat for most of next week so no time for art, then on 24/4 I'm off to Cyprus for a week!

04-01-2010, 03:12 PM
Hi Doug, Judi and Robert! I did well last month when I forgot to post my goals but got there anyway. I'm going to put them on paper this month though, just in case i get lazy!

1. Complete at least two paintings for the "Spotlight." I don't love drawing flowers unless there's a strong design element, so this will be challenging...

2. Post at least three times a week to the "Sketch" thread.

3. Finish one painting (or sketch) a week from life.

4. Challenge myself with some perspective problems (i.e. photos where correct perspective is particularly important). aeeeeeeyyyyhhhh!!

04-01-2010, 03:54 PM
Good goals, Judi, Chaus, Ruthie, and Robert. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's goals. (Grammar was weak there)
Lots of prep work for May to do in April.
1. Finish the ballet slippers.
2. Do one or two more paintings of ballet slippers. (small 8 x 10)
3. Prep for weekend sale the first week in May.
4. Prep for local society wine/cheese spring show May 7th.
5. Prep for being feature artist for month of May in local cafe.
6. Frame a bunch of paintings for the above shows and do the associated paperwork.
7. Do one large poppy from RIL to frame for 1st week in May.
8. Do one spotlight painting.
9. check into landscape challenge and floral challenge - not committing to doing them, though.
10. Make a couple of masks for silent auction for the society wine & cheese - we are hosting a halloween masked affair, do some pre-advertising for.
11. have fun with the painting.

04-01-2010, 03:57 PM
Oh dear, is this an exclusive club which I've unwittingly gatecrashed?

04-01-2010, 04:20 PM
No, Ruthie, all are welcome. I am enjoying seeing your work in the various threads. I just brain-crashed when scrolling and typing. Some days doing 2 things at once is beyond me.

04-01-2010, 06:31 PM
Hi all, welcome Ruthie! Aw, Cyprus, wonderful place! You get around!

Great goals, all. I'm not even setting mine yet. Taking the weekend off -- well, to work.

Happy holidays,


04-01-2010, 06:39 PM
Ruthie- You are not crashing anything. You are welcome to join us and I am glad you did. You will see how goal setting can help you with your art and you will get encouragement from the others to help you accomplish your goals. You have some very well stated goals and I am sure you will do a fine job reaching your goals. Pop in here from time to time and let us know how you are doing. Enjoy your time in Cyprus.

Judi- Hi Minion. It looks like you are going to be busy this month. The weather is going to be better and that should help with your studies. I hope to see you over in the Scavenger Hunt (I am hooked).

Robert- Hello, Legend. Good luck with the graphic novel. I hope you find some time to do your art. I will probably see you around ind the challenges. Type away, Robert.

Chuas- Your goals are posted now, so we all know them and can root you on. The goals are stated very well and should keep you busy. I think it is a good idea to challenge yourself with flower paintings. Good luck.

Terri- Busy, busy, busy. You are doing great Terri. I am sure you will just continue on with what you were doing last month. Way to go.


04-01-2010, 09:33 PM
Judi...congratulations on your Minion Status! Great goals! I am anxious to see those birds!

Robert...congratulations to the Legend! Looking forward to seeing your sketches and hearing about your Script Frenzy!

Ruthie...glad you joined us! Great goals! And anxious to hear of your vacation in Cypress! Not only is this thread a good way to keep up with our goals it's also a great thread to get to know one another more.

Terri...sounds like you are in for a fun and busy month!

Chuas...great goals and they sound like you will be able to accomplish them without a problem.

Charlie...I am with you...I have not made any goals to set yet...I want to be careful with what I plan and not go overboard.

Doug...guess your goals are still in the planning stage also. Thanks for keeping this thread going. This thread and Paula's sketch thread are the two I always go to.

04-01-2010, 11:50 PM
:wave: Happy April, Goalies!

Thanks, Doug, for being our Fearless Leader and keeping us going!:thumbsup:

Congrats, Minion Judi, you're worth a million!:heart:

This month I have a couple pastel paintings planned already that I'll work on.
Also, I'm painting flowers and ocean paintings in watercolors and would like to try some of the ocean wave ideas in pastel, too.

I just don't have time to put together a full set of goals with Easter stuff to prepare for etc. Next, week I'll pop back in with my goals officially!:cat:

It does look like quite a bunch of Goalies have started off very well!:thumbsup:

Today, I realized I would have a couple of hours sitting in the waiting room at the hospital while Bob had a back treatment. I usually grab a book, but this time I grabbed my sketchbook and pencils. I had a ball! I was over in the corner of a large waiting room with quite a few people coming and going. Also there were some large plants to sketch as well as people!
I had not tried sketching people from life for some months. I was amazed at how my drawing classes have made it SO much easier for me to quickly sketch. I used to get a bit frustrated by people moving and getting up and leaving etc. But, I can quickly get a likeness down. Great fun!

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy April!:heart:

04-02-2010, 12:12 AM
Elsie it's good you will have time for a couple of pastels and watercolors also. Sometimes when I do something in one medium I will do it in several and see which one I like the best. It seems like doing the same subject over and over again would get boring but being I am doing it in a different medium it doesn't. Good for you with your sketching. I have never ever tried to sketch in a public place.

04-02-2010, 04:57 AM
OK Terri, we all have those moments! Charlie, haven't been to Cyprus before and yes, I do like to get about when possible. Thanks for the welcome folks.
Hope I can stick to my goals....
One more actually. I will do some sketching while in Cyprus, probably from my terrace overlooking a great view of Coral Bay!

04-02-2010, 12:36 PM
Ruthie, going to Cyprus sounds like so much fun. Be sure to bring a sketchbook and camera, I'd love to see what you're drawing from life there. Great goals, of course you're not gatecrashing here, you belong. I started doing so much more once I started posting goals here.

Linn, I do that too sometimes. Even if I'm staying in the same medium I might try it with different methods and different pastels on a different surface. It can be a lot of fun. Sometimes I also wind up doing it months apart, dig out something I sketched in a challenge months before and work from the sketch or previous art.

Elsie, yay for sketching in the waiting room. I'm surprised more people don't, it takes so long usually and it gets so boring. Looking forward to seeing your ocean waves and flowers. That's a goal. There's great Waves references in a thread right here, I want to try one of them too -- but didn't put that on the goals list because I wanted to keep it very loose this month.

Doug, take your time coming up with goals. So glad you started doing Scavenger Hunt, it's great seeing you there.

Charlie, if you take the weekend to "work" then you could always have "paint lots" on your goals list and retro that!

Terri, ambitious goals! I'm going to have to pop over and have a look at those ballet slippers you're talking about.

Chuas, you have great goals too. Life drawing really helps with everything. I noticed after I started doing it more I approach photos differently and change them more often to suit the painting. Try the Scavenger Hunt maybe, there's a new one every nine days.

Let's see... today I need at least two pages of script and probably more, anything else is just for fun.

04-02-2010, 05:47 PM
Charlie- By work, I take it you mean painting. Have a good weekend and we will see you next week.

Elsie- Good for you, sketching in public. I don't think I can do that, but I am working on it. Have a happy holiday and we will see you next week too.

I am going to have a busy month, with some travel involved, so I am going to aim low this month. I have to go get my oldest daughter in the middle of the month, so I have to take things easy before the trip so I can manage the 9 to 10 hour drive. That's one way. I have to do the return trip after a one day stop over. So, with that in mind, here are my goals.

My April goals:

1) I will participate and complete all of the weekly Scavenger Hunts.
2) I will start a sketchbook with a theme of "things in and around the house and things I can see from the house."
3) I will do at least 2 sketches a week for the Pastel Sketch thread.

I do my sketching (but not pastel sketching) in the comfort of my recliner, so I think I sure I can manage the first 2 goals and the 3rd goal will keep my fingers dusty.

Have a good weekend everyone.


04-03-2010, 03:06 PM
Ok, now I'm curious. What's the Scavenger Hunt? I'll do some poking around and see what I can find...
Chuas :confused:

04-03-2010, 05:48 PM
Chuas- Here is the link to the Scavenger Hunt. It is in Artwork from Life channel. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=614871


04-03-2010, 08:30 PM
Well maybe I should set some goals.

1. I will participate in the weekly Scavenger Hunt (though may not complete them all)
2. I will participate in the weekly WDE
3. I will participate in the Pastel Sketch Thread
4. I will do at least 1 Spotlight painting
5. I will keep my work area cleaned

I may not always work in pastel so I can be like Doug and do work from the recliner.

04-03-2010, 10:25 PM
Linn- Those goals should get you going. The things I like about the Savenger Hunt are, the sketches can be in any medium and they can be simple sketches or more detailed drawings. What ever you want. From the comfort of your reliner.:D


04-03-2010, 11:35 PM
Doug, great goals! Maybe if you put pastel pencils and hard pastels next to your recliner you can combine some of them. I love my pastel pencils, including all the sample ones I got from Blick and Derwent.

Chuas, please do come give the Scavenger Hunt a go! It's fun and even though I didn't think I'd do many from the current one, so far I've done nine of the 26 prompts.

Linn, fantastic goals! I'll probably see you all of those places. I'm not even trying for "clean up my work area" this month. That can come when I don't see the table under the stuff.

Progress today:

Three pages of script, introducing the third of my merry undead superheroes. Fourth one comes tomorrow or later tonight if I think of a good origin for him and can't sleep.

Participated in WDE today, Scavenger Hunt today, Daily Painting thread, Pastel Sketch Thread... oh yeah, WC activities can be checked off!

Sketches and studies -- lots. Graphite, watercolor pencils, pen and watercolor, pastel pencils, watersoluble OP.

I went outside and picked flowers, pretty much a big deal for me with mobility limits but today was nice and there were flowers in the yard. Got three good jonquils and two grape hyacinths, proceeded to draw and paint them lots of different ways along with doing a WDE waterlily in OP. All of them are in the same place in the Daily Painting thread up in All-Media Art Events, also the All-Media Sketching Thread Part Six in Gallery.

People are starting to tease me about how productive I am because I posted a whole page of yesterday's sketches with one little life sketch of my cat on the bottom too. It's sinking in that sketching for an hour or two can result in lots of little drawings instead of just one big one.

Mary Y
04-04-2010, 12:15 AM
Hi everyone, Happy Easter and good luck with your goals this month.
I had intended to write more but my computer is playing up and the text has dropped off twice. I have had to work this weekend and today is my first chance to paint so less typing(which I find hard) and more painting. I hope I haven't missed anyone.

Doug thank you for starting this thread it keeps me motivated.
I have enjoyed looking at Robert and your Scavenger Hunt sketches.

Judi ( Minion) and Robert (Legend) congratulations .Good luck with "Script Frenzy
Ruthie,Welcome to "The Goal Post", enjoy Cyprus.

Charlie, I hope you have a restful weekend. Eat chocolate to keep your energy levels up.

Terri Lots of great goals, I like your Ballet Shoes, and I am looking forward to seeing your poppy as it is one of my favorite flowers.

Elsie,I need to learn to sketch . Did you do life drawing classes or are they on WC. I am in awe of people who can sketch/paint in public.

Chuas,Nice goals,I enjoy your experiments as you seem to gain a huge amount of information from them.

Linn,Good goals .I like the idea of being able to sketch from the recliner.

Goals For April,

#1 Remember this is my hobby and to enjoy it.

#2 Attempt at least two Spotlight flowers.

#3 Try and take part in the weekly WDE with at least one post each week .

#4 Keep practicing block studies. ( I have just started reading Susan Sarback's book)

#5 Keep practicing exercises from"The art of Painting and drawing " by Trudy Friend. This is a magazine I picked up the other day. and it is full of great exercises.

#6 I think I will play around with sketches from the Scavenger Hunt. However they will not see the light of day at this stage.
I like the idea of a ready made list and using my charcoal and coloured pencils.
I would also like to do one challenge in watercolour this month.

Hope I can find time for all these.

Robert, well done, I have just read you latest post and I am off to check out WED.


04-04-2010, 08:09 AM
Robert...well accomplished in the goals! I like the color of that Moonstone Canson you used on your gorgeous flowers. I am dropping off a waterbill today (always just drop it off instead of mailing) and if Jerry's is open will stop in and buy some. What you told Doug is exactly what I was thinking about doing...setting out my pastel pencils and hard pastels next to my recliner.

Mary...good goals...I love your goal number one!

I have a busy day today...going to do the waterbill thing and possibly Jerry's if they are open...going to go see my son...call my mother....and download some music for my IPod...my non art related goal excercise each morning before work so I have more energy and fight off old age pain before it starts...lol. I will find time though to do at least 1 WDE. Not today but I will take pictures of my work room and post them. Very condensed but you will see how I use underdesk storage for art supplies. I have some pastels in the smaller boxes in this room (and purposely ones I haven't used to make me use them) the rest of them are in the other room where I can get to them when I want them.

04-04-2010, 11:41 AM
You're doing very well so far Robert in reaching your goals.
So far I've put a piece in the pastel sketch thread and one in the Spotlight challenge.
Must check out the scavenger hunt. But, no, not this Month. Got too many goals already!

04-04-2010, 01:27 PM
Robert- Keep it going. You are being very productive and I think by doing things in different mediums, it keeps things fresh for you. As I said before, it is a great idea to use the same subject (your flowers) for studies in three mediums. I hope you are able to make it out to your backyard more often. Good going on your writing too.

You must be a mind reader.:eek: I was just thinking about trying my pastel pencils while in my recliner. I did it once, but for some reason it just didn't work. My wife even told me to try it again. She said now that I know what I am doing, I might enjoy it. I think that was a compliment.:lol:

Mary- Hi, Mary. I am glad you are back. Hearing you say this thread keeps you motivated is the reason I wanted to get the Goal Post started up again. I know it has helped me as well. Even when I don't have any motivation, when I read what other people are doing, it usually gets me going again. You have very good goals. I agree totally with your first goal. If we can't have fun doing art, then why do it? It is a hobby for me as well and I am sure we both chose art as a hobby because we enjoy doing it. Have a good month, Mary, and stop in here from time to time.

