View Full Version : Just treated myself to a Roz bag and Sennlier Iridescent colors

02-22-2010, 02:57 PM
Hope I have not wasted my money. I needed a travel bag for workshops (tired of dragging boxes around in an LL Bean bag) and I just wanted to experiment with the Iridescent colors. (box of 24-$42.49) Jerry's.
Love hear your comments re both purchases!

02-22-2010, 04:49 PM
The Iridescents are pretty!

02-23-2010, 01:55 AM
I'm not a Roz box fan myself but hope they work well for you. I have the silver boxes though and not the bag. I'm sure they will work better for you than the boxes in the LL Bean bag!!! I also like the Iridescent Senns - have them myself and have used them in some florals. They can add just that extra bit of glimmer to a painting.