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03-01-2010, 03:24 PM
Hello Artists

Welcome to The Goal Post. This is the thread for you if you are looking for a place to post your art related goals and share them with other goal oriented artists.

Goals are personal and they belong to you. You are in control of your goals and you can change them whenever you want. Be reasonable when setting your goals so you can set yourself up for success. No goal is too small.

Come and join our friendly group. We always like new "Goalies."


03-01-2010, 04:58 PM
I succeeded so well in my February goal that I thought I'd get a little more intense this month. Maybe there'll be more good days in March, now that the weather's warming up.

1) Do at least one good painting in pastels or oil pastels.

2) Continue my art supply reviews blog and post more reviews.

3) Add at least one page to my Oil Pastels website

4) Try a new surface

5) Continue doing sketches and studies

That ought to be enough to be a bit of a stretch without being so much that it's out of reach. I was so surprised last month that doing "sketches and studies" led to a good finished painting that I'm going for one again on purpose. I really like how that last landscape came out.

03-01-2010, 06:52 PM
Robert, that last landscape was really well done. What new surface are you looking at trying?

Goals for this month
1)already done - finished another in the white anemone series and posted it today. #5, I started it last Friday.
2) paint to theme for what Cold Lake means to me, for the local art society show.
3) do the spotlight challenge with the wet underpainting. That looks to be fun.
4) Get photos for a commission tonight and get it finished by the end of the month.
5)Actively try for gallery representation in Edmonton.
6) continue to be active in WC and not just lurking about.
7) Stop whining about how sore I am from this weekend's hockey tournament. It was self inflicted, except for a nasty bruise left by someone else's stick.:evil:

03-01-2010, 06:59 PM
good goals, Robert and Terri...
mine will be sorta general this month: I will
1. Continue doing sketches and tree studies
2. Do at least 2 still life setups
3. Do the Spotlight challenge
4. Experiment with colors I dont usually use
I may add to the list later, but for now it's enough...

03-01-2010, 07:13 PM
Great goals, Terri and Judi!

I've got new sanded papers that I've never tried before. Bought a sanded paper sampler from Dakota and then Kathryn sent me some Richeson sanded paper that's really nice -- it's got a tooth that feels almost as savage as Wallis and it'll probably eat my pastels like candy, but I want to find out what pastels work best on it. Every sanded paper seems to have its own character and favorite pastels/methods.

Just handling it, I know "finger smudging" is not going to be one of its favorite methods unless I feel like eliminating my fingerprints. But it'll probably hold lots and lots of layers! If it goes well, the test painting will turn into the goal one good painting.

Mary Y
03-01-2010, 08:13 PM
Hi Doug, Robert, Terri And Judi.

Doug I hope your back is improving and you can paint.

Robert Well done on last months goals and good luck with the new ones.
Your painting in the spotlight is beautiful all those lovely natural greens from the bright start.
I have been reading your art materiel reviews and I am now the owner of a set of 12 Conte crayons.

Terri, Your white anemome series is lovely.
I had a quick peep at your latest this morning and its stunning.
Good luck with your goals .

Judi I like your goals .
Your tree studies are going from strength to strength

I didn't get as much done last month as I hoped.
Work has a habit of getting in the way.
However I managed to do two WDE.
I tried Paula's landscape challenge though didn't end up posting it .
I lurked and learned in the spotlight thread.
Tried some block studies and read lots of Charlie's SLTCW thread.Binned them but will keep going.

So March.
Spend less time looking and more time painting.
I like the idea of sketches and drawings with no expections.
Do at least one Spotlight this month and one WDE.

I will be away for the last two weeks of March so I think this might be enough.

03-01-2010, 08:42 PM
Hi guys :-) well everyone seems to have some great goals.. and Robert y sure are a busy beaver!..
Well im just excited to be drawing again YAY!
it has only taken almost a year to pull myself out of my slump!..
goals gor this month :

1) finish my graphite commission so i can get stuck into my pastels!

2) Draw every day no matter what even if its a quick sketch

3) learn more about colours and how i can use different colours together without making mud in pastel!

4) improve my pastel technique by learning though the pastel classroom here and books i have at home.. not just reading though actually doing something at the end of reading each topic

okay that should be a good start for this month!

and i just wanted to say that its so wonderful to come to a place like this and get inspired by so many great artists and encouragement to continue ..

good luck everyone with your goals!


03-01-2010, 08:51 PM
Robert- I hope you have better days ahead. You have given yourself a challenge, and with your determination, I am sure you will do well. Good luck.

Terri- Quit your whining!:lol: It never fails, does it? No matter what the level, there is always one stick-swinging-maniac who thinks it is game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. Oh well. I hope you had fun. Good luck in finding a gallery. That would be a big step for you. See you over in the Spotlight challenge.

Judi- You are doing a great job on your sketching and tree studies. Continuing those and participating in th Spotlight should keep you busy. I will see you in the Spotlight and Monthly Sketch threads.

Mary- Very sensible goals if you only have two weeks to do art this month. From the sounds of things, the Spotlight thread is going to be very popular this month. See you there.


03-01-2010, 09:12 PM
Hi, Naomi. I am always glad to hear that somebody is getting back to art. You obviously have very good skills with your graphite drawings and I am sure it will just be a matter of time and practice before you are doing just as well in pastels. I couldn't agree with you more about actually doing something, and not just reading about it in order to learn. Good luck and please check in hear every once in a while to give us updates.


03-01-2010, 10:18 PM
I am going to keep my goals simple this month. Well, kinda:rolleyes: .

In the month of March:

1) I will participate in the Spotlight challenge and paint two paintings from the photos provided.

2) I will paint two sketches a week and post them in the Monthly Sketch thread.

3) I will set up and start a blog to keep track of my artistic journey.

I have to get off my @%# and get going. I have to paint through my pain and not get discouraged and stop feeling sorry for myself. I know there are a lot of people worse off than I am. I must get going with my art, because if I only paint three or four times a month I will never learn anything. I know I am doing better than when I started three years ago, but I want to be better at art. I want to be able to call myself an "artist."

I feel better now. I needed to rant and get some stuff off my chest. Maybe it's from being home alone.:eek: I haven't started talking to myself. Much.:lol: Thanks for listening.


03-02-2010, 06:58 AM
Doug, as long as painting doesn't do you actual harm, do paint through the pain. Painting should give you nice 'happy hormones', so it might even lessen the pain. (My husband has problems with his back, and he's happier doing things.)

Great goals, all!

Charlie's goals:

1) I will get everything ready for my exhibition In Good Time!

2) I will take part in the Spotlight.

3) I will paint at least one big painting.

4) I need to find a live model, for a portrait challenge.

That's all, I really have to focus this month. Thankfully, I'm starting to wake up from the SAD, as the days are so much longer and brighter!


03-02-2010, 02:38 PM
Doug, I feel for you. It does help to paint through the pain. Charlie's right, sometimes it can set off endorphins that help manage the pain. Great goals!

Charlie, yay for a short list of sensible goals. That's going to be so cool when you find a live model, not to mention a big painting. Your exhibition's going to totally rock.

03-02-2010, 04:09 PM
Tick, eleven (11 !!!) sketches and small paintings framed! The best investment I've ever made in art-related supplies is a gun for flexible inserts!

Now they all need wire for haning...

One of these days I may get to paint, too.


(Wonder why that painting is never finished, or worn out in that one spot she paints... :D )


03-02-2010, 04:16 PM
Wow, that's a lot done, Charlie! Yay for doing all that framing. You're right about the gun for flexible inserts, I got to use one at the frame shop and really liked it.

I got in my first sketch of March today, it's in the Tree Studies thread. Yet the umptieth tree study in that sketchbook, but at least it's not the same tree!

03-02-2010, 05:36 PM
Charlie- Wow you are quick. I didn't even get a chance to comment on your goals and you are already ticking them off.:lol: Good for you. That is alot of framing that is now out of the way. I love your little painter.

Robert- I saw your sketch over in the sketch thread and your tree looks great. Keep it up.

I posted a sketch in the Monthly Sketch thread too, so I am on my way.


03-02-2010, 05:56 PM
I have one of those flexible insert guns. Well worth the investment. Good job on ticking away on your goals, Charlie.
Doug, you know you have a colour fixation when you look at bruises from said hockey stick and comment on AS flanders blue violet, bordeaux and other colours from the pastel colour list.
I guess I need to go cruising into the sketches since a few of you have posted already.
Good goals, all.

03-02-2010, 08:44 PM
Doug, i too have a buggered up back.. 2 herniated discs .. i think if you make sure your not in the same position ie sitting or standing for too long that can help and allow you to draw for a little bit longer than you could normally..
also heat packs on my back while im drawnig can help as well...
i understand your frustration.. at the moment im having a forced rest becuase of mine for the next couple of days.. very frustrating.. but i can still sketch and doodle then.. just not sit up properly and draw something decent lol..
i hope you feel better soon

03-03-2010, 10:25 AM
Doug and Naomi....Thinking of you both and hoping your back problems clear up enough to allow you to paint...

Robert: question: Where do 'watersoluble wax pastels' fit into the scheme of things? I found a box of Neocolor II by caran d'arche, which I either bought or someone gave to me some years ago. Never used them..they are in crayon form, and I wonder if you're familiar with them...
I'm following your Art Supplies site....very helpful!

03-03-2010, 11:17 AM
Naomi, take good care of your back!

And I have another Tick: One painting taken out of frame and touched up, and now I'm happy with it!


03-03-2010, 12:42 PM
Charlie- Your are like a clock. Tick, tick, tick..... I am sure there must be some talk, talk, talk as well. :lol: Get it? Tick, talk?:rolleyes: Sorry, I couldn't help myself. And I just woke up ten minutes ago. It must be the home alone syndrome.

Terry- Quote- Doug, you know you have a colour fixation when you look at bruises from said hockey stick and comment on AS flanders blue violet, bordeaux and other colours from the pastel colour list.

:lol: :lol:

Naomi- There are too many of us around here. It always inspires me when I see somebody who has similar problems and they create beautiful paintings and drawings. I am trying to teach myself how to use coloured pencild, so I can still do something while sitting in my recliner.

Things get frustrating at times, but I know I am not alone. I will continue with my art. I am too stubborn to quit.:evil:

Judi- Thanks for your thoughts. I painted for about an hour and a half yesterday and hopefully I will do the same today.


03-03-2010, 05:23 PM
:wave: HI, There, Goalies!

Old February slipped out the back door and it's March already!
No, I did not fall off the edge of the Earth...I'm still here!
However, life got sort of hectic and wild for awhile for me!
Nothing biggie, but it amounts to my cavorting with watercolors and colored pencil too much. I have a way of spreading myself way too thin! :wink2: Yah, I know that happens with watercolors! :lol: :p

My pastel painting of the "Prairie Storm" got off on its own road and turned more into lighter clouds and far too tame. It is an ok painting, but I'm determined to have another go at it and this time be darker with the storm clouds! Sometimes a painting just takes on a life of its own and you have to go with it! :p

OK, March Goals:
Again, I'll be working on other areas, but am determined to keep at least one pastel painting in the works at all times. That is the nice thing about my new studio, as I have a separate area for pastels that can just remain up!
1. Finish a second version of "Prairie Storm" and then do some more cloud paintings in pastel. I have found that PanPastels work really well on clouds!

I finished my drawing class that I was working on and will start the next one: it has to do with faces in graphite.
2. Start and continue lessons in Faces Class in graphite.

3. Continue working my way through Alyona Nickelsen's colored pencil book and doing the projects etc.

4. Work on a series of watercolor studies on ocean waves.

As I have some activities involving family that I will be helping out with, I may not get into here as often as I have in the past. But,
I plan to check in and posts etc. about once a week.
5. Check into Pastel Forum at WC at least once a week.

It sounds as if you all are off and running for a very busy March!:thumbsup:
Go Goalies! Get dusty!:thumbsup: :heart:

03-03-2010, 05:31 PM
Great goals, Elsie, missed you! Was about to call for you.

Doug, what did you drink for breakfast? :-)


03-03-2010, 05:38 PM
Charlie, I think Doug is suffering from empty house blues.

Elsie, have you posted prairie storms? I must go looking for it.

I have another goal to add, I forgot that I need to go into 2 grade 2 classrooms and take photos of them for a printmaking project plus help with said project in 2 different classes. One class with one of my kids and the other, just because the teacher asked nice.

03-03-2010, 06:12 PM
Elsie- Welcome to the Goal Post. We always...... Oh, THAT Elsie!:rolleyes: hehe

You are putting that studio of yours to use. That's good to hear. There is nothing wrong with working in different mediums. You can learn something in one medium and be able to use in it another. Your goals should keep you busy.

Glad you made it here. Take care.

Charlie and Terri- I had my black coffee AND I haven't started talking to my appliances. Okay, the TV doesn't count.:D I keep in touch with my loving family every day. We text each other. My thumbs move pretty fast now.:cool:

I have finished my second sketch and posted it, so that is a weekly tick. I even have my 3rd sketch sitting on my easel drying from a coat of SpectraFix. Doing a test on it to see how it helps with layering. We will see.

Have a good day everybody.


btw- I am now a LORD OF THE ARTS. :cool:

03-03-2010, 06:38 PM
Charlie....you're really forging ahead ...GOOD for YOU!
Terri....one more good goal to go...
everyone is off to such a good start this month...hope we can all keep it up...

03-03-2010, 07:14 PM
Doug, congratulations! I love your sketches, they come in the category of "finished small paintings" to me actually. Gorgeous. I liked your Spotlight painting too. Colored pencils and quite small pastels are good for curling up in an armchair and babying your back. I should know (notice nothing over 9 x 12" from me) lol.

Elsie, great goals! I'd love to see that Prairie Storm even if you lightened the clouds and turned it into a nicer day.

Charlie, your ticks are inspirational!

I'm doing good on sketches and studies, sketched again today. I'm not sure but I think my Autumn Fire painting for Spotlight counts as a good painting for goal one -- it will if I don't do any more that developed. But I probably will. It's okay to do more than one. I'm happy with it.

I also found a bottle of 91% alcohol so I can try the Alcohol Underpainting technique next, that's going to be really cool.

03-03-2010, 08:25 PM
Doug and Naomi....Thinking of you both and hoping your back problems clear up enough to allow you to paint...

Robert: question: Where do 'watersoluble wax pastels' fit into the scheme of things? I found a box of Neocolor II by caran d'arche, which I either bought or someone gave to me some years ago. Never used them..they are in crayon form, and I wonder if you're familiar with them...
I'm following your Art Supplies site....very helpful!

Brain flip! I'm out in the fog today, I read this and meant to answer because I love those Caran d'Ache Neopastel II... then got distracted while replying in general.

They are, for all practical purposes, oil pastels. They handle like oil pastels. Technically they're watersoluble wax artist's crayons. But for how you use them, how opaque they are, whether you can use them with oil pastels and the results you get -- they're really good oil pastels. My absolute favorite watersolubles.

I finally bought a set of 84 to replace the set of 40 that I used to own in New Orleans and found out all over again why I love them. Except that I handle them better now of course. They are splendid.

Try them on black or dark papers. They are extremely opaque and when you use broken color on black with light and mid range colors, the drama is incredible. Wash them and they're like gouache, you can also swipe a wet brush on the stick to pick up color. Basically a lot like Cretacolor Aqua Stic watersoluble oil pastels, but more creamy and more pigment rich.

Another *tick* just like Charlie, I did do an entry today for my art supply review blog! Did my Cretacolor pastel pencils since I'd just used them. But I'll do the Neocolor II ones for my OP site and for that blog. Got to write two versions of the review (and maybe decorate with different art so people don't get bored reading both versions of the same opinion). They do belong on the OP site and I've got a spot for them marked off, just haven't written them up yet.

So far that's three goals poked at -- a small good painting, sketched today, did an art supply review today. I'm doing great for it only being the third of the month. Maybe this month will be a good one.

03-04-2010, 03:00 AM
Okay, today was insanely productive. I sketched, I wrote my art supply review, then I even dug out an unfinished diptych that I owe a friend in Australia and got going on it again after her incredible patience waiting over a year for progress. It's actually moving again.

Now if I can just get going on Miss Barbara's Landscape, that'll be great too. I might try that underpainting technique for it. Maybe I should have added "Work on all the art that I have promised to other people."

03-04-2010, 01:01 PM
Doug, congrats to being Lord of the Arts! And, it is OK to talk to the microwave, the kettle, and the computer, they like it, and perform better.

Robert, good *ticks*!

*Tock*: One painting reworked and (hopefully) finally finished. It is the "Scape", and I bumped it up in Studio by updating it at the tail end of the post.

If I do the Spotlight hay-rolls, I'll call it "Baleful".... :-D


03-04-2010, 02:54 PM
Charlie, wicked awesome title for your upcoming Spotlight, you've got to do that one. I'm off to See Scape.

*Tick* another unstated goal knocked over -- opened my Maimeri Gouache tubes and charted them, testing them with a nice range of values each. I keep adding new goals as I start in on them, how scattered is that?

6) Work on art that I owe people, delayed gifts or commissions or swaps.

7) Do at least one gouache tree or landscape with trees for the three-month "Gouache Corner Challenge Thread Jan-Feb-March" in the Watercolor forum. I started it and did some nice monochromes in January, but want to do some polychrome ones while the challenge is still on!

Doug, she's right. Talking to machines does make them perform better. I purr at them too, just goes to show I'm bilingual English-Feline. Then again, Ari is pretty good with them too.

03-04-2010, 03:41 PM
Robert, are you going to use the gouache for an under painting too? Sorry don't mean to add to your goal list.

Robert, have you hear of a pastel paper called saber tooth from a company in Quebec? I felt some and it feels like it has quite an aggressive tooth but I don't know what I could compare it too. I wimped out on buying some as I hate watching pastel dust pile up on my easel.

All hail, Doug, newly appointed Lord of the Arts!!! Well done.

So Doug, were you yelling at the TV "SHOOT!!!!!" by chance last Sunday?

One underpainting painting completed and posted, 2 underpaintings waiting for pastel application.

03-04-2010, 03:57 PM
Hail Doug, Lord of the Arts!

I might try a gouache underpainting if I thin it enough so that it doesn't fill every bit of tooth in the paper! It'd be like a variation on my watercolor underpaintings. Depends on how many Spotlight ones I do.

I think have a sample of Saber Tooth from Dakota Pastels, which I think is what you're talking about. There's something from Art Spectrum... right, theirs is Super Tooth. I'm not sure which it is, but I think they're all labeled so I can check when I get into that. It's pretty savage, whichever it is!

I haven't used it yet though. That's part of my "try new surfaces" goal -- first use the Richeson sanded paper to satisfy Kathryn's curiosity and mine, then depending on how long it takes to finish that painting, go after the Dakota sampler. I might be doing that goal for several months to come, there's a lot of different sanded papers in it.

I'd go ahead and try it, don't wimp out. But if it feels like that, then treat it like Wallis, maybe do a dry underpainting, use quite soft pastels, layer to the max and don't finger smudge.

Yay for your finished underpainting painting! I'll go look!

03-04-2010, 04:10 PM
:wave: Hi, there, Goalies!

March is marching right along! When my daughter, Julia, was very small, (her birthday is March 1st), she would say her birthday was "The first of Marching!" :lol: My "baby" just turned 39:eek: ....time flies when you're having a good time! :wink2:

"Prairie Storm" is still taped to the board on the easel and unphotographed!
Better git off my .....and get myself down there with the camera and get it posted.