Linn- Maybe we can start our own painting group. The PPFYRS (Pastel Painting From Your Recliner Society).:wink2: It sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. I hope you can find some time to do some art. It's a smart thing to do your daily exercising. I can't do any, because it causes more pain and then the next day I can't do them. My doctor has me on something that is supposed to help with energy and aches and pains. I take 4000 IU of vitamin D3. I have been taking them for a week now and I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but I think I have had my most productive week doing art than ever before. You have to be on it for a month to see a difference in aches in the joints, so I will let you know how things are going in another three weeks. Doug the guinea pig.:confused:

Ruthie- Did you win that argument with yourself.:lol: You are doing a great job with your goals. Keep at it.

I am going to do some more sketching today and might try using pastel pencils in my recliner. We will see. I will figure it our after breakfast. Have fun painting and drawing everyone.


04-04-2010, 02:03 PM
Good goals, everyone...Doug...I hope you get to do some from your recliner today...i may even join that club myself....did a very dumb thing yesterday.
On my way home from a friend's house, I noticed a dead tree had fallen into the driveway of our summer cottage. Some branches stuck out too far into the driveway to make it passable.

So I, in my infinite wisdom...NOT!...decided I could break off the branches sticking out so far, and sortof clear the way. Boy was I wrong. The first branch froke fairly easily. The second, bigger one would not give, but suddenly sprung back (at least I think that's what happened) and I found myself, like falling out of an airplane, falling straight back,
like a bad dream, in slow motion, and splat! landed flat on my back.

Fortunately, i landed on the ground rather than the driveway., but had a few moments of panic when I didnt know if I could move or not, and then how I was actually going to get myself up if I could.

Somehow managed to sit upright and inch myself along the ground to a big rock, where I managed to get on my knees (ouch) and pull myself to sit on the rock. The final step took a couple of tries, but I did manage to get myself to my feet, back into the van, and on to home.

Dont think anything was broken, but I'm very stiff and achy, needless to say, and my back is sore. But I think I'll live...and not try to do anything like that again!

taking it very easy, and spending lots of time in the recliner...with my pencils by my side...
Happy easter, everyone!

04-04-2010, 03:41 PM
Great goals, Mary! I just watched a video with Trudy Friend and loved it, did a ton of sketches while watching the video. She's good and she's got a great way of explaining everything. That magazine sounds like so much fun.

Terri, I just got a look at your ballet shoes painting and it's great. I made one minor suggestion but overall it's magnificent.

Linn, enjoy your trip to Jerry's! Makes the water bill trip more fun, I'll bet. Hope you find something you really wanted for a long time on sale or clearance. Moonstone is a wonderful color. If I got only one sheet of mi-Tientes it'd always be Moonstone.

Doug, I'm glad you're going to try pastel pencils next to your recliner. They're a little different, mostly in how to fill in large areas with them. I wound up improving a lot with them after Charlie's class included crosshatching. Also working small helps if you don't want to spend a long, long time doing something huge. I love them and handle them a lot better now than I used to by using them more often.

Judi, ouch, that sounds like a bad accident. Glad you didn't get anything worse than aches from it.

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement! That has a lot to do with how much sketching I've been doing -- just really took off with it this month because I'm supposed to be doing something else. Need to get my pages in today, at least four so that I stay on par with the Script Frenzy pace. Introducing the fourth character in my foursome today, then we'll get on with their meeting and various other things happening in the plot. This one's tough because he's in some ways the least defined character, I've got to make him up while writing him.

04-04-2010, 08:06 PM
I'll probably add more later but for now...I am cooking dinner (tacos...love them) and I did download 8 songs....took a long time because I just got the IPod and had no idea what I was doing and had to download ITunes and Limewire...I screwed up my computer on the way and had to go back to yesterday (on the computer) when it worked right and start over again...Internet Explorer got lost and I couldn't find it anywhere. The water bill, Jerry's and my son will have to wait for another night. I did make it to the grocery store for TV Dinners for my lunches at work...I don't eat out...too expensive. I still have to call my mother tonight.

Doug...I am old already but in great health but a few weeks ago I had a backache that would not go away until I got muscle relaxers and pain pills from the Dr and I said to myself...if I was excercising and had a stronger back this never would have happend. We have a treadmill, I have handweights and even bought a hula hoop and now I have an IPod so as much as I hate to excercise here I go. I can't stand those backaches ever again. I am ready to join the PPFYRS!!

I did start a watercolor for the WDE today but although it is okay I may just start the PPFYRS instead...that and watching a good movie sounds too good for me...we shall see but that was a today goal and with 3 things missed I have to do something!!

04-04-2010, 08:33 PM
Oww Judi, don't do that anymore. Please take care of yourself! If you're anywhere near my age (50+), broken things are very very bad!

However, I'm in on Recliner Art! Sounds like a really dusty lap waiting to happen, not to mention having to scrub all that pleather.

Ok Robert, the Scavenger sounds really fun, but too ambitious for me, what with my already ominous goals this month. I'm going to keep an eye on the Scavenger thread though, and see what others are coming up with!

04-04-2010, 08:33 PM
wow, have no idea how this got posted twice.

Well, I'm on to my next Spotlight painting I think. It will be hard to come close to some of the ones already done, like the spectacular sunflowers and your daisies Robert!

oh by the way, here's my TINY workspace:

04-05-2010, 12:39 AM
Judi, good luck on PPFYRS whatever that is. I never get acronyms. Presumably it's something to do with calisthenics.

Chuas, the thing with the Scavenger Hunt is that you don't have to do them all. Hardly anyone does all of them, I only did that once because the list had mostly things I could come up with easily. It could be as little as one or two sketches -- but that's up to you. Watch for a while and you'll see it's not that intimidating.

Today: sketchbook page with 7 assorted small drawings in different mediums, posted in Artwork from Life forum, two were Scavenger Hunt ones. My daughter got me Peeps today! I was so happy, I thought I'd missed them again this year. So often even if I do get out or someone goes to shop for me, they're sold out by the time I or they get there and what's left is other seasonal candy. So I drew one.

Script Frenzy: 14 pages, barely. A solid thirteen and a few lines onto page 14, but that counts! I'm still on par for the challenge, supposed to have 13 pages by end of tonight. So I'm a little bit over.

That's all three goals today -- participation in Scavenger Hunt, lots of sketches and on par with script pages. Whew! Good day! Good Peeps too.

04-05-2010, 02:44 AM
Judi- :eek: Now what were you thinking? We just got you back painting and you go and start playing Paulette Bunyan. I hope you are doing okay. Rest up and take care of yourself and leave those mean trees alone.

Robert- The PPFYRS is the Pastel Painting From Your Recliner Society. There are people out there who think it is a good idea. I did it for about an hour today and I will give it a try again tomorrow. See what you started. lol

You continue to attack those goals. Way to go keep up the pace with your writing. You are doing great with the sketching too. Enjoy your Peeps.

Linn- You are not an old lady. You are as young as you feel and it sounds like you are doing great with your exercises. Look after your back. So was it water colors or PPFYRS?

Chuas- When I am using pastel pencils while sitting in my recliner, I have my pastel paper taped to a shallow box lid. The edge of the lid catches the pastel dust. Seems to work. Good to hear you did a Spotlight painting. Way to go. Thanks for sharing photos of your work area.

I did another 4 sketches today for the Scavenger Hunt and have 4 to go. I also painted for an hour in my recliner today. Posted some sketches in the Pastel Sketch thread last night, so I am keeping things going.

Happy painting everyone.


04-05-2010, 07:47 AM
Chuas...at least in your tiny space you have the pastels set out nicely!

Doug...I think and feel very young...I feel more like I am no older than my mid 20's. My favorite hobby of all is doing very involved, strenuous projects at the townhouse I own...I love that! It gives me so much energy and a huge high because of the sense of accomplishment. Back to the painting though...I started a PPFYRS...the watercolor one just plain bored me as it wasn't coming out the way I intended so I tore the page off the block and put it in my paper drawer to use the back some other time. I'll work on the PPFYRS tonight sometime...tonight is waterbill night and Jerry's for that Moonstone Canson Paper.

04-05-2010, 11:02 AM
Doug, thanks! Here I am an old-time member and didn't realize it, PPFYRS is just my speed -- if an armchair that doesn't recline counts. That's pretty much how I've done all my pastel painting. Even when I used my easel in the larger room I had in Kansas, that was how I painted. I just had it set up to the height of my recliner.

That's a cool tip about the shallow box lid for the dust too. I ought to try that sometime, it'd be cheap, handy and easy to tip out into the trash. Not as much of a problem with the hard pastels and pastel pencils as with the softer ones, but that might get me working with my Senneliers and Mount Visions more often.

04-05-2010, 12:43 PM
:wave: Good morning, April Goalies!

Oh, wonderful, count me in! I'm "reclined" to more art that way! :lol:
PPFYRS....I'm a charter member! Actually, only presently do graphite and colored pencil and occassionally oil pastel from there, but it is a much used
"studio annex" in our house! :p Just might have to try some soft pastels that way too....hum dust may be a problem...actually with my housekeeping no one would notice a difference! :wink2:

Hope you folks are not too sick from eating jelly beans and chocolate to paint today!
We are on page three and I'm just getting my goals posted! Time flies when you're having a good time!

April Art Goals April, 2010

I will reorganize my paper storage.
I will create a folder system to organize my photo reference material, sketches etc. for each painting. This will include a form sheet about the painting with data about dates, size, materials etc. The folder will be stored with the painting, in most cases.
I will do the pastel painting: “Door in time, for Fred”. This is from a series of photographs I took last summer at my grandparents' property in Pennsylvania. In the past, most of my photographs there have been more for family history interest: of whole houses, land etc. But, this last summer I had time to get some close up shots of wood, bricks, old doorways etc. These will become part of a series of paintings. The property consists of two very old historical buildings: a big brick house that was my grandparents home and in the early 1800's a canal in on the Juniata Canal. Then another double frame house that was, in the late 1800's, a freight depot and then became a double house lived in by various family members. In my memory one end was the home of my Uncle Fred and Aunt Barbara and my cousins. This building is now restored and is a rest stop in the Rails to Trails bike trail system. It is great to look at these buildings from a historical, a personal and now an artistic point of veiw.
I will complete at least one other pastel painting, hopefully more.
I will continue the graphite drawing course: Faces by Sandra Angelo.
I will continue to paint flowers and ocean waves in watercolor.
I will experiment with Daniel Smith luminescence watercolor paints when they arrive.
I will continue colored pencil studies from Alyona Nickelsen’s book.
I will do some PA paintings in pastel or watercolor.
I will continue to take my smaller camera with me in my purse and take photo refs.Have a great and fruitful painting April!
:thumbsup: :clap: :heart:

04-05-2010, 03:05 PM
Elsie- Your goals will keep you busy this month. Very interesting reading about your Grandparents' property. It sounds like you have some good photos as references, which you can enhance from your memories of the property. I look forward to seeing your paintings. Nothing that old around here. I think our town is only 54 years old. It is a year older than I am, which my kids remind me of.:lol:

Good to see you are still doing your graphite drawing, coloured pencil work and water colour painting. I think doing things in other mediums keeps things fresh. I know you will have fun no matter what medium you are using.

Linn- Ah, yes. That good feeling we get when we accomplish something. I know what you mean, and it can come from anything you do. Building shelves, weeding the garden, cutting the lawn, painting the fence or looking at something on your easel that was created with your own two hands. It is a neat feeling and I never get tired of it. Good luck with your painting tonight.

Robert- I think we can allow you into the PPFYRS because I don't think it is physically possible to fit a recliner in your room.:) So on that technicality, I welcome you to the PPFYRS.:thumbsup:


04-05-2010, 05:01 PM
Judi, OMG....! I hope you didn't hit your head, and that it is only bruises and you heal quickly and well.

Guys, will comment when rested, just popping in to to say the final day of the show was great, made some more sales! I'm so happy my babies have found new homes, and I can splurge! ASAA will have to wait (Art Supply Addicts Anonymous). Don't want to be 'cured' just now! :-D

Ah, "work" meant working the show, but I'm so ready to paint something again, but first I have to deal with paperwork, reframing 4 paintings, and delivering and collecting. And the car broke down... brakes broke on one wheel.

Tired, but very happy!

Will comment when my wits are back.


04-05-2010, 09:48 PM
Doug don't think I will get much painting in tonight...infact none. Exausted...just got home from work about 1/2 hour ago and it is about 8:45 now. My work takes away from my artistic intentions:( but it does bring me money:) I did stop and drop off my waterbill on the way and I did stop at Jerry's but they were closed...they close at 7pm...oh well Jerry's will be on my list for next weekend.

04-05-2010, 09:54 PM

Robert: prop up on a few pillows on that bed and get a lap desk and you are in business for PPFYRS! :clap: :wink2: :thumbsup:

Charlie says:
"Guys, will comment when rested, just popping in to to say the final day of the show was great, made some more sales! I'm so happy my babies have found new homes, and I can splurge! ASAA will have to wait (Art Supply Addicts Anonymous). Don't want to be 'cured' just now! :-D"
:clap: Wonderful news about the sale going so well! Take a deserved rest, order those art goodies, and get "dusty"! Think of all those happy homes with new art works! Wow! Congratulations!:clap: :thumbsup: :clap:

Charlie: I'm a charter member of ASAA, but I hear there is no cure! Enjoy!:heart:

Go! Go! Goalies! Get Dusty!

04-06-2010, 02:14 AM
Charlie- I am so happy your little babies have new homes. They will be fine without you. When you finish the paper work, reframing, delivering and collecting (the mo$t important chore:) ) you can recharge your batteries by getting your fingers dusty again.

