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12-01-2009, 04:02 PM
Hello Fellow Artists

If you ever wanted to set goals for your artistic endeavors, this is the place for you. Post your art related goals here, and enjoy the comradery with your peers. We will encourage each other and help one another reach our goals.

When setting goals, it is a good idea to make them obtainable. Goals can be a challenge, but set yourself up for success and make them realistic. When writing your goals, it is a good idea to start with "I will...." because it shows you are committed to the idea.

This is December, usually the busiest month for most people, so it might be a good idea to take it a little easier this month. Just a thought.

Good luck to all.


12-02-2009, 11:16 AM
Hi Doug,

My goals are:
1) finish my "science" course through ECUAD. Science taught at a art school is interesting, very different from the science degree courses I took eons ago. Especially when it's not an anatomy class.
2) Get at least 4 small 5x7 of winter scenes done for next week.
3) Shovel out the studio. Once I wrap some Christmas presents, I will get a bit more floor space back. Do other people find that your studio becomes the resting place for things that really don't have a space of there own?
4) Do one of the photos that Robert so kindly supplied for pastel strokes.

12-02-2009, 04:15 PM
Terri, great goals!

Studio floor = flat archive. ;-)

I think I celebrate the first anniversary of making it a goal to clean the studio. Got halfway, and I'm taking care of dust as I go.

Charlie's December goals are:

1) Paint

2) Paint

3) Rest, and then Paint.

4) PGE: Get the levels of Signature Member and Senior Journeyer written. Write interview, write structure, get the computer tech people going, write rules for online competition, write new Pan article with pics, write agenda for Annual meeting, announce annual, etc etc etc. And etc.

5) Try to keep up the good tradition of minimal celebration of Christmas, "Jul" as we call it, same word as "yule". If I can decide, I'm going to give myself a book or two, on art, natch! I have more than enough of pastels.

Trying, really trying, to keep it simple and be able to catch my breath.


12-02-2009, 04:54 PM
Terri- Glad you joined us this month, Terri. The more, the merrier.

Very good goals for December. I always find it hard to keep painting when I am taking a course. Having it in writing will help you stat committed.

Have you taken any other courses from Emily Carr? The insrtuctor for my TRU Open Learning colour theory couse teaches at Emily Carr as well. Anyway, good luck with your goals.

Charlie- I take it that you are going to paint this month.:rolleyes: It must be difficult to find time sometimes, when you spend so much time on PGE things. I am sure people appreciate all your hard work. Good luck.


12-02-2009, 05:05 PM
My goals for the month of December are:

1) I will clean my studio so I can feel motivated when I enter it.

2) I will paint or draw for 80 hours this month

3) I will paint and post a pastel painting.

4) I will draw and post a coloured pencil drawing.

5) I will draw and post a griphite drawing.

As you can see, I am spreading out into different areas of the artistic world. I find it helps my to stay motivated when I allow myself to be creative in other areas than just pastels.


12-02-2009, 11:01 PM
Terri, that's great! Good goals and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

Charlie, yay for your goals. Paint! Lots! I'm in awe of what you do for PGE and hope you do make lots of time to paint. My wall has a space on it for one of yours next year.

Doug, thanks for hosting this again! Your goals all sound good. So organized. Everyone's so organized.

I'm going to keep mine simple this month.

1) Participate in my Pastel Strokes and do a good job hosting.

2) Try the beautiful PastelMat that I've been afraid to touch since I got it, that is truly silly. If I use it I can buy more.

3) Resist the temptation to buy art supplies

4) Finish writing "Greenwood Home" (in progress)

5) Edit "Curse of Vaumuru" to the point I can send it out, mail at least five queries by the end of the month. My daughter challenged me to do five submissions in 2009 and I've got only one month left to do that. Come to find out she did not mean "edit and send out five different pieces of fiction" but "Send the novel to five different places, just get the dang thing done."

That I can do. They are not in order of priority this time. More order of relevancy to WetCanvas. Two writing goals and two art goals, three really because if I hold off on buying new toys for a while I might wind up later on affording something bigger.

I'm still annoyed my Richesons won't arrive till January though. It's not Blick's fault, I guess Richeson is backed up with the demands for that cool set.

12-03-2009, 12:30 PM
:wave: Hello, December Goalies!