Charlie and the rest of you are "tick-tocking" off your goals:
Here are a couple ticks for me.....:p
I got my ending drawings photographed and send off for my graphite drawing course! :clap: :clap: :clap: I did my "beginning" drawing for the next one, FACES and got that photographed and sent off! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I found a book I could not find, on colored pencil, ....pays to clean my study more often! :eek: :wink2:

So, I'm making progress!
I'll try to get "Prairie Storm" posted.....it looks more like "Prairie light rain" :lol:
but I said this painting had a mind of it's own!
I started off with sticks and just could not get the clouds going. So I picked up a PP tool and started messing with them. Then I just started dipping into the pans and things when much better!

Keep Marching into March! :p

03-04-2010, 04:46 PM
I found a book I could not find

Elsie, this is seriously deep, metaphysical, quantum physics, string theory, and pure obscure philosophy! :D


03-04-2010, 05:12 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


03-04-2010, 08:45 PM
Hi Guys! just dropping in for an update.. i am back drawing and im happy to say that my Snow leopard drawing is almost finished.. im really excited because for the first time in ages im happy with a picture close to finishing it.. normally because im such a perfectionist i kinda give up towards the end and really hate whatever it is i have done...
So this is huge progress for me! and bodes well for exploring pastel more which i can do starting tomorrow as my drawing will be done today yay!

Oh i have found something to be a huge help incase anyone else battles crazy self deprecating thoughts while drawing.. listening to audiobooks on an ipod! seriously a godsend..

Anyways i look forward to perusing the pastel thread to see what you guys have been up to!


03-04-2010, 09:47 PM
Thanks to you all, for your kind words about my new ranking of LORD OF THE ARTS. It was hard work and dedication to..... okay, it was just alot of talking, and my family says I do too much of that. And yes, I do talk to other appliances. (Doug, to coffee maker; Come on!!! What's taking so long!!! Oh, I thought you were on.:o )

Robert- You are doing great with your goals. You have so much going on. Keep it up, because it is very inspiring to others.

Charlie- Ah, come on. I really like the ticks better than tocks. :D Keep on tick tocking.

Terry- There was no time to yell anything before Sid the Kid scored. But I couldn't stop yelling, "YES, YES, YES!!!!":thumbsup: Keep on painting. You are on a roll.

Elsie- It always feels so good to get those lessons sent off. I guess it gives you that feeling of accomplishment. Have fun with your pans.

Naomi- It sounds like somebody is going to get her hands dusty tomorrow. It's good to hear you are happy with you snow leopard drawing. To me, it seems the longer it take me to finish something, the least happy I am with it. :confused: Good luck with your pastels.


03-04-2010, 10:20 PM
Doug, thanks! I think it's the weather. Today it nearly hit sixty outside. That's been taking the edge off the arthritis to the point where I'm grumpy and complaining instead of coiled up insensible and incapable. I noticed the temperature and connected that with my recent spurt of goals ticking -- yep, Spring is arriving in Arkansas even if she hasn't dressed up in green yet.

Elsie, congratulations! Especially on mailing in the lessons and finding the book you couldn't find. I've got one or two of those still hiding but if the weather continues to get better, I'll have a day when I can root through the book-drift and supplies stack under my table or even clean my closet and throw out stuff.

That's not something I can plan as a month-goal, but it's something to look forward to anyway. Given how good the weather here can get, it's a real possibility. So is plein air next summer, for real. I think that's what a lot of my "sketches and studies" goal is about -- practice for plein air, so that when I get out to the pretty places this summer with supplies in hand, I don't choke up and noodle over details instead of loosely capturing the scene with truer color than my camera.

Naomi, congratulations on snow leopard progress! I should do a good one sometime, I have a WDE sketch I did to work from and really like it.

I finally napped after my all-nighter, but still feel like going to bed early tonight so that I can do more tomorrow. The weather's going to be even better, sunny and three degrees warmer at the high.

03-04-2010, 10:56 PM
HI, there Goalies!

Charlie......in this study there are things buried that are very way out there in the philosophical hinterlands.....
A non-art goal for me THIS WEEK...nothing doing about this month!! is to get this little room "of one's own" shoveled out! There were piles of books and stuff, genealogy files etc. over most of the floor! I could not get to the shelves to find what I knew was there!
So, Bob and I carried out into the living room all the stuff from the floor.:eek:
Now, I've been pulling stuff off shelves and tossing out stuff I should have parted company with years ago:eek:
I'm finding all sorts of stuff! :clap:
The good news is that I can now start to bring more current stuff back in!
:thumbsup: :p
And I FOUND MY PAPER DOLLS! :clap: I know, I know, she's 70 years old and still plays with paper dolls! :p

Doug, Terri and all! Both versions of "Prairie Storm" are posted in the Gallery! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Funny old world: I thought the "Prairie Storm 1" was the light one and so I did the second one.....When I got finished, #1 looks more stormy than #2! :p So run on over to the gallery and have a peek!

So: Tick-tock....That's done!
I got some fabulous red, yellow, orange and green peppers at the market!
So, I'm off to the kitchen to take some photos of them. Play time!:cat:

Keep Marching right along! :thumbsup:

03-05-2010, 10:53 AM
Elsie, that is so cool! Looking forward to your peppers painting and hope that with getting to go through all that stuff, you find all your missing books and art stuff and get inspired. Both versions of Prairie Storm rocked.

I'm... awake? It's eight in the morning, not a time of day I usually see unless I stayed up late. Therefore, today there will be sketching!

03-05-2010, 12:57 PM

Go Robert! SKETCH!!!!!:thumbsup:

03-05-2010, 02:05 PM
Elsie- One of the benefits of cleaning your studio, is finding stuff you forgot all about. It's almost as much fun as opening a parcel from Dakota or Blick. And heck of a lot less expensive.:lol:

Robert- Have fun sketching in the daylight. I am an early riser. In the ten days my wife and daughter have been away, the latest I slept was 8:00. I find I have more energy in the morning and start fading as the day goes by.

Well, I have the photo picked out for the Spotlight painting and I have the paper sized and ready to go. I am going big (for me) on this one. 11 x 14 might not be very large to some, but to me it is a billboard. Just taking a rest before attacking it.

I hope you all have a good painting day.

Lord Doug:evil:

03-05-2010, 02:22 PM
Have a good painting day Doug and Robert. I frittered away my morning doing the minutes for the local art society. I get to take in a painting I sold to get framed this afternoon and have another meeting with said local art society.
Elsie, I enjoyed your Prairie Storms. There is a lot of canola grown around here and when it is in bloom, it is bright yellow. So when you get the dark storm clouds in the background and sun on the canola, it truly is amazing. Not sure what your agricultural landscape is like by you or if you get to experience that particular combination.

Today's goal was to get into the studio to start the commission but that will have to happen on Monday.
I have made contact with the gallery in Edmonton today and will be booking an appointment later in the month to take in some work.
I also need to enter the Canadian Brushstokes Magazine floral/still life competition as well as the Art Without Borders juried show this month.
The above mentioned magazine is a free online magazine if anyone is interested.
I am enjoying the sun, though. It's + 8, the snow is melting and making a muddy mess, but the glorious sunshine. MMMMMMM.

Have a great day, all!

03-05-2010, 03:04 PM
Doug, yay for Spotlight prep! You're right, 11" x 14" is a billboard to me too. So many of mine are 4 x 6" or 5 x 7" or thereabouts... heck, maybe I'll do a big 9" x 12" one sometime this month as it's getting warmer and nicer. You're lucky to be a natural early riser. I've always been a natural night owl, despite now being so fond of sunlight. I just need longer days!

Elsie, I sketched -- it's posted -- might even sketch again! I think that's the big advantage of getting up this early -- it's one now and that's usually when I wake up, so I've still sort of got the whole day ahead of me.

Terri, that was altruistic of you, doing the minutes for the local art society. Something they ought to really appreciate and an accomplishment in its own right, that counts. Good luck on the Edmonton gallery. Please message me the URL for the free brushstrokes magazine, I'd like to subscribe. More art magazines help me get through the chronic-fatigue-pain hours when I'm not up to actual painting and sketching.

So glad you have sunshine too, despite mud and slush it feels so good. I don't have mud and slush, just bare trees and dead leaves and grass to look at. But the sky's nice and blue and clear. It's going to hit a high in the 60s for the next four days according to the forecast. I might be doing a painting blizzard during this launch window.

*Tick* another unstated goal done on impulse and posted after the fact...

9) Sort my Art Spectrum Pure Tones, break all the sticks to put all the colors in one box and peel labels off the box that's in use. Done! I also discovered two duplicate colors in it, but thankfully they're both useful blues.

03-05-2010, 05:46 PM
Elsie...How serendipitious to find lost treasures!
Doug...am looking forward to you next Spotlight work...
Terri...I offered to take notes at our ArtLeague meeting last month...now I'm expected to do it again this month! (I'm NOT the secretary!)
Robert...I really like your latest sketches. and I saw your new pastels, nice and orderly, in the Scumble thread.
That clinched it for me. I had already decided another goal for this month would be to do what Deborah suggested, laying them all out in values. Now I'm more determined to get some order to my mess of pastels...especially since I just ordered some more from Blick's.
BUT....how often do your pastels look like that in everyday use?
When I'm using them, they end up in no particular order whatsoever. How do you keep them orderly?
I reaaally want to know.....:)

03-05-2010, 07:25 PM
Judi- Before I start another painting, I take a couple of minutes and put my sticks back where I got them from. I kind of sort mine by tone in each hue. I don't beat myself up if it isn't perfect. It does keep them neater than before.:o



I put the Polychromos on the left of the other sticks when I am finished with them. The tray on the right, infront of the Pans, is what I put the stickson, when doing a painting. I am keeping the TL Maggie Price Value set in the box they came in. lol The wood box under the TL's is a set of Richeson handmade pastels that I just use for finishing touches.

There is no perfect way. It took me a couple of years to figure that out. I hope this helps you. If not, just look at the pretty pastels.:D


03-05-2010, 07:26 PM
Judi, I am the secretary so I get to do the minutes on a regular basis. As for organizing my pastels, they are on 6 cookie sheets, split into the primary colours, secondaries (orange, green, purple) as well as browns and grey scale. The right side is lowest in value proceeding to the darkest on the left. I keep the pastels I am using for a painting in a separate container and return them to the cookie sheets after the painting is done. I think I posted the set up in the Jan or Feb goal posts when we were comparing messy studios.

03-05-2010, 07:49 PM
Doug and Terri...Thanks. It will be hard for me to change my habit of leaving them in the boxes they come in, pooling the ones I use the most in a flat box , and picking others out as needed from their boxes. But I think I need to do it. I think it will save some space, as well.
Terri, I am going to look back into that thread. It always helps to see how others do things...
Wish I had a camera that would work, to take some pics to show of my space...oh well...my kids have said they plan to get me one....but I'm getting impatient waiting....LOL.

03-05-2010, 10:34 PM
Judi, mine always look like that from years of working out of the boxes sets come in. While I'm working I sometimes tilt the one I used on end leaning against the foam so it sticks up, then after I'm done I tuck them all in again. I just put one down back in place before picking up another. But I'm not working with thousands of pastels at a time.

I open another box when I switch hardness. I rotate which ones I'm using. If I had a large table I might spread out more at a time, which is why I'm thinking about getting a wood box and organizing it like Doug's -- or cleaning out the Yarka box and using it to arrange pieces of every good pastel I've got with a version of that arrangement.

Doug, that's cool how you did it with the light tints in the center! If I use the Yarka box after finishing it with stain or paint and varnish, that'll give me four narrow rows -- but I could arrange them like that and have eight different color areas. Spectrum colors and then browns to one end, grays to the other in the last one. That would be cool.

Of course I don't know if they'll all fit that neatly when I'm done. I'll have to see what I've got and what I need for a box. Might have to buy one anyway.

Terri, your system with the cookie sheets makes sense too. That's awesome.

For those who haven't seen it in the Scumble, here's my newly reorganized Art Spectrum box with all the sticks halved so all sixty colors are in one box.


Nowhere near as extensive as Doug's collection, but then I haven't tried to do this to every set of pastels I own either.

03-06-2010, 07:36 AM
Judi, beware of ever doing minutes, you'll get hauled in before you can blink! And everybody will love you for doing the minutes, they are important.

Sorting pastel sticks according to hue and value *helps*! It is *much* easier to find what one is looking for when the are in which to look is so much smaller. For some reason, I manage to put sticks back in the beginning of a painting, but not towards the end. I try to group them according to hue on the towel I use for a 'palette', and search for a stick amongst those I've used elsewhere on the painting, and secondly I look in the box. At some point, I put them all back in the box, definitely before starting another painting.

Great "goal-keeping" from you all. I had one of those improductive days yesterday, but managed to take a walk in the bright sunshine, and then I was social in the evening. Met some new people. It is funny how they react to my being an artist. Some say: "I know this and that artist, they paint wonderfully." Others say: "I am creative too, and plan to start when I retire." Then we have: "My daughter is so gifted, I've put her in a school with extra art on the curriculum." And then the odd one asks: "What kind of style do you paint in?" I feel like a monkey at the zoo... :-)


03-06-2010, 11:09 AM
Charlie, it makes sense putting sticks back at the beginning and not at the end. At the end you're going back and forth between colors reusing the same ones more often in the tweaking. As long as they get sorted before the next painting it works.

I'll probably still be living with mine in their set boxes for a while, but I'm reorganizing by value and color as I use the sets. I don't need to keep them in the same order they came in the box even when I'm keeping them in the same box! And I should break sticks and unwrap them again as I use them, that was so handy for the Art Spectrums. I lost a few bits in the process but using the side strokes really helped on yesterday's hay bale sketch.

I should remember to dampen a wash cloth or towel when I start pasteling instead of just dipping the dry one into a tub of watercolor water when I forgot to. It'd be cleaner water. lol

I'm adding to my goals as the weather shapes up and I'm beginning to see what this month is going to be like -- what possibilities I have. Last year in Kansas, March was ruinous. Pressure changed every couple of hours and I could barely move or think, let alone draw or paint or write or anything. I feel like the good weather's coming early this year and did so much in the past few days.

So I'm adding more goals. Here's the amended list (some done).

MARCH 2010 goals
1) one good painting tick
2) art supply reviews blog tick
3) OP site page
4) Try a new surface
5) Sketches and studies tick
6) Art I owe people ticking
7) Gouache Corner painting
8) Sort and break AS pastels tick
9) Mat and frame art I bought
10) Reorganize sketch wall

I put "ticking" because I really want to finish it now, and can see that if I kick that piece to the top of my priorities I might succeed. But I need to mat and frame art first, maybe I can work on it after I've done some mat cutting and unscrewed the frame to check the back board size. It's a bit challenging but the weather's going over sixty today, it's sunny, and I woke up at seven thirty this morning. I have all day to work on that.

03-06-2010, 04:27 PM
*tick-tock*... for *two* large paintings framed, one of them matted.

I only have this hand-held cutter, and an aluminium wallpaper 'ruler', but it works fine, and I develop muscles...

*Tick* for having written the invitation with correct dates and address.


03-06-2010, 05:16 PM
Congratulations, Charlie! I'm impressed. Yay for the invitations, the matting and the framing! Yours is pretty close to my mat cutting setup, I got the Logan Team System which is basically a big aluminum ruler with a guide rail on it and a hand cutter, then got the straight cutter separately. It does the job... if I can find the hand cutters.

I realized I hadn't actually cut mats yet in this house. The guide rail was downstairs in the garage till a couple of months ago but Karl found it. The hand cutters are in one of the tubs or a drawer in the taboret. Trouble is, so many tubs to go through! I know I packed them carefully so they'd be easy to find, but the reorganization means that is probably at the bottom of a stack.

Or someplace so obvious I just couldn't think of it.

But I did a WDE sketch on the actual weekend of the WDE, that counts for something. "Tick* again for Sketches & Studies.


Found them. Of course they were in a tub on a bathroom shelf. Isn't that where everyone keeps their mat cutters? The last place I looked. But I found lots of other things too and the poppy I did in oil sticks that was stacked on top of the box to dry is now completely dry.

03-06-2010, 07:37 PM
Charlie and Robert...you have done so well at tick-tocking off your goals! And it's only the first week of march!

I started sorting my 'old' pastels today...have a little semblance of order. And just in time! WOW my Blick order just came...the convertible easel looks great....and it IS assembled! I just have to carry it downstairs...

And the Art Spectrum, Contes, senneliers, and Faber-castells...yummm. Cant wait to try them all....

Feels like Christmas...

03-06-2010, 07:45 PM
I bet it does, Judi! Congrats on organizing. Get photos of your new goodies, I would love to see it all ranged around the great new convertible easel. I have a convertible easel and it's so cool, it's been so useful. There's a thread up in Oil Pastel Talk "Art Supply Addicts Anonymous" for posting all about new supplies too, you could post there in detail.

I got a package of new supplies too, not quite so huge but exciting anyway. All my Derwent review supplies came. I've charted my new six-color bubble pack of pastel pencils already. As usual, they're so good at selecting good mixing colors for a small set that I can do a nice drawing with these for the review. Plus another six-pack of the hard pastels in sketching browns, plus pencil extenders, 12 watercolour pencils and 12 Coloursoft.

I charted the watercolour pencils too and their new formula rocks. Need to do something cool in those so I can write that review.

New review written today starting the Derwent Fortnight! I decided to kick off with the Pencil Extenders so that I'd have something to post today and plenty of time to start doing the example artworks. Meanwhile I need to cut mats and prepare for Cat-Wombat Version 2.0... this is going to be a heck of a weekend!

03-07-2010, 01:06 PM
Robert- Way to knock off those goals. Adding more goals? Wow, you are on a roll. Maybe it's the early rising.;) Have fun with your new treats.

Judi- Is it Christmas and nobody told me? :eek: :lol: Enjoy all those new pastels. There is no better feeling than opening a new box of pastels. I can't wait to see all your new creations. Have fun.


03-07-2010, 02:47 PM
*Tick* -- new review posted, Derwent Watercolour Pencils. Onward to more today, I've spent more of the morning just goofing online but I got something done already. Want to sketch!

Yep, Doug, I'm on a roll. I don't even think it's the early rising so much as the fact that the weather warmed past a certain point -- the point where my body can start to function again. With any luck my winter downtime has ended. I hope it just keeps getting better and doesn't dip down below my threshold again or start whipsawing my arthritis with pressure changes.

This morning was soggy but it's cleared up now and I'm feeling better. I love this climate. Back in Kansas this would be a month of mostly bed rest in agony.

03-07-2010, 03:10 PM
Judi, what a feast!

Robert, nice varied goodies from Derwent!

*Tick* Newsletter written (with the exhibition invitation included, the one I ticked before) and other useful stuff for exhibition goers. I only need to have dinner, check it the last time, and send it!

*Tick*, dinner had, and newsletter sent.


03-07-2010, 03:21 PM
Yay for a beautiful newsletter! I opened it and looked at the pretty pictures, admiring the Swedish text and appreciating your note that the next one will be in both languages. Beautiful pictures! Wish I could just travel casually, would love to see that exhibition in person!

I need to use a Derwent product today... maybe pastel pencils!

*tick* -- I got out the archival foam board for backing and the two big archival mat boards, an exertion in itself, and marked them up for the outer dimensions of the big mat and back board. At 20" x 24" that took some doing. Now I need to sit still and rest before measuring the painting exactly at the crop marks, then mark up the inner mat windows.

Then rest, and take the big boards and mat cutter downstairs where I've got space to cut up the big mats. Cutting the smaller mats is something I can do right in my room with the pieces left over, but the big one's going to take spreading out down in the living room and warning Karl & Kitten to get the dogs out in the yard so they don't run over it.

After the mat cutting, assembling the frame and hinging the art to the backboard should be a whole lot easier! But that's another physical-intensive task and I'll break this one down into stages so I don't overdo it on my back.