Linn- Well, at least you will still have running water.:thumbsup: Maybe tomorrow won't be as busy at work. I'll cross my fingers for you.


04-06-2010, 03:16 PM
Elsie, congratulations on some great goals. You're the one with the impressive list this month, it's awesome. So glad you're going to be working on that big project, saw some of it earlier and really like it.

Doug, thanks! There is a recliner downstairs, but I'd have to hike to the other end of the house to use it toting my art supplies. I might use Elsie's idea of dragging my lap desk into bed on my bad days though, especially since this is a month for lots of sketching! PPFYRS rules!

Charlie, congratulations on such a successful show! All that work is paying off now. Enjoy your spree -- but Art Supply Addicts Anonymous isn't exactly about quitting, more for posting goodies so the rest of us get a vicarious thrill until our next splurge. So please do come post photos when you get your next colourful spree!

Linn, that's too bad Jerry's wasn't open. Hope you find something cool on sale that was well worth the wait next weekend!

I sketched already today but neglected my script, missed a day yesterday so I'm now behind. Really need to get caught up on that or I'll be lost. Catching up is much harder than pushing ahead.

04-07-2010, 03:45 PM
Prodded my script again today. I'm still woefully behind because I got nothing yesterday either, but I have it out and open so I'm moving on it.

Got in a couple of sketches too finishing off a sketchbook page. I'm almost doing daily sketching here this month, it's like that's keeping me sane on the bad days and egging me on during the good days. I'll bet it does a lot for my good paintings when I get back to doing serious ones.

04-07-2010, 03:48 PM
Hi guys, thank you!

Gosh, I was so exhausted yesterday I hardly lifted a finger, still tired, but happy-tired.

You asked for photos... can you believe I forgot to take any? I mean, with people in them? Remembered to shoot a couple just as we were closing down:


There was this huge tapestry that was very red... so I tried to hang the reddest paintings near to it, trying to "make lemonade" and let the textile thingy enhance the warms in the paintings.

Charlie's Goals For April

1.) I will reframe 3 paintings with real frames, and deliver and collect.

2). I will watch several art-instruction videos. (Splurged, after the free weekend, got hooked. Have to say: I thought *I* was fussy, but I've realized I'm a sloppy and hasty pastel painter!)

3). I will paint a pastel pencil painting, and write a review.

4). I will paint a floral.

Anything more will just be a bonus.

5) yes, of course, I'll post any "droolable" pics of supplies, for my fellow addicts to get a vicarious 'fix'. :D

May the Dust be with you,


04-07-2010, 03:52 PM
Thanks for the photos! I love recognizing the paintings as they're up -- no wonder you sold so much, the show is overwhelming seen together and so beautiful. Clever trick hanging the reddest paintings near the big red tapestry, that was cool and I'll bet it did reflect well on them.

Yay for great goals! Looking forward to seeing your floral. I can just imagine how rich that will turn out all saturated with colour. I used to think of florals and birds as my big excuse to use all the intense colours, now I use them in everything but it's still fun to use all my new tricks to make flowers pop even more.

04-07-2010, 05:01 PM
Glad the show went well Charlie!
Sorry I haven't dropped in much but I've been busy too. Had to sort out a buffet lunch for 17 today! And I went to my art group in the morning and did 2 positively unsuccessful paintings in Gouache (may have to pastel over them when I get the chance). Then the family lunch at my Mum's followed by much chat and fun. My Sister left this evening and has just rung to say she got home safely.
Tomorrow the Dog and I are off for another round of family fun at the beach where the visiting relatives are staying in chalets.
Friday I will be back in the studio painting Koi!!

04-07-2010, 07:33 PM
Robert- I hope you can get caught up with your writing. Maybe you will get on a roll and do a marathon session. I agree with you about sketching. It keeps you involved doing art every day and should get you ready for some fantastic painting. Good luck.

Charlie- Thanks for the photos. Your paintings look great framed and hanging on the wall.

You have some very interesting goals. I can't wait to see your floral painting and pastel pencil painting. You MUST post photos of new art supplies. We need eye candy. It's good to have you back.

Ruthie- You have a busy life right now. Have fun with your family, the koi will wait. Take care.

So far, I did 4 sketches to finish off the last Skavenger hunt and have done 5 sketches for the current Scavenger Hunt. I have been doing quite a bit of reading on pastels and other mediums and tidying up my once again messy studio. So far, so good.


04-08-2010, 12:13 PM
:wave: Hi there Goalies!

This morning we awakened to see that the "April Showers" of yesterday turned to snow over night! The covering we got looked pretty, but spring is winning over winter and most has melted by now (mid-moring). Hey we live in Wisconsin! Winter Wonderland! Snow happens! Winter gives up grudgingly here! :wink2: :lol:

Charlie: The pix of the show are great! Gives us a little tour! Glad things went so well and that you got a little rest afterward.
Oh, I love art DVD's! Gives me a boost to try something new!
Please do give us photos of the new pastel candy when it arrives...we follow addicts must see! :p

Ruthie: Sounds like some great family fun! Glad to see you back with us!
Hope you get some time to get dusty!

I did get one watercolor finished and photographed and another started, but my pastels are crying from neglect in their area of the studio. I'd better go make up to them!
Also, I got two very challenging graphite drawings done for the course I'm taking: one of a very fluffy kitty and one of a short-hair dog. I'm working of one of a white, very fluffy dog! Just how do you get fine, fluffy, white hair drawn with at gray/black medium!?????:eek: However, after work last evening, it is coming along! PPFRS.....my recliner was a great help! :p
I know, I know...it would have been easy in pastel! :p

Charlie, I love it! "May the Dust be with you!":thumbsup:

Why is all the dust up here on the furniture and not down in my studio?:eek:
Because I have NOT been painting in Pastel! Better change that! :p
I could clean house, but I'd rather be painting!:wink2:

04-08-2010, 12:15 PM
This morning we awakened to see that the "April Showers" of yesterday turned to snow over night! The covering we got looked pretty, but spring is winning over winter and most has melted by now (mid-moring). Hey we live in Wisconsin! Winter Wonderland! Snow happens! Winter gives up grudgingly here! :wink2: :lol:

Charlie: The pix of the show are great! Gives us a little tour! Glad things went so well and that you got a little rest afterward.
Oh, I love art DVD's! Gives me a boost to try something new!
Please do give us photos of the new pastel candy when it arrives...we follow addicts must see! :p

Ruthie: Sounds like some great family fun! Glad to see you back with us!
Hope you get some time to get dusty!

I did get one watercolor finished and photographed and another started, but my pastels are crying from neglect in their area of the studio. I'd better go make up to them!
Also, I got two very challenging graphite drawings done for the course I'm taking: one of a very fluffy kitty and one of a short-hair dog. I'm working of one of a white, very fluffy dog! Just how do you get fine, fluffy, white hair drawn with at gray/black medium!?????:eek: However, after work last evening, it is coming along! PPFRS.....my recliner was a great help! :p
I know, I know...it would have been easy in pastel! :p

Charlie, I love it! "May the Dust be with you!":thumbsup:

Why is all the dust up here on the furnature and not down in my studio?:eek:
Because I have NOT been painting in Pastel! Better change that! :p
I could clean house, but I'd rather be painting!:wink2:

04-08-2010, 06:09 PM
Doug, thanks! I hope so. I'm still feeling uninspired today but I will push it later on tonight and see what I get. I've got the file open anyway.

Elsie, that's awesome! The way I get fine fluffy white hair drawn with a gray/black medium is to work from the negative space. Pose it in front of something dark, make up reasons for dark values behind the white parts and get that in first. Then just draw the shadows on the white animal and leave a lot of the rest blank depending on how strong the light is.

Though I guess you figured that out since you got them done!

And yes, all the dust belongs down in your studio and colorful, Elsie. Go pay attention to those sad little pastels crying out for you.

Charlie, yes, forgot to mention that "May the Dust be with you!" rocks!

I'm goofing off sketching again today. Found my Graphitints again and did some Graphitints drawings with washes on some of them.

04-08-2010, 10:13 PM

Thanks Robert for the suggestions.
Actually, that is exactly what I did. I put the little pooch in a dark background and just teased the black into the fluffy hair, with negative space drawing. Also, I used the shadows to create volume in the fluffy hair.

Robert said:
"And yes, all the dust belongs down in your studio and colorful, Elsie. Go pay attention to those sad little pastels crying out for you."

House cleaning and I are not good friends! LOL! But, we do shovel out so the health dept. will not get too upset! LOL! I'm much better at making pastel dust than cleaning up the livingroom! :p :cat:

Too much life happened here today....contractor here about some new wiring and insulation we want done, some errands to run...I did visit the pastel sticks and give them some little hugs and a promise for tomorrow! They have stopped crying and just waiting patiently!:p

But, the doorbell just ran.....UPS and my orders of goodies from Daniel Smith and from Cheap Joes...double artist candy today! Some watercolor paper, Daniel Smith watercolor paints, and some paper for colored pencil! .....But, the confeti pastels from Terry Lugwig are not here yet! Well, that treat will be for another day!.....spending some family gift $$$ :heart: :heart: :heart:

04-09-2010, 11:55 AM
Elsie- We had a couple of snow flurries here yesterday. It didn't stick, but it was the last thing I wanted to see. We just got rid of the winter snowfall, we don't need any more. Now we are waiting for the grass to turn green and the trees to start blooming. I am getting tired of looking at bare sticks in the ground.

It's good to hear you got two drawings done. There is something about graphite drawings, isn't there? It sounds like your dusty friends are going to get neglected again now that you have new water colors. Hey, as long as you are doing some kind of art, I am sure your dusty little friends will understand. Happy painting/ drawing!

Robert- Ah, it was Grapihtint day yesterday. You have so many art supplies and I think that is great. Some times you just don't feel like working in pastel, so you can just grab something else and go at it. Just like I said to Elsie, as long as you are doing some kind of art, that's what counts. I hope you get that writing itch back soon.

I got a couple of sketches done yesterday and just played with some of my art supplies. Everything seems to be easier for me now. I used to panic when I had to draw something from life, but not any more. I guess that happens when you are doing some artistic things for a few hours every day.


04-09-2010, 12:12 PM
... Everything seems to be easier for me now. I used to panic when I had to draw something from life, but not any more. I guess that happens when you are doing some artistic things for a few hours every day.


Practice makes perfect sense. :) What is it 'they' say, you need 10 000 hours of doing something to be a master of it. Perseverance is the most important factor.

Isn't it a lovely feeling? To be secure! And then remember being scared *beep*-less, and wonder why one made such a fuss. :rolleyes:

04-09-2010, 02:02 PM
Practice makes perfect sense. :) What is it 'they' say, you need 10 000 hours of doing something to be a master of it. Perseverance is the most important factor.

Isn't it a lovely feeling? To be secure! And then remember being scared *beep*-less, and wonder why one made such a fuss. :rolleyes:

So true, Charlie! That is such a great feeling. It's some of why I keep my sketch wall rotating, so that the latest things that used to be hard are right up in front of me reminding me of previous leaps of skill.

I think of that every time I struggle with something new now -- think of all the times that something I do easily used to be just that hard. Like horses, cats used to be that hard and now I've been getting decent horses after Kitten critiques them and fixes the anatomical problems.

OK, I have yet to get one that she goes "You got the horse right but..." and goes into something else about the painting, but I know I will. She's a tough critiquer with a knack for spotting problems that are above her own head when it comes to her being able to draw them. It's spooky how she can do that but so valuable.

Of course the other joy is finding something I used to be secure in has just tumbled up to another level where now it's dangerous and difficult again, risking paper and pigments in a new leap.

Doug, your life drawings have been improving so fast it's no surprise you're starting to be happy with them. I love seeing them every time I go down to the Scavenger Hunt thread.

Sorry to hear you got snow! Ouch! I've got green lawns and greenery in the distance and at last, tiny young leaves on the pecan tree outside my window. This is probably the prettiest the yard will get because in a couple of weeks it'll turn into a green cave. The tree is so close that all summer it shaded the window and framed everything.

And yeah, I do rotate mediums rather than sticking to pastels or any one of them. I think it does improve my pastels though. I'll learn something in a watercolor video and then go apply it in a pastel. I've decided it's the luxury of being a leisure painter that I can do any subject in any style or medium that grabs me first thing in the day.`

Elsie, that sounds like you did a great job with the white animal! I was half posting in detail in case some lurking beginner had no idea how to handle it, ie, running off at the keyboard. Yay for double artist candy! Post it on the Art Supply Addicts thread up in Oil Pastels Talk forum?

I'm eagerly awaiting a package with more review supplies, so that could come today!

On the script writing front, ouch. I fell behind again yesterday. This does not bode well... but I'll keep struggling with it. Participation on WC and sketching/studies is going great though, seems like my procrastination is good for one thing at least!

04-09-2010, 05:18 PM
Charlie- :lol: Yes, it is nice that the feeling of being scared *beep*less has mostly gone. Whatever doubts that linger in my mind go away as soon as I make the first mark on the paper. Practice, practice and practice some more.

Robert- Thanks for the compliments on my sketching. I appreciate the encouragement. I am finding it very helpful changing back and forth from medium to medium. I have always enjoyed drawing and The Scavenger Hunt gives me my fix while helping me see what is infront of me.

I see no problem with doing your art instead of writing, but I am not a writer. You will figure it out. Good luck.


04-09-2010, 05:28 PM
Hi all, I am happy to read how well all of you are progressing with painting and writing. I woke up to 8 cm of snow this morning and more to come yet. Winter has not released her grip here yet. I am feeling severely behind the eight-ball, I had a nasty cough for a bit and finally broke down to go to the Dr., pneumonia, plus dust starts me coughing again. I may be shortlisting my goals with the priorities set to the upcoming weekend sale. So I apologize for not a very personal response to how well you are doing. Take care and I promise to be more verbal(?) when I am feeling better.

04-09-2010, 09:03 PM
Terri- Take care and don't worry about commenting on everything. Good luck with the sale and don't put that snow shovel away just yet.:wink2: For the past two days we have had flurries, but not enough to stick to the ground. I can't wait for Spring. Oh ya, it's here.:confused:


04-09-2010, 09:42 PM
I recently bought a 12 set of Winsor & Newton half stick pastels and I want to try some drawing with them. I have a set of cheap Reeves ones which are fun for sketching but I want to try some artist brand ones. I always find artist brand pastels work beter that the cheap ones. If I like them I am going to start investing in some more pastels. :)

04-10-2010, 06:17 AM
Hi Daniel, welcome to Pastel! Good thinking, as artist's quality is always better to learn with, regardless of medium. Pastels are addictive, you know, so beware... :-) W&N are good quality, very decent to start with.


04-10-2010, 08:41 AM
Hi Daniel...I also want to welcome you to pastels! Like Charlie says they are very addicting!

My goals this last week get a big thumbs down! First it was work and traffic then it was in the high 80's to 90's for the rest of the week until Friday and the AC broke Tuesday. It got fixed Friday when the temperatures took a big dip and I didn't need it. However last night I came home and decided even though it was the 9th it is never too late to start on goals so last night...Surprise Doug and Robert I did 2 sketches for the Scavenger Hunt and posted them this morning!

04-10-2010, 09:18 AM
Linn, great! Absolutely right, you can start now!

High 80s!? Wanna trade low 40s for high 80s?...


04-10-2010, 11:56 AM
Charlie...I did love the high temps...if only the AC hadn't broke down. Friday when it went to the low 60's I thought it was freezing! Next week a couple of days at 80 in the forecast and the rest low to mid 70's...that's not too bad either. Hope it warms up for you real soon!

04-10-2010, 02:13 PM
Linn-:clap: It was nice to see your sketches in the Scavenger Hunt. I am warning you, I found sketching to be as addictive as pastels.:eek: It is never too late to start your goals, Linn.

I am still scraping ice off the windshield in the mornings. I can't relate to your temperatures, Linn. It might get that hot here for a couple of days in the summer, but usually our summers are nice and mild and bearable. No AC needed.

Stay cool.:cool:


Phil Bates
04-10-2010, 05:25 PM
Last month I mentioned that I had an aerial Hawaii shoot on my schedule, and that I wood look for reference photos in the footage. Here are a few that excited me. Both were shot over Molokai:



If you want to see some of the actual footage play, you can try this link (you will need to have QuickTime installed):



04-10-2010, 09:07 PM
Love your photos Phil...and the fabulous aerial shoot!

04-11-2010, 12:27 PM
Oh, my gosh Phil, the footage is fantastic! Breathtaking! Thank you for that little departure from my tiny little house. :)

04-11-2010, 01:16 PM
Phil...WOW! I'm in awe!

04-11-2010, 03:54 PM
Linn, I saw your Scavenger Hunt sketches and they're great. It can be so inspiring. That and the WDE get me going if I just don't feel up to doing anything more elaborate than a sketch, and I can see already what just a few weeks of that intensive sketching have done for me.

Charlie, hope you get some good warm weather soon!

Phil, wow! Your Hawaii footage is incredible! I love both of those. Thank you for posting them! They would make such gorgeous paintings, both or either would. I want to go there to paint plein air, that would be wonderful!

Progress... ground to a halt on the script. I haven't been feeling good, but have been more or less keeping up sketching except for one day when I spent a lot of family time with my daughter and then didn't have the energy for it. I'm not sure how long it'll take to finish that script but I've decided not to worry about it, because if I can do it justice then it won't matter if it takes longer to finish.

But on art I've been doing well on sketching even on bad days. One of the bad days was completely my own fault. I got hungry, too hungry. I grabbed pizza leftovers from the fridge ... and ate a whole piece before I started realizing that my mouth was burning. So for about 24 hours I had an allergy reaction to the pepper in the wrong pizza. I should be careful and ask if it looks the same as the toppings that were on my Robert-Safe Pizza, not just grab one that looks right and wolf it down so fast I don't feel the pain.

04-11-2010, 04:27 PM
Wonderful photos, Phil. Did you hang out of the 'copter to shoot?

Robert, maybe not *that* much plein air, eh? Btw, do you do that often, get over-hungry? Set a timer. I have to, as I totally loose my equilibrity when overhungry. Robert, that kind of allergic reaction makes one so awfully tired and sluggish, so wise decision to not write words while it lasts. And please be more careful!

Me, I'm still processing sold paintings, takes some time as the car is broken. I rest, too, as I got exhausted. Hope to start on the pastel pencils tomorrow, might combine that with a floral!


04-11-2010, 05:06 PM
Bad you had such a reaction to the pizza Robert. Your sketches are fantastic though.

I dug out my sketching pencils...thought I had one or two more but could only find 3...my favorite one is there though. I know one thing I want to sketch for the scanvenger hunt for sure...not sure what medium to use though...those sketching pencils I dug out, pastel or colored pencil...maybe even watercolor.

I have a lot of work to do this month to keep up with things I want to do...art related...I won't kick myself in the butt though if I don't get them done...sketching is a priority. Hope they show something decent on TV this week so I can sit back in the recliner and sketch. I wish I could divide my time better...hard to do though with 3 hours a night. 3 hours sounds like a lot...to me anyway but when you get home it sure goes fast. Seems like I waste the weekends I always look so forward to.

Phil Bates
04-11-2010, 06:08 PM
Wonderful photos, Phil. Did you hang out of the 'copter to shoot?

No Charlie, the camera sits in a gyrostabelized gimbal which we control from inside the cockpit. Here is a photo with my Doug my camera operator. From this angle you can't see the hole the camera looks through, but you get the idea.


Here is a picture of the camera in the gimbal with the cover off.



04-11-2010, 06:35 PM
Phil, that is so cool! Thanks for sharing how those great photos were taken. That's incredible.

Charlie, I don't usually let myself get that over-hungry. I usually keep something to snack on up here in my room or get downstairs for something earlier than that. But if I'm having a really bad day it can happen. Usually with much less consequence, it was coincidence that their pizza had very nearly the same toppings. Usually it'll be obviously different if they had pizza. I was just being a dummy much more than usual. Normal snacks are just a piece of cheese or a sandwich, something safe even if I'm a bit out in the fog.

Yay for pastel pencils! They're great with the florals. I should get mine out again and go for another Spotlight soon.

Linn, thanks! I know the feeling. This is one thing that quick sketches help with -- you can lay out all that stuff and use them in sequence, just answer the hard choice with "all of them" but not spend more than ten minutes on a given drawing on the page. Working small helps for that.

04-12-2010, 07:23 AM
Phil, what a delicious piece of equipment! Quite the little cyborg! (And much safer!) A whole helicopter and that thing to play with! But, of course, it was work for you. Great that you can get great refs for your own artwork from work! Might be fun for you to know, I just sold a small painting from one of your refs that you gave to Paula to use in the Landscape challenge. (Credited, of course, on the painting.)

Robert, yes, that's life, sometimes one does these dumb things. I'm a "professional" allergic, and I still do similar things. Another battle survived, eh.


04-12-2010, 11:29 AM
Phil- Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Robert- Sorry to hear about the problem with the pizza. That's a drag. Good to see you are still sketching though, and that is a beautiful rose you painted in water color. I hope you get the writing bug soon.

Charlie- Kick back and relax. You have earned it.

Linn- Sketching keeps you connected to art and can lead to ideas for paintings. I remember feeling wiped out after working all day and not having the energy to do much in the evening. It can be difficult. Keep up the sketching and it might lead to something else.

I did a few sketches this weekend and played with some more art supplies. I am finding stuff that I forgot I had.:o Does that tell you something?


04-12-2010, 02:38 PM
Linn, I know that feeling of wasting the weekends after looking forward to them. I used to feel that way all the time back when I had a job. I think it's because so much of the weekend gets spent catching up on the stuff that should've been done during the week when you were too busy being at work to catch up on it -- chores, errands and so on.

Then there's also that anyone you live with is also off for the weekend and has plans that don't include your painting. They might be fun plans but still at the end of the weekend shaking sand out of your shoes, the time is gone. Three hours in the evening isn't much after taking out the time to prepare and eat a meal, the social time unless you live alone and the way you feel after a long day. There's got to be time to just rest too.

Charlie, I'm with Doug, kick back and enjoy yourself!

Doug, I love finding stuff I forgot I had. It's like getting new supplies all over again. I should sort some of the stuff in my room and see what I turn up today, if I feel energetic enough for it. I reduced the stack of supplies under the desk and that helped me get at them a little easier -- moving 20 books, pads, tins and flat boxes to get to the one I want gets a bit tricky.

04-12-2010, 04:00 PM
Robert, Doug, thanks, I *have* to rest, lots of hazel pollen in the air. So I get to watch painting videos!


04-12-2010, 10:12 PM
Robert- I was looking for my wc pencils the other day, but I couldn't find them, so I thought my daughter took them with her when she went to school. Later I was in my studio and my wife came in. I told her about the missing pencils and she reached down to my bookcase and asked, "These ones?" :o The good thing is, I now have my pencils. The bad thing is, I gave my wife more reason to to tell me I am blind as a bat. Oh well. I guess it made both of us happy.

Charlie- Stay away from the pollen. If you feel up to painting, I think studio painting might be in your near future. I hope you are recharging your batteries.

I played with some more art supplies today, despite the fact I was feeling under the weather and was aching all over. But, ta da:music: , I did five sketches for the Scavenger Hunt. I am feeling better now, so I guess the day turned out not too bad.

I hope everybody is painting up a storm.


04-13-2010, 08:15 AM
Coolness! Doug, you made me laugh with the pencil story. So I'm not the only one who does that, main difference is I don't have anyone to ask so I fumble around for days till I'm looking for something else. I'll have to go look at the Scavenger Hunt and see what you drew!

Charlie, yeah, definitely stay in! Enjoy the painting videos, I am. It's resulted in my doing a lot of watercolors lately, they do seem to have lots of watercolor videos!

04-13-2010, 12:00 PM
:wave: Hi there, Goalies!

Lots happening with the Goalies...and that is the whole point of Goal Post, getting action! :wink2:

Terri: Do take care! The pneumonia that sees to be attacking lately is difficult to shake. Hope some sunshine and better weather will help!:heart:

Daniel: Welcome to pastels and to Goal Post! Great that you are starting out and beginning to see the need to gradually upgrade the pastel sticks!
You have to start somewhere and we all did! :thumbsup: Check out the "getting started in pastels" thread.

After several days of "April Showers" we have May flowers in April! I walked around the gardens yesterday and so much is popping up. We have an area of woodland wildflowers that are jumping up. They were planted before it was a "no-no" to have several of the varieties. But, a former owner collected them about 40 years ago and so we just protect them and keep enjoying them.

Ok, yes, I have goals and I'm getting stuff done!
I can "tick-tock" off the goal of sorting, reorganizing all my painting paper and drawing paper etc. Amazing what I found! I sort of knew what paper supplies I had, but in the big move into the new studio, we just grabbed them and moved them. They are now in new boxes within better reach and sorted into types, sizes and the boxes labeled! In the process, I organized my watercolor paintings and pastel paintings better, too. So that is a start on that goal, too. It was fantastic fun to see early paintings and drawings and see what I was working on then and see the development over about 5 year's time. I have always written dates etc. on the back of my work, so that helped in the sorting and looking.
Also, yesterday, I got started developing the new system for keeping all the photo refs and sketches and try-outs for each painting etc. in a folder system. I had been hanging on to them, but mainly just in a pile of "that's done" stuff. If I wanted to find any of it again, it was a large pain. So that goal is started, too!:clap:

Also, I got the photo refs for my next pastel painting, "A Door in Time, for Fred" printed out, a grayscale printed out and some decisions made on compostion for it. I'll hope to be starting the painting tomorrow. :thumbsup:
Today, my art will be limited to drawing. This is orchestra rehearsal night and we are one week into our next concert prep, so I have to spend some "quality time" with the fiddle this afternnon!

Phil: The photos are wonderful! What an experience! Just to fly over that area would be fantastic, and then to add the photography is amazing!:)

This Thursday through Saturday, we will drive up to about the middle of Wisconsin, to Oshkosh. There is a math conference there and Bob will be attending. I'll go to a few sessions, but mainly going along for the ride and hope to get some sketching and photography in, too.

Robert: What a great resource you have in Kitten, your own resident horse expert!
I love drawing horses! I recently did on as part of the drawing course I'm taking. But, when we lived in Virginia, many years ago (1975 to 1983), we had the delight of living out in the countryside, near Lexington, VA, and there was a horse farm right over our back fence! Loved drawing them. Funny thing, the horses would be stanking out there in the pasture, eating, etc. for what seemed like hours: I would get my sketch book and go out, of course that is then they would take a notion to run around and do everything but stand still!
Great that Kitten can give you the C & C on the horse drawings! :heart:

All for now! Make that Dust fly!

04-13-2010, 02:06 PM
:wave: Hi, Goalies!

Ok, I have two related goals completed! :clap:

This morning, I got my folder system for photo refs and projects set up!
Then I made an information sheet to keep with each folder about the project or painting or drawing.
Then I made a painting label sheet that will be copied on archival paper and attached to the back of the painting or just kept with the painting.
I'll attach copies of these two forms.

Yippeeeeee! That's done! :clap: :clap: :heart: :cat:

I would have rather been painting. But, sometimes you just have to get the mess organized so you can focus on painting! :p

Happy Painting!

04-13-2010, 02:54 PM
Looks like everyone is ticking off those goals pretty well. Checked on mine today and I found that I have just about ticked off all of them!

I'vefinished the 2 Fish paintings for Hubby's Birthday and this afternoon I went to a local printer and had them scanned. Then on to the framer who will easily get them done before the day. That was the most worrying of my goals as Hubby has been at home most of the time for the last 2 weeks so I couldn't get on with them.

I've had another 4 pictures scanned and they are also at the framers. Haven't yet decided which I will enter for the exhibition but now I will have 9 to choose from and can only submit 4. I'll carry that goal over to next month (selection date is in early June)

I've done one sketch for the sketch thread (a Fish of course!)

I've done 3 paintings for the Spotlight challenge.

So I think I'd better set some mid month goals.

1. I'll try and do another sketch fro the sketch thread.
2. I'll enter the Pastel Guild of Europe's Monthly competition even though it means seting up a still life.
3. I'll try and do a Daffodil for the florals challenge.
4. I'll look at this thread every day and try to do my bit in encouraging others!
Er, I think that's enough as my Month effectively ends on the 24th when I fly to Cyprus.

04-13-2010, 04:08 PM

Way to go Ruthie! Setting mid-month goals! April will be a great month for you!:clap:

I'm off to "visit" my violin and then finish my grapthite sketch!
Lovely day here! We had some errands to run in town, the drive in was so lovely. Spring trees budding out with lovely colors.
Our apple tree is about to bloom! Can't wait!

04-13-2010, 08:32 PM
I recently bought a 12 set of Winsor & Newton half stick pastels and I want to try some drawing with them. I have a set of cheap Reeves ones which are fun for sketching but I want to try some artist brand ones. I always find artist brand pastels work beter that the cheap ones. If I like them I am going to start investing in some more pastels. :)

Daniel, sorry I missed your post! Welcome to the dusties! Glad you're looking at getting some artist grade pastels -- they do so much more. Think about trying sanded papers while you're at it, that's not horribly expensive if you get Colourfix primer (clear is the most versatile) or Golden pumice gel and prime watercolor paper. You can rework bad watercolors into good pastel paper with those. I hear Winsor & Newton are really good ones even if I haven't tried them yet.

Also, it's possible to get a great painting with a fairly small palette. I know I'm one of the worst supplies collectors around here, but I find out that I keep working with certain small sets for their convenience. If you read through ESP: Still Life the Colourful Way by Colorix, it's an eye opener for being able to use the super spectrum brights that tend to come up in sets. I got to where I don't even need neutrals or browns unless I want to use them for convenience, the results by layering brights, tints and shades are very dynamic.

Yay for joining the Goalies too. You'd be surprised how much more you'll accomplish by posting goals... more of them get accomplished.

Ruthie, yay for great new goals! You've already got lots done. Congratulations on finishing hubby's two fish paintings. Link to them if they're posted?

Elsie, congratulations on getting so organized! It's so cool.

I'm ticking off sketches and studies and participation, today was a watercolors day but I also did a pastel pencils sketch. I think I posted it into the Sketch Thread, if I forgot I'll go do it now. Did the kittens from the WDE, which I decided to do the first time I looked at the images. Having those sample pastel pencils and the Derwent blister pack together in a pencil cup on my table is helping for impulse pastel pencils sketches.

The script has ground to a screeching halt. I'm not sure I'm even ready for this project or if I need to get better at drawing comics to be able to write it. Yeesh.

04-14-2010, 03:16 AM
Daniel- I missed your post too. Sorry about that. Welcome to pastels. I have never tried W & N pastels, but they are artist quality pastels. Reeves must be a Canadian thing. I was using them until I decided to take the plunge 3 years ago and bought a Rembrandt landscape set. Now I have about seven or eight different brands. It is addictive. If you do plan on buying more, you might want to look at a place like Dick Blicks. They have more brands than you will be able to find in Canada and the prices are a heck of a lot cheaper. If you have them delivered via USPS there is no brokerage fee, you just have to pay sales tax when they are delivered. If you have any questions about buying stuff, just PM me.

Elsie- Way to get organized, Elsie. It is nice to know where everything is, even if it cuts into your painting time. Good luck with your new painting and your fiddling. Just don't combine the two and fiddle with your painting.:lol:

Ruthie- More goals? way to go.:thumbsup: You have been very productive this month and it sounds like you are going to be more productive.

Robert- You are a sketching machine. I loved the tree you did in watercolor. It looks great. I guess you are the only one who knows if you are ready the project, but don't beat yourself up over it. The sun will come up tomorrow.:)

I just finished off the last sketches in the Scavenger Hunt, but I won't be posting them until tomorrow. That is 52 sketches in the past 18 days. I didn't know if I could do it, but I guess i can.


04-14-2010, 12:11 PM

Robert: wonderful that you are getting sketching in pastel even when you are painting in watercolor. Keeping some pastel pencils close at hand is great! Hmmmm! I had planned only to take my camera and my graphite stuff on our trip to Oshkosh this weekend....maybe I'll throw in some pastel pencils, too! :thumbsup:

Doug said:
" Elsie- Way to get organized, Elsie. It is nice to know where everything is, even if it cuts into your painting time. Good luck with your new painting and your fiddling. Just don't combine the two and fiddle with your painting.:lol: "
Doug: That's called "overworking the painting!" :eek: :lol: :wink2:

I was all set to go down to the studio to paint when the contractor showed up to work on some house stuff! I have to be on hand up here for awhile.
Alas! I'll do some graphite in my recliner and paint after lunch! :p

04-14-2010, 12:56 PM
I missed you too Daniel. Welcome! Whatever artist grade pastels you get you will be amazed how much better they are than Reeves. My Reeves ones went in the bin as soon as I got and tried my faber castells!

Elsie, you're just like me, getting all excited over Spring! It really is the best season. :clap:

Robert, you're a whirlwind sketcher for sure! Don't beat yourself up over the script. If the time ain't right it ain't right. Here's the link to my fish thread. I got a lot of help from the people on here. It was a challenge, both time wise and to my ability but I'm quite pleased with the result and hope hubby will be too.

Doug, only 52 sketches? Why that's less than 3 a day (just) :D

04-14-2010, 02:41 PM
Wow, thank you! This really cheers me up about stumbling on the script project. I'm getting into the sketching though. Doing multiple sketches in a day reminds me of when I was taking art classes, and it is helping a lot.

Doug, congratulations on so many Scavenger Hunt sketches! Thanks for helping out Daniel with getting supplies in Canada. He had so much trouble before, and I'd feel bad about being able to get things so much cheaper than he did when he did find anything good. I didn't know there was a trick to Canadian Blick deliveries, but it makes sense.

Reeves is made by Winsor & Newton but it's a line one step down from Cotman, more for children and hobbyists on a really tight budget. Everything's nontoxic and they do a lot to reduce costs. They tend to be better than other stuff in their price range but not really compare with the better end student stuff let alone artist grade. In a way it's cool, because the Reeves stuff and other things that cheap gets people interested in the first place.

04-14-2010, 07:35 PM
Wecome Daniel....Glad you joined us.
I finally got to play a bit today. Here it is the middle of the month, and I only got 2 birds done so far. So today I did my third. First chance I've had in a couple of weeks. Guess that goal will continue into May....and I havent even started my flowers yet! Oh well!
Glad to see everyone is doing so well with goals....loved you sketches, Doug...did check the scavenger hunt, but havent done a single one for this week . you did very well!

04-16-2010, 04:41 PM
Hi all, just surfacing after a bit of a hiatus. I am feeling much better. Thank-you for your kind words of concern. Looks like people have been painting and sketching up a storm. I am looking forward to the eye candy that awaits me.
Welcome, Daniel. A word of caution, pastels can be very addictive but so much fun!http://wetcanvas.com/forums/images/smilies/evilgrin.gif
Phi[/B[B]]l, what a great experience and wonderful photos.
My 90 schminkes just came in the mail today as well as the koolbinder for me to chart my new colours and try to chart the rest which still have labels on them. ( I wanted a happy dance icon but couldn't find one )
I finished up 3 in the ballet slippers series. I think I took your suggestion Robert, with the ribbon. I didn't have the slippers anymore, so I couldn't do as Jackie suggested and reshoot photos.
It's time to return to the dusty side of life!!!

04-16-2010, 04:57 PM
Judi, you're doing well with your Birds. Terri, 90 Schminkes............drool. Sorry can't think of anything else now!

I did a Daffodil for the florals challenge but it ended up as a sketch for the sketch thread! No matter. If I can aim for one goal but achieve another with no extra effort that'll do me!
Today I started my still life for the Pastel Guild challenge. I knew exactly what I was going to do and had been running it round in my head. The theme is floral so I cut some blossom and set up my still life as best I could in the studio. I have worked on it for 8 hours today (with 20 minutes for Lunch!) and have realised, too late as usual, that there are some things wrong with it. I went from excitement to absorption to uncertainty to despair....then I thought I must call it a day! Hopefully it'll be alright in the morning!

04-17-2010, 03:53 PM
Terri, congratulations on the Schminkes! That sounds like so much joy. I wanted to get that, but was a bit short this whole spring on account of the computer problem. Saw one of your ballet slippers and was very impressed with how real they looked. Glad I could help on the ribbon.

Ruthie, congratulations on the Daffodil! So cool that you were able to do that. Go you on the Pastel Guild Challenge! It probably will be all right in the morning.

Judi, your birds are coming along great. I liked both of them!

04-17-2010, 06:14 PM
Gee, you're so industrious! Great goal-achievers!

90 Schmincke! (Drooooling.) How do you like them, Terri?

Ruthie, know the feeling, you've just worked for too many hours, as Rob says, it'll look great in the morning!

Me, well, I'm still slow, dealing with other stuff, but hey, I ticked off sub-goals like crazy before. Me too, I'm doing a floral for the PGE Dusty challenge. Spent *hours* setting it up, a very rickety set up, with a board balancing in an impossible angle to get the shadow where I wanted it. I swear, set-ups take longer than painting!

One goal to tick off, did my pastel pencil review. I don't have patience for them, really, they're too small. And I'm used to scanning the palette and see colours, not just red pencils with an itty bitty tip in colour. PastelMat is magic with the pencils!


04-17-2010, 09:28 PM
Hi Gang

Sorry I haven't been around for the past few days, but life got in the way. Nothing serious, just little things and getting ready and rested up for the road trip. We are on the road tomorrow at 6:00 AM and I can hardly wait.:rolleyes:

When you are from a tiny town and go to a larger city, there is always shopping involved. Some art supplies, art books and, oh ya, a few t-shirts.:D I won't have my laptop with me, so I probably won't be checking in again until we get back in a few days.

Take care and I hope you all find time to paint up a storm.


04-17-2010, 10:45 PM
Enjoy your trip, Doug! Hope you find something really cool in your shopping, both books and supplies.

Charlie, I agree with you 100% -- pastel pencils on PastelMat is a joy.

Nothing much today, still down with the bug but if it runs its course I'll suddenly feel better tomorrow as if I'd never had it. I sure hope so. I'm more than sick of this. Did a sketch of an iris though.

04-18-2010, 11:23 AM
Rob, get well!

Doug, have fun in the big city, especially in art stores.

Half-tick. Floral painting started, and as I blocked in the masses, I found that the piece of PastelMat I'm using has faults, you can see a texture in it, as if someone had combed it with shaky hands. No problem to me, as I'm the 'sloppy' kind of painter, quite liking texture that is random.


04-18-2010, 01:14 PM
Charlie, it didn't look great in the morning unfortunately! I've finished it now but am not at all happy with it. And the blossom I picked now looks sooo much better than it did when I started. Wonder if I'll have time to do it again..................
And, re the pastelmat, I've noticed that on some of the sheets in my pad, just as you describe. A few layers seems to cover it though.

Doug have a great trip!

Robert, I do hope you're better tomorrow.

04-18-2010, 02:05 PM
Purr, thanks both of you. Ari purrs and sheds cat hairs of inspiration wafting gently in your direction. He seems to have an unending supply of them. I actually do feel better today. It ended as fast as it started and just as mysterious. I guess it's a temperature-sensitive bug and the fever worked!

I found a funny little flaw like that on one sheet in my pastelmat pad, but I wound up doing something that left it off the edge of the painting. I don't mind it too much, it's not hard to get rid of if it happens and it only happened once so far.

04-18-2010, 04:42 PM
Delivered Danaë today, so I only got to stage two on the floral. The whole sheet (12x16") is covered with these ripples, but I'm starting to get them covered with dust.

Ruthie, can you brush out the bits that don't work? I have what was a tiny bud during set-up and drawing, and this morning it was a big bud, so I enlarged it. Now, the *beeping* thing is half open! It was my COI! Oh, well, another bud can serve as a stand-in model, unless it too opens overnight.

And, ick, the volcano dust cloud is starting to reach ground, the whole area has a whiff of rotten eggs, and the taste of it is on the tongue... :-P And I guess my mother never got to Lake Como in Italy, after all, have to call her.

Amazing how easily a modern society is brought to a standstill by the forces of nature. There isn't a bus to be rented in all of Europe now, as people who would have flewn take to the roads and railways instead.


04-18-2010, 05:55 PM
Funny how cut flowers grow Charlie (even though they're terminally ill, lol). My blossom looks soooo much nicer now and I will try to do another, different altogether, except with the same blossom. I don't think I can do much more with the 1st one. Some bits are good and others are,well...........not good. It's a matter of technique I think.
At least if the cloud settles I may be able to fly to Cyprus next Sat. Sounds very unpleasant though. I doubt your Mother made it to Lake Como.
I s'pose there'll be another round of airlines going to the wall over this...........good earner for the ferries and trains though!

04-19-2010, 01:49 PM
:wave: Hi, there Goalies!

We were gone a few days to a math teaching conference...I know, I know, I'm retired and so is Bob, but the interest continues! You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but not the classroom out of the teacher! :p

I took along my Drawing lessons and my sketch stuff and camera. Didn't get much shot for art refs, but I did keep up with my drawing and did some sketching, between sessions I went to at the conference.
Ya' gotta' love it: I'm sitting there in a chair in the hallway of the Univ. of Wis. Oshkosh sketching: "Oh, what are you doing?" "I'm working on a drawing lesson for a class I'm taking." "Oh, are you an artist." "Yes, I'm an artist. But, I'm a math teacher, too." "Oh, you are good at drawing." "Thanks, I love to draw."....so the fellow wanders off and later I see him, "So you're not drawing now!" ....like this was news! :lol:
Oh, well, even mathematicians can say silly stuff!:p

Today, I sat down and did some thinking about pressure I'm putting on myself to produce in several areas at the same rate that I'd do if I were just working in one media. Yep, you guessed it, the "Drama Queen" had paid a visit with her long list of paintings and studies and drawings that I "should be" working on, completing. :eek: So, I quietly took her by the scruff of the neck and tossed her out the door! :wink2:
Then I sat down with her list, well, actually, I made my own list of what I was working on and gave myself permission to do one thing at a time!
Goals are only useful if you can get some of them done. But, the goals were being the boss. For the next week, I will focus on just two things: the pastel painting: "Door in Time" and my drawing lessons. After the pastel painting is complete, I'll work on a watercolor project for my watercolor group this month....after the "Door in Time" is complete.

From "catching up" with postings while I was gone, I notice lot of stuff getting done! Great!

Ohhhhhhhh, Terri, Schminkes, wonderful pastel candy! Have loads of fun!:)

Robert, hope you get to feeling better.:cat:

Charlie: I hear the volcano dust stuff is terrible! Certainly is calling a halt to lots of travel. Hope your Mother got to her destination and is ok. OOOO, I bet the smell and taste of the volcano dust is terrible! Stay inside and surround yourself with proper pastel dust!:heart:

Have a good week, Goalies! Get dusty!

04-19-2010, 02:07 PM
Elsie, I so admire you math-people, as I can't get my mind to even function when seeing numbers... Algebra was fine, funnily, as then I didn't have to add sums. LOL! Lovely story, did the guy have trouble seeing you as a math teacher? They can play an instrument, but they can't paint, as music takes logic and is in a way mathematics (they say), but an artist is a bohemian uncouth type who cries in a glass of absinth, more than slightly deranged, who gets caught in the grip of Inspiration and then go totally nuts. Not the image of a math teach.... :-)

Anyway, what I *was* going to say was: "the goals are boss" isn't always a good thing, great you took command, Elsie. Goals should work to lessen demands and stress, not increase it. Inspire, but not go after you with a whip. http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Apr-2010/117343-33616-whip.gif

Me, I'm messing up my floral, soon beyond salvation. PastelMat isn't as forgiving as sanded papers. But I still have my "secret weapon", Schmincke! Goes on top of anything.


04-19-2010, 03:21 PM
Elsie, you are so right about not letting the goals boss you around. Goals are tools to focus the mind. We set them, but, if they become unachievable knock 'em on the head I say (maybe that's because I may now not have an entry for the Pastel Guild challenge!)
Charlie. I don't believe your floral is irretrievable, although I do agree that pastelmat, when I get the softies on it, soon refuses me further application. I only have Schminke white. Guess I may have to invest.............

04-20-2010, 01:27 PM

I used to have a serious case of "math phobia"! :eek:
I was ok with geometry and stuff like that, but algebra and calculation and I were not friends!
But, as part of my teacher training, I had a class with my future father-in-law. This was before I met my husband! Dad Wilson was one of the world's greatest math teachers. During that course he made me see how math ideas fit together and I came away cured! :p However, at a concert at the university that semester, I met my math prof. and his wife and they introduced me to their son, also, a student at Ohio Wesleyan Univ. He asked me for a date later and 50 years later......:heart:
Dad also helped me make up for courses I had not taken and I went on to Calculus etc. I tease my DH, Bob, about mathematics being a genetic defect in his family: our daughter, Julia, is 5th generation math prof.! It look's like our dau. Kathy's dau. Megan, a freshman at univ. this year, is heading down the same road! Fifth generation coming up! :p :heart: Funny thing is that there in no pushing to go into math in the family...they just have brains that head in that direction! Funny old world!

Drama Queen sent a postcard...she is vacationing on a tropical island and will not be hanging around for awhile! :lol: :wink2:

Off to practice violin and then I get to go play with my new Terry Ludwig confetti pastels! May the dust fly!:p

04-20-2010, 02:56 PM
Well, no second painting for the Get Dusty challenge but I'll enter the one I've done and give everyone a laugh!
Despite having loads to do in the garden and computer work and housework and preparations for my (probably not) holiday I ended up in the studio starting what should be one of NEXT Month's goals.......the Get Dusty May challenge!! I'm really excited about this one. And it's a possibility I may be able to sell it as it is a painting of 2 of our family dogs (may have to hold an auction for the 2 families involved!)
But one goal I've achieved is to do 3 Daffodil paintings for the Floral April challenge.

04-20-2010, 06:02 PM
Mid-month review:

1. Finish the ballet slippers. Done
2. Do one or two more paintings of ballet slippers. (small 8 x 10)Done actually did 3 more.
3. Prep for weekend sale the first week in May. Work in progress
4. Prep for local society wine/cheese spring show May 7th. Work in progress
5. Prep for being feature artist for month of May in local cafe. Work in progress
6. Frame a bunch of paintings for the above shows and do the associated paperwork. Work in progress
7. Do one large poppy from RIL to frame for 1st week in May. Might get dumped.
8. Do one spotlight painting. Might get dumped.
9. check into landscape challenge and floral challenge - not committing to doing them, though.
10. Make a couple of masks for silent auction for the society wine & cheese - we are hosting a halloween masked affair, do some pre-advertising for. Work in progress.
11. have fun with the painting. Doing
Finished a painting for our hockey coach as a thank-you for all the hard work she has done. Team is paying for the framing. More goalie skates, she plays goal for our team and forward for the B-league team.

Ruthie, are you going to share your get Dusty Challenge after it is entered?
General question: Is there anyway to switch back and forth between writing and seeing other posts, so I can make some comments without appearing totally brain-dead?
Still haven't cracked open the box of Schminkes yet.
Elsie, hope the drama queen has a nice long vacation!

04-21-2010, 07:03 AM
Terri, the only way I can see to switch back and forth between writing and seeing posts is to have the thread open in two browser windows. That might work. You accomplished so much! That's fantastic!

Charlie, I can't imagine you actually messing up anything. It's probably just the Ugly Stage getting you down.

Elsie, you got so much done! Good for you shipping the Drama Queen off on vacation to tackle one goal at a time!

I wish you'd been my math teacher when I was growing up, then I might not have a phobia on top of being lousy at it. You are such a sweet, gentle person that I would not have been under constant terror of being humiliated in class every time I didn't understand something or got it wrong.

I kept waiting to get better...

Then Sascha came home from school with a dry cough, aches and fever. She's coughing across the hall. I'm sitting here with sore throat, dry cough, fever chills and pain wafting through my entire body, a weird flavor of pain as different from my normal chronic stuff as salt from sour. I don't know how long this one will last but I wish they'd do something at the schools to send home all the little Typhoid Marys and Jerrys as soon as they sneeze, or something, so that relatives with compromised immune systems don't catch everything that goes around the kindergarten.

Yesterday I did a couple of things in my watercolor journal. Did a nice botanical of Crimson Clover because I was so stir crazy I went out with Kitten to see it before it's done blooming. She picked some for me and it's now in the bud vase on my table. Also did the April Gouache Challenge that I really wanted to, a rocks and rushing water painting that took an entire page. I stuck my neck out and tried some things I saw in other people's paintings in the thread and they worked. Deborah Secor pointed out the one thing I wasn't sure about as one of the high points of the painting!

So here's my three goals -- very glad that I kept the list short this month. I had no idea I'd spend half of it sick.

1. Script Frenzy -- scrubbed the project. I'm not ready to do it and could not catch up now.

2. WC Activities -- doing good with Gouache Challenge, Spotlight, Scavenger Hunt, WDE... lots.

3. Sketches and Studies -- lots! I'm very glad I didn't try for daily art though, because I wasn't expecting to spend half this month sick just poking at Diablo 2 and Mafia Wars while rereading classics and Terry Pratchett.

Oh yeah, if you play Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars on Facebook, please friend me there and invite me to join your clan or mafia. I could use the numbers and so could you! If not, ignore this paragraph. Mafia gets more of my time because that's where more of my friends are. I don't play Farmville or the others though so don't bother unless you want a nonparticipating warm body in the ranks.

04-21-2010, 03:13 PM
:wave: Good afternoon, Goalies....at least it's afternoon here in Wisconsin, USA!

I had a great morning. I got started on the pastel painting, "Door in time."
Got a watercolor painting finished for the project for my watercolor group.
Then I got a couple of watercolor paintings photographed.
Also, I played a little with my new Terry Ludwig confetti pastels! What fun! They will be perfect for certain rocks and for ground/dirt/land etc. :clap:

Robert: Poor Sascha...and Poor Grandpa getting the same Sneezles and Weezles! Robert, you just don't want to know all that flies around kindergarten classrooms! You only get a small bit sent home! :eek: Kinders specialize in germ warfare! They tend to mop up every surface, huddle together to share the latest germs and pass it all along to the whole class!
You're lucky it is just coughs etc., it could be head lice! :lol:
I will say this, when I was teaching, I had a great immune system! You tend to build up resistance. I have NONE these days, so fall victum to every little flu and cold bug that comes along.:p Hope you and Sascha soon are well again!:heart:

Robert: you would have loved being in my math classes! Lots of fun seeing how many different ways you can solve a problem instead of who can showoff with a quick answer! We had gobs of fun and found out that math is really a great adventure....and oh, yes, we did learn all the stuff we were supposed to along the way. :cat: :clap:

I just found the perfect PA tee-shirt!
It is available from Judson's Guerrilla Painter

The shirt says this on the back:
"Hi. I'm fine, thanks. and you?
You guessed it---
I'm an artist.
It's true -- some people
just have talent.
I'm sure your aunt's
paintings are lovely.
Nice visiting with you."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink2: :p

04-21-2010, 03:26 PM
Charlie- I can relate to you and your problems with blooming flowers. I had the same problem with ripening pears. When in doubt, fake it, or buy fake flowers and fruit.:evil: Too bad about the volcano dust problem. At least pastel dust is made with pretty colours.

Ruthie- Too bad it looks like the dust will ruin your vacation plans, but it doesn't sound like it is ruining your painting time. You are showing your versatility by painting koi, daffodils and dogs. I have enough trouble painting apples and oranges. By the way, I am sure your husband will love his present.

Robert- I hope you start feeling better. It sucks being ill. It's good to see you are still getting some art done. You are doing a good job on your goals and don't worry about the Skript Frenzy. There will be another one down the road.

Elsie- that is the way to take control of your goals. They are your goals and you can do what you want with them. I think you are doing the right thing by prioritizing your goals. Who needs pressure? That's for work, not play.:)

Terri- You are doing a fine job with your goals. I bet your coach will love the painting. It's a great idea and your team mates must think so too. Maybe you will get some more sales from them once they see it. You never know.

Well, I am back. I am resting in my recliner, wanting to paint or draw, but I think it might be a day or two before I can get back to it. The trip went smoothly and it is good to have our daughter back home. The art supply buying was limited to Michaels, and even with a 40% off coupon, I still paid almost twice the price of Dick Blicks every day price. Oh well, at least I have something new to play with.

I hope everyone has a great day/evening.


04-21-2010, 04:13 PM
Doug....glad to hear the trip went smoothly...hope you can enjoy your new playthings soon...
Robert...So sorry you've been 'hit' again! Sheesh! Wishing you a complete recovery....and soon!
Been sort of a 'down time' for me lately....too many doctors' appts for my husband....I've been exhausted getting him to and from... and in between, as well...LOL.
I've only managed 5 birdies so far, and the month is almost over! Oh well, they can be continued into next month! As well as the other goals I missed...(borrowing that well-worn phrase.... "tomorrow is another day....")

Happy to hear those of you who ARE producing this month. :clap:

04-21-2010, 05:17 PM
Elsie, I probably would have loved your class. If you'd actually helped instead of pressuring me, I'd have caught up to normal levels and been damn proud of that. You probably would've figured out what went wrong in the first week -- jumping me past the grade where I was supposed to learn the multiplication table meant I could do nothing in the year that already had it. They just assumed I did because I was so smart in everything else. I think the first bit of homework would've shown you I had no idea what it was. Then of course after that disastrous year I got put back a year again -- and still didn't get it, and flunked math steady ever since till in high school I managed to quit taking it. Geometry was almost doable and I sweated over that in order to not have to take any more math.

A no-pressure class with actual help, I might have managed to catch up but it probably would've taken at least a year because I wasn't very talented in it. And let's not forget I was sick all the time then too, being overworked, disabled and stressed beyond belief. What I needed was an IEP for not being able to make it to class in the time alloted and not drinking milk and not doing gym at all, the sports injuries came before math a lot of times.

I love that t-shirt! That's just too cool! Awesome!

Doug, thanks! It does suck. Today is painful, it's getting me in joints and muscle spasms here and there all over my body and no energy. I've been napping three hours, up for one, waking just long enough to take one of my pain pills. If this is what spring is usually like, then I probably shouldn't do the script frenzy officially, just do it in between when I feel like working on it and take my time with it.

Judi, someone else's medical appointments can be almost as bad as your own, cut yourself some slack for that. I love the five birds you did, the latest one is spectacular. I'd love to see you keep on with them next month and I've been tempted to surf the RIL and find a reference for one too.

04-21-2010, 06:00 PM
Terri, you're doing wonderfully with your goals!

If you don't want to scroll up and down, and then find the post you want to reply to sitting on page 1 when you're on page 2 -- you can right-click on "Go Advanced", and "open in new tab", and then you can switch between tabs, and even change page in the first tab, it won't affect the reply in the second tab.