Great goals, Terri, Doug, Charlie and Robert!
Come on in, other pastel forum folks...Doug is right: the more the merrier!
We'll cheer you on and hold your hand and help with ideas and suggestions!
If you can't join us in Dec., start your "New Year" off by jumping in with us on "Goal Post" in January!:wave: :thumbsup:

I bet I'm the only person on WC that can truthfully say, my studio is as neat as a pin, well-organized and sparklingly clean!:lol:
The real truth is that as soon as we got the new studio done and got moved in and I shot those pix, LIFE started happening here and I've not had a chance to mess it up much! :p OH, give me time.....a couple weeks and the concept of Charlie's "Flat Archive" will have taken over!
Our house seems to operate with that concept....oh, there is a flat surface with nothing on it....I'll put today's newpaper, todays post-snail-mail down there.....now just where did I leave that....?:eek:

I've been working feverishly on a special scrapbook for my son-in-law, David, for Christmas. His father was with the 508th Airborne American paratroopers that landed behind German lines inland of Utah Beach, France on D-Day. While many of the company came down and united to fight, his father's whole plane load had the horror of coming down in enemy fire.
Most were killed before they hit the ground. He was wounded, but managed to hide and then was found by the Germans. A German doctor treated his wounds....etc. But the story is of his escape from POW and later service etc. I've ordered a couple books regarding the unit and am making up the scrapbook of photos from on-line and from family material etc.
David's dad survived, married and had four children. But, alas, died of cancer when David was a teen. So, when he would like to be listening to his dad's stories, his dad is not with us. Why am I putting this "story" in the Goals Post? We'll, I'm using my art etc. and it is definitely taking my art time. But, in a joyous task:heart: ....thus the "Life Happens" theme for December.
Another bit of "Life Happens" here, my daughter (David's wife) just was informed she has been accepted into a masters-of-teaching arts program and will be taking off in a new direction. We are helping her get ready and assisting her. She has MS and thus will need our help in many ways. But, this is a prayer answered.:heart:
Other daughter is arriving from NY state Dec. 23....must have clean house, must have clean house,....
Ok, my goals are all about carving out studio time this month...not to build, but to use! :wink2:

Elsie's December Art Goals:

I will paint at least one complete pastel painting plus maybe some studies.
I will paint at least one complete watercolor painting.
I will continue with the Sarback studies.
I will continue with the Sandra Angelo Drawing 101 course and start Faces 101. This sounds new, but are the direction my figure/drawing/graphite work has taken during Dec. It is very humbling to start from the BEGINNING! I really needed to improve my accuracy in rendering and beef up my pencil skills. I am very excited about what I'm learning and those "Grand Canyon" gaps are being filled in!:clap: Also, it is a great way to get me to actually sit down in the evening and put my feet up...armchair art!:D
I will view the DVDís with the Sandra Angelo courses.
I will cut myself some slack due to the holiday season and family visits etc.Yep, there it is! Yul, Christmas etc. some of my art time will be joyfully spent with family and friends!
Practice my violin DAILY for AT LEAST an hour between now and Dec. 12! The Madison Community Orchestra, of which I'm a member, will be giving our annual holidays concert in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capital from 11:30 am. to 1:00 pm! Y'all come! Wish you could! :wave: Happy December Art Making, Goalies! May you make the pastel dust fly along with the snowflakes!:heart: :music:

12-03-2009, 06:54 PM
Robert- Nice to see you will have enough time to do some art this month. Hosting the Pastel Strokes this month should keep you busy. Good luck with all your writing goals.

Remember, you don't NEED any more art supplies, says the guy who just confirmed his Christmas gift order from Blick.:o Hey, at least I'll get what I NEED.:lol:

Elsie- That is a very neat thing you are doing for your son-in-law. I am sure he will be thrilled with the scrapbook. Congratulations to your daughter. I hope everything goes well for her.

Very good goals and a great idea to cut yourself some slack for December. Have fun playing your violin at the concert. My hat is off to anyone who performs infront of an audience. Have a good month.


12-04-2009, 12:31 PM
Great goals everyone.
Robert, thanks for hosting the Pastel strokes.
Elsie, working in your new studio sounds like it will be a treat.
Doug, 80 hours is doable unless you are like me and don't like working at night and with kids in the house. I've taken a # of online courses with ECUAD. Lucy Hogg, Sandra Semchuk, Sam Carter, Rita Wong, Jane Slemon and another instructor that I can't remember right now. The Art talk course is worthwhile as it helps will writing proposals, reviews and other related art writings. There is another course that deals with writing proposals, CVs, artist statements and approaching galleries that is good as well. It is a 400 level sociology course but I can't remember the title. Still waiting to get posted to Comox to finish my degree. The powers that be keep taking about Gander, NL though.
Charlie, good luck with the painting and the organizational stuff with the PGE.
On a Wahoo note, I sold a painting at the gallery/cafe in Bonnyville and she wants one of the small sketches (Snow on Spruce) to replace it. I did get three small sketches done and posted as small winter sketches in the gallery.
I am currently considering getting a HEPA air filter for my studio as well as some reds from Great American Pastels.
Have fun everyone with your goals.

12-04-2009, 03:54 PM
Terri, you'll probably really appreciate the HEPA filter. Kitten got one for my room because I smoke, it's right up next to my table so it's there for the dusties too. It's great. It's even quiet. That is a great idea for health and comfort. It's cut down on how much dusting needs to be done in my room.

Which is of course a complete mess as things accumulated during November's novel writing blast. I started rearranging stuff yesterday and got my pans and some pastels out for doing the Pastel Strokes stuff, but didn't have the heart to put away the Neocolor II set so I might even do some oilies too.

Doug, that third resolution is absolutely the hardest. If I don't spend anything more this month I actually have enough that if my netbook died, I could probably get another off Tiger Direct immediately. This is sort of a minimum for savings and I wore down the keys on this netbook to where all the letter keys are shiny. I only bought it back in April, right before the move.

It is so hard to resist going to Dakota for more PastelMat, some SpectraFix fixative and the Deep Darks pans. I'm not sure if replacing a necessity like fixative would really count as breaking the resolution though -- as long as all I got was the fixative and I really did use up all the Blick fixative I have in hand. Which I think there might be enough to carry me into January even with doing more pasteling.

Okay, replacing necessities doesn't count for Goal 3 -- as long as the only thing I get is the necessity that needs replacing and I don't add an expensive new goodie to the order. I will not actually order fixative either until I've tried the can at the back of the shelf and actually gotten to where there's nothing in either of those cans. Getting eco-friendly SpectraFix instead of house brand Blick workable fixative is not budget-busting in itself, it's what I meant to do once it came out and I used up what I have.

I will not order it till I really do use what I have though.

12-05-2009, 06:58 PM
Great to see all you Goalies and your goals. Mine are limited for this month, but one is already accomplished. Today was the one-day Art Show and Studio Tour sponsered by our Cultural Council. Keep in mind, I live in a very small community, but it seems to be filled with artists of many types. There were 4 of us represented in the Community Room, and I had 6 works showing. Got many nice comments on my pastels, but no sales. (no body sold off the walls, that I know of...)
Anyway it was a good experience, and there were people passing through all day long, in spite of the first real snowstorm of the season. But it's done now, and I can kinda relax and think about painting again....Have our League's Christmas Party coming up Monday...that's always fun, and I'm part of the Hospitality Committee who sets it up and puts it together....

SOOOO...as for goals....gotta do at least one Challenge (probably CAC again, although I didnt do too well with last month's offering...) I had done it in both watercolor and pastel....the watercolor came out better! But it was the pastel that showed. Wsnt too happy with it.
Goal #2: get back to pastel-ing
Goal #3: keep my basement "studio" clean (will try to get some pics to show, but no guarantee on that one...)
Goal #4: Get my Christmas cards out before Christmas! That's always been a challenge....but I'm determined..

Happy painting, everyone...

12-06-2009, 11:11 AM
Judibelle, so glad to see you again! It sounds like you're feeling a lot better and have mostly recovered. Great goals and congratulations on the studio tour. I hope some of those lookers will come back and check out your work for commissions or to buy some of what hung or both.

So far, some success on my goals!

1) Pastel Strokes -- got it started on time and folks are posting! Also painted.

2) Started my Pastel Strokes painting on the white PastelMat, go me!

3) Resisted buying art supplies for six days despite horrible temptation.

4) Finished Greenwood Home.

5) Edit Curse of Vaumuru. I need to reread it. Got distracted by Terry Pratchett novels and then slept yesterday, didn't do anything yesterday but sleep. I've been doing so much though that getting that rest was important.

12-06-2009, 10:52 PM
Goal #3 is in smithereens.

I forgot that ASW had the set of 60 Art Spectrum Pure Tones (old set) for $84.99 -- and that the sale ended December 31st. I'd been putting that off to another month and another for other things I wanted more than another pastels set, it wasn't urgent... but I knew I was going to get it. How could I resist trying Art Spectrum when I could get 60 of them for the price of 30 even at ASW's usual prices?

So there it goes.

Maybe I should rephrase it "Spend less on Art Supplies this month" or "Don't spend all of my savings on art supplies this month" or "Succeed in putting in some savings this month along with the month's art supplies."

Yeah. Something like that.

I couldn't resist them. I would lay odds too that most of them won't match the ones in my Rembrandt set either. But if they do, cool, I'll just have to... paint more!

That's it.

If I busted my Goal #3 that badly, then I need to replace it with:

#3) Use my new Art Spectrums as soon as they come in. Try them out, review them, compare them with the other ones I have, and keep the set handy out on my table.

Now I just hope they do arrive during December, that'd be really nice.

I didn't spend extra for shipping them fast though. Still too much of a tightwad for that.

12-07-2009, 08:49 AM
A lot of good goals here by everyone. I am pretty much determined not to get new art supplies no matter how bad I want them and have really been sticking to that.

My main goal...only goal for this month will be to paint...no matter the medium but just to paint. Pastels are my favorites. I have been very lax on painting...my last thing I did was a color pencil probably back in October...I just looked back...October 10th...so that is my goal...PAINT!

12-07-2009, 10:03 AM
Robert...thanks. And congrats on finishing Greenwood Home! as for the Art Spectrums.... all I can say is EnJoy!
Linn...that's pretty much my #1 goal also...having not painted in earnest for several months, myself!
Pretty much completed my #4 already...got cards done and just ready to mail out. that's really a first for me!
NOW...on to painting!

12-07-2009, 11:45 AM

Great to see you here and to see your goals: Linn and Judibelle! You go, gals!:thumbsup:

Robert: Oh, yes, I can just see you, me, Charlie and a bunch more of our WC pastellers sitting in a circle now...Hello, my name is Elsie and I'm addicted to buying art materials. Art catalogs, Dakota Pastel fliers, Cheap Joe's, DickBlick web sale notices...just like handing me the jug of spirits!:lol: :eek: :p :evil: :lol: :wink2: Yah, Yah, Yah, I know...I NEEDED to order replacements for several softnesses of Cretacolor graphite pencils from DickBlick.....minutes later the order said, Cretacolor graphite pencils + + + + .....Ya' gotta' love it! :rolleyes: :angel:

Winter is on its way in the serious Wisconsin Winter Wonderland way...big storm on the way...must hitch up the sleigh and go out to get those couple more Christmas gifts on my list before it hits. Then is afternoon: I have a scheduled appointment with myself in that studio downstairs! :thumbsup: :heart:

Get snowy...or dusty, snowed in? Make the dust fly, Goalies!:music:

12-07-2009, 01:18 PM
Hello, my name is Charlie and I'm a recovered ASAA (Art Supply Addicts Anonymous). Truly, I've sort of won over the cravings. I no longer covet a full set, as I got the Richeson's square hardish ones, and then realized my collection of Rembrandts were nearly a full set, and I don't use greys or earths anyway. So I've resisted buying the old 800 stick full set of Senneliers for half price in a wooden casing that is warming a shelf in a store here. (Still think of it now and then, and then I remember it is from the time when the sticks crumbled just as one looked at them.) I've come to realize I only want to use two papers, one sanded, and the new PastelMat. In fact, I'm working on finding the perfect palette, as slim and simple as possible. So, I'm nearly cured! There are pastel brands I want to try, though, but as importing from the US is so hideously expensive... The Margaret Townsends look gorgeous, and I'd like to try the GA and MV, and Girault, plus... (I said *nearly* recovered.... :-D )

Robert, the AS are similar to the Rembs, but they are grittier and clearer in hue, usually. I suspect Flinder's Red violet to be a Caput Mortuum. So funny to follow how you talked yourself into getting them! Of course you couldn't miss an opportunity like that, there will not be 10 more such opportunites next year, oh no.... LOL!
Hey, I'm happy a chance comment sparked a book!

