View Full Version : Three More Bulls WIP

01-02-2010, 11:33 AM
Yor comments on my post "Three Bulls" has inspired me to start a new painting down on a Fredrix 24"X18" canavas. I added the new wip to the "Three bulls" thread but I think no one noticed it. It's a work in progress and I sure would like some C&C for it. I used Raw Umber as one of my primary colors (I love the color Raw Umber, makes me think of my ancient ancestors sitting in a cave by candle light painting on the walls to prepare for the comming hunt)

Happy New Year to all, I love this site and all the awesome artists on it :)


01-02-2010, 11:52 AM
Looks like a good start, lots of life to it already.

Kathrin G.
01-02-2010, 12:45 PM
great start :thumbsup: I like the bull to our left and the middle one a lot :)

01-02-2010, 03:24 PM
Great capture of movement already.

01-03-2010, 09:39 AM
Looks great so far, anxious to see this one develop.

01-03-2010, 12:50 PM
I've been working on this slowly because I have some commissions to finish. But here is my second pass at it. Thanks for looking at my work :) I really like the bull in the middle the best, is it befuddled or what?

C&C always


Ali khamis
01-03-2010, 02:15 PM
nice start.

01-04-2010, 01:58 PM
This is it I guess. I may do one more Bull painting, I think three would make a nice series (see my post "Three Bulls" for the first of the series). Darn, I may as well because I am out of supplies to work on my commissions and can't get them until Thursday :mad:

C&C always and please


01-07-2010, 04:19 AM
What a cool subject matter. I like it.

You've captured action really nicely too. And your colour palette is limited and effective.

Good stuff :)