Robert, small children are hostages to alien green bug-eyed bacteria and viruses, they are in reality incubators, preparing for the reaching of the critical mass for the invasion of the Master Bugs. That is the way the bugs Get Into Your Home, they ride host on the little uns, and the big people suspect nothing. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Elsie, I'd love to have you as math teacher. I spent most of the time trying to figure out the *meaning* of things, and once I did, I turned to the next chapter, and the teacher got upset because I saw no point in computing 30 problems when I'd gotten the system. Then, in what's similar to High School, I took the science program, got a math teacher who taught the genious in the class maths on thesis level, and the 33 other students quit. After that, I have math phobia. (So then I got an married a math guy. I don't need a calculator, I just ask, his eyes glaze over for 3 seconds, and then he spits out the answer. I don't even know how to *construct* the problem...)

Ruthie, no-one will ever laugh at one of your paintings. (Not so you hear it... :-)

Robert, being moved up and down those classes made you miss it twice! I missed trigonometry thrice. I happened to be sick that week in junior high, then again managed to get a cold in the trig week in high, and a second time in high after switching program. Those green bug-eyed viruses work to make one stupid, too, they're smart. Get well, fight back, you'll win the interstellar war!

Oh, page, the next...

Elsie, love that tshirt, seen it, want it.

Judi, you've done much, taking loving care of hubby is wonderful.

Forgot my 'tick', almost finished my floral for the PGE challenge. Now there is the staring at it for a good while stage, and then cursing because I didn't think of that one thing that would've made it much better, and then a few final touches, and signing.


04-22-2010, 07:59 PM
Purr thanks Charlie! That's it. I need to get well and write a good sci-fi thriller exposing the Bug Wars for what they are... so of course I spend most of the day reading a medical thriller by Robin Cook. Amusing, since the bad guys ultimately died of the flu in a nice twist at the end.

And yep, they skipped me past it twice and then wondered why I never got it. Everyone else had a whole year to devote to it, I was supposed to just know it by osmosis and keep up even if I never did well in math. I only got an A in math exactly once in my life -- a college class where the professor let me use a calculator! I could understand the concepts if I really strained my brain but doing problems was something else.

04-23-2010, 11:01 AM
:wave: Hi there, Goalies!

Happy Shakespeare's Birthday! I've been listening to quotes from the "Bard's" plays, sonnets and music based on them etc. from WFMT in Chicago roadio. Great fun! In high school, I remember sitting, during the lunch break, with my best friend, on the school steps reading Shakespeare plays etc. She and I we looked on as a bit too academic by our fellow-students! LOL! :lol: :p I've always sort of marched to a different drum! :p

OH, I wish there was some way we could start running "math recovery" programs! The terrible truth is that the chief method of teaching math has been and still is more, more, more, when it should be different, different, different. :eek: It seems as if what is being taught is not working, the student will not learn better by doing twice or three times as many problems! What I learned during all those years of teaching is that there is not "one way" of thinking about math and that our brains work very differently. Bob and I have made it a practice to study the various ways that people understand math and vary methods as needed. It has amazed me how my Bob can teach about 300 students in a mega-class of calculus and yet take into consideration different methods of understanding. But, his students spread the word and when it is announced that he is teaching a class they have waiting lists for students wanting to get into the class!
Me, I do better with classes of around 20 and prefer not to see them over 30! :cat:

OOOOOO! The postman delivered my second package from Terry Ludwig yesterday! He had a special on a set of Ultramarine Blues! So beautiful!
The sky's the limit! :lol: And wouldn't you know...the painting I'm working on, "Door in Time" has NO sky! Oh, well, I'll use some in the limestone rocks of the foundation of the house! When I took the photos of the house I was stuck by the cellar door and how it had aged over time, even some moss growing on the bottom part. But, later when I was able too look at the photos on my computer, I was completely blown away by all the colors in the foundation, the old wood and even the few leaves on the ground near the door. It is funny how, as a child, I was all around that house, in and out and even in and out of the cellar door and NEVER noticed any details of the house, the wood, stones etc. When you are a child at play, you think things will remain forever! Alas, many winters, many summers have passed since the 1940's and 50's! :heart: Now, I look at the house, property etc. with "artist's eyes". Funny old world!

Robert: hope you and your granddaughter are feeling better!:heart:

Charlie: Great about getting the floral finihsed! Tick-tock! :thumbsup:

Doug: Glad your trip went well and that your daughter is back home!
Enjoy those new supplies....even though you spent more than you wanted to! Maybe do some recliner-drawing to warm up!:cat:

I'm off to get dusty!:thumbsup:
I've decided my best goals are: paint, draw, paint, draw, paint, draw!:wink2:
Have a lovely painting day!

04-23-2010, 07:20 PM
Robert, I am trying the tab thing that Charlie suggested. I find I shut windows by accident too easily. Hope you and your grand-daughter are recovering from the kinderbug.
Elsie, I ordered those TL ultramarine blues as well. The Canadian/US dollar situation is making cross border shopping rather sweet right now.
I like the t-shirt. What I find amusing, is that just because I consider myself an artist people think I should also be an interior design diva. My home is comfortable with cool things on the wall but people expect things to match and all that other stuff that I don't do.
Doug, hope you're feeling up to creating soon. Going to the big city is fun but can take a lot out of a person when you are not accustomed to it.
Judi 5 birdies sounds pretty respectable to me. I've enjoyed the ones i've seen in the sketch thread.
Charlie, the tab thing seems to be working for me. Yeah!
I sold the first of the ballet slipper paintings, so the TL's are paid for. I am such a geek sometimes.
No art this weekend, playing in a women's hockey tournament in a near by town. Of course, we have snowfall warnings this weekend. Will drive safe, glad I didn't take the winter tires off the van.
Happy painting.

04-23-2010, 09:09 PM
Terri...Congrats on selling the ballet slipper painting! :clap: Thanks for your comment on the birds...still have a few more to go...
Elsie....getting dusty is GOOD!
Robert and Doug...hope you are both feeling better today...
Charlie....hope dyou got to the 'signing' today...

Got one more bird sketch done today....a Northern Mockinbird.

04-23-2010, 09:45 PM
Terri, congratulations on the sale! Good art supplies always pay for themselves. :D

Still sick, if anything feeling worse. This one seems to have struck down all the males in the house -- toddler Gabriel, my son in law Karl and me. Sascha's doing fine. So maybe this one didn't come from kindergarten or she was a carrier and is immune to it. At least I'm happy she hasn't got it, it's horrible.

I've spent most of the day sleeping, get up every few hours for more pills, then lay down again. No art today, my hands hurt and so does my bad hip really bad. It's stormy out, has been all day.

Mary Y
04-24-2010, 02:54 AM
Hi goalkeepers,
I have been watching how every one has been progressing with their goals .
Last Saturday I typed lots comments on all the happenings --hit the button and it disappeared. So I went and painted a few things for the WDE.
I seem to struggle with posts that are more than a few lines.

Doug, Hope you are rested enough to enjoy your new supplies and that you are enjoying having your daughter at home.

Robert, hope you are starting to beat the bug.
My art teacher was like your math one she taught one child who was a natural artist and left the rest of the class thinking they had no artistic ability.

Terri, congratulations on selling the ballet painting.Enjoy your Terri Ludwigs.
Any possibility of a photograph of the Schmincke set?I would love to drool over it.

Charlie, glad to hear you are painting.Thank you for the link to the framing site(I think it was in Ruthies koi thread) I have had fun trying to frame sketches.

Ruthie, hope your trip to Cypress goes well.I loved your Daffodils.

I am in awe of your energy and the amount of goals you get through. I would love to see something done with the confetti TLs.

Judi, Great birds, they just get better and better.

As far as my goals for this month

#1 Remember this is my hobby and to enjoy it.Tick--I posted twice in the WDE--no masterpieces but enjoyed painting them.

#2 Attempt at least two Spotlight flowers. Don't know if I will manage this I seem to get "flower fright".

#3 Try and take part in the weekly WDE with at least one post each week .
Missed one week--had 4 attempts and they all went in the bin despite Misswiss having lovely reference pics.

#4 Keep practicing block studies. ( I have just started reading Susan Sarback's book) Tried a few fruit studies,interesting-I suspect they are addictive.

#5 Keep practicing exercises from"The art of Painting and drawing " by Trudy Friend. This is a magazine I picked up the other day. and it is full of great exercises.Not as many as I would like

#6 I think I will play around with sketches from the Scavenger Hunt. However they will not see the light of day at this stage.
I like the idea of a ready made list and using my charcoal and coloured pencils. On hold

I would also like to do one challenge in watercolour this month.Tick also in WDE.


04-24-2010, 12:54 PM
Mary, those are some great goals!

Still sick today and it's also raining solidly outside. Monsoon weather. Almost like New Orleans for extreme raining.

I really like Trudy Friend, saw her videos on artistsnetworktv and unlike some of the other ones, felt immediately moved to get out my sketchbook and draw along with her. It was fun. I'll bet her magazine is too.

04-26-2010, 02:32 PM
Judi- You are doing a great job with your birds. Keep it up, because we all know that the more you paint, the better you get.

Robert- I hope you are on the road to recovery. This has been a long spell for you, and I know you can only watch so many videos before you are dieing to try everything you learned. Get better soon.

Charlie- Good to hear you are back in the painting mode. I guess it is a great feeling to sell some paintings, but it interrupts want you are meant to do. Paint! Go at it and have fun.

Elsie- Great story about the old house. It is so true that we see things differently as we get older. I wonder if people who are not involved in art see these things? I have my doubts, because I think we look for things that most other people just scan over. Hope you are painting up a storm.

Terri- Congratulations on the sale. I think it is a great way to justify your TL purchase. I wish I could do that. Maybe sometime in the future. I haven't given up (I'm too stubborn:D ). I hope you kicked *** in your hockey tournament and, oh ya, had fun. Are you a Canucks fan? If not, there is still alot of room on the band wagon.:clap:

Mary- You are having a great month. Even if you had to scrap a few attempts, you were still painting and learning. No matter how a painting turns out, we always learn something. It might be something we will use again or something we store in our brain to never do again. Have fun with the Sarback book. Based on Sarback's teaching, Charlie taught me how to see colour. Keep at it.

Well, I haven't had my sticks out for a while, but I have been getting back in the groove. I have been playing around with watercolours for the past few weeks and I now have some W & N artist paints. I am using the knowledge I have gained here and from the colour theory course to help me with this very unforgiving medium. It is fun being a newbie again, and I am sure I will learn things to help me with pastels.

I had to remind myself that art is a hobby for me and there is know reason I shouldn't try another medium. I am in this to have fun and learn as much as I can. I have alredy set up a thread in the WC Studio titled 50 Small Paintings: An Ongoing Project. Nothing like diving in head first.:confused:

Happy painting everyone.


04-26-2010, 04:01 PM
Doug, thanks! I'm still sick today. Still bored with being sick too. Bored is a big improvement over not being able to use my hands though and I managed to stay awake all morning, which is the first time in days I have been up for more than two hours at a time. I've been sleeping like my cat. I think he's actually spent more time awake than I have.

Sascha isn't the sick child. She's bright and chipper, didn't get it at all, I was mistaken as to which one was blubbing and coughing all night when I first posted. This time Gabriel's got it, I've got it and my son in law Karl has it, but Kitten and Sascha are fine. So we got the flu that targets males.

I got in a cat sketch today! Shocked me how many days without art I've had this month, it's just been a really bad month for sick days. Maybe May will be better. It wouldn't take much.

And yeah, I've been keyed up by so many of those videos that what I want is to be able to just draw along with them or paint. I might follow you down into watercolor for a while, Doug, since that'd take very little moving around either. I've still got the pastel pencils out though, they're a good choice for sick days since they don't take as long as full-on CP painting.

04-26-2010, 07:53 PM
Doug, the hockey tournament was nasty on a couple of fronts. It went from costing $31/each to an additional $10 per day admission fee. First time as a player, I've had to pay an admission fee on top of my tournament entry fee. The other whine was player commitment, our long roster shortened drastically and we ended up picking up 3 newbies who had no idea what off side was. Our game time on Saturday changed 3 times, my DH is away and I was juggling babysitters. It became a bit stressful. I'm still in a bit of a tail spin about that. Oh well, our team isn't going to that tournament next year. Not a big NHL fan, I would sooner watch junior or university hockey. Have fun with the watercolour stuff.
Robert, I am glad to hear you got a cat sketch in. I hope the remainder of the month will be an improvement for you health-wise.
Mary, good job on getting some of your ticks done. I keep thinking I will attempt a WDE but time-wise I haven't been able to justify it. I am still prepping for a weekend show/sale and the feature artist in the local coffee shop this May. 1 commission done and 3 to go as well.
Judi, I will go look for that Northern Mockingbird soon.

04-27-2010, 12:05 AM
:wave: HI, there, Goalies!

Yea! Robert....got that cat sketch!

I worked a little on the "Door in Time" pastel over the weekend, but today, I had to get my watercolor group project for April finished....we did a tree painting with a tetrad color scheme! Some pretty funny looking trees, but hey we're artists the threes can be magenta! LOL!:wink2:

It is amazing, I think I'm not getting much done and then I sit down and look at my goals and I'm doing pretty well. That is an important thing about goals....I'm often in such a rush to do " then next thing" that I don't stop and realize what I have actually accomplished!:p

Funny thing...if you have a hammer, everthing looks like a nail....I'm finding ways to use the confetti pastels and the Ultramarine set in the stone foundation of the house in "Door in time". I did not get any done on it today, ....tomorrow! :cat:

The internet is amazing....I helped a drawing friend who lives in England with a sketch she was having trouble with.....She sent me a photo of her sketch and of her plant that she was drawing. I saw something that helped, then I had a go at sketching the plant and sent back the results...then we exchanged emails again. I've been trying to get at least one sketch done each noon just after I eat my lunch. Urie the cat and I usually sit out on the "four season's" porch and eat lunch. I then grab my sketchbook and have a go at some bird, a tree, or a plant on the sunporch etc. Sometimes it is "Hover"...a chipmunk that cleans up under the bird feeder! LOL! :lol: But, today, I did the sketch of an aloe plant that actually lives in England! amazing!!!!