03-07-2010, 03:50 PM
Robert, thanks. I can't sort people who're on my newsletter, otherwise I'd've sent this one to Swedes only.

Mat-cutters, yes, obviously the bathroom is the self-evident place to keep them! LOL!

I too occupy the dining room table for framing and mat-cutting -- in fact, the whole livingroom is a workshop right now, and hubby has problems with it, poor mite. I need to clear it tomorrow, as I get guests on Tuesday.


03-07-2010, 10:20 PM
wow everyone is marching along with their goals so fast!!
the organising pastels is very interesting.. im wondering if i shouldnt do that with mine?.. i have a full set of senneliers so i have just kinda kept them how they came.. partly because they havent seen much use yet lol.. but i have a few sets of hard pastels like nupastel and fabercastell as well...
I know i really need to learn more about which colour belongs to what family.. purple blue, green blue etc etc then all the tints.. kinda gets confusing..

Anyways i fnially have finished my snowleopard and im ready to pastel lol..
I put a link here to my snowleopard if you want to see... click on the picture if it comes up small.. cause its hard to view unless its larger..


Anyways i wanted to share because im really proud of it.. its been a long time since i have been proud of my work instead of uber critical.. so im even prouder of that lol...
now im going to transfer my new confidence into my new medium..

My plan is to start a WIP of a still life in the pastel forum that way i can hopefully learn from others as i go.. im going with Wallis on that..
Also im going to try maybe an animal of sort on maybe a different surface and see how i go with that...
I have seen some people eg Holley do some amazing animals on canson.. so im thinking of trying that.. and i have plenty of it lying around lol..

Hmm i always feel such trepidation when i start new drawings.. i much prefer the middle stage when you can see its going to turn out or not lol..

wish me luck lol

03-07-2010, 10:26 PM
You have every reason to be proud of that snow leopard, congratulations! Why not try doing the same cat in pastels? It'd be wonderful and maybe the start of the new piece wouldn't be as intimidating if it's a familiar subject.

03-07-2010, 11:07 PM
thanks Robert :-) hmm thats a good idea.. but i think im spent on snow leopards for the moment.. graphite is notoriously slow.. and i think i will go nuts if i have to look at another one for a bit lol.. esp the same one...

I have a question though... when you first do the block in with pastel.. is it supposed to be the darkest colour in the item? then you add the mid tones then the highlights then the detail in that order?
Just trying to work out a process.. as i dont block in at all in pencil its detail from the start...
Also say you want to darken something do you use the same colour in a darker tint ie use a dark green to darken a light green .. or do you use its complement ie a red to darken the colour?

With colour pencil i tended to use lots of complimentary colours.. but i could get away with that i think because they dont blend like the pastels do?

Just want to avoid making mud ha ha

thanks for your help

03-08-2010, 12:51 AM
Block in a base color or midtone. Your call whether you want to sketch in and establish darks first or just establish masses of color, both methods work.

I learned a method in Charlie's class -- ESP: Still Life the Colourful Way to block in with warm spectrum bright colors in the lit areas of the masses and cool spectrum bright colors in the shadow areas, which vaguely gets the values going in the right direction as well as hue. Also sometimes I'll match value if it's an overall value for the area instead of just a small detail dark. Then in two more stages work toward getting the hue and value accurate in smaller and smaller sections of those masses, then in the very last fourth stage add the final details.

It goes a lot faster than the way I used to do it in graphite or colored pencil by establishing darks and then working patiently over everything with layer after layer of detailed work till it's done. It's working loose to tight as well as bright to natural. The garish underlayers shine through and brighten the final colors even if they're grays and browns. But that's one method, a tonalist method would block in dark areas, medium value areas and light areas separately and then start detailing.

Either way work loose to tight, get broad areas of color and value in first and then start detailing. I often fill in with texture strokes even in the broad areas as I do sometimes from the second layer on, because then I have multiple layers of say short slanted windblown grass strokes or horizontal water-ripple strokes or scribbly foliage strokes with all the color changes. But laying the sticks on their sides for a big sweep is a texture too and can fill a mass of color in just a few strokes in a beautiful way.

*Tick* I just did another sketch in Derwent Pastel Pencils on gray Mi Tientes, please look at the Sketch Thread and vote on which one should illustrate my review of the pencils tomorrow.

03-08-2010, 03:54 AM
Hey thanks Robert thats a big help.. the tonalist method speaks to me so i might try that one first.. coming from a pencil background that might make sense to me for now.. then i can experiment with other methods...
thanks so much or your help!
oh and i checked out your sketches great stuff!

03-08-2010, 09:56 AM
I've been going over complements with scumbling and crosshatching doing Charlie's method and it does work in pastels. Layering like that works much better on sanded papers and it also helps to have a light hand and scumble and absolutely not finger blend. You don't get the mud if it's not overblended, you get optical mixing where it's all sparkly and looks like an Impressionist did it.

03-08-2010, 10:58 AM
Charlie- I sign up for your newsletter, so of course the first one I get is in Swedish.:lol: I look forward to the next one. I can just imagine your house/ workshop. Your poor husband probably doesn't know where to sit and not what to touch. Oh well, that's his problem, not yours.:evil: Keep the ticks coming.

Robert- Take it easy on your back. As you said, don't over do it. I'll head over to the sketch thread to take a look at your sketches.

Naomi- Wow, your snow leopard drawing is fantastic. It is HUGE! Beautiful work. Now it is time for colour! Get those sticks out and start experimenting. Good luck.

I picked up some inexpensive frames the other day and framed my 5 x 7 trees painting and the same sized tree demo from Paula's 30 in 30 thread. They are hanging on the wall in our livingroom. My wife will be surprised (hopefully in a good way) when she gets home tomorrow.

I got some bad news yesterday. Just when I started painting, I got a phone call. My aunt passed away. I knew it was coming, but it still hit me hard. So, I didn't do any more painting yesterday and I don't know if I will do any today. We will see.

I won't be doing any painting tomorrow, because I will be driving to the airport to pick up my wife and daughter. I can't wait to see them.

Happy painting everyone.


03-08-2010, 01:33 PM
That's so sad, Doug. I feel for you, you must have been so close to her. Great that you're getting to see your wife and daughter again though!

Today I got up at eight in the morning again, amazing.

*Tick* Wrote my review of Derwent Pastel Pencils and settled on "both" thanks to some of the comments about the sketches. In a bit I'll get up to measure the painting and mark up the big boards for inner window shapes. This is going to be so great when I'm done framing Orangerie, especially if I have the energy to bang a nail into a wall afterward to hang it.

03-08-2010, 05:46 PM
Sorry about your loss, Doug. The bright spot is that your family will be close at hand very soon for comfort.

Starting on the line drawing of the commission. I ended up having to go and get more photos as night photos hide a lot and I want to be able to correctly imply what is hidden.

Naomi, I saw your snow leopard painting. As well I saw your all sorts painting with D. Ponting, well done. I am really looking forward to seeing some of your animal portraits in colour.

Robert and Charlie, good job on ticking off the goals.

03-08-2010, 06:44 PM
Vanished post... rewriting.

Doug, so sorry for your loss. No matter how expected it is, it is still a surprise -- quite a paradox.


Small 'tick', five mats cut.


03-08-2010, 07:08 PM
dear Doug...So very sorry for your loss...surrounding you with thoughts of love and comfort....

03-08-2010, 07:46 PM
Thanks to every one of you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.


03-08-2010, 08:28 PM
Hi Doug so sorry about your aunt.. you must be relieved that your family is coming home though :-) it will help ease the shock some..
Thanks everyone for your comments on the snow leopard.. im excited to do some animal portraits in pastel.. but for now i think i need to go slow and work out how to use these pastels some more without worrying about crazy detail lol..
I have just started the outline for a picture in the ref library of some cherries on a plate by mustcreate.. i tried to do it ages ago.. but im changing surfaces to Wallis.. and hopefully i will have better luck this time after doing the ponting tutorial.. and with help from Roberts ideas..
I am committing myself to no matter how much it may stink to keep posting as its the only way i will ever learn.. gotta get brave sometime!


03-09-2010, 12:40 AM
ok well i finally got started on my wip.. way out of my comfort zone.. but i keep telling myself i will get to where i want to be if i dont give up..
hmm i may need to keep saying this to myself as a mantra lol


03-09-2010, 01:03 AM
My personal favorite, Naomi, is no guts, no glory.

03-09-2010, 07:44 AM
Naomi, it is really good to step out of the comfort zone now and then, you'll grow a lot from doing that!


Mary Y
03-09-2010, 10:18 AM
Doug , I am sorry to hear about your aunt.

Naomi your snow leopard is beautiful.

Hi Terri and Judi .

Robert I liked both your dandelion sketch and the painting of the strawberries

Charlie you are zooming through your goals this month.


I only managed one post in the landscape challenge and none in this weeks WDE.
Only two more days to work and then I have two weeks of.
I am hoping I can log on a few times while I am travelling.

03-09-2010, 10:25 AM
Dear Charlie...
Happy Birthday to you, :music:
Happy Birthday to you...:music:
Happy birthday, dear charlie,:music: Happy Birthday, to you!:music:

03-09-2010, 01:30 PM
Aw, thank you guys! I'm doing low-key celebration today, but will host a dinner on Saturday.

My Mother-in-law sent a pack of three textile handkerchiefs -- so I asked Hubby if she thinks I'm snotty! :-D


Phil Bates
03-09-2010, 05:22 PM
Happy Birthday Charlie!

I've never chimed on this thread, but I thought I would share what's been going on lately.

Very busy lately editing footage for Dawn Emerson. I've learned a lot from her, so it's definitely not time wasted. I'll post some of this video in another thread some day soon. I travel to Hawaii on Thursday to do a Helicopter aerial shoot. It may sound like fun (and it is), but it's still work and stressful. Since we fly very low I can often look through the footage and get single frames that will work as reference for painting, so I will be looking for that. All this has kept me from painting lately, and I my pastels are calling me. I want to have something new to enter in the PSWC show, but I have to carve out the time to paint! Hopefully, not too long and I will get behind (or in front of?) the easel and get to work again.


03-09-2010, 09:45 PM
Courage, Naomi!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Phil, that sounds like it's going to be great! Hope you do find time to paint!

Finished my colored pencils marbles and crystal piece for Coloursoft review, posted Coloursoft review today. *tick*

I'm going to be doing a lot of things soon that aren't pastels, but tomorrow's review is pastels so I'll have something new to post here. And maybe get to the gouache trees landscape. Then maybe keep pastel sketching between pencil drawings to illustrate Derwent reviews.

03-10-2010, 02:27 PM
Phil, Robert, thank you!

Phil, carving out time to paint is a great goal.

I'm "ticking" like a Geiger meter :::::::::::::::::::::::: :-), 36 paintings and sketches framed, and hooked and wired! (And matted -- not all -- and glass polished, and frames reopened and specks removed, and signed, and....) Hanging on the 16th, so I'm in good time (for once...) -- (with framing... and inviting. Now there are just tons of other stuff to do, pricelist, get sticky numbers, print business-cards, print art cards, call people to invite, send handwritten notes, remember to breathe...)

And hope that the state of the economy is better...


03-10-2010, 02:49 PM
Yay Charlie! Wow! You got so much done! I think the economy is improving. More than that, I know your art is so incredible it may not matter, people may be stretching and scraping to get it.


I measured the big painting exactly and chose generously on the vertical crop marks, so it's 12" x 15 1/2" in inches. I brought the big boards downstairs and sectioned them, so it'll be easier to mark up and cut the inner windows. Yay for another step on "frame Orangerie" -- after that's done I'll cut mats for the two smaller paintings and Paula's painting.

That was the biggest, most physical task of the whole process, I'm now resting from it. The windows can be cut right up here and I've got the cardboard cutting mat back up here too so it's no problem.

I might also try to create improvised spacers with mat board so that I can use a 5" x 7" frame on Paula's, since I only have two of the 11" x 14" frames. Or just keep it stored till I can get another one. It's safe in its package, I'd just love to see it on the wall. Or I could cut a quite narrow double mat and temporarily put it in one of the 8" x 10" frames -- that would keep it safe till I can get another bigger one -- and is probably easier than trying to cut 1/4" wide mats to pretend to be spacers.

Oh duh! I have two of them but I forgot that I also got the 11" x 14" gold one. I do have exactly enough frames for all three. Whew!

03-10-2010, 08:11 PM
Phil....nice to see you here...hope you get a chance to paint soon...
Naomi...Beautiflu job on the snow leopard.
Robert....you were ambitious today! glad you were feeling well enough to get so much done!
Charlie...36 framed! That's awesome! You are goin' great guns...
Doug...thinking of you and your family
I havent done anything for a couple of days...seems to go in spurts.

Hi Elsie, Terri, Mary, Don...

03-10-2010, 09:43 PM
Hi Judi! Thanks for commenting on my sketch!

*Tick* test sketch for Derwent Pastels done, pastels reviewed, sketch posted. Five days now I've kept up daily art on this silly Derwent Fortnight boast. If I don't find 9 more different Derwent products in my possession, I'm going to feel pretty silly -- or back up and skip a day and do something else.

03-11-2010, 07:07 AM
Rob, do a mixed derwent media, that ought to fill in gaps!


03-11-2010, 10:37 AM
Charlie, that might be a good idea. They've got some nice combination collections that I could test by using the products together on the same project. I was teaching Kitten's half brother Eric and his mom bought him this wood box sketching kit that was awesome, I really liked it. Tons of everything for sketching, the earth tone pastels and various pencils.

I have one specialty assortment, a Graphitints zippered case with several other pencils included and a waterbrush. They sell the waterbrush separately so I could compare that to other water brushes. I'm sure I'll come up with nine more. I drew the art for today's review last night, so I'm free to play with pastels or gouache again today, maybe tick off the gouache landscape?

And finish cutting mats once my body completely reboots. Still waiting for pills to work, it takes an hour.

03-11-2010, 11:06 AM
Charlie and Robert, great jobs on ticking off the goals. It sounds like you are going to be so ready for the 16th, Charlie. Well done.

I have a new goal to add that Doug probably think funny. I now have to do a goalie gear painting for myself, now that I have been christen between the pipes. I'm 40+ and it was my first time in net. No warm-up, got into net 3 minutes into the game, and a final score of 6-3. At least, it wasn't a double digit loss.
I just ordered some carbothello (sp?) pastel pencils, I hope they sharpen easily. I found I did have a createa colour pastel pencil and the quality of wood was nice to sharpen. I used an exacto knife as I was too lazy to fine the electric sharpener.
I have checked out some of the sketches and spotlight paintings that fellow goalies have done and they are looking good.
Today, I'll work some more on the commission and some paperwork stuff for the art society.
I am considering entering some work a local juried show (I received an honourable mention last year for the portrait of Missy J), probably some of the white anemone series as well as one of the goalie gear series.
Lots of sun right now and I am pumped to get into the studio.
Cheers all.

03-11-2010, 11:35 AM
Congratulations, Terri! Yes, do a goalie gear painting for yourself, all of your goalie gear paintings are so cool you should have one to keep. Especially since you got to play, that must have been so much fun! I got to play hockey a couple of times as a kid, then wasn't allowed to skate because my ankles were too weak and I got too many injuries. I liked it despite the injuries, but that kind of thing happened with all sports.

Carb-Othello pastel pencils are very delicate and prone to breaking inside the case. So be very careful with them, store them in a way they won't bang into each other or drop. They should sharpen easily if you don't have internal breakage, using a fresh knife is one of the safest ways to sharpen them.

Good luck on the juried show! I love your Anemone series, so definitely enter those and the goalie gear ones. That'll really make their eyes pop.

*Tick* another review written, #6 in the Derwent Fortnight. I took more product photos too and have all but four products photographed. I also counted up all the different Derwent products I have, and if I finish with Sketch and Wash pencils and the Derwent Water Brush, I'll have fourteen. I've got both of those in a cool zippered leather travel case that I'll photograph and profile, probably mention several of its elements in the same two reviews.

So I'm no longer worried about running out of Derwent goodies. But I'm very glad I snapped up that gift set of Graphitints and other supplies on Clearance, that's closed the last gap, otherwise I'd be short two products. I didn't buy Derwent Sketch and Wash separately and didn't know about their water brush till I'd gotten that set.


Got all of the product photos done. All of them. Whew! That also means I have all the products out and stacked up ready to do the test or demonstration sketches, so I might do more colored pencils sketching today. At least it's all in reach for once!

I suppose if I don't use all these pencils in one day the stack can go on top of the scanner till I'm done with all of them. It was a lot of back and forth shelf rearranging to get everything Derwent out, since my shelves are stuffed solid. One more bit of major exercise out of the way.

Now to see if I can cut a big mat this afternoon...

03-11-2010, 01:11 PM
Terri, yay for first time in the net!

Robert, regard the cropping marks as suggestive, there is an alternative set of marks giving slightly less sky.

Today I have *tick* sorted, digitally, all the images of artwork I'm going to try to print cards from. The printer makes every blue über-saturated, so I have to change that manually, and reduce opacity to 95%, and I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't too labour intensive! Though, last time people loved the cards, especially those who had no thought of buying a painting anyway.

Printed test-sheets, adjusted images for hours of work. Will need to adjust all blues in a second round.

Hubby helped with a *tick*, he wrote to the neighbourhood rag, so they will put a line in the free collection of tips of what's going on locally.

And, I got a surprise (I knew of) in the mail today. I won a frame by becoming a fan (on FB) of Pictureframes.com. Silly, as I had no idea there was a competition, and that's when I win... LOL! Got a very nice super-sturdy metal frame with UV protection in the glass. And the thing is complete, with acid free backing and acid free mat, absolutely ready to use (and here I've cut mats, lining, backings -- this is an incredibly attractive alternative I'll use when I'm rich!). I'm ogling their Plein Air frames, as there are no such thing in Europe, so if I sell well...


03-11-2010, 02:35 PM
Charlie, that's so great of you preparing the cards like that. If those are usually free, it may be a bit expensive for a promotion. Maybe you could sell packs of them -- people who couldn't afford paintings might like those. Congratulations on winning a nice frame! That's very cool! Love the way it includes everything, that would be so convenient.

I chose the most generous crop marks to show more of the painting. That gives a standard size vertically anyway that'll look good in my frame. I was a little confused at the double set of vertical marks but decided to go for both and measured between the outermost ones.

You're getting so much done that it's encouraging me to get lots done. Go go go!


*tick* marked off inside dimensions on big boards. Measured them and marked them three times before I got them right, correcting the mistakes in pencil on the back. Measure twice, cut once, and keep measuring if it didn't come out right. I've got it centered on the mat even if the top and bottom are a little shorter than the sides.

Re-measured a fourth time and had to add another 1/16" on the sides on the outer mat. I'm being very careful, otherwise I might wind up having to put a white mat on it because of cutting the interior windows too large. But I think I got it on this last one.

03-11-2010, 04:44 PM
Robert, sorry to confuse you... I like options....

Printed cards will be for sale, they are postcard sized, and in my currency I offer one for 20, or 6 for 100.

But I give them away to customers. They pay deposit, get card to look at while waiting for delivery.

*Tick*: printed out lots of cards, four to a sheet. (Next will be to print my url on the back, and then cut them to cards.)

*Tick*: updated blog, discovered that my replies to comments don't show! Too tired to fuss with support tonight....


03-12-2010, 02:05 PM
Yay Charlie, you got so much done! Hope your blog support people help. That's so frustrating.

*Tick* on art & stuff I owe people. "Estemmenosuchus" the Vegetarian Crocodile packed with postage ready for tomorrow's pickup. Package of swap supplies for Sandra (Gakinme) packed in small Priority Mail box awaiting address.

Time for more Derwents stuff.

03-12-2010, 02:19 PM
Charlie and Robert...Happy to kear the ticks keep ticking....
I have a half -tick....i did organize most of my pastels (soft and hard) into color families. Took a pic, which didnt turn out well, but did give me some idea that I'm on the right track with the values.
Terri...how great that you are doing one for yourself!

03-12-2010, 03:02 PM
Thanks, Judi! Yay for sorting most of your pastels, that rocks. Post the pic anyway? I'm curious, always love seeing other people's supplies and arrangements.

*Tick* posted the Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils review today, found a sketch in my sketchbook perfect to illustrate it so I can go on from here to doing a gouache tree or pastels. It's chillier today and I've got less energy, but I still want to draw or paint something.

03-12-2010, 04:31 PM
Judi, sorting them will help a lot, good for you! At least, it did for me, suddenly it was much easier to find sticks of different hues but same value.


03-12-2010, 06:39 PM
this dinky little camera is so tempermental....now it wont take the pic of the hard pastels. I really did not get a good pic of the softies, and not sure how to get it to scan for showing. Still waiting for the new better camera my kids promised me...lol

03-12-2010, 07:45 PM
Aw, that's too bad, Judi. I use my webcam most of the time for those and the product shots, it works very well. Better than my phone even. I'm still annoyed I can't get my phone photos to load on this computer directly though. I don't use it as much because I have to cycle it through the crippled netbook.

Did a sketch in Graphitints for tomorrow's review. So I'm still keeping up daily art. It came out pretty well too, posted it in CP forum. Six more to go. It's getting trippy using different pencils every day and knowing I need to do six more CP ones for it now that I'm done with pastels. I want to work on the Spotlight one but today was just too nasty.

03-13-2010, 11:26 AM

Doug, Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. So sorry to hear of the passing of your aunt. Even when it is expected, the loss is great when it comes. :heart:

Naomi: Oh, those eyes are so powerful! Amazing details. Also, that has a great "abstract" composition to it!:thumbsup:

Robert and Charlie: Great to have some of those goals tick-tocked off the list! Great going!:thumbsup:

My precious pastels are calling! I've been cavorting with watercolors and graphite and colored pencil! :eek: Soooon! I promise! :p

In a fit of spring housecleaning energy, I've managed to get my study cleaned and reorganized. The problem with having genealogy as one of your life's passions, is that those ancestors just spread out and make themselves at home in piles of research, binders of genealogy records etc. At least, now I can safely walk in and out of the room and it is looking so much better! While it is now strickly an art goal, it does allow me more painting time in that I'm not now looking for things amid chaos! :cat:

It is SO NICE to be able to shift from pastel to watercolor to colored pencils without having to put each away to work on the other! I can have a watercolor drying and grab pastels to work on a painting, etc. When I look at the photos of my "old studio" crammed into the walkway of my music room, I wonder how it did it for years! :eek:

While it is still not plein aire season here in Wisconsin, we now have large areas of the gardens with bare ground. There are still piles here and there of old dirty snow, but they are vanishing. We have had four days in a row above freezing! I can actually, safely walk up the drive to the road and the postbox without breaking bones! The cane, my camera and I will be out for some spring walks soon! I ususally start out and try to extend the distance I can walk each day! Pure freedom after being cooped up all winter. My PA rig is making noises as it awaits its first use of the season!:wink2:

March is slipping over the hump and it looks like a lot is being accomplished by the Pastel Goalies! :thumbsup:

Soon it will be St. Partick's Day! I put up my shamrocks etc. decorations today! Aw, yes! Elsie H. is really Elsie Hickey Wilson! My O'Hickey, Hennessey and O'Flaherty ancestors are making noises amid my genealogy binders! They'll be out dancing a jig soon!....yes, Hennessey family is the same ones that make the cognac...But I hear you say, that's French...Many an Irish son had to espcape the English to France....this fellow had the good sense to take his brewing skills with him. :p Whereas, my bunch were poor as churchmice and flew off to Ontario, Canada! :p Maybe I need to paint an Irish scene...stone cottage, stone wall, sheep in the distance! Hmmmm! Yes, pastel would be best to do the job! Hmmmm! :wink2:

Have a great painting week, Goalies! Make that dust fly!

03-13-2010, 11:46 AM
Elsie, that sounds like a great idea -- paint a lovely Irish scene in pastels to celebrate the day. Congratulations on cleaning up your study. That must have been an enormous task between all those mediums and the genealogy. Warmer weather too, hope it gives you tons more energy.

Up earlyish and not sure what to do today, it's overcast again. Graphitints drawing got moved to Drawing and Sketching, it got judged to be graphite.

03-13-2010, 12:29 PM
Elsie, hi! You're such a happy breath of fresh air!

*TICK*!!!! All paintings taken care of, ready to hang. All cards printed! Those two were the biggest most time-consuming thing to do. I might freshen up another mat, and print a card more, if I have the inklination. Market is still not good, but I have to try.

I'll have my birthday party in a few minutes!

Have great Saturdays!


03-13-2010, 12:51 PM
Congratulations, Charlie! That was a mammoth task, it's taken so long but you're finally ready. That rocks!

Enjoy your well earned birthday party!

I hope you get lots of pastels and art supplies!

*Tick* Derwent Fortnight #8 review posted of Derwent Graphitints. Wow. As I go to doing these daily and keep sticking to the same range, it's been taking a lot of concentration. Eight done, six to go... I might make it, might manage fourteen days in a row of daily posts.

03-13-2010, 01:55 PM
Charlie, nice pun.
Elsie, great to hear from you.
Timer is going. Take care all

03-14-2010, 12:08 AM
*tick* *tick*
Two more artworks for Derwent reviews, Inktense and AquaTone done. That gives me tomorrow and another day to get to gouache and pastels. I really want to do my Spotlight one soon.

03-14-2010, 02:55 PM
Inktense review done. I didn't get up till ten this morning, but the computer set the clock forward by an hour so I guess that's nine by my body's reckoning. I feel for anyone who has to get up tomorrow morning on a set schedule for work or school, the spring forward for daylight savings time is hard on most people.

Now I need to go digging behind the drafting table for the bottle of alcohol my cat played Drop Things with so that I can do the Spotlight. I bought myself two days for pastels and gouache, so today's the day! Got it. Found a pencil sharpener and closed (thankfully) pill bottle of water for watercolor too right with it.

I cut up and prepared a sheet of Richeson sanded paper so this will tick off another goal too -- "try a new surface."

03-14-2010, 07:31 PM
*Tick!* try a new surface: Richeson sanded paper. It rocks with Color Conte, let's see how well it handles lots of layers and some Art Spectrum over it. Finished stages one and two on my Spotlight painting, onward into what I hope will be a good painting for goal one when it's done. Alcohol wash really worked.

It's turning into a triple challenge -- alcohol underpainting, Charlie method, Deborah Secor's dare to try greens without using greens. So it's totally experimental. I just hope it's as good as its sketch was!

I've also been reorganizing my sketch wall gradually so that's another *tick*.

Goals yet to accomplish:

3) OP site page
6) Art I owe people i.e. Cat/Wombat, sent out the vegetarian croc yesterday.
7) Gouache Corner Challenge trees painting
9) Mat and frame art I bought. Still not up to getting down to cut mats, but maybe in a bit if I feel better. This is a tough one but so important! I want more good warm sunny days of feeling strong!

03-15-2010, 11:50 AM
:wave: Good morning, Goalies!

Charlie: Oh, I hope that party was great fun and you had a very Happy Birthday!:clap: :heart:

Robert: Hey, you get the prize for the most art related writing this month!
Way to go!:thumbsup: :cat:

MMMM! I'm still hanging out with other media! :p Started a watercolor yesterday, hope to finish it today.
I'm sailing right along on my new drawing course! Nice to get a fresh start on something new!
I'm hoping to get a start tomorrow on a new pastel. Poor little pastel sticks are crying and needing attention!:p

We are on our sixth day of above freezing temps! Of course that is just during the day, it dips down again at night! I am really itching to get out and dig in the earth and start planting. NOT YET! It will be end of April before we can really set out any plants. Towards the middle of April some years we can get seeds in the ground. The heavy snow had pulled down some limps from trees and especially from some evergreens. We can get out and do some of that. Hey, I can walk.....outside, up the drive to the post box, up the road! Yea! :clap: Dreaded icey places are gone! Little old lady with cane and camera sighted near Fitchburg, Wisconsin! Hoping to get some nice spring photos to paint from. :)

I have an orchestra concert coming up in two weeks, so I have to spend some extra time with the fiddle under my chin before that!

Charlie: You are really getting a lot done! Great!:thumbsup:

All for now, the violin calls! Then I get to go down to the studio! :p :clap:

Have a great Spring Day for Painting! Make that dust fly! :thumbsup:

03-15-2010, 12:10 PM
Charlie- Belated Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had a great time at your party. You seem to be getting so organized for your exibition. Way to go. I know it will be a success.

Robert- You are doing a fantastic job on all your reviews. I own many Derwent products too. I am looking forward to reading your reviews.

Terri- Hehehe. They say you have to be a little insane to be a goalie in any sport, but you have to be out of you mind to be a hockey goalie.:evil: At least you get to play the whole game.

Judi- Maybe you should just mention to you kids, you are planning on buying a camera. You know, just a subtle hint. Good luck.

Elsie- Glad to hear you are so busy with you art. You have so much on the go. It must be that new studio.

I am going to get started again. Last week just didn't happen. My goals will start again today. I just couldn't get going last week. The snow is melting and that is always a good sign. Okay let the dust fly.

Thanks too all of you for your support.


03-15-2010, 01:19 PM
Hi Doug, yes, today is a brand new day, filled with possibilities. Nevermind last week.

*Tick*: Got the Annual General Meeting of the PGE done, in spite of computer crashing on me. Hubby fixed it (temporarily) half an hour before the online meeting was to start..., and we started 5 minutes late as I had to reboot...

Party was nice, last guest left at 4 am... I'm definitely middle aged, this is starting to feel like morning and not night.


03-15-2010, 02:28 PM
Oh wow, thanks everybody! I've been ticking away on Derwent Fortnight so long that it feels like I'm used to doing a daily supply review. I should probably keep on with other products once it's over. Like start in on my pastels.

Charlie, yay for the PGE Annual General Meeting. That is so awesome, sounds like you did it as a webinar. Sorry the computer trouble delayed it, but I'm sure everyone understood. Sounds like you had a great party! I stayed up till 4am too but wasn't that rowdy. Youth is wasted on the young.

Doug, go go go! Let the dust fly!

Elsie, yay for gardening, fiddling around with watercolors, fiddling around with fiddle, warmer weather, spring photos and listening to your poor little pastel sticks that are mewing and squeaking for your attention during all the above. I love that image.

03-15-2010, 06:44 PM
Derwent AquaTone review posted. Ten days in a row I've kept up this daily writing -- it's great. I think that I'm doing a lot more art since I took on this project. Four more to go! I should probably have listed Derwent Fortnight as a project in itself, it's taken some will power to stick to it and not skip days.

Also sketched my cat, a two minute gesture counts for Sketches & Studies. It came out well for a two minute cat.

03-15-2010, 09:48 PM
Rober[/B[B]]t, great job on the reviews.
Get dusty,Elsie and Doug.
PGE, done and on to your exhibition, Charlie. TICK TICK
Doug, I'm still a defense man at heart, too much of the game rests on the goalie. My team and the competition cut me a lot of slack because I was a newbie. But I did make one rocking glove save near the end of the game.

I've managed to get both entries out, one for a juried show and another for a web competition, today with lots of time to spare.

I think the commission is finished but I need to mull over it for a day or two before sending a photo over to the client. I need to touch base with him about framing.

Tomorrow, I try to make the appointment with the gallery in the city. Wish me luck. If it is a go for this weekend, then I need to polish the CV. Mixed feelings. Oh well, I think I am due for some small paintings after this massive 2 x 3 foot monster.

03-16-2010, 12:49 AM
Congratulations on finishing the entries, Terri! That is so cool. Good luck on the gallery appointment, I hope they love your work.

03-16-2010, 04:31 PM
*Tick* Derwent Fortnight #11: Derwent Waterbrush posted, along with a graphite painting done with it posted in Artwork from Life forum. Early enough I might get to working on my Spotlight painting or my gouache tree, hope I can get those done soon!

03-16-2010, 07:40 PM
Terri, Luck to you, with the gallery! Congrats on finishing the 'monster'.

Robert, great ticks! (Webinar?... Chatinar? yes!)

Tick! Show hung, although the promised hooks were no longer on the walls, so :music: I hammer in the morning, I hammer in the night :music:

Now, there's 'just' all the millions of little stuff to do, like type and print pricelist, buy balloons, remember to bring money for change, envelopes for the cards, etc, etc, etc, and etc. :)


03-16-2010, 09:40 PM
Yay for your show, Charlie! I know you're going to sell so much at it, your paintings are too good to resist. Wish I could be there in person having just won the lottery or something, it would be a treat. But I'd have to spend some of it on another house or rotate them and lend some to museums!

Good going with all the hammering. I hope you can breeze through all the little stuff fast and easy, leaving more time to paint!

*Tick* did another sketch, tulips, posted in Sketch thread. Not my best but good practice for doing more from the tulips photos. Now to do something in Derwent Drawing Pencils or Derwent Artist Pencils so that I've got something to post tomorrow with a review...

03-17-2010, 11:34 AM
:wave: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Goalies!

The grass is turning green in Wisconsin, but we're to have snow this weekend! :eek: Hope it melts fast!:p

Think Green Painting Thoughts
Today! How many green sticks do you have on your palette?

I don't know why, but I'm seeing sheep! My brain gets on a kick once in awhile and I just have to paint it out!
I'm seeing sheep in a field! Hmmmm!

Anyway, Get Green Dusty today!
Elsie H, is really Elsie Hickey Wilson...O'Hickey from Ireland via Canada and various USA points! He, he,he!:wave:

Charlie: Best wishes on the show/sale!
Robert: Congrats on all the writing tasks completed!

03-17-2010, 12:05 PM
Charlie- 4:00AM sounds a little too late for me. I am glad you had fun at your party. Good to hear the AGM of the PGE is done. Ain't technology great! It sounds like you are almost ready to sell, sell, sell, your paintings at your show. I know you will do well. Good luck.

Robert- You are doing a great job with you reviews. I read them yesterday and you give the reader a very good overview of the products. I own a few Derwent products and find them quite good, overall. I got a full set of Inktense for Christmas and experimented a bit with them, but I have to use them more. Keep at it, Robert.

Terri- Defencemen can be a goalie's best friend. I bet you will remember that save the rest of your life.:D Good luck on your art competitions and with finding a gallery.

Elsie- A top of the mornin to ya!:D


03-17-2010, 01:46 PM
Thank you!

Elsie, I'm seeing a little green in the lawns visible from my window, and maybe some leaf buds on the pecan tree. I'm not Irish, not actually Irish at all, but I love Irish music and I've got a lot of good green sticks, especially since I bought the Dakota Sampler in greens a couple of months ago. Beyond those, I'd have to get out every box of pastels I've got and that could get tricky.

Maybe I'll get that out and do something with it, if I wasn't trying for green without green on my Spotlight one I'd finish it up with those!

Then again, that may count even if I'm mixing it with blues, yellows, oranges and violets. Hopefully it'll come out good and bright!

Doug, thank you! I'm sometimes nervous when I post those, wondering if I'm getting in all the pertinent information. Still need to do something for today with either Derwent Drawing Pencils, Derwent Artists' pencils or the other side of that gift set. I could just write up the gift set and discuss the assorted collections, some of which I've seen since a student of mine got the Sketching Collection and I saw it in action for months. They're a good bargain for lots of Derwent products, variety sometimes at a good discount.

Thanks. I think that's the way I'll go with it now that I've seen Elsie's Green Challenge.

03-17-2010, 02:55 PM
*Tick* -- wrote up Derwent Collections and Gift Sets, a miscellaneous category describing the one gift set I bought and some of the others that are available along with other accessories like the sharpener. Derwent's got a lot of cool stuff. I got around having to do a new pencil drawing by using the best plein air horse sketch in that set, just scanned it again.

So that means I can work on pastels today, though before I write tomorrow I'll need to create or find a good artwork with either Derwent Drawing Pencils or Derwent Artist colored pencils. 12 done, two to go. I saved a couple of the best for last because they really are great pencils and hopefully I'll feel up to some detailed colored pencils realism. If not big, then maybe ATC size?

What I want to do today is to chart those 17 new green pastels at last! And maybe work on my Spotlight painting or gouache tree. And if my back is up to it later, cut the mats. I'm almost done, all it takes now is my being up to getting down on the floor to chop two mats already marked up. That's not that massive!

03-17-2010, 03:02 PM
Happy way belated birthday Charlie. You're probably twenty or more years younger than me, so don't talk about being old!

Funny, I've been arting a lot this month and figured I'd fulfilled most of my goals. Realized I hadn't set any. Maybe non-committal works for me, although I think I'll post some next month.

My biggest goal for this year? Paint from life. Period. Anything. Big one, believe it or not.

03-17-2010, 03:39 PM
Chuas- If you are reaching goals you thought you set, is it better than setting goals you didn't reach?:confused: :lol: You are doing art every day and you can't ask much more than that. Keep at it, Chuas.

I started a sketch/ small painting this morning and I am just waiting for the underpainting to dry. I have done this type of underpainting before and wanted to try it again, but as usual, I have too much going on in my head and forgot about it. Then I saw Terri's Spotlite and read Robert's review, so I am doing an underpainting with Derwent Inktense pencils. I LOVE the intense colours and they couldn't have picked a better name for them. Hopefully it will turn out good enough to be shared.;) I have one sketch posted this week, so if this one is posted that will be a weekly tick.


03-17-2010, 04:49 PM
Hi Chuas, what a surprise, you fulfilled non-written goals. Good for you! So now you can tell us how well it went, and then tell the goal. :-)
Thank you for the birthday greeting, and for your kind words, but judging from the photo of you, I'd be in diapers if I was younger by 20 years... I think we're about the sameish age, actually, +/- a year or two.

Painting from life is a wonderful year-goal.

Happy St Patricks, Elsie, and all!


03-17-2010, 07:59 PM
Happy St. Patrick's day all. It's been a weird day here, first pouring rain, now big wet snowflakes.
Doug nice work with the inktense underpainting.
Robert, I liked your tulip sketch as well as Ari. For 2 minutes, you captured a lot of information. Good job on the reviews.
Charlie, yeah! the show is hung. Keep us in the loop on how it goes.
Elsie, I looked at my greens and decided I was too much of a wimp to count them. I just didn't want to make the tough decisions whether it was a green or yellow or blue.
Updated the CV and artist statement today for the appointment on Friday. Hope the roads are good into the city.
Chaus, good work on the paintings I am seeing. Great progress.

03-17-2010, 08:32 PM
Thanks, Terri. This was the third time I have tried an Inktense underpainting, but the first time I am happy with the results. I am going to do some more paintings this way and see what happens.

Second sketch finished and posted this week, so I will paint and post the two I didn't get done last week by Sunday.


03-17-2010, 09:26 PM
Chuas, that's a neat trick, finishing goals you thought you set. Go ahead and list them and tick them off as done. That's what I do when I finish something I wanted to do that wasn't on the list -- it still counts. Makes me feel good and encourages me to do more.

Thanks, Doug! So glad that my review encouraged you to use your Inktense. I love the way that Spotlight painting came out, it was so bold and striking in the underpainting and the finish was gorgeous.

Charted my Dakota pastels sampler, have tried all of them and almost tossed everything else out of my Blick cart to get Terry Ludwigs or Unisons next. Thought better of that considering my budget, but will need some of both soon. Must save up for Unisons, probably better off with the 72 color set.