Linn, to PAINT is the best goal!

Judi, great, and you've got the cards out already!!!? Wow!

Terri, congrats to the sale!

Elsie, great goals, and thank you for being such a ray of sunshine!

12-07-2009, 04:43 PM
Linn, good luck on that! But if your family knows you paint you might not have to.

JudiBelle, congratulations on getting all the cards out! I don't usually do cards but I owe one for a swap so I should get on with painting it soon. I just -- didn't get into the habit, moved too many times and was broke so many years that being able to budget it and then get them made up is something I don't think of till around June. And then wish I did.

Oh well, maybe some year I'll take up the custom.

Elsie, lol yep! I'm that bad. I've been trying to cut back so that I'll have some savings, maybe the best thing is to accept that if I actually pay shipping I will have some budget left. I did this month.

Charlie, thanks! So there may be one duplicate color in similar texture in the box. I know I've got Rembrand Caput Mortuum and like it a lot, so at least it's a color I like and will use when I'm not doing all the super spectrum brights. Of which judging from the normal 60 color box, it'll have lots. Maybe more than the Rembrandt set.

Grittier, you mentioned that in a different post that it helps rough up the paper if using non sanded papers. So this set may be really good for when I'm just sketching on Mi-Tientes for the heck of it and too lazy (sick) to stop and make up proper home made Colourfix. I've still got several pads of Canson Mi-Tientes and am gradually using it up.

Actually, that "I can get it later" trick worked month after month after month while I was prioritizing other months, but then it came up the actual last month they're doing that sale. Now if they renew it in January I will laugh at myself, but I lost a few good Clearance things on Blick from not getting them before they vanished.

One was this monster wood box oils set that retailed way over a thousand dollars for a bit over $300, which would've taken saving up a bit for it. But I found another wood box oils set later on that wasn't as much and the one I got was Winsor & Newton, a brand I know instead of a more expensive brand I never tried. So it evened out in the end.

You're right, some other discontinued really good set in a brand I don't have but wanted to try would have appeared.

But I'm still happy I got it and do have a birthday this month. It's not every year that I get to start typing my age without having to find two different number keys. I'm number dyslexic so this year's age is going to be very, very convenient.

So here's my amended goals:

1) Participate in my Pastel Strokes and do a good job hosting.

2) Try the beautiful PastelMat that I've been afraid to touch since I got it, that is truly silly. If I use it I can buy more. (Did it!)

3) Resist the temptation to <s>buy</s> spend too much on art supplies and use my new Art Spectrums as soon as they come in.

4) Finish writing "Greenwood Home" (Did it!)

5) Edit "Curse of Vaumuru" to the point I can send it out.

You know, some month I'm going to look at it and set goals like "Drink lots of coffee" and "Goof off drawing and painting a lot" and "Read a new Terry Pratchett book." All the goals that I'd do whether I set them or not.

But this is really for goals that take some effort. Not putting anything else into the cart was a serious exercise in willpower and I succeeded. Nothing else was on actual Clearance or Overstock from my drool list.

12-07-2009, 05:01 PM
Pulling your leg, Robert, I know how alluring the sticks are! So very often the stores use pastel sticks in their adverts, I guess a tube of oils isn't half as enticing. Congrats on your 22nd birthday, or is it 33rd? :-D


12-07-2009, 05:29 PM
LOL -- 55th! I'm getting to Solidly Middle Aged. It's kind of neat. Especially when I look in the mirror and see that I look better than I did as a teenager and am in better health than I was when I was a teenager.

Every year I look about the same. But the guys that went to high school with me are flabbier, crookeder, balder and so on. I think I'm getting the better end of the deal having never been a young hardbody with anything to lose.

I suppose in another few decades I'll be starting to seriously brag on my age. When it gets up to 88th or something that's going to be fun. Along with trying to get to where my "Novels in Print" outnumbers my age.

You're right too, it is hard to make tubes of paint alluring. Blick does a good job in those ads on the side though. They came up with that idea of showing the palette or putting blobs of thick rich analogous colors in a progression filling the whole space of the ad. You can't do that in a shop window.

It's hard to do it set out in the studio too, though color charts can be enticing.

