View Full Version : FOCUS GROUP: Oil Mediums

09-19-2002, 03:14 PM
Ok. I've rolled out the initial entries in the Mediums (Oil) category. The items in there now are not yet available for review, because we need to finalize the rating types.


The subcategories are as follows:

Alkyd Mediums (17)
Amber Mediums (9)
Balsam Mediums (5)
Black Oil (5)
Copal Mediums (12)
Driers/Siccatives (29)
Linseed Oil (70)
Miscellaneous Mediums (66)
Other Oils (17)
Poppyseed Oil (16)
Safflower Oil (5)
Specialized Turps (13)
Traditional/Historical Mediums (17)
Walnut Oil (11)
Wax Mediums (8)

The #s above just represent how many items are in each category currently.

My initial thought is that we'd just have a simple "overall rating" for these categories. Thoughts?

I'd also like to hear thoughts on the subcategory breakdown. I tried provide some degree of organization without getting carried away. Raw materials, such as pigments, resins, crystals, waxes, etc. are in a separate category.

Should we group some together? Add new ones? etc.

Also, if you see a product that is in the wrong place, let me know.