But I think the shape and texture of the Ludwigs will almost force me to paint loose and painterly. They're so soft and square and wide even on the short end that they are more like painting with a flat brush than anything else. Sweet texture.

*Tick* sketches and studies, painted a cougar in Art Spectrums when I didn't feel up to doing it in Derwent Drawing Pencils. I think I'll do a shell from life to demonstrate those, got lots of interesting still life objects to putter with.

03-18-2010, 07:22 AM
My Mid-March goals:

Get out of my slump I have been in and set out my Unisons so they are ready to dig into without having to think about it.

Paint all of the reference photos I have printed and not print a bunch more until I get those done. It is either going to be paint it or toss it one by one.

Re-arrange my painting/hobby room this weekend. It is a very small room but doable. I will have a section for painting, a section for video games and relaxing lap work and a section for the computer. I already gave my BF the desktop computer to bring to his hobby room and the extra TV set I have I gave to my son so I have to bring that over to him.

Learn to manage my time better. Getting home at 7pm at night is the way it is going to be for the next several years so I need to manage my time around that.

03-18-2010, 11:14 AM
Linn, having your pastels out makes it easier to get to the fun part of painting.
Don't let the reference photo thing be too constraining, paint what you need to paint.
Good luck with managing your time, sometimes scheduling your art time might something you need to do.
Have fun getting dusty!

03-18-2010, 04:42 PM
Robert- Way to go. Charting pastels always seems to bring a surprise when you get the pastel onto the paper. There is always one or two that look different once they are applied. For me, anyway.

I have had the TL dark set for about two years and I use some but not all of them and found them to be okay, but not my favorites. I kept on hearing how soft TL's were and how most people loved them, so I bought the Maggie Price value set. Oh my!! I love them. I use them on every painting and it makes it easy to find a different value in the same hue. I highly recommend them.

Terri- Good luck. I hope you have clear roads and a successful journey, more ways than one. We had some snow here the other day, but I can see grass in our front yard. It will still be a couple of weeks before it is all gone. I can't wait.

Linn- Welcome back, Linn. I find it motivating to have my pastels out, because it is always so inviting when I walk into my small studio. I even put my pastels back where they belong before I start another painting. Your reference photos are waiting for you. Just pick one and let the dust fly! I can't wait to see your paintings. Good luck, Linn. You can do it.:thumbsup:


03-18-2010, 05:20 PM
Robert, ticking off nicely!

Linn, I too have a stack of photos... :-) They may call you in the future. Paint what inspires you, even if you have to print out new ones. When you get out of the slump you can return to the old ones, but I guess it is new ones that will get you going.

Tick! Pricelist finally finished, only needs the extra eye to search for typos. Then it needs printing out. Problem is that people love them, and take them with them when they leave, so I need to print many. Statement and CV doesn't get 'feet', so 5 of those are enough... who cares about the artist, when there are tiny pictures of paintings by the names and prices... LOL!

Charlie, who is a bundle of nerves

03-18-2010, 08:58 PM
I haven't taken the time to read all of the goals of everyone this month...I was amazed at all of the pages and the end of the month isn't even here yet. Charlie...nice and organzied printing out price lists. Sure to help sell paintings.

Everyone with their snow waiting to melt. We had a tough (don't laugh) cold winter here. We had 5" of snow here that closed the schools for 3 or 4 days. They don't really plow here and the interstates didn't have all of the lanes plowed. A couple of times we had snow that didn't stick. I like the snow better than the floods we have when it rains hard. We had bad flooding here once this year around November and some flooding before that. I hate driving through that stuff when most of the roads are closed and the water is up to my bumpers and over my running boards on my Durango.

03-18-2010, 10:04 PM
Charlie, congratulations! The more you do toward this exhibition the more I get excited about it. You'll have so many sales, I know it. Maybe you should do a good self portrait so there's a tiny little "about the artist" on the page with the prices and paintings!

Linn, Charlie is right. Get a report cover or something and collect all your references printouts in one place. Look through it while deciding what to paint and before printing out another, so that you don't choose the same one and do multiple printouts of it because it attracts you, but otherwise don't worry about it. I'll bet if they were all handy in a clear report cover they'd be more appealing too.

The kind I mean is those clear plastic fold over ones with a pull off spine, very cheap at most dimestores or discount stores. Just something to get them organized by subject and kept clean in a safe place that's just as handy as your pastels. That way laziness will be in favor of not printing out a new one but using one you already prepared.

Good luck on managing your time better. That can be tough, but I know you can do it -- and as summer draws closer you'll have daylight after 7pm.

I can believe 5" of snow shut down schools and highways. When I moved to New Orleans a neighbor showed me photos of the year before when two inches of snow paralyzed the city -- because it never needed snow removal and no local dared drive on it. Floods can be much nastier than that inconvenience, you're so right. Hope things get good where you are!

*Tick* ... Despite obstacles, today I did a good drawing in Derwent Artist's colored pencils and wrote my review of the "love them or hate them" pencils. I love them but not exclusively by any means. #13 of Derwent Fortnight done. Tomorrow my favorites, Derwent Drawing Pencils, which means either doing something really good from life or hunting through the RIL again for an animal or bird or something in muted natural landscapes.

I always liked the seascape on the original tin so I might go looking at marine references for it, that'd be awesome to do something like that with them.

I'm feeling a bit dazed after puttering most of the day on my CP toucan, so close to done on something so massive that I'm boggled. Some of my best CP work to date has gone into those reviews, much to my surprise. I long for my pastels. I want to finish my Spotlight painting. I want to redo Cat/Wombat and I'm half tempted to just vacuum the sheets, or one of them, work from my photos of the old version to do the animals well. Heck, the ghosts on the sheet would be a sketch... it's a thought.

I want to get my mat cutting done at last too. Seems like these reviews have taken over most of my energy, but I've been keeping up and doing art most days with it. Tomorrow new watercolors arrive so I might review those on Saturday. It's past the middle of the month and I'm starting to feel a bit crunched for time... and at the same time more than fast, want to do these things well, get them right the first time.

03-18-2010, 10:53 PM
Wow Robert...You have been busy! Colored pencils are nice and clean but do they ever take a long time and a lot of work. Aha! I see you have a link for your reviews! I must check them out!

I really like your idea of the clear plastic folders...I will have to look for some. All of these photos attracted me at one time so I know I liked them. I have a huge ringer notebook I could put the photos in also if I could fine plastic folders with holes or I could use a paper punch and make holes in them.

I love it still being light when I get home. I was getting off work when it was dark and then the almost an hour ride home...about 18 miles but you know traffic. I was feeling like I lived in darkness.

03-19-2010, 01:33 PM
Linn, 5" dumped on you is not so little. We're waiting for a yard and a half of that white stuff to melt, but we got it in increments -- of about 12" at each time... :-) I'm *not* laughing... actually, we laugh at the British, as they close schools when they get 3/4 of an inch...

Robert, man, you're busy! And keeping up with goals! (Btw, wrote a comment on your Derwent Pastel Pencils blogpost.)

*Tick*! Pricelist with CV and some other info printed out, stapled!
*Tick!* Money, notes, ready for giving change.
*Tick!* Snacks and wine.
*Tick!* Envelopes for cards.
*Tick!* Balloons for putting by the door, outside, on street.
*Tick!* Website updated with commission info in Swedish.

See why the pricelist gets 'feet'? :

Partial pic


Oh, joy, *now* I find a typo! grrrrr :mad: but, what the *beep*, no-one else will notice :angel: it's :cool:


03-19-2010, 04:31 PM
Charlie- I can see why people walk away with your price lists. I really like it. Now you will be putting ticks beside all the paintings that sell. Many, many ticks. I know you are going to do great, Charlie. Good luck and have fun.

Linn- I know what you mean about feeling like you live in darkness. I don't have it as bad as Charlie, but I used to start work at 7:30am and finish at 4:00pm. It was dark when I started and dark when I was going home. It gets better now. In June, people are still golfing past 10:00pm, it is so light out. It took a while to get used to it, but now I love it.

Robert- You are doing great. As you say, your Derwent reviews are helping you do art every day, which is a 'win.' You can only do so much in the hours you have, and I think you are doing a fantastic job. Your pastels are waiting for you, they won't go away. :rolleyes: Keep going.

I just started another small Inktense underpainting pastel sketch and just waiting for it to dry. My back is killing me now, but when the meds kick in, the painting should be dry. You have to plan these things out, you know.:evil:

Happy painting everyone.


03-19-2010, 04:55 PM
Charlie, I can see why people walk off with your price list! It's so beautiful with all those little thumbnails. Maybe you can post a copy of it in printable form on your blog, let people print it out for themselves? It's a perfect souvenir but it costs you in color ink cartridge and time. Well worth it though, for those who wind up phoning back weeks later about an unsold painting, overjoyed that they lucked and got their favorite.

Your whole setup for the exhibition is glorious and you've been so busy getting ready. I hope you sell lots, even have a sellout so all the folks who took price lists for souvenirs wind up having to call you and go "I didn't manage to get ... but I'd like to commission a similar one..."

The balloons outside are a great idea. I remember one gallery exhibit in New Orleans where the owner invited all the artists shown to bring cheap colorful student pastels and do sidewalk drawings, artist graffiti on the sidewalk leading up to the door. It was a lot of fun to do that. But if it's a solo show that might be a lot of work and time.

Thanks for the comment! I answered it, which got the blog tab open on my browser as a reminder to do today's last artwork and post the final Derwent Fortnight review instead of playing with new watercolors and reviewing Daniel Smith's "Color Map" set. That just arrived so I set up all ten colors together on a palette, charted them in my Moleskine watercolor journal and found a place for the box of tubes.

I did a little cleaning and reorganizing on my table this morning, mostly finding things I wanted to move off the table onto the shelves or into the bathroom. Not too much moving around but did attack the organization thing.

Linn, I'm glad you liked the idea of the plastic report covers. A three ring binder would work just as well. Just organizing them by subject could make that an easy flip-through wishbook that eventually gets them all done and keeps them from just getting crumpled and tossed.

My hard drive fills up with good RIL photos that are too advanced for me to do yet. I get the urge to do them and put it off, then some class or book or comment makes it click and the next time I see it, I get around to doing it. I'd lay odds some of your printouts are like that. Things you can see in your head but there's some little gap of technique needed to make it work that your unconscious will block that painting till you Get It.

MARCH 2010 goals
1) one good painting - sort of, a better one in progress with Hay There.
2) art supply reviews blog - Super with Derwent Fortnight almost done.
3) OP site page
4) Try a new surface - Richeson sanded paper rocks on Hay There.
5) Sketches and studies - Lots, continuing
6) Art I owe people must do Cat-Wombat!!!
7) Gouache Corner painting
8) Sort and break AS pastels - done!
9) Mat and frame art I bought still in progress
10) Reorganize sketch wall - ongoing, about half done

I bolded the ones I've still got to do. Right now I've been so busy all morning answering mail and comments on facebook and sorting out the new watercolors that it's almost three and I still haven't started the art I need to do with Derwent Drawing Pencils for the last review of Derwent Fortnight. Getting nervous about that, really want to get it done today and complete that.

With less than a dozen days left in the month I'm a bit nervous about some of the others too, it may take four or five days doing Cat/Wombat even if I push and immerse in it and don't work on anything else.

So wish me luck on that.

Doug, you're right, my pastels can wait and will be all the happier when I finish up this last colored pencils piece. I might review a surface or two next, can combine some of these things too!

03-19-2010, 08:52 PM
Wow Charlie! I love your price list! Can see it took a lot of planning and work. Can see why it walks off also! Best of luck on your Exhibition! I know you will do well.

Robert I so loved the idea of the glossy plastic folders...would make the photos look so desirable.

Doug hope that back pain left so you could work on your painting! Can imagine how you feel with constant backaches. I had one that lasted for about 2 or 3 weeks and then I went to the Dr and got some meds. Has been completely gone for about a week now. Hope I don't see another one. The last one I had before that one was years and years ago.

Another goal I need to do is start framing my paintings. I think it would give me more initiative to paint instead of securely wrapping them with plastic or glassine and storing them away in a box never to be seen again.

I am thinking of taking out the portrait I did of my son (I didn't pack that one away) about 2 or 3 years ago. I had first done it in pastel pencil, then with Donna's advice put some pan pastel over it and now I am thinking I would love to go over it with regular pastel sticks and frame it. I had thought it was finished when I put the pan pastel over it or even when I first did it with the pencils but now I feel I could really improve it with the sticks.

03-19-2010, 09:27 PM
Linn, that is a great idea framing some of your pastels. Right now Blick has some of their Spectrum frames on clearance. I ordered a bunch of them when I got the gold metal frames for Charlie's Orangerie and upgraded from the document frames I had some of my paintings in.

I framed the teapot still life I did in Charlie's class and that's still hanging on my wall, now transferred into one of the deeper Spectrum frames. Having it out encourages me to use the method again and reminds me of what can be done when I'm on form playing with the super brights. I might frame Hay There too once it's done. It's very encouraging!


Derwent Fortnight #14: Derwent Drawing Pencils is posted! I've written every day and drawn almost every day for 14 days in a row! That's been huge, and most of today I was blocked on it terrified of coming up with something lousy for a finish even though I was using my favorite pencils.

Whew! I finally got the right reference, spent several hours on the drawing and got it done before the sun went down. Done and posted before the sun went down. I can't believe I did that.

I've still got lots of other things to do. Today was a good day though, the high reached seventy and I finished something major, so I'm feeling good. Link is still in my sig line. I don't know if I'll post daily from here on out or not, but I had to during the Fortnight because of what it was.

Vast sigh of relief here!

I can hear my pastels chirping and mewing softly, perking up and purring at me, crying out in their loneliness even as I type. Soon, soon, my colorful little friends...

03-19-2010, 10:39 PM
Oh Charlie, your paintings even the size of postage stamps are stunningly beautiful! Those lucky souls who get to experience these together and up close! Lucky!

03-20-2010, 09:00 AM
This morning I decided to look for my book by Susan Sarback because I love color and I think humdrum is why I quit painting. I noticed that all of my books I have bought are about how to achieve "bright" colors in a painting. Made me think hmmm...if I bought all of these books about color...different mediums...acrylic...oils...watercolor (Stephen Quiller) why am I still painting in the humdrum style that bores me? I don't ooh and ahh over humdrum I ooh and ahh about color. Doug's 2 paintings in the sketch thread are as different as day and night...the 2nd one sings. Robert's cougar was about light and color and Charlie?...well we all know where Charlie is coming from. Gosh me who started so late in this thread keeps adding goals instead of finishing any but my goal is to get into the color I love and start painting with color and light. I think I should visit the spotlight thread which is about underpainting I noticed...so I should really visit there and experiment! Or if that is yet another goal the word is "will" not "should".

03-20-2010, 10:47 AM
Linn....i so relate to what you said about wanting to paint w/ COLOR. Mine tend to come out less than colorful, even though it is my goal to be colorful.
I, too, keep reading the books, & drooling over Robert's and Charlie's colorful works. I'm wondering it it isnt the lighting in my art space. Dont quite know what to do about it that I havent already done, the paintings still come out less than colorful.
I do have some new bright harder sticks....gonna try those. The MtVisions that I have and mostly use, are not terribly 'brights'. That is my next goal...to work more brightly...
charlie....love your price list...no wonder they disappear so quickly!
wishing you many sales of the 'real things'!
robert....You are such an inspriation to me. I love your perseverance and success in so many mediums...and your paintings are always so vibrant!
Doug...so happy for you that you got to do some painting. Hope you back improves and that you can spend more time with your art....

Hoping to do something with the pastels today....like Robert, mine are calling, calling, calling...

03-20-2010, 12:32 PM
I visited and tried the spotlight. I am thinking though I will not finish what I started...infact I am sure I should not finish what I started. It will just frustrate me and I will not want to paint again. I really am not appealed by landscapes. I hate all of the greens. When I am outside I like the greens but in a painting or to paint them they do not turn me on. I prefer people, animals, things. I should stick to those subjects for now rather than trying to come out of a slump and paint something I don't like to paint. (Lesson Learned) The Lorikeet I painted (though I normally wouldn't pick birds of that nature) I really enjoyed doing and felt like I was getting out of my slump but trying a landscape made me hate painting and I just wanted to get it over with...so I quit instead.

Judi I too am inspired by Robert's paintings. If you notice very few are full landscapes...though he does do them. I say he paints what inspires him rather it be a permanent inspiration (like I think his kitty is "mew") or an inspiration of the moment. You say you are not pleased with your paintings and I know I am not pleased with mine. Do you think it could be the subjects we are choosing? In my case I think that is what it is. For now I am only going to try to paint something I really like instead of trying to paint something that frustrates me.

03-20-2010, 01:04 PM
Robert- I posted a comment about the Derwent Drawing pencils. You did a great job reviewing the Derwent products. I have many of the products you reviewed and I thank you for reminding me about them. Have fun getting to know your pastels again.

Linn- I think I can hear some excitement in your voice (yes, even from all the way up here). Do what excites you and have fun. I keep experimenting with different methods and products and it seems to help me keep going. My Sarback book is well worn, because I am always looking at it. I still don't know if that is the way I want to go, but it opened my eye to colour. Charlie said she would be happy even if we only learned how to see colour when we were doing her class. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Judi- I hope you get some painting done today and I hope you find a solution to your lighting problems. I use three clamp style table lamps. One is clamped on my easel, another on a table behind me that is aimed at my painting over my left shoulder, and the third is clamped on my pastel table to my right. I use daylight fluorescent light bulbs and I have enough lighting to paint any time of the day or night. I'll try to remember to take a photo and post it later.


03-20-2010, 02:32 PM
TICK! All is ready for the show, all stuff is in the venue, including inflated balloons (they are for people noticing the door on the street, as the venue does not have a front window).

Only... It is Saturday night, and I have two closetfuls of nothing to wear... LOL! (Gained a bit weight over winter...)

I have two events, the "grand opening" on Sunday (tomorrow!), and then on monday the 5th (holiday over here), so tomorrow will not decide the outcome. And as you guys reminded me, there is always someone who has to think for three weeks, and then call and ask if it's still available.

Linn, Judi, and all colour junkies: Didja see Deborah's thread in Studio, where she mentions her lesson and demo about colour and value? Her two studies were of the same scene, and one of them made my heart sing -- the colourful one. We who react like that, I guess we paint for people who resonate within with colour.

Linn, (and all) I suggest you don't do humdrum, at least not until you've gotten your fill of colour. Only now am I starting to get interested in the more subtle and muted colours (to bring them out, of course... :-) And landscapes... I used to feel like you, but I wanted to 'conquer' landscapes, so I found colourful ones in the RIL, and before I knew it, I fell in love with landscapes. Before, I thought them booooooring. Not saying you'll fall in love, only saying, sometimes we can surprise ourselves. Nearly all my earlier oils are still-lifes, and I adore finding the glowing colours in them, but landscapes sell better here. And cats. Cat people are nuts about cat paintings. Dog people are nuts about *their* dog. (I'm a cat person, so I'm allowed to say that.)

Anyway, my 'sage advice' is to always have fun with what you paint. Trying something new and discovering things is regarded as 'fun' too.

And thank you all for the good luck wishes!


03-20-2010, 03:44 PM
Charlie- You didn't gain weight. All your clothes shrunk. It happens all the time, don't worry about it.

You are so right about landscapes. Before, all I would see is greens and I just couldn't see anything else. But, with your help I am now seeing colour in those photos. I didn't even think about it until now, but i just did a landscape sketch without using ANY green. Woo Hoo!!!:clap:

Judi- Here are some photos of my set up. It's a small room, so it was hard to try to get everything in the shots. The walls just wouldn't move.:rolleyes:




03-20-2010, 04:03 PM
doug...Thanks so much. Yes, I do have pretty much the same setup...3 of those lamps, one on either side of me, and one attached to a table behind me, but shining on the easel. and overhead lighting, plus 2 windows. and a long table of the pastels, with the easel where you have yours. (Just purchased the new convertible easel, which I am liking very much).

Tried attaching one to the easel, but couldnt get it to hold properly. My natural light is bright only between the hours of about noon and 2:30 or so, so if I dont get down then, the natural light doesnt help much.

Is that the landscape on your easel? Looks good from here!
I just did a little sketch, trying to make my colors bright...
Dont know if I succeeded, but I'll post it anyway.

03-20-2010, 05:14 PM
Doug...love your set up! Did you post your landscape with no green?

Charlie...I like your advice...I will paint colorful for awhile and learn how colors react then gradually I can try landscapes with color. I do love water colors and desert colors and scenes but green landscapes...ugh ugh ugh!! I had done what I thought was a beautiful underpainting and then tried adding the greens (the hay bale one) and all of a sudden even my brightest greens and yellows were dullsville! My BF liked it but the more I did I absolutely hated it and could not go on. I think first I have to learn color and no better way than using color.

Thinking back to my failed landscape...I apparently picked colors for the under colors and surrounding areas that dulled greens and yellows. I need a lot of study and experiments in color to know what dulls certain colors and what brightens them.

Charlie...your show is tomorrow...can't wait to hear about it!

03-20-2010, 06:25 PM
Am I all of a sudden dominating this thread or what? I went to pull my failed landscape off the board so I could tape another paper in it's place and said shoot...I need to halfway finish this at least...so I did. I posted it in the appropiate thread under spotlight. I am not at all pleased with it...too dull and not colorful as I had hoped...but it is done and posted at least. Guess I am not a quitter after all...lol

03-20-2010, 08:21 PM
Linn, don't pull your Spotlight painting down. At last I understand what you're frustrated with in it. I do have one suggestion -- in the middle ground trees, add some turquoise and blue-greens so that pushes them closer to the mountains and brightens them up a bit. Turquoise should help a lot to connect the greens with the blues and violets. It's a great "punch it up" color and yet those trees need to be a little distance blued anyway.

And it's one of my favorite colors. So try the suggestion or not as you like, maybe try on a small study of just one tree to see if that'll fix the intensity thing. I love the foreground and near ground and near middle field, those are very very bright!

I think if you don't like landscapes and want to play with color, there's always the cheap shot I go for when I just want to play with the super brights and have them show up super bright as more than accents. Birds, flowers and butterflies are fantastic subjects, especially blown up big so that they fill the picture. Then if I'm in a Permanent Rose mood or a turquoise and blue mood or something, I can find a subject that color predominates in and just do it.

Juxtapose complements to punch it up too, nothing like an orange monarch butterfly on a blue-green leaf.

Thank you for posting your Spotlight painting. It didn't come out as you intended but it came out as a good painting.

Charlie, congratulations! You've been so thorough, professional and energetic in setting up this exhibition, it's marvelous. I think you must be a role model for the entire PGE in how you get things done. Maybe you deserve new clothes for all that hard work?

I read Deborah's thread and loved it, that one is awesome if it's the one I'm thinking of. Her class demos are so fascinating and she's so generous with sharing them! I should check in case there's another, I'm definitely a colour junkie!

Doug, your setup looks so well lit and organized! It's great!

Judi, congrats on your sketch!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my work being inspiring, or my frenzied seizing decent weather intensity this spring. I had been so bored and frustrated all winter with too many dull days of not being up to paint or draw or do anything that I was like a coiled spring as soon as the weather lightened up. It's great. It's actually turned good so much sooner than it did in Kansas that I'm boggled... and loving every minute.

Today I did an Inktense test of wet and dry red calla lilies in my watercolor journal, then painted with my brand-new Color Map set of Daniel Smith watercolors and broke its virginity with a red headed woodpecker from the WDE. I love that set. They are such good mixers.

Thanks to you, Charlie, I understand these pigments well enough to use them like that. What I learned in your class applies to any medium I pick up. That means it's okay to go for the brightest colors in the box -- whatever the box is!

I also wrote a review of them on my art supply blog, that makes day fifteen for daily updates on it. Wow. Must do an oil pastels day and get that site updated soon, if I'm doing daily writing.

03-21-2010, 06:12 PM
Hi guys! !!! Hi!! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Mar-2010/117343-Crazily_grinning.gif

I had a good opening! Took me two hours to eat my Swedish meatball sandwich... as each time I sat down for a bite someone new arrived. I wave goodbye to a few paintings (the coloured glass from my class, remember?), and some others. I'm so relieved, I was nervous. Show's not over yet, so more may happen, but it is always the opening that is the 'biggie', when most happens. Will tell more when not exhausted.


03-21-2010, 07:01 PM
Yay Charlie!

03-21-2010, 07:03 PM
OOOPS, That was sposed to be YAY CHARLIE!:clap:

03-21-2010, 07:06 PM
Congrats, Charlie!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Do they really call them Swedish meatballs in Sweden?

Just wondering! :lol:


03-21-2010, 08:58 PM
Congratulations Charlie! I knew it would be a success!

03-21-2010, 10:00 PM
Sweet!!! You have lovely work and it sounded like you did a lot to be ready for your exhibition. It's great that it all has paid off!!! Well done, Charlie!

03-21-2010, 10:13 PM
Charlie- Way to go! Yes I remember the coloured glass painting. It is a beautiful example of what can be done with colour. Wishing you more success.

Well, I changed my weekly goal of 2 sketches in the Monthly Sketch thread, to 4 sketches. I posted 3 and I also posted a painting in the WDE, so I am calling this a goal achieved. Wow, I can't remember ever doing 4 paintings in one week before. I even charted my Derwent Drawing pencils. That's not even one of my goals.:eek: What's happening to me?:p


03-21-2010, 10:21 PM
Wow Doug...what a success you have been this month! I need to go look at the WDE now!

03-22-2010, 02:06 AM
Hi guys! !!! Hi!! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Mar-2010/117343-Crazily_grinning.gif

I had a good opening! Took me two hours to eat my Swedish meatball sandwich... as each time I sat down for a bite someone new arrived. I wave goodbye to a few paintings (the coloured glass from my class, remember?), and some others. I'm so relieved, I was nervous. Show's not over yet, so more may happen, but it is always the opening that is the 'biggie', when most happens. Will tell more when not exhausted.



Mmmm swedish meatball sandwich sounds so good. I love Swedish meatballs, even cold, which is what you had while you were selling art left and right! I loved that colored glass painting. I remember that so well from class, it's wonderful. Someone's very happy tonight living with it!

Doug, congratulations on stepping up your sketching goal! That rocks. I love what you've been doing lately too.

I did keep up the daily writing that wasn't a formal goal, posted a review of my Moleskine watercolor journal tonight after taking a three hour nap. Did a couple of florals this morning, watercolor and watercolor pencils in said journal. I guess I'm wandering all over the map with mediums, but it was another wet cold yucky day and I didn't have much energy. Watercolor's one thing I turn to on bad days sometimes, it's small and clean if I already have a water jar handy.

Why I didn't think of doing the gouache challenge that is on my goals escapes me, but maybe tomorrow. I need to find another clean palette though or wash out the porcelain one. That may have something to do with my procrastination. I bet if I put all eight colors in one of those convenient round palettes I'd use the gouache more often.

03-22-2010, 07:25 AM
Your reviews are great Robert and I know that they take a long time with a lot of thought. Not sure you would be happy with the gouache in a round palette though. I noticed gouache dries out so quickly and some I had tried in a palette I could leave it in completely dried and I asked Maggie in the gouache thread if she used a certain brand she kept out and she answered that all gouache dries out and to start fresh each time only putting out what you need...which steered me away from gouache. Acrylic paint does the same thing and if I want to clean up after each painting session I just as soon use acrylic paint because of it's brightness and the ability to thin for more transparency and retain the brightness.

03-22-2010, 03:14 PM
:wave: Hi there Goalies!

Yes, Elsie still exists, she has not dropped of the edge of the world!
Life just started happening and art didn't! Nothing serious, just hectic family stuff!

First things first:
Congrats, Charlie! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I"m hoping to get some painting done this week, but am not sure: I have an orchestra concert and need every minute I can get with that fiddle under my chin! Maybe I could paint with my toes at the same time! LOL! :p :lol:

03-22-2010, 03:44 PM
Thanks, Linn. You have a point. I was thinking of letting it dry and using it reactivated but it does come out different. The thing is it dried while I was putting it out when I set up all eight colors and did tints! Yeesh!

What I need to do is put out small quantities and keep refreshing even the white, maybe put a little water in the wells while I do so that it slows down. Then not put out all 8 colors, just the ones I'll mix for that layer. I need practice with these. Maybe I should wash out the porcelain palette anyway and use that, it's at least easy to clean off. Just bugs me throwing away that much paint -- but when you compare it to acrylics, I see your point. Leaving the slants wet before putting color in and thinning it a little right at the start while it's soft may help.

Experiments... that's what my doing that challenge is all about.

Elsie, I can just see you painting with your toes while you fiddle with the orchestra! Too trippy! Hope you can find some painting time between practices. Maybe quit housework and skip tv time and so on. You are an artist, someone else should do for you and prepare your meals with silent care and dignity. There you go. Go on strike from everything but the arts.

03-22-2010, 04:02 PM
Hi guys! Thanks for sharing my happiness!

Elsie, nice to see you!

Robert, in Sweden, Swedish Meatballs are called 'meatballs', plain and simple, and everyone have their own way of doing them.

I'm a bit more rested now, and more coherent. Got an email today, and have sold a few more!

Did I say I had a framer make 3 different frames of one of my standard sizes? This was a success, as it involved people in talking and looking and comparing, and I got orders for 3 of one of the types of frames (with the paintings).

One (1) single painting was with a black mat, and *everyone* asked how it would look in a white mat... people are conservative, and I love coloured mats, but....

The most common comment was: "Oh, I love that you can see what the paintings are about, and that I recognise the places!" Translation: my customers are not artists, and prefer representational art, and landscapes from where they know the scenery, from where they live or have been. The second most common comment was: "you've developed a lot". I think I agree. :-)

Now I'm looking forward to the 5th of April, when I have more of an 'open house' thingy, and will let people try pastels. The tone will be less formal than the "royal pompous opening" ;-). Some said they couldn't make it yesterday, but will on the 5th.

I'm really happy! Now I can stock up on the good paper , and am thinking of printing new business cards.

Paint... ah, I'm longing to. Not just yet, have lots of paperwork to do, counting some discounts (given to collectors, and to those who gain me a new customer). The absolutely best marketing is by word of mouth, from happy collectors. I tend to focus on the production part, and must put more focus on the 'happy collector' part of being an artist.


03-22-2010, 05:18 PM
Yay! I knew you'd sell more, Charlie. Sometimes it takes sleeping on it to realize "Wait a minute. I love that painting and she'll never do exactly that one again. I'd better buy it now before someone else grabs it!" Or talk to their spouse and show the thumbnails on the price list.

That is so fantastic! All your hard work paid off. Your April 5th informal studio tour sounds even more fun. There are too many times I wish I lived near enough to you to just go to these events. I could buy one of your paintings and actually play with your Unisons. I have my favorite, so I am happy. I feel generous for all those other collectors who deserve a real Herczfeld to make their lives brighter.

Recognizing the subject and even more, showing it at its best with that true color seeing, no wonder it goes right to their hearts. Painting is communication. Sometimes it's esoteric and I sometimes wonder if paintings that make a bitter statement or a depressed one are hard for people to live with, even if they understand them and they have great artistic worth. You are showing these places in the light of joy, you're transmitting more than "these are the buildings you know, those are the trees you know."

There's also personal meaning of course. If I sold a horror novel and the cover painting was gross, violent and true to the story, it might evoke very different feelings in me when I bought and hung the painting in my living room -- more happy Halloween scare and happy memory of a personal triumph.


I finally did a Gouache Challenge painting this morning. Got up, washed out the porcelain palette and did a landscape with some trees in it. Not as tree filled as I wanted because I got carried away with sky and clouds, but it has trees in and it's in gouache. That's probably, hopefully not going to be my only one on this theme but I'm so glad I did it. Whew!

Now to finish the lovely Spotlight painting and the mat cutting. Don't know if I'll get to that today but I hope the weather holds good, today I have sun!

03-22-2010, 05:37 PM
Linn- Thanks. I just seem to be on a bit of a roll and I don't want to stop. I have had that feeling of being in a rut too often, and I just want to keep going. The photos in the WDE this week were taken in the area of BC where I originally come from. The tulip field was just calling out to be painted. Check out my new avatar.:D

Robert- Way to go. You got that gouache painting done. That must have been lots of work for you just getting everything ready. Now you are back to the medium that doesn't dry up. Have fun getting your fingers dusty.

Elsie- I am glad you dropped in. Have fun fiddling.:music: :music: Your pastels will be waiting for you.

Charlie- YES!!!!! Way to go!!!! You must be on cloud nine. I am so happy for you, but I am not surprised your paintings are selling. I hope you sell them all. Then you can buy MORE pastels. hehehe Have fun.

Well, I started the week out with a sketch. I just want to paint all the time, but I have to listen to my body and not go overboard. There is a fine line there and I have to watch it.

Happy painting everyone.


03-22-2010, 06:54 PM
Doug, I love your avatar! It's wonderful! All the paintings you've been doing lately rock, but that one with the tulip fields is fantastic. Glad you chose it for your avatar.


Rosendal's Orangerie is framed! I cut the mats. I assembled the mats together with a dab of Yes glue to keep them firmly stuck in their correct arrangement, since the cuts were not as precise as a professional would do them but no one will see 1/16" of red sticking out on one side inside the frame.

I used archival linen tape to gently attach the painting to the archival foam board backing that I cut.

I searched all through my room for the missing stupid little L-shaped piece of metal hardware (actually two held together by two screws) that is supposed to go on the end of the removed section of frame, which flew away somewhere when my cat knocked that bit of frame off my table. Could not find it. Cannibalized one from the smaller frame. I hope they sell replacements for those things at Blick.

I cleaned the acrylic glazing carefully on both sides, assembled all of it together, screwed the piece of frame back in tight and then climbed on my bed to hammer two nails in the wall and get it safely high and visible and beautiful. This because my cat was prowling around being a Rowdy Cat and throughout the foregoing I had to keep distracting him by throwing balls and rags and anything he could chase that wasn't art or a frame fitting as far from where I worked as possible.

So my back is wiped out, I can feel it tightening even as I sit here to rest -- but the biggest framing job is done. I think the smaller ones need to be done one at a time on good days with plenty of rest between stages. But this one, I was up to doing it and did not want to wait any longer!

Now if I actually work on my Spotlight painting today too, I can count this as an amazingly productive day. Or if I do find the little metal doodad and repeat process with the smaller gold frame for the plein air Orangerie.

Here's a photo, sorry about the little bit of reflected glare on the glass but that wall never gets direct sun, only oblique reflected sun. My whole room is good and dark for keeping fine art safe.


It's hanging between two John Houle prehistoric nature paintings, one oil and one graphite. Archaeopteryx and Smilodon.

03-22-2010, 07:18 PM
Awww, Robert, The Preciousssss looks very nice and smart clad in black and red. Black brings out the light, and red softens the transition. Do you need to squint, from the glare of the sun in the painting? (Happens to me sometimes.) Thanks for showing it! And may your back get well quickly!

I got my 'Paula' today, lovely gem! It arrived safe in the post. Maybe I can relax a bit about sending paintings, it really seems to work.

Doug, the avatar has a great sense of impact, must go and see the larger version!


03-22-2010, 07:39 PM
In here, it depends on where I sit or stand whether I need to squint to see past the glare. If I move my head, the glare's only on the mat, where it doesn't matter. At night it won't show at all, my lamp is too low to reflect on it. Thank you so much for your matting suggestions!

I wrote to Blick about the missing little bit of frame hardware and hope they can help me with that. I'd love to frame the little plein air tomorrow, it's going to be nice out. I might temporarily put it in one of the Spectrum frames and then move it to the gold one when I replace the metal bit Ari stole. I have no idea where he put it.

The way you pack paintings, I think they would survive going to South Africa or Australia or China, the packaging was so thorough and effective not one grain of dust was inside it. I'm saving the foam board for when I have to send art, it can go in the stack with Cat/Wombat when it's done.

I need to figure out what to put my Paula Ford in too, but am getting more frames on my next Blick order so that will not be a problem.

Doug, yes, I too must go see big version of tulips!

03-22-2010, 09:04 PM
Hi Elsie! I've been away for quite awhile also. Not any good reasons but when I came back on I looked for posts from you because you post here often so good to see you back! You have many talents...practicing violin for orchestra plus painting.

Charlie I had no doubts that your open house would be a success! You put in so much work getting ready (very professional) and your paintings are gorgeous! I knew they would sell!

Doug love your avatar!;) I love the colors in your tulip painting! Everyone else was quite impressed as well. Did you post your sketch in the thread? I will have to go look. I was thinking of painting tonight but it is 8 o'clock aready! I just got home at 7:10...but maybe I will start one.

Robert Your painting looks gorgeous framed! I must buy some frames and start framing mine...bet it would keep my interest in art up. Let us know how your gouache experiments turn out...I wonder if softening them first would help. I did try spraying mine and they still got a little dried up as I was painting. BTW...I think you are somewhat of a bad influence on my pocketbook...when I saw your bright Daniel Smith Map Watercolors I just had to go look and they had them on sale for $59.95 and free shipping so of course you know who had to order them. Good thing I already have all of the pencils...lol! Throw away paint? Hmmm...I completely emptied out and washed my favorite watercolor palette so when the new DS Map Set arrives I would have something to put them in right away. I am anxious for them to come.

03-22-2010, 09:51 PM
Linn, my gouache experiments came out great. I left a little water in the palette slants when I started so they didn't dry out till I was done with the painting, and they do reactivate as well as regular watercolors. Especially if they've been mixed with a bit of water first so they're not lumped up in a hard clump but spread out a bit.

I posted it in the Gouache Challenge thread in the Watercolor forum and in My Watercolor Journal in Watercolor Studio forum. My landscape from imagination came out a lot better than I thought it would.

Rosendal's Orangerie is my painting because I own it, Charlie painted it. I love it. My precioussssss... and I have two more Charlie paintings and a Paula Ford to frame before I start going at my sketch wall with the rest of the Spectrum frames I got on Clearance from Blick. Charlie and Deborah Secor are my gurus, I am the thickheaded apprentice who gets hit with the color stick.

*Tick* or maybe this one's a *tock* since I've kept it up for 17 days now, reviewed my Art Spectrum soft pastels on my art supply reviews blog. I'm updating the dang thing daily even though I don't have to now. This is cool but I still need to write something for my OP site too. Thought y'all might want to see something pastels on it after all the wet mediums and colored pencils!

03-22-2010, 11:10 PM
Wow Robert I checked out your gouache and it came out beautiful! I will have to try what you did...I have a watercolor palette with wells I could put water in (an old Zolten) and I have gouache that I have used once. I like your DS watercolor flower also. Well off to bed for me...work tomorrow.

03-22-2010, 11:35 PM
Robert- Thanks for the kind words. I think it's funny, because about a month ago I was going to give up painting landscapes because of the frustration I was having. Then all of a sudden I am painting landscapes all the time. It feels good.

Your wall just got brighter. The painting by Charlie is beautiful. It will give you many years of viewing pleasure, I am sure. It sounds like you have your own WC gallery going there. Not a bad idea. I hope your back lets you keep going, Robert.