There is something about seeing all the colors at once organized by spectrum that just sets off a fire in the brain, a need to use them. It might not be practical for me to get the giant full set of anything because of all the moving around, but I might sometime next year look at getting a Heilman box or Dakota box and start unwrapping, breaking sticks and set up something like Phil's array where they're all by color and value and visible at once. That's inspirational too and might take less room.

I'm also starting to slow down and get more selective. I think I will have to go to Dakota next month and get the SpectraFix but also the Green Assortment to try all the other brands I haven't -- without actually buying a set in each of them. I know I'll always need more greens.

Though I can just see going on a figures kick right after getting it and wind up doing a series of dryads because I didn't bother with earth tones. lol

12-07-2009, 08:45 PM
[quote=robertsloan2]Goal #3 is in smithereens.

I forgot that ASW had the set of 60 Art Spectrum Pure Tones (old set) for $84.99 -- and that the sale ended December 31st. I'd been putting that off to another month and another for other things I wanted more than another pastels set, it wasn't urgent... but I knew I was going to get it. How could I resist trying Art Spectrum when I could get 60 of them for the price of 30 even at ASW's usual prices?

So there it goes.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


12-07-2009, 09:46 PM
Judi- I swear I posted a reply to your goals! Oh man, I must be losing it.:confused:

Time to relax and paint. That sounds good to me. Don't worry about keeping your studio too clean. You have to have some coloured dust.:D Good luck with your goals, Judi. Paint, paint, paint.

Linn- That's the attitude. Just create. It really doesn't matter what medium you choose, just get something down on the paper(or canvas). As you know, I have been doing the same thing, so I am sure our paths will cross somewhere.:)

Elsie- The snow is falling here as well. We are also going through a cold spell. It was -26c (-15F)last night and we are expecting more of the same for the next few days. As you said, "make the dust fly!"

Robert- Enjoy!!!!!:evil:

Charlie- I guess I am better off than I think, when it comes to art supplies. There are no real art stores around here and most of the pastel brands are not sold in Canada, so Blicks and Dakota are my stores. I just have to pay the delivery cost and the sales tax when they get here, but no duty. It is cheaper than buying them in my own country. So, when I go shopping, I do it from the comfort of my home. I will never complain about the lack of art supplies again, I promise.:o


12-07-2009, 11:13 PM

Doug, Yah, I know....where do you think we get our winter weather? Our good fiends and relatives in Canada send it on to us...sort of recycling their winter :wink2: :p My Dad's family came from Ireland to Peterborough Ontario....wow, what a shock that first winter must have been...1825 in a quickly constructed log shanty...and I'm complaining about the 12 inches we're about to get! Aw, yes, -26c (-15F)...that's the gift you Canadians send us in January and February!

By the time I got the shoping done today, got back home, unhitched the reindeer from the sleigh and got into the house I was completely pooped out of energy....my recliner, a snuggy blankie, and my sketchbook and graphite! Lovely! Art the great way to restore the soul and body!

Robert....you're still a young pup from my prospective...had my 70th.
When I was a young, new teacher, I used to think I looked younger than the 6th graders I was teaching then! :p The mirror tells me that is no longer a problem! :lol: Now, art...that just adds beauty to the soul and it comes out in the body. You're great looking just as you are! :cat:

Linn: Aw, yes! To Create the #Goal always!:heart:

12-07-2009, 11:24 PM

I know I just posted....forgot one comment!:wink2:

Charlie: Senneliers are such tricky things! They look so pretty, so color-rich, so creamy...then you pick them up and have a hand full of dust before you ever get them to the paper! And don't look at them or for heaven sake drop them, or pinch them....:eek: :p

But, with oil pastels, Senneliers are my absolute favorites! Just like a tube of lipstick, or soft butter going on a warm bread.:heart: :heart:
.....but, they do not like the sun...indoors they love! My solution: take one of those plastic, gel-filled pouches meant to go in a packed lunch or small cooler, put it in the freezer, then take the oil pastels to the site in a cooler and put the pouch under the palette box when you paint! :clap:

12-07-2009, 11:31 PM
LOL Doug! Well, I like my amended goal better anyway. I did manage to avoid dropping my entire month's balance over necessities into art supplies so I'm doing good. And I will definitely enjoy them, been drooling at that set for a very very long time.

