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12-16-2009, 11:32 AM
I am curious how the fall has been artistically for other artists. Best of all, I've finished a number of paintings as well as finishing up some left overs from earlier this year, so I've been productive.

It has been a pretty surprising one for me in other ways, too, and I hope it's alright to share about it. I have won two awards, sold six paintings, and sold seven pairs of silver earrings (I love to make them for me and to sell and they're good low end things to have at shows), in part because I did nine various types of shows this fall.

As of the last month and kindly initiated by my ex-husband, I also have a vendor contract in the works for next year, which will involve setting up for four holiday-oriented weeks throughout the year in a very large military-related office building with almost 7000 gainfully employed government workers.

Am pretty much agog about the progress I've made, amazed that the hard work is paying off (not just painting on my own, but doing all the other stuff like volunteering, entering shows, blogging, taking classes and workshops [Richard McKinley!!], being a member of many art societies, trying to get along with my ex-husband :eek: etc) and how others are working on my behalf. I guess it feels like Thanksgiving for me right now.

What do you have to toot your own horn about?

12-16-2009, 01:21 PM
Bonnie, that's wonderful! So inspiring to read about Good News! Every success for a pastel painter is a help to us all.

My 'biggie' good news I've bubbled about -- getting into a Swedish national juried Autumn Salon at a fine arts gallery. I cannot convey what a 'miracle' that was, as the art world in Sweden is so different from the US. And, today that painting got a new home! Love one four letter word -- Sold!

But the rest of the year has been fruitful, in other ways. Due to the economical situation, I didn't bother to arrange a show of my own this fall, as the perfect time for it was the same time as the Salon.

I've worked hard on building and growing the Pastel Guild of Europe, and have gained all sorts of very interesting contacts that way, and got one of my paintings as an icon on the PanPastel's site, in landscape gallery (temporary, I know, but still I feel great!). I've written articles for the PGE newsletter, thus being a wee bit published, albeit not in a well know magazine.

Painting: No many 'big serious' paintings, but many small sketches, and to my delight, it has made an impact on the 'biggies'. Sketching more and painting less has made me take one leap in development.

I dared to go Plein Air: First I 'hid' in my backyard, and a couple of weeks later, I 'hid' at a human-free location. Then I braved the front yard and chatted with neighbours. Next spot was a residential area with a view, and only one person showed up, and checked me out. Then I set up on a bench in a *very* well visited park! And survived... LOL! Next time it is possible to do PA, in late spring, I'll brave the Old Town, and other well visited places. It feels wonderful to no longer be scared of painting publicly! That was a major personal success, where I wrestled with my fears and won!

In all, artwise, it has been a very good year in terms of growth, mostly personal growth, but also some growth in skill sneaked up on me when I was not looking. :-)


water girl
12-16-2009, 01:22 PM
Fantastically good news is a great way to begin the day. Congratulations on your success!

12-16-2009, 01:24 PM

Congrats on your recent successes!! Awards, sales, etc. Great news!


12-16-2009, 01:45 PM
Congratulations on your success Bonnie and Charlie. For myself, I entered three juried contest this past year and place in two of them. It was not first place but a place none the less. I sold 5 paintings and painted more then I ever have. My crowning achievement this year was that a total stranger went to the last show I was in and bought one of my paintings. All previous sales were co-workers or someone I knew. So that was my year in review and to me highly successful. james

CM Neidhofer
12-16-2009, 01:53 PM
Haven't painted much lately. Life has been a major obstacle lately. But I did have another painting selected this year for a 2010 calendar page at ArtWanted.com. And this afternoon I'm dropping off the four pieces of my work for jurying into the Majestic Gallery. Judging is on the 20th, so I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck by then. Already am!! :p

12-16-2009, 01:56 PM
Thank you so much, Charlie, Karen, Don, and James. Compared to a year ago when I'd only just gotten anything framed and had never shown in public, I've come a long way.

Charlie, I'd seen lots about your good news, but it was fun to see it in summary form all together. It certainly adds up. Plus, painting pastels outside is a great way to educate the masses, so they learn the word "pastel" instead of "chalk."

James, I absolutely love the total stranger element! All but two of mine went to total strangers. I lucked out in that the last one was obtained through the art center's auction and the chairman of the board and his wife chose it. Great for my ego!

Christine, I remember how excited you were last year about the calendar. Great job staying on a roll and all my best for the 20th.

12-16-2009, 06:13 PM
It's so great reading about all of your good news! Congratulations Bonnie, Charlie, James and Christine.

In art, I've been doing more studies and sketches than serious paintings. Falling into new patterns and finding out some of the things I learned in classes on WC and recent new books are starting to become second nature. I think I'm improving a lot, just haven't been doing as many serious paintings. I'm also looking back at some of what I used to think of as serious paintings and thinking of them as studies.

Sometimes I'm tempted to go back to things I've already drawn or painted and do them again to see if I can improve on them. It's a subtler thing than great shows or juried shows or selling anything but I'm enjoying it and think my art's been improving a lot.

12-16-2009, 06:31 PM

:clap: So great to read all you folks have been doing and accomplishing!
Yay for all of you!

My big accomplishment this year was to realize that cramming an art studio into half of my music studio (mainly the walk way!:eek: ) just was not working out. It was difficult to find stuff I needed and the family was constantly having to "walk carefully" in and out because of my art stuff!
What started out to be my own effort to clear room in a basement room, became a family project! My husband Bob was wonderful!:heart:
I now have my "dream studio" and the music room is back to being possible for me and for others to use. :heart:

My other biggie was getting a PA setup that I could really make use of.
I have some mobility issues and lugging my old French Julien easel, a separate bag of supplies, then struggling with the old Frenchie meant that I just was not getting out to paint. After checking out lots of options, I now have a SunEden easel/tripod etc. setup and love it! Five min. max to set up! It all fits into an easily pulled case I had, including the supplies! I've tried it out a little, but can't wait until spring to get more PA done:heart: ...ice and winter conditions just don't make for safe walking for me! :p

It's been a very "artful" summer and fall with me!:cat:

I love reading about what the rest of you are dong/have done!:heart:

Phil Bates
12-16-2009, 07:18 PM
It's been good for me. Consistently selling paintings from shows and galleries, and getting awards in most shows. Got Best Of Show in the Pastel Society of Oregon Member Show. Getting published. I'm still struggling with plein air, I guess I'm a studio painter. Overall I am very blessed. :)


12-16-2009, 09:39 PM
Wow -- everyone's fall stories is so inspiring to me! I just joined this group -- which I think is going to have a wonderful impact on my art progress. I also just joined a local art group -- my first one. I also just entered a piece into a my first art show -- hanging is Jan.4th and judging the next day. GULP.

Oh -- and I just got my first easel! I've always worked on a drafting table and now doing my 2nd landscape on the easel and LOVE it!

Art is so good for our souls.