View Full Version : Hydrozo for Protective Final Coatings over Acrylics?

01-26-2010, 07:43 PM
This brand's protective coatings were mentioned by artist John Agnew. He uses Hydrozo sealants over acrylic murals that he paints for various outdoor zoo exhibits. He says that they are very durable, and more suitable for that application than most products. (He is aware of and has used a variety of other products, including various acrylic varnishes). Hydrozo sealers are his protective coatings of choice. [There are some variations, including Hydrozo Silane 40 VOC and Hydrozo 100 Plus; Agnew did not specify exactly which Hydrozo product(s) he preferred.]

If these coatings are good enough for animal exhibits, where they are hosed off and washed frequently and vigorously, and exposed to all kinds of abrasion, weather, and miscellaneous attacks (from zookeepers, animals, and various types of substances), they should perform more than adequately in the average living room, gallery, or museum.


By entering "hydrozo" in the search box on this page, the different products can be viewed:


(Hydrozo sealants are made by BASF, which is a company with well-funded and serious chemistry research experience, capabilities, and expertise. Some of their products have fared quite well in independent tests and comparisons.)

Any thoughts on these products?