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01-30-2010, 11:18 AM
I paint digitally using the basic Fractal Painter that came bundled with my Wacom Tablet from about 5 years ago. I paint in the 'Painters Alley' fashion - just choosing brushes and colors, that's it, as simple as it gets. I often need to make very small color adjustments on the color selector (the hue ring with a color triangle in it) and its not easy to accurately make tiny adjustments on it using the mouse and cursor.

Is it possible (on the version of Painter that I have, or in later versions) to configure it so that you can adjust hue, value, and chroma using the arrow keys on the keyboard? That would be easier for me when making tiny adjustments. Thanks.

01-30-2010, 07:53 PM
no there is not .. at least not up to version 10.. not sure about 11. But you can open up the color info palette and make fine tune adjustments with numerical values as well as sliders there..

02-02-2010, 02:48 AM
I may not able to answer you, since I'm not well-versed with Corel Painter. However, if you're interested in fractals per se, why don't you look up here and also to post some of your fractal works as well:

02-02-2010, 04:52 AM
Hi Patrick,

In Fractal Design Painter 5, as you know if that's the version you have, individual sections, like Color, are fixed in the Art Materials and Objects palettes. These sections can't be resized and can't be torn off their palettes. There is no way to use sliders to adjust RGB and/or HSV values. Only toggling between the HSV and RGB values display in the lower right corner of the Colors section.

It's easy to see why you'd want a better way to control HSV and RGB colors, and to pick by using the arrow keys.

Thank heaven Painter has improved over the years, in lots of ways including color picking and adjusting.

When Corel Painter 11 was released we got some long awaited improvements in this area to add to more good improvements that came with other more recent Painter versions:

I'll continue with Painter 11 and tell you about the items most pertinent to your questions:

For several versions now, individual palettes can be opened and closed and arranged on the screen any way we like, leaving whichever palettes we won't be using closed until needed. Below, you'll see why this is important.

1. We can pick colors on the Colors palette while the palette is still docked in a palette group, manually, using the Hue Ring and Saturation/Value Triangle and using the arrow keys.

When the Colors palette is undocked, it can be stretched larger, to a maximum of approximately 400 x 400 pixels, for easier color picking.

2. Colors can be picked in the Color Info palette using either the RGB sliders (or by typing the numbers) or using the HSV sliders (or by typing the numbers).

3. Colors can be mixed in the Mixer palette, then saved as a custom Color Set in the Color Sets palette. Those colors can then be picked from the Mixer palette or from the Color Set (or both).

When the Mixer palette is undocked, it too can be stretched larger, to a maximum of approximately 400 x 400 pixels, making loads of room to mix and pick colors.

4. In the Color Sets palette, custom Color Sets can be created from alternate sources, using one of several menu commands:
New Empty Color Set
New Color Set from Image
New Color Set from Layer
New Color Set from Selection
New Color Set from MixerThere's more to tell, but that should give you a general idea of how we can pick, mix, and save colors in Corel Painter 11.