Get Dusty!

04-27-2010, 02:29 AM
Elsie, the internet is grand at times. I just got to chat with my DH( I guess he has been gone a week now) with a little bit of multi-tasking on the side.
Good job on helping your friend on the other side of the pond.

04-27-2010, 09:59 PM
Well, everyone has done so well this month. As it comes to a close, I'm about done with the birds. at least for now. Want to get on to something else.
Did only one challenge....the Landscape one. But had a lot of non-art-related challenges which took up quite a bit of time. (Not making excuses, you understand.)
Hoping Robert is back in business soon....miss seeing your sketches every day.
and Doug....hope you continue the pastels..you're doing so well...but enjoy the watercoloring, too...
Elsie, Terri and Mary...hope you all finish up with a bang...
catch you later...

04-28-2010, 02:55 AM
Terri- I have never heard of players having to pay to get in the arena. That is insane. It sounds like it was just a cash grab and they didn't care who they ticked off. I have organized 4 or 5 minor hockey tournaments (atom to midget) and my first concern was always the players. You always wanted them to come back next year. Oh well. They won't get your money next year.

Elsie- Ain't technology wonderful. I get funny looks when I tell people that I have artists from the States, Sweden, the UK and other parts of the world teaching me. The internet has made our world smaller and this small town guy is very happy about that.

It sounds like you are keeping busy using different mediums. It doesn't matter what colour your trees are, just as long as you are creating. Keep at it.

Judi- You did a good job with your birds, but I know what you mean about wanting to move on to something else. We know you are not making excuses. Sometimes life gets in the way of our fun. And no, I will not be giving up on my pastels. I just felt that I wanted to give watercolours a try again. Maybe in a little while I can do a pastel painting and a watercolour painting of the same subject. That's down the road though. I have to figure out what end of the brush to hold first.:rolleyes:

I didn't get anything done today. Our 26 year old Maytag washing machine decided to stop working so we had to get another washer. The day was taken up with waiting for the delivery, helping clear up the laundry area and sticking my nose where it didn't belong. The new machine is up and running but I think I might be out of order for the next day or three. We will see.


04-28-2010, 03:04 PM
:wave: Hello, Goalies!

Robert, hope you are feeling better!:cat:

Doug: Sounds like your day was "a wash!" :lol: Hopefully, you can get some art done and some rest, too!

Yesterday, my "art" was soaking up the views out of doors! Bob and I drove into town and to the garden center and bought plants. I got my herb box replanted,but kept it indoors as we were to have a frost last night...and we did! Also, we potted up the tomato plants etc. and will keep them on the sunporch for their protection a few more days.
Then we spent the rest of the day digging about the veg garden, getting weeds out of flower beds etc. It was so nice to be out and to have the hands into the dirt! :heart:

With my last concert of the season approaching May 7th, I was a good girl and got some serious violin practice done this morning. Now I get to go down to the studio and play! :p :heart: I hear pastels calling! Get Dusty! :music: :lol:

As April comes down to the closing, I am amazed at how much art stuff I did get done. May will have some family events to take time and so I must plan around them. I'll go for fewer goals, but try for important ones!

Now to be off and get some dust flying....hopefully most of it onto the Wallis!:lol:

04-28-2010, 03:47 PM
Great bunch of Goalies!

Doug, the new one will last for 5 years or so, they don't build them the same anymore. Hope you get the rest of the day feeling great.

Tick, finished floral.

Tick, got camera with extras.

Art Supply Addicts Anonymous, ASAA, here's the camera to drool over, my new toy -- oops, sorry, my new art-supply! Maybe stretching the term a hair, but I used the old compact almost exclusively for art (refs, pics of paintings).


Two, what are they called? lenses? optics? (what's english for the bit that sticks out, no jokes please) one with wide angle (18-55mm), and the other finds the eylashes of an eagle 3 miles away, and makes beautiful closeups (55-200 mm).

Have yet to test handling RAW files, and to do a HDR combo.

Love it already, and it's been mine since Saturday.


04-28-2010, 05:57 PM
tick :) - 1. Complete at least two paintings for the "Spotlight." I don't love drawing flowers unless there's a strong design element, so this will be challenging...

1/2 tick :) - 2. Post at least three times a week to the "Sketch" thread.

:( 3. Finish one painting (or sketch) a week from life.

:( 4. Challenge myself with some perspective problems (i.e. photos where correct perspective is particularly important).

Bad me, bad bad me...

04-29-2010, 06:24 AM
Chuas, good you, good you! Two out of four is great, especially as you have a daytime job (if I remember correctly). Move the other goals to May.


04-29-2010, 11:52 AM
Elsie- I am not much of a gardener, but doesn't it feel good to get your hands into the dirt? We still can't plant anything outside for another three weeks, but we will spend a day planting flowers in pots and placing them infront of the house. I am looking forward to painting flowers this spring and summer.

You should be happy with all your accomplishments in April. Time flys when you are busy. I can't believe it is almost May.

Charlie- Oooooo. Nice toy.:thumbsup: I bet you will have a ton of reference photos soon. That is what I need (okay, maybe want is a better word), but I think it will have to wait. And yes, they are called lenses.

Chuas- Don't be too hard on yourself. You accomplished a big goal and did a good job on another. As Charlie says, just move the other goals into May. You are creating art and that is what counts.

I am feeling better today, so I am hoping to be able to do some kind of painting today. I hope you all have a great day.


04-29-2010, 02:59 PM
Charlie, wow, what a wonderful camera! I drool mightily at that one and dream of getting a good one that can do all those technical things manually. Two lenses too (yes, the sticking out bit is the lens), and it's so great you have that zoom lens. I think when I get a new one it'll have to have a zoom lens or at least a really good zoom function.

Doug, here's Ari's advice on watercolor and which end of the brush to hold. The furry end gets swished through the wet stuff and splatted on the paper. The round hard end is for batting around with your paw, so you don't get your paw wet. My advice, don't chew or lick the furry end especially when it's got color on it, that's why they make those toxic artist colors, to separate the artists from the kids (by mortality I guess!)

Today, flu or not, I went Outside. Yep, all the way out into the yard for the next to last pink iris of the season. I missed an earlier, gorgeous one but there's still one in full bloom out there and I did it in watercolor pencils and watercolor, pretty effectively, in my watercolor journal (thread is still in Watercolor Studio) and in my Goof Off Book in the new Art Journal forum. I also did my cat again from life sitting in the window with watercolor pencils.

I think one of my goals for May is to get another full size Blick order that I've been waiting for so long to do! Granted, that goal will probably get accomplished on the first of the month unless there isn't a good coupon, but I've got the cart loaded and ready to go with a full range set of those watercolor pencils I've been using so much. I might sell off the set I hardly ever use since I like these ones so much better.

No script, but I think I did really well on WC Participation and Sketches/Studies. I'm going to continue sketching-studies next month too and add more outdoor drawing and painting. I want next month's goals to be fun ones after the disaster of that script challenge. Maybe I'll work on one of my novels instead, send one out or edit one, get back to what comes natural.

04-29-2010, 04:34 PM
Charlie, serious drool happening over here. Very nice, hope you enjoy it.
Chaus, there is always next month. It is challenging to get all you want done when those other things like work and family keep requiring attention. I think you accomplished a respectable amount of stuff. I liked your crazy cake and candy corns.
Doug, hope you get some art time in if you are feeling up to it. Spring has been rather undecided here. +20 then 4 inches of snow, it has alternated on weekends for the past 3 weeks. I don't know what to dress the kids in anymore.
Robert, I am glad you felt well enough to venture outside and paint. Well done on accomplishing all you did considering how much time you were feeling less than well.
Elsie, enjoy your gardening activities. The weather here is still way too variable to get into yet. The lake is still frozen so a cool wind is common. My DH is stuck away because of winter storms, the helicopter he is flying doesn't have anti-icing capabilities. Thankfully my parents are coming out to hang with children while I do the house and home show this weekend.
Currently I am taking a break from framing. Another tick.
Two commissions left. Tick.
Just got the TW blues, I'll use them sometime next week if I am lucky.
Big list for May again but it settles down after the 14th.

04-30-2010, 09:46 AM
Terri, you'll get a giggle out of this: when I read that "you've got the blues", it took me a while to figure out you meant *sticks*. :-)

I reckon it is time for reckoning:

1.) I will reframe 3 paintings with real frames, and deliver and collect.
Make that 4 paintings reframed. Tick.

2). I will watch several art-instruction videos.

3). I will paint a pastel pencil painting, and write a review.
Two lousy sketches, illustrating the review, and some more. Got it done, in terrible haste. Wanna see the review? Page 13 (pdf page 14) of the April Scribbler. Tick! (http://pastelguild.eu/Scribbler/Pastel_Scribbler_Apr2010.pdf)

4). I will paint a floral.
Tick! From my own set-up, too!

5) yes, of course, I'll post any "droolable" pics of supplies, for my fellow addicts to get a vicarious 'fix'.
Tick! The camera. I enjoy it a lot, but there is a horrible learning curve trying to figure out some of the really cool stuff. New editing program, and all.

Hey, I did *all* goals, this is a first!

May the dust be with you.


04-30-2010, 11:48 AM
:wave: Hi, there, Goalies!

Where did April go?! :lol:

Charlie: OOOOOOOOOO! NICE camera! Good choice! I got a new camera last year and while it was a little time coming up to speed on using its features, it was a big boost to what I could do with ref. photos and what I could do with photos of my paintings! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :thumbsup: :heart:

Today, here in Wisconsin, USA, where the weather can do just about anything on any given day, we have predicted: rain, wind, sun.....currently the wind and sun are here, but the clouds say we are about to drop the sun and have another day of "April Showers"....lots of May flowers are popping.
The apple trees and crab apple tree are in full bloom! The lilacs are opening!
But, still not safe to plant in the ground new veg or stuff and the herb box and tomato plants are still safely on the sunporch!

April Goals:
OH, my, there were way too many goals for my April!
But, I did amazingly well!

April Art Goals April, 2010

I will reorganize my paper storage. Done!
I will create a folder system to organize my photo reference material, sketches etc. for each painting. This will include a form sheet about the painting with data about dates, size, materials etc. The folder will be stored with the painting, in most cases. Done!
I will do the pastel painting: “Door in time, for Fred”. This is from a series of photographs I took last summer at my grandparents property in Pennsylvania.This is started.
I will complete at least one other pastel painting, hopefully more. A couple of "studies" and started "Door in Time" and finished another painting.
I will continue the graphite drawing course: Faces by Sandra Angelo.Right on schedule on this one!
I will continue to paint flowers and ocean waves in watercolor. I've done some, but not as much as I had hoped.
I will experiment with Daniel Smith luminescence watercolor paints when they arrive. Yes, had great fun! Want to now use them in more formal paintings.
I will continue colored pencil studies from Alyona Nickelsen’s book. Those poor colored pencils have been sleeping in their containers all month! Nada! Oh, well, can't get everything done everytime! :wink2:
I will do some paintings in pastel or watercolor. OK, I guess this is done as mentioned above.
I will continue to take my smaller camera with me in my purse and take photo refs. Done!Actually, I added a goal...as if I needed more...that I forgot to post: Do the monthly watercolor project for my watercolor group....Done!

However, sometimes reality just comes up and whops you in the side of the head! My reality check started sinking in as I viewed my month of May. There are several family events/commitments (all good, postive) but time consuming in the works for the next month, plus I have my last concert of the year for my community orchestra, May 7th. We had less time to prepare for this concert than usual and unlike other years for the fourth concert, it is NOT a "Pops" concert, and we have some very difficult, challenging music. So, for the next week the fiddle tops pastel stick and paint brush!
Looks like my May goals are along the lines of:
1. Do some pastel painting.
2. Do some watercolor painting.
3. Keep up with the drawing course.
4. Post at WC a few times.
5. Hope to get more done than it looks like at this point! LOL!:wink2: :p :lol:

So, dear Goalies, I will try to get these posted on the May Goal post and try to pop in to report and cheer you on from time to time. But, don't worry....I've not dropped of the edge of Wisconsin and I'm probably well! :heart: :music: :thumbsup:

04-30-2010, 12:10 PM
Elsie, you did great! Looks like your May goals are realistic, with all the other things you have to do.

The camera is fine, the photographer is not skilled enough... :-)


04-30-2010, 12:34 PM
Elsie, sounds like you'll have a very musical May! Congratulations on finishing so many of your goals. Colored pencils take a lot of time, so if something had to drop off the horizon, better that than the rest. I love the Daniel Smith luminescent watercolors and have mine out handy where I can get at them easily now, since they are so beautiful by themselves or in combination.

Charlie, congratulations on finishing ALL your goals! Thanks for the link too, I always enjoy The Scribbler. Great review on the Derwent pastel pencils. I really love them and your example on PastelMat took my breath away.

My wrapup: two out of three.

1. Total flop on Script Frenzy. The thing I kept my schedule clear for wound up falling apart because I could not get ahead enough to compensate for sick days, then had many more of them than I could even predict. I know better now than to schedule any major deadline projects for springtime, even if Arkansas springtime is better than Kansas was. Anything I can do in spring is a gift, a blessing and an extra.

2. Not bad on WC activities with some Spotlight paintings, some WDE paintings, active participation in Scavenger Hunts and assorted posts all over the place. Much more than I could've expected for such a sickly month.

3. Great results on Sketches and Studies. My sketching has actually improved this month, especially my cat sketches have gotten a lot more shapely. So have my flowers and landscapes. Looking forward to continuing this in May.

I think I'll keep my May goals simple again too and set no specific deadlines on any projects, just do as much as I can and see what I get.