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03-09-2010, 12:48 PM
Calling all mixed-media artists and illustrators!

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/09-Mar-2010/46260-Z2411.jpg Lisa L. Cyr, author of the 2009 North Light book Art Revolution: Alternative Approaches for Fine Artists and Illustrators (http://www.northlightshop.com/product/art-revolution-alternative-approaches-in-art/) is knee-deep in her next project with North Light Books. Lisa thought it would be a great idea to collect the thoughts and opinions of other artists to more fully explore the topic of unconventional tools. To get the discussion started, we are opening up the floor to you and your artist friends to find out what types of unique and alternative tools you are using in your art.

Lisa has identified three categories that most unconventional tools fall into: altered tools—traditional painting tools that have been modified in some way; repurposed tools—non-art tools that have been adapted for art making; and custom tools—tools made up of everyday materials that don't fall into the other categories. Keeping these definitions in mind, we want to hear from you!

How have you altered your traditional painting tools to make unique marks on the painting surface?
What tools have you repurposed from other industries (culinary, construction, fashion, etc.) for use in your paintings? How have they enhanced your art?
What custom tools (tools that have not been altered or repurposed) have you created using everyday materials? What effects have you been able to achieve?

We welcome you to participate in the discussion! Click here to share your thoughts and ideas. (http://artistsblog.artistsnetwork.com/CommentView,guid,7336d518-b6c0-4df3-ad12-524aac10d72b.aspx#commentstart) Please note that while your thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated, the purpose of this discussion is one of general sharing of information. Your ideas may or may not be used in the project and no specific name credits will be assigned, as artists may have similar ideas and approaches. For your time and consideration toward the topic, please enjoy this free demo (located at the bottom of the link) (http://www.artistsnetwork.com/article/unconventional_tools_survey/) of the making of an unconventional tool courtesy of Lisa’s arsenal of tricks.