Charlie- It seemed to paint itself. And it was all done in two hours, not counting drying time for the underpainting, Here's a link to the thread. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=613738

Linn- I posted my sketch in the Sketch thread, even though I am not that happy with it. Too bad it was too late for you to paint. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for you.

I framed the tulip field painting and it is hanging in the living room. I got a great deal on painted wooden frames that will do for now. That is three paintings I have framed now, all done in the last few weeks. Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but this is all new to me. I am now over that feeling of "it's not good enough to be framed."


03-23-2010, 06:48 AM
Doug...good for you having 3 paintings framed. I am going to get some frames. I have a Jerry's and a Michaels nearby. First I need to do some serious room arranging though...something I didn't get done last weekend. Once that is done I am going to frame and hang some paintings first in here working my way out through the rest of the house.

03-23-2010, 11:24 AM
Hi all, it reads like you all have had a pretty productive week.
Doug, love your avatar.
Gallery interview was a good/bad mix. Not interested in the white anemones or goalie gear series but would like me to bring her more landscapes. That is what is selling, though not much is selling in general was what the owner said. So May's production may be more landscape orientated. I hear what you are saying about your show, Charlie.

Yesterday, I finished processing 45 photos of little kids via photoshop to do a self portrait printmaking project this week. My child's class on Thursday and a different class on Friday. Washable markers and transparencies rock.

With a little luck, I will get into the studio tomorrow. I just bought some pastelbord to try.

Have fun in the studio. I am hoping to go cruising through the gallery postings and spotlight/sketching to see what you have all accomplished.

03-23-2010, 02:53 PM
Doug, congratulations on framing three of your paintings! Those tulips are perfect for a living room, they're so bright and colorful.

Terri, glad they're interested in landscapes from you. Too bad about the anemones and goalie gear but if landscapes are selling, at least landscapes are fun. Congrats on prep for little kid self portraits printmaking stuff, you're a very helpful parent! Hope you like the Pastelbord. I do but it's rough to mount.

*Tick* worked on Spotlight painting today, it might be done but I'm really not sure about it, awaiting expert advice.

03-24-2010, 01:18 AM
*tick* or maybe *tickle*... painted another calla lilies in my watercolor journal and reworked Pines by River as well as pushing forward on Spotlight painting. So that's worked on three different pieces today, which is something. No writing though, I think after 17 or 18 days in a row I can take a break on that. I want to finish the Spotlight painting completely before reviewing the paper it's on, though I like the paper and it's still got tooth.

03-24-2010, 03:11 AM
I spoke too soon! I did write another review after all, though technically I skipped a day since I didn't finish till quite after midnight. Did my Winsor & Newton Field Box, described in depth just why that dang thing became such a necessity after I bought it on a whim.

03-24-2010, 12:11 PM
Robert- You just had to do some writing. You were born to write and you are are good at it. You are keeping yourself busy with all your different projects. Way to go.

Terri- You have broken the ice with the gallery owner. You now know what they want, so show them what you've got. :thumbsup:

I did the underpainting for the Spotlight painting. I am having some doubts about it, but we'll see how things work out. Some of the best underpaintings are the scary ones.:evil:


03-24-2010, 06:09 PM
Thank you! Yay for a good underpainting! Some of the best ones are scary, you're so right about that.

*Tick* sorta anyway, I reworked "Pines by River" again with some comments I got on the thread and finally got the clouds looking true as well as improving it a lot from the comments. This seems to be the month of "learn how to rework paintings."

And I found the little metal doodad from the 11" x 14" frame! So now I don't have to wait for Blick to send me an extra one, I can actually frame the plein air to match as soon as my back is up to it. Not having to search again is a good thing, a very good thing. The metal doodad is now properly back in the frame and tucked in where it goes up on the top of the bookcase where Ari can't steal it. Onward!

03-24-2010, 11:16 PM
*Tick* wrote up my Blick folding palette box. Still keeping on with nearly daily writing, that's becoming something so cool.

03-25-2010, 08:22 AM
Robert, you're *ticking* nicely! Where did Ari hide the doodah?

I'm still pretty exhausted, and instead of resting till now, I've written paperwork for the sales. I figured out that in one month, I've had one day and one evening off work, or doing, or socializing. I need to just *be*! Or, paint!


03-25-2010, 02:11 PM
It turned out to be on the shelf I first looked. It had skittered around a stack of stuff and then up behind a small painting in progress. So it was barely visible. I didn't find it till I was looking for something in the stack of stuff.

Blick is sending spares -- multiples -- and I am so grateful because this isn't the first time and won't be the last. I know I'll use their Gallery frames again, they are really good frames at a good price.

Take some time off! Just "be" sounds wonderful, or paint! Stare at clouds for fifteen minutes and do a cloud study, warm up with painting that isn't even serious, little studies to enjoy for yourself and then something color-drenched and wonderful. The show was a grand success but paperwork is stressful and so is all that socializing. Maybe a soaking bath before painting. (Or after, to get less multicolored?)

03-25-2010, 02:30 PM
Thanks, Robert, I will *have* to do just that. My synapses need to reproduce the used up coctail of neurotransmittors. It is good to be able to focus singlemindedly on a thing, but doing it for more than a month... Then, I'm actually really an introvert (who loves a party, and crave changes), but I replenish mental energy in solitude. Hm, when painting in pastels, one can't even watch paint dry... have to make a wet underpainting! LOL!

Good you found the thingamy. Isn't it odd how things can just vanish into the ninth dimension, leaving no discernable trace?


03-25-2010, 11:54 PM
Yep! It's uncanny. I checked that shelf about 20 times, I was sure that's where I left it -- it just came back out of the twilight zone. Maybe it wandered off to prove to me that Blick is really nice about things like that.

4 sketches for Scavenger Hunt today, plus the final last tweaks on Pines by River, which really deserves a beautiful square frame the next time I order anything from Blick. Then I reviewed Blick Artists' Watercolor on my review blog, once again pounding out the daily writing. Now if only I can switch tracks and do so on my oil pastels site -- still have some topics I need to do there, just have been procrastinating on those.

03-26-2010, 01:14 AM
Good news, the commission was approved and I took it in for measuring for framing. In the meantime, I need to get a good photo of it for making smaller prints of it. 2 x 3 ft is a bit large.
A painting of the white anemone #4 which I had sold could have been sold again to my framer. I took in #5 for framing today as well. Maybe she'll want that one or I may have a commission. I like painting the anemones.
I set up some still life arrangements with some ballet slippers. They really aren't as graceful as you think once you see the toe piece up close and personal. I did some nasty foreshortening on one photo and it was quite scary. I also played around with lemons and a mirror. The resulting photos are quite compositionally design orientated. I may get to them in May after I get more paintings done for the local spring show and my feature at the coffee shop.
The other cool thing was that I got my Paula Ford painting back from the framer. Totally sweet!!!
Robert, I, unfortunately, I can't blame cats for "misplacing" things. I do a good enough job all by myself.
Charlie, enjoy some down time, you've earned it!!
Doug, your landscapes are really coming along.

03-26-2010, 03:03 AM
Terri, congratulations on the commission! That rocks! Hope that your framer commissions an anemone, that sounds so cool. Congrats on good still life photos too and on getting your Paula Ford painting back from framer. I still need to mat and frame mine.

I still have three more paintings to frame and then as many of mine as I've got extra frames for.

Sketched and posting now in Sketch Thread, did another Scavenger Hunt one that I used pastel pencils in with a few accents in tinted charcoal pencils.

03-26-2010, 08:23 AM
Terri, congratulations! A good painting may take some time to sell, it is waiting for the right customer. And other paintings have multiple customers wanting it. Lovely your framer liked it so much! I mean, a framer sees a lot of art, and when they want something, it's good, eh? I too got a Paula, it is exquisite!

Robert, items flash in and out of The Zone, I swear. I searched in vain for some business cards, and they were nowhere to be seen, in November. Not searching since, but been aware of wanting to find them. Then, right before my show, I went to the bag I'd carried some stuff in back in October/November, and without looking stuck my hand in and grabbed that stack of cards. How? I have not the faintest, as I've turned that bag inside out *several* times, with absolutely no cards found. So how could I go straight to them, without looking, this time? Must be fey...

I try to rest, even watched TV last night. Antiques Roadshow, our Swedish version of it.


03-26-2010, 12:01 PM
Robert- If it makes you feel any better, I lose stuff all the time. It can be right under my nose and I won't see it. And then my daughter will help me look with no success. And then, of course, my wife will say, :music: "Is this what you are looking for?":music: Maybe it's a left brain, right brain thing. She the accountant (left brain) and my daughter and I involved in art (right brain). That's it! I feel better now. I still can't find things, but I feel better.

I saw your Spotlight painting. I love the b/g trees. I swear I can see them swaying in the wind. Great colours. You are continuing to sketch and paint every day and that is great news.

Charlie- We get the Candadian, American and British versions of The Antique Roadshow. We used to watch it all the time, but now with satellite tv and a bazillion channels, I don't even know where or when it is on.:confused: Rest up for the days ahead. You will have more paper work with all the other paintings you are going to sell.

Terri- Congratulations on the commission and what a great compliment from your framer. I can sense another sale in your future. It seems like you are on a roll. Keep it going.

Thanks for the compliment on my landscapes. I am starting to feel more comfortable with them. I guess is just like everything else; practice, practice, practice will make you better.

Well, I didn't get any painting done yesterday and I don't think I will be able to do any today(medical appointment). I did get an hour with my cp's yesterday and I am hoping to participate in the WDE this weekend.

Happy painting everybody.


03-26-2010, 07:59 PM
...I lose stuff all the time. It can be right under my nose and I won't see it.... And then, of course, my wife will say, :music: "Is this what you are looking for?":music:

:D :lol: :cool:

I'm like your wife, do that to my husband all the time... :smug: He searches frantically turning everything upside down, and I say "hm" and play a solitaire on the computer, and then I get up and reach out and find the thing for him. For some odd reason, this doesn't delight him...:rolleyes: One would think he'd be glad the item is found... LOL! What I do is to let my subconscious work on the problem, and when I see the thing in my mind, I know where it is. Don't have to search manually. Brain-power! :thumbsup:

Doug, your landscapes are really taking off, and you are also developing your own style! :clap:

*Tick* One painting, well, sketchy painting, that would be a study, right? finished! Did it for my own sanity's sake, and am getting out of the exhaustion, yay!


03-26-2010, 09:37 PM
Thank you, Charlie. I appreciate all the help you have given me. You helped me SEE colour that has always been there, I just didn't know how to find it. I have allowed myself to paint duds, knowing that not all paintings will be keepers.

The funny thing about my tulip field painting, when I got to the tulips I said to myself, "I don't know how to paint tulips." Then a voice inside my head said, "Just paint what you see. Put those colour down onto the paper." :D Hopefully I will keep growing into an artist.

Good news today. Our youngest daughter just recieved her acceptance letter from Vancouver Island University for the BA- Major in Graphic Design program.:clap: We are so proud of her. She worked hard on her portfolio and it paid off. They only accept 26 students each year, so it is very competitive. The main reason she and my wife wend down there a month ago, was for her portfolio interview. Anyway, I thought I would share the good news.

Take care, everyone.


03-27-2010, 07:37 AM
Doug, how wonderful your daughter got in, congratulations to her, and I can see the proud father beaming all the way!

Doug, you hear voices? =:-O :-) Really, you know how to paint *anything* when you paint what you see, as you know how to paint what you see. A yellow blob, a blue-ish greenish streak, and... Don't painting things, paint glorious colours!

TV: I'm not on cable, satellite or even dial up. I'm a troglodyte, a Luddite, I have 5 TV channels only, and watch about one to two hours per week, if that. Downside of that is that I can't create more time by sacrifying tv-time.


03-27-2010, 04:42 PM
Doug, thanks! I get embarrassed sometimes about my memory and lack of ability to find things, but I'm glad to know that's common and I'm not the only one. I need a wife who can do what Charlie does and doesn't mind doing it. Your landscapes are coming out so fantastic! Love the tulips one. Must remember that myself, just paint color blobs I see and not what's there.

Congratulations on your daughter's acceptance. That is so impressive.

Charlie, thank you so much for your critique on Hay There. I know what I'm going to do with it now, just need to let that "soak in" a while and ruminate on it before I do it to it. LOL about TV -- I know what you mean. I actually got rid of the television a couple of years ago because I wasn't watching anything at all. I sometimes go to YouTube or Hulu, but that has to be a really sick day or something really good coming up like the Painting & Drawing Channel posts. I've been following those Arnold Lowrey pastels demos and some of the watercolor ones.

I'm up to #10 in the Scavenger Hunt and seem to have started in on that as something of a project. Will probably continue it today, haven't actually done an entire Scavenger Hunt any of the times I did it, but I did two of the three difficult ones already, so now I've got just the next one to tackle. After that the rest are relatively easy. Difficulty is just finding "makeup" without bugging my daughter for hers. I'd like to just do stuff I have in my room. Might draw one of my Neocolor II crayons because I used those for face painting in the French Quarter and for Mardi Gras and any costume event.

03-27-2010, 08:55 PM
Doug, was it previously named Malasapina or is in Victoria? Well done on her acceptance. I did my diploma at North Island College on the island and Emily Carr was doing an external degree through there.
Charlie, we made the choice not to hook up to either cable or satellite but because the movers broke the bunny ears we don't get any signal what so ever. We watch a lot of DVDs and the odd sports event on the internet.
I can lose enough time on the computer and in a book. I have to admit even when we did have cable in NF, I rarely watched it during the day. I did more so when the 1st of the kidlets was born.
I still need to watch the Mckinley DVD I bought last month.
The kid printmaking project went fairly well. I wouldn't let them use brown or black and the prints are very bright.

03-28-2010, 12:04 AM
I am guilty here of watching movies on TV. I go through spells actually. Am watching quite a few movies now and I enjoy having a movie on when I do art work but I haven't done any this weekend. My room was so overcrowded with furniture etc (I think I mentioned in a previous thread) I ended up only taking one small computer desk out of my room and moving a lot of things into a different room which doesn't make them inconvenient because I no way have room to have them all spread out anyway so I can just get what I need. It has made my room a much more pleasant and relaxable room to accomplish art work now without tripping over everything and just staring at a mess. I did order the FC Polychroma pastels from Dick Blick today...I have both sets of the colored pencils and they are all color coordinated with each other so I can combine the pastels and colored pencils also. During the week I am more apt to pick up the colored pencils and having the pastels the same colors to combine them also in the same type tins is a big plus to me because they are compact enough to have here in my small room. I have a 32-36" wide screen TV in here, wooden TV trays (that fit in rack made for them) a large tall chest (with my clothes), a dresser with art supplies, a large desk I use for art, a large hepa air filter, a large computer desk with my lap top now and a printer, a stand and a chest for movies and video games, a recliner and a very large stand with a shelf and doors, and a desk chair and this room is only about 10x10. I bring my easel in here when I want to use it or use a TV tray with a desktop easel. It is wall to wall furniture but very comfortable and relaxing now and therefore a more creative space.

03-28-2010, 02:23 AM
Linn, that space sounds so comfortable! I always liked doing art with video in the background, which may say something about the lack of stimulation most tv provides. Love the Polychromos pencils, have those but not the watersolubles or the pastels yet. Tempted though.

Today was sketching and studies toward my goals, more on the Scavenger Hunt, finished 12 of them so far. May actually do them all. Nothing else, bad day for the joints and fibro flares. Well, also did a good watercolor of a storm in my watercolor journal, much better than most of my plein window watercolors so it's not like the day had no good art in it.

03-28-2010, 08:31 AM
Robert I have looked at the scavenger hunt before but not actually done it. Now that I have this room set up the way I like it I think the scavenger hunt would be just the ticket now to get me involved in art and sketching. Even came across several journals while I was cleaning out this room that were buried. I even have the forum where that is saved in my favorites...now I really need to check it out seriously. Thanks for reminding me that I don't always need to work "big".

03-28-2010, 11:06 AM
Linn, I'm so glad. I found out doing two minute gestures back when I lived in Kansas that it helps to draw smaller if I have limited time. It's also easier to do multiple sketches if I don't take up the whole page with them. I'm up early today and don't really know how I feel yet, will see how much I get accomplished.

03-28-2010, 02:03 PM
Robert- I think not being able to find things is a "guy" thing. I hate to admit it, but I think it is obvious.:( I have been looking at the Scavenger Hunt too. I was thinking I could do it while sitting in my recliner (where I spend all of my time when I am not in my studio) using my coloured pencils or graphite pencils or anything else I can find. I think I will do that. I am going to go and find a sketch book. Thanks for your kind words regarding my landscapes. I almost gave up on them (again) but I just couldn't.

Terri- Yes, it used to be called Malaspina, but it was made a university a couple of years ago. Our son went there for the graphic design program when it was a two year diploma program. He stayed in Nanaimo and is working there as a graphic designer, so our daughter will have her big brother to keep her from getting too home sick. We are happy about that. Good to hear that your printmaking project went well. Expose those kids to colour. Most kids don't get enough encouragement from adults to explore art, and I bet they loved it. You never know, one of them might become a graphic designer.:D

Linn- You get alot of things into your 10 x 10 space. If it works for you, that's all that matters. My room is about the same size and it took me a while to get things where I wanted them. The best thing about it is it is MY space.:D I think I will join you and Robert over in the Scavenger Hunt. I hope it gets you going. Enjoy you Polys. You will use them all the time.


03-28-2010, 03:28 PM
Wow Doug...you have a lot of artists in your family!! Your son and daughter will sure get along well and both in the same community is a plus!

Yes Doug the Scavenger Hunt would get both of us moving and busy sketching! Don't know if I will get to it tonight...getting about ready to run to the store (not for groceries) and gas station and Sunday nights I am always so busy. I kind of pooped myself out today...not in "My Space" (my 10x10 room) but in the kitchen...thouroughly cleaned out the fridge and it's freezer, then cleaned out the other freezer and cleaned out all of the food cupboards. No more grocery shopping until the food we have is used up. I had to throw out so much food it was ridiculous! The other half of my household had an early retirement from his job and all he knows how to do is make messes so we just kept buying more food because we couldn't see the food we already had.

03-28-2010, 04:58 PM
Linn- Do you want to hear more? Our oldest daughter is just finishing her first year of a BFA degree program. She is in another city, but we have a very close friend there who keep tabs on her.

The funny thing is, none of our kids ever saw me doing any art while they were younger, but they always had tons of art and craft supplies. All the other kids in the neighbourhood loved coming to our house because they knew they were going to get to do something fun and different.

We encouraged them with their art because we saw how much fun they had and their interest didn't wane over the years. We also have a great art teacher in the high school and he has encouraged them as well. He was the one who told our son he should look into becoming a graphic designer. Other parents would say dumb things like, "Where is he going to work? You can't make money doing that." They would say this while standing in the middle of our grocery store, so I would tell them to just look around here. Every can, box, bag, and poster was designed by a graphic designer.

We want our kids doing something they enjoy doing, not just doing something because it pays well. Imagine, going to a job that you like every morning. Not to many people can say that.

Sorry, I probably told you more than you wanted to hear, but I know I am with a group of people here who understand.


03-28-2010, 05:47 PM
Doug, love to read about sane loving parents who help their children find their passion, and cheer them on! Thanks!


03-28-2010, 06:49 PM
Doug...all of that is very interesting to me! So you have 3 children all in the arts! I always encouraged my kids with art as well. Out of my 4...my oldest no more but in earlier years designed his own tattoos...the tattoo artist even asked if he could keep them (my son should have charged him), my next oldest son...no interest at all...my daughter just getting into crocheting if that counts...my youngest...now you know I have to have something good to tell you...he does 3D design and did have a job in it but they went under...he now is an instructional designer that designs online college courses and even games ever so often. He says he's not artistic though...can only do art on a computer...counts good enough for me.

