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03-04-2010, 11:32 AM
My gallery has begun to do Featured Artists and I volunteered for June. I will have 20' in an "L" shape to show my stuff. While I considered Flag Day, Father's Day, and the start of Summer as my theme, I decided to, literally, center it more. I work plein air and I work a lot locally, so my show will be "10 Mile Radius" instead. I joke that I'll be highlighting local trees, but dammit they are only a mile away.

Most of my work is in the 8x10 to 11x14 range. Some is matted, some framed more plein air. At present, my largest is framed to 14x18. I have some more pieces I'd like to do work in more nearby locations that are important to me, so I have some left to do, probably by photograph.

None of my frames match, but I do it that way on purpose and they usually hang well together. Maybe one wall can be golds and the other woods?

Do you have any advice about numbers and spacing? In the past, I've done lots of one day shows and I put it all out. I know that is not the best option with this show. I am wondering about landscape vs portrait orientation and mixing that up. Oh, I'm just worrying about everything.

Any advice on this situation and shows appreciated.

03-04-2010, 01:17 PM
Bonnie, congratulations!

Oh, you have so many option on how to hang. Smart to put woods and golds separately, that will let the work shine. What is it they say? Never more than two rows of work, one over the other. Align them, either top edge of frame same, or bottom, or the horizontal center on the same line. The latter looks quite nice, and will allow you to mix horizontal and vertical.

Try to have themes together, for example colour themes. Green paintings, blue paintings, red paintings, in groups. (An autumn scene will definitely stand out put inbetween two spring paintings.)

Spacing... some advocate one painting per wall, while other places basically overlap them. I've found that at least the space of one width of a frame is needed, and better with more. Though, if there is a theme connecting them, a handsbredth can be enough.

Number clearly. You can have number 8 mixed into 33, 34, 8, 35, as long as it is clear. If you have the energy, put numbers on pieces of foamcore, and blue-tack the foamcore to the wall, looks great. Some of the self-adhesive stickers are impossible to get off the frame, so be careful. Or staple a piece of cardboard to the *back* of the frame, let it stick out, and put the number there.

Have fun, good luck, may you sell it all!


PS, Check Art Business forum for more advice.

03-05-2010, 01:27 AM
Thanks so much, Charlie. Some of these things I really had not thought about.

Because I still have some time and pastels can be finished and hung the same day, I'm going to try to have primarily Spring and Summer pieces.

With it only being 20' of space total, I figure that's 11' with four divisions, up to to pieces per division. And it's 9' with two divisions. That totals a dozen paintings max, if they're all stacked. I have some, need more, but it's all good.

03-05-2010, 11:01 AM
Bonnie, that sounds so cool! I love your theme. I don't know about other people but 10 Mile Radius would appeal to me if I were walking in, more than a holiday would. Be sure to get photos of the show once it's hung, this is going to rock.

Charlie, I wish someone had told me those things back in the day. I used to sell art at dozens of SF and fantasy convention art shows, and if I'd known those simple things about arranging, I might have done better with them. Especially that bit about lining them up.

The panels for the shows I did back then were just 4 foot by 8 foot pieces of pegboard on poles, and everyone would cram as many pieces as they could onto their panels to pay for the convention. More than two rows didn't seem to hurt sales, sales were mostly on how good the art was and how popular the subject. But I used to hang them all jigsaw higgley piggley with about the same space between them, usually about a hand's width in all directions.

Come to think of it, that's how my sketch wall is organized today, but I like it for a sketch wall and I'm not trying to sell my sketches. Just see all of them on the wal to inspire me to do more. If I was selling art and wanted to do a studio walk-through though, I'd rearrange my sketch wall and line them up like that.