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03-22-2010, 10:04 PM
All over the Mississippi Gulf Coast generations of family treasures were lost in Katrina. Residents searched for days founding only bits and pieces of our former lives scattered over miles. Crazy as it sounds we picked those pieces up and put them in boxes. Our hearts were unwilling to throw the objects and memories of our lives away. Memories were all many of us had left.

Since the storm many of my friends have brought me those boxes and asked me to make something to remember their loved ones. They tell me their stories from the past and what each object represents to them. From these stories an idea takes hold and a painting takes shape. They are simple paintings made of memories with love. Katrina taught me that our families are the most precious gifts. They are to be held close and loved each day less they be taken away in the blink of an eye.

One of the effects from Katrina was the tragic loss of wildlife. Normally, southern Mississippi has an abundance of wildlife so its stark absence left a terrible void. I remember the day I saw the first pelican return. I was driving across the I-110 bridge in Biloxi, MS at sunset. A brown pelican glided over head and soared over the water toward the coastline with the sun’s rays lighting its way. It was such a simple act but it was powerful. That memory sparked the creation of this painting. I remember the joy and hope I felt. Katrina taught me that the simple acts are the most precious gifts.

This painting has many layers and takes on a magical personality of its own. It is filled with animals of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and treasures found after Katrina. If my artwork is successful a smile will cross the viewer’s face as they enter the whimsical world of the painting. I hope every time the viewer looks at one this painting they see something new and entertaining.

Holly TAM
03-23-2010, 11:02 AM
Hello, ssanooc1,

What an evocative piece and story. Thank you so much for sharing both with us. And congratulations for being the first to respond to this creative workout.

Hope to hear from more of you soon!

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