My parents never encouraged me in art so when I did anything artistic outside of school I used to hide it. My mother came accross it after I moved out and saved it because I didn't live at home anymore then...I lived in a different state...think in Hawaii when she discovered it so not only accross the country but an ocean too. Now she praises my art work and brags to all of her friends.

03-29-2010, 02:24 PM
It's nice to learn a bit more about each other...I feel as if I know you all as 'family' anyway, now we know a bit more about our 'home life'.
Doug...that is so neat, that your kids are 'following their bliss'. They are lucky kids...
Linn...I more relate to your upbringing...my mother was very artistic, and my aunt was a commercial artist for fashion magazines in NewYork City. But I had no talent, and so stayed away from art altogether. really only started when I retired from my job as Children's Librarian and started going to the Senior Center.

Neither of my kids were interested in art, but when my twin grandsons were about 6-8 yr old, we did a lot of art together. Now they are solely into basketball...both champs in their own right.

Coming to the end of March, I sorta petered out in sketching, etc. But have been thinking about goals for April. I came across a calendar of birds, and it sorta caught my fancy. I may do a series of bird studies for April. And maybe flowers, since it is coming into spring....

anyway, still a couple of days left to think about it. May come up with a few more....

Meanwhile...have to look back at my goals for March....cant remember them offhand. But if I leace this post to look them up, I'm sure I'll lose the post.
Sooo, I'll be back with whatever I've accomplished....

03-29-2010, 02:37 PM
Well, I see I didnt do too much this month:

mine will be sorta general this month: I will
1. Continue doing sketches and tree studies
2. Do at least 2 still life setups
3. Do the Spotlight challenge
4. Experiment with colors I dont usually use
I may add to the list later, but for now it's enough...

So I didnt really do any more tree studies, and I didnt do too many sketches. I did one still life setup. I did one Spotlight Challenge. I did order some new pastels, in colors I dont normally use. Havent really experimented with them much, however. But have used more hards than I did before.
I did experiment a lot with the alcohol underpainting.
And did straighten out my pastels, and put the softies together and the hards ones in a separate box, together. And the ones I used often, are in a box in the center of my table.
So I guess it wasnt all a bust for the month. looking forward to 'springing ahead' in April...

am liking the new easel (convertible)

03-29-2010, 08:15 PM
Doug, that is so cool! Your whole family is into art. That must have been so great for you all, to have that much in common within the family and all of them going on to different artistic careers. Thanks for joining the Scavenger Hunt.

Linn, the same thank-you applies. It was so cool doing that with you and I'm still watching for what you and Doug post next.

Judi, even if you didn't do tree studies or as much sketching as you wanted to, you did a lot. I didn't finish all my goals either, though I worked on all but one of them. If you got any sketching done that still counts. So does trying new textures or techniques instead of colors.

I did it... *tick* again on sketching and studies, because I actually did for once manage to do all 26 of the Scavenger Hunt items. I finished today with the last five and two were even detailed enough colored pencils drawings to post in the CP forum. The rest are sketches, but they count for a lot in terms of Sketches and Studies. That makes my average for the month more than one sketch or drawing a day, I think.

I still haven't updated my OP site with a new page, but there's still time for that and for working on finishing my Spotlight painting. I did a couple of keepers though, and maybe reworking the February Spotlight painting that thoroughly counts as "a good painting" for the month.

03-29-2010, 08:47 PM
Your preview of goals for April sound great Judi! And actually you did do rather good for March. I like your idea of the birds though and can't wait to see them!

Robert it looks like I picked a perfect time to do the Scavenger Hunt...a new list that I printed out. Most of the items look readily available also.

03-29-2010, 11:57 PM
Yep, I grabbed the new list too, Linn. I can't believe I did them all from the last one. This time I'm just going to relax and do them in any order I feel like, as many as I feel like -- I'm doing Script Frenzy in April and will not want to have daily sketching on another project going at the same time as that.

Posted a new review tonight, *tick* on the art writing again. That's 22 for March, a really good lineup for writing online!

Judi, your idea of birds and flowers for April rocks. I love doing them too and might relax with some after the day's pages of script are done. I got most of my goals. I'm not going to be too hard on myself about those I didn't finish.

03-30-2010, 01:49 AM
Linn- It is great to hear about your family. I guess all we can do for our kids is give them advice and keep them on the right path. It sounds like you did a fine job. Good to hear you will be joining us in the Scavenger Hunt. It is a blast. I got eight sketches done in two days for the last one.

Judi- Yes it is interesting to find out other things obout the people in our group. I am with you about feeling like we are all friends here. It is difficult to explain to some people, but a bond is made with people who have similar interests, enen on line.

Don't be hard on yourself. You did a good job on your goals. You will enjoy painting more with your sticks organized and with your new easel. The dust will be flying next month.

Charlie- Thanks and you are welcome.:)

Robert- Well, not everybody in our family is into art. My wife is an accountant. We are proud of her as well. She just finished about seven years of schooling (on-line) and now has her CGA designation. I think that is similar to a CPA in the States. She also now has a B. Comm degree. She did all this while working full time. She worked hard at it and I am sure it helped inspire our kids. We call her a mutant though.:wink2:

You did a great job on your goals this month. You accomplished a great deal. I am enjoying the Scavenger Hunt. I am glad you metioned it again.


Mary Y
03-30-2010, 05:56 AM
Well I have been trying to catch up on everyone's news.
I had a lovely two week break and managed to see lots of new places.

Doug, Congratulations on your daughter's University acceptance.That is wonderful news. Your tulip fields are gorgeous.

Robert I have been reading your product reviews(rather a dangerous thing to do as I will just develop the "wants")The reviews are very good.
Your Spotlight ,pastel sketches , scavenger hunt drawings and journal just go from strength to strength.

Congratulations on you exhibition. I also would want to take your price list home .Hope you are resting .

Judi looking forward to seeing your birds and flowers.

Terri Congratulations on your commission.

Chuas your spotlight tree was lovely and I liked your still life in the pastel sketch thread. You had a hard act to follow!

Hi Linn, Elsie and Naomi.Hope i haven't forgotten anyone.

So March.
Spend less time looking and more time painting.
I like the idea of sketches and drawings with no expectations.
Do at least one Spotlight this month and one WDE.

Well I managed to do one spotlight and I posted in the WDE this weekend when I got back ,even managed a small watercolour.
I did a lot less looking this month but only because I was on the road. I did however sketch almost every day of our trip,so hopefully I can continue.
Now to ponder Aprils goals.


03-30-2010, 06:39 AM
Yay! Mary, for sketching, and for a good trip!


03-30-2010, 06:54 AM
Hi Mary! Lucky you traveling. Did you take a lot of pictures while on your trip for future references?

I guess with April just around the corner we will all have to set up new goals. Springtime coming should make them easier and more interesting.

03-30-2010, 02:06 PM
Mary, that's great that you sketched through your holiday. Don't you find you look at a place differently when you sketch rather than just the viewfinder of your camera? I find when I do that I also journal a bit. Not well enough to share with the general population but enough to help me remember the feel.
Robert, great job on all the writing you got accomplished this month as well as your sketches.
Linn, the realities of life do make their appearance and keep us out of the studio. My excuse for being out of the studio tomorrow is to take my daughter (8) to the dentist to remove a tooth. Bribery in the form of a new book makes it a little easier for her.
My kids are at the elementary school age, so they aren't really thinking to seriously about their grown-up endeavors. For a while, (about 3 years ago) my son wanted to be a helicopter. Not the pilot(like dad), but the helicopter.
Judi, from what I saw of your postings this month, you did a respectable job on your goal list. Looking forward to seeing your spring things.
I finally finished my last painting for spotlight. I like it much more since I attacked it with the colour shaper. It was feeling a bit blagh.
Dakota had a sale on schminke's 90 for $250 USA, individually around here they go for $6-8 a stick roughly. I am thinking seriously about indulging myself.

03-30-2010, 03:43 PM
Terri, I can only urge you to indulge in Schmincke's. You can lay on thick impasto with them, and the colours are just wonderfully bright!

03-30-2010, 06:46 PM
I indulged.

03-30-2010, 07:25 PM
Thanks all! I'm still sketching today, a bit low on energy for pasteling (and cleaning up after pasteling which takes more than doing the painting). I might manage to finish the Spotlight one before tomorrow ends, but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Just do it when I do and post it late. I'd rather it comes out well than worry about a deadline.

03-30-2010, 08:42 PM
Terri...keep us posted on the "indulgement" and how you like those new pastels when they come. That is a great price!

Only one more day of March and then we are into our new month. I know I'll be more productive in art than I have been since the last 6 months I have done basically nothing. I will need to think of some reachable goals. My new polychroma pastels should arrive April 1st also. They should be perfect for sketching.

Mary Y
03-30-2010, 08:47 PM
Hi Charlie I sketched but not very well.

Linn, yes I did take some pictures but so far I do not really feel like trying to paint any of them.There are a few good trees so I may try one of those first.

Terri, you are so right. When I sketch somewhere the little(badly done) sketch brings back sharper memories than a whole stack of photographs.

Robert hope your energy levels pick up soon.

03-30-2010, 08:54 PM
Mary- Welcome back. Great to hear you sketched during your vacation. You did a great job on your goals. I can't believe it's almost April. Good to see you here.

Linn- Get those goals ready. I know you can do it.

Terri- My wife pointed out those Schminke pastels. The price is right, especially in Canada. The dollar is even almost at par. It sounds like a perfect storm to me.:evil: Enjoy them when they arrive.

Robert- Great sketches. You are using your time well. If the painting doesn't get done, oh well. There is always tomorrow, or the next day...... You are going great this month.

I haven't been able to sit at my easel either, but, like Robert, I have been sketching. I may not have reached some of my goals, but I feel this has been my most productive month I have ever had. I have done some drawing or painting most of the days this month.


03-31-2010, 06:22 AM
Mary I'm sure your sketches are better than you give them credit for. I have not been out anywhere and tried to sketch. I think I will start slow with some sketches around this area and then more as I venture further.

I am restraining myself from buying these Schminke Pastels even at their great price. I need to make use of the so many pastels I already have and have not even used 1 pastel in many. The only reason I bought the FC Polychromas is because they match my 2 sets of pencils and I thought they would be nice for sketches and even combining pencils and pastels. That is the only pastel indulgence or any indulgence really in any art supplies except for paper etc. I will have in awhile.

Doug you sure have been very productive this month in your pastels and sketching. When I get home from work at night I don't get any done even though I may have good intentions when I leave in the morning. I guess that is where I should be using the scavenger hunt...even if I am too tired and not enthused a 3 or 4 minute sketch wouldn't hurt me.

03-31-2010, 08:28 AM
Time for the final reckoning... :eek:

1) I will get everything ready for my exhibition In Good Time!

Worked really well,:thumbsup: and I learned a few things more, like doing some of the work immediately when having a photo of a finished painting. When I photoshop, I can also make a thumbnail and add to a pricelist, including size and paper etc. Then I don't have to spend a day hunting for the info.

2) I will take part in the Spotlight.

:crying: No time. Wanted to, but got too exhausted to do it after the opening, and as I have an event with the show on monday...

3) I will paint at least one big painting.

:confused: I think I did, that is, finished one big one I started earlier. I'm not sure, it is all a haze in my memory.

4) I need to find a live model, for a portrait challenge.

Didn't. Found a photo, and entered. Went well.


03-31-2010, 01:09 PM
Charlie, you did great on your goals! Congratulations on that overwhelming show prep and everything else!

Linn, congratulations on your self discipline. I'm fighting the same battle because I really do need to start building some savings again. Laptops don't live forever and I'm paying off this one tomorrow, it'd be a lot easier on me if next time I just have it in savings instead of needing to borrow and spend months of tight budget catching up.

Also congratulations on all your scavenger hunt drawings, they rock and it really is that good for sketching more. I should probably put it on next month's goals.

Doug, thanks for joining me and Linn down in Scavenger Hunt thread. It's great for when your back's out or there isn't much time, the open media means I can do whatever comes to mind or hand.

Mary, thanks! I'm pretty sure they will as the weather gets nicer. I'm getting a little of the spring pressure change exhaustion but not as much as Kansas and I know it'll stabilize, heading into my good season! Yay for your sketching! You're right -- even a really bad sketch done on location along with the photo helps you remember what you were drawing so you can make sense of the photos afterward and remember the real colors. I can't wait until I can start going to the beautiful places around here again.

Terri, congratulations on your Schminke set! I hope they continue that sale till I can grab one, it is such a great price for such usually very expensive pastels. I'm more than tempted but need to pay off my computer first.

My final reckoning: MARCH 2010 goals

1) one good painting - yes. It wasn't in pastels, but "Clarity" in colored pencils stands with the best colored pencils paintings I've ever done. Also finished a good painting by reworking "Pines by River" with many thanks to Charlie for the final tweaks that made it better than any pastels landscape I've ever done. Perhaps I'm in a habit of finishing good Spotlight paintings in the following month.

2) art supply reviews blog - Overwhelming results with 22 reviews in March. I've got a strong start on it!

3) OP site page - nope, didn't get to it unless I do one today.

4) Try a new surface - Richeson Sanded Pastel Paper is great, a lot like Wallis but a little more gentle. I'll write it up when I finish my Spotlight painting, but even in progress I love that surface.

5) Sketches and studies - I may have set a record for most sketches in one day with nine Scavenger Hunt drawings. Tons of sketches this month, pages of them. I might have set a record for most sketchbook pages used this month, 14 pages in the big sketchbook that usually gets several per page.

6) Art I owe people - I mailed out Estemmenosuchus and I worked on Cat & Wombat even if it's not finished.

7) Gouache Corner painting - Yes, even though it's got mountains as well as trees.

8) Sort and break AS pastels - Yes, that made them easier to use.

9) Mat and frame art I bought - The Precioussss is hanging in my room. I still need to mat and frame the small ones but I'll do them when I have another really good-physical day. Still resting up from the big one.

10) Reorganize Sketch Wall - yes! Most of my old watercolors are down and stored in the archival clamshell box from Blick, while new pastels are up all over the door to the bathroom and the sketch wall itself. There's room for new ones, so I'm happy with it. I did it gradually one or two at a time as I went back and forth for other things and it took all month, but it got done to my satisfaction.

I'm going to be generous on those goals that I got something done on and didn't finish everything that needs doing, because I got a lot done this month. The only thing on the list that I didn't at least do some of it was the OP site page and if I get one in today, that'd make it a sweep for what was a seriously overconfident list.

A big thank you to everyone for helping me reach my goals! This thread has helped me so much. I think I do tons more every month because I can post it here and keep track of it as well as reminding myself of specific goals. Got to think of the list for April, which will be shorter because Script Frenzy is on top of the list.

03-31-2010, 02:56 PM
Robert, you had a rocking month! Well done.
Charlie, definitely a good month for you.
Linn, the scavenger hunt does sound like fun and doable. It keeps the hand eye coordination going.
The last kick for March was a 8 x10 of ballet slippers that I am looking for some C & C in the gallery. Mostly finished this morning, now for the dentist run with small child. Potential for a series, I borrowed the slippers from the dance studio and they are willing to hang and sell them there. (IF they like them, of course)

03-31-2010, 05:43 PM
:wave: Hi, there Goalies!

Old March is marching right out the door with a "Lamb" day! Lovely sunny spring day here in Wisconsin! The doors and windows are OPEN! Bulbs are coming up! The grass is green and the forsythia is blooming!....and I should be out painting instead of sitting here at the computer! :p

It looks like lots of folks have had a very productive month here in Pastel-land! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I've had a very busy month and while lots of art was accomplished, not a lot of it was pastel!

March Goals:
Find a solution to getting a good print out of a digital photo of a painting or a ref. photo when the problem is the print out, not the image on the screen.
Well, this one is getting solved a couple of ways. Currently, I'm using a better, high quality photo printer over on my husband's computer. Much improvement!
Then we are doing some upgrades on my computer here in my study and on the printer here. So that will help.
But, my best help is still the use of my laptop in my studio to paint from. Since we have an "in-house" net, I have access to all my photo files even when I'm in the studio!
So we check this one off! :clap:

Continue work on:

Pastel: Still life studies of Sarback/Hensche stuff. This one is sort of done. But, I'll continue it as one can NEVER leave the blocks, as Hensche would say! :clap:
Pastel: Paintings from list of ref. photos that I have lined up. I've done a couple in pastel, but most of my work has be in other media. So it goes! Not every thing all the time! :wink2:
Watercolor: Susie Short DVD and lessons regarding water and waves, including some studies based on this. Oh, this has been wonderful! I've done quite a number (for me) paintings in watercolor, based on Susie Short's lessons and from photos of my own. :clap:
Graphite: Sandra Angelo Lessons: Finish Drawings, Start Faces. Yippee, nailed this one! I've finished the Drawings course and started the "Faces"/portrait course. AND I'm signed up for a 5 day workshop with Sandi at Dillmann's Art Fountation at a beautiful place in northern Wisconsin next September! This is SO exciting! But, that means I have to get the two courses before that done by then! I've already started on one (Faces, mentioned above) . :clap: :heart: :clap: :heart:
Colored Pencil: Continue to work on projects from Alyona Nickelsen book and use DVD and lessons about Whites. I've had a great time doing some of these. This will continue in April. This gal really is great! So that does it for March! I hope things settle down a little and I get back in here more often next month!
I'm hoping to get some outdoor PA done in the coming weeks.
This was my "rest time": we are house cleaning for guests this weekend! Back to the grind, Elsie! :p

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Peace! Namaste!
Happy Painting!:cat:

03-31-2010, 09:31 PM
Everyone has done great on their goals! My non goals I accomplished since I didn't have any for March but accomplished
1. Spotlight Painting
2. Sketch in the Pastel Sketch Thread
3. Stay involved in this goals thread (that helps me think art)

Our April goals start tomorrow;)

Robert is your Script Frenzy on the computer? How long does it last?

03-31-2010, 10:02 PM
Terri, I'll go look at your ballet slippers.

Elsie, congratulations, you did so much!

Linn, Script Frenzy starts April 1st and lasts till April 31st. Within that time, I need to create 100 pages of rough draft script for a play, a movie, a graphic novel, anything that gets scripted. I think some people may be doing game scripts or other things too. I'm doing a graphic novel.

Which means my goal is to finish the story and keep it down to 100 pages instead of letting it turn into a 100,000 word manuscript for a novel, which is what I usually write. One that can be told mostly in the pictures. I've never done this before so I have no idea whether I can do it or not. But I have carried a good idea for a graphic novel around since 1995 so this seemed like a good year to write it at last.

Secondary April goal, actually thumbnail the story and lay it out if not pencil some of the pictures too.

Third Goal for April, also stay involved on WC with either WDE, Scavenger hunt, sketch threads and so on. It's going to be a month of a whole lot of writing and sketching. Anything beyond that is gravy.

If it comes out good and I do the art, I will try to sell it to a comics publisher. If it's rejected by all of them I might self publish or post it online as a webcomic.

04-01-2010, 01:12 AM
Linn- All you need is a few minutes for a sketch. The Scavenger Hunt is contagious and it will get you going.

Charlie- I think we can say you had a very good month.:rolleyes: You will probably find each new show will get easier and easier. I know you will still have some more sales and get those paintings new homes.

Robert- You had a very busy month. You did such a great job on your art supply reviews. You also did a ton of sketching and painting. I hope you carry it all into April.

Terri- Your ballet slipper painting looks great. You had a very busy month and got alot accomplished. Way to go.

Elsie- You may not have been around here much, but you did a great job on your goals. Good to hear you are doing well with your water colours and drawing course.

I think we all can be proud of accomplishments this month and I know we will keep things going in April.