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01-20-2010, 11:56 AM
The great thing about Wetcanvas is the amount of people from all around the world that participates and enjoys the site. As a UK operator we are keen of course to get in touch with UK artists of all levels.

We produce regular product catalogues and email news packed with new books and must have accessories and love to hear what you want that we can perhaps source.

Our latest range in Watercolours (http://www.rubooks.co.uk/search.php?action=search&super=0030BRN00005%7E0010BRN00014%7E0020CAT00059&branch=&wcategory=CAT00059&catdesc=Watercolour&treecode=), Oils (http://www.rubooks.co.uk/search.php?action=search&super=0030BRN00005%7E0010BRN00014%7E0050CAT00062&branch=&wcategory=CAT00062&catdesc=Oil&treecode=), Pastels (http://www.rubooks.co.uk/search.php?action=search&super=0030BRN00005%7E0010BRN00014%7E0040CAT00061&branch=&wcategory=CAT00061&catdesc=Pastel&treecode=), Acrylics (http://www.rubooks.co.uk/search.php?action=search&super=0030BRN00005%7E0010BRN00014%7E0030CAT00060&branch=&wcategory=CAT00060&catdesc=Acrylic&treecode=) and more can be seen online plus you can request or view (http://www.fwcatalogues.co.uk/rubooks/practicalart0110/pageflip.html) our latest catalogue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Steve @ Rubooks :wave: