View Full Version : Some Not-so-typical Acrylics from Japan

02-10-2010, 04:07 PM
Turner Colour Works have some products that are different from most, and I thought there might be some here who would be interested.

They have paints that change color in the sun. They have some others that change with temperature changes.

They have 'Japanesque' colors that have very attractive and unusual velvety matte finishes.

They have a series of delicate pastel colors in their line.

They seem to have some kind of connection with Golden. Does anyone know any details about this? It appears that they may have helped or collaborated in the formulation of some of the Golden paints, and may have additional involvements with Golden as well.

They have a line of Lamé paints, and some others that are not often seen in other lines of acrylics. They make some excellent true gouache paints in 195 colors, along with acrylic gouaches.

Any experiences with Turner Colour Works products?