Elsie, aww thanks! That is so sweet of you. I don't envy you all that snow and cold weather though. We have none yet in Arkansas but it still dropped cold enough I needed a space heater for my hands to function. Happily, Kitten found one and it's toasty warm now.

Very true about Senneliers and sun and warmth. I was starting to think that for oil pastels I'd be using only Senneliers till spring with how cold it got in my room. Now I'm back to my regular range -- but the Senns go over on the bed farther from the heater.

I know what you mean about the Sennelier softies but they are so colorful and rich. I think I've started getting a lighter hand with them. They rock going over anything else, softest ones I have. If I ever tried Schminke, I can't imagine how they'd be any softer -- better learn not to grip too hard.

12-08-2009, 07:03 AM
The 'new' Senneliers work perfectly for me, but then, I do not have all colours. I got some 25 of them, and only one was broken due to careless packing, but as I break them anyway, it didn't matter. No crumbling in hand (I'm heavy handed.) I wonder if it is the old formula that's still in the US, as Europeans are happy about the Senns. Some are *hard*, though. I have a yellow-green that is impossible to use on ordinary paper, but works great on sanded. (Hardies are that y-g, and a very dark violet. But anything that isn't cad Y is hardish, in most brands.)

Doug, yes, you can complain when you pay overseas shipping, wait for three months as it is surface shipping, and then pay 25% VAT, customs, and yet three months later (after delivery and paying all that) you get an invoice for the cost of the customs counting out the cost of the VAT... *and* there'se a VAT of 25% on their counting, too...

Rob, if you ever try Schmincke, you're gonna eat those words (I'll see to it... :-D ). They don't crumble and you can pinch them. TL are not far from them.

12-08-2009, 10:06 AM
Hi Goalies....Thanks for your comments. However, I may have misled you about 'getting my cards out'. I made one, for my special artist friend...the rest are store-bought, but all addressed, stamped, and ready to go into the mail. so although it sounded like quite a feat, it's something I will try to get started on early enough to actually send out made ones next year.
(btw, this friend told me recently it's time for me to get some business cards made up! She was particularly impressed with the still-life bottles from Charlie's class!) This friend does scratchboard...very detailed and time-consuming....and will be featured in an upcoming NorthLight Book...

LOL Robert..Congratulations on turning 55.....I celebrate my 55th High School Class Reunion in 2010. We have had a reunion every 5 years since we graduated. And yes, the men are hardly recognizable, having gotten fat and bald for the most part, while the women seem to look exactly the same ad they did years ago! Go figure!

Elsie....I even have you beat in age! my birthday is the end of January....what is the date of yours, Robert?
Are you a Christmas baby? my granddaughter was born Dec23rd...kinda hard on a kid to be so close to Christmas....

Doug...LOL, dont think my 'studio' will ever be too clean. It's just nice to be able to sit down there without sneezing...

catch you all later...

12-08-2009, 09:43 PM
Still haven't done my goal...haven't gotten home from work until 8pm both nights...leave early and get home late...oh well.

Congrats on your studio Elsie!

Judi...you have done quite well with your goals...especially after being laid up for so long in the hospital. Is your leg completely healed now or does it still have some to go?

12-09-2009, 12:19 AM
Charlie, that's just wicked... lol

They just came out with this 10+1 set of Schminke that has two May Greens in it, but at least the doubled color is a green so maybe that could be cool. I'm tempted now. So tempted. I liked the TL texture too.

Not... yet... not... yet... I got Art Spectrums and they actually got to UPS. I don't have a delivery date on them but it's got to mean something if UPS already has the package. Some other month I'll try them. Somewhere later down the road. They cost a lot, but when I look at art supplies sometimes the "Costs more" brands actually also deliver more, so I should try at least a few of them.

Or bite the higher per-stick cost and go choose half a dozen greens and forget the sets. I love green so much I could always do that. Leads back to Dakota and the Greens Sampler, that has a Schminke in it.

JB, that's wild. I've never been to even one high school reunion. I had a lot of acquaintances and a few friends, but not so close that we stayed in touch afterward.

Birthday is tomorrow, on the 10th. It'll be great, Kitten is fixing me filet mignons wrapped in bacon and getting canolli for my dessert. I love cannoli. They are fantastic. She does something special with food every year, the rule of the house hold is on your birthday you eat whatever you want even if it's crazy extravagant.

12-09-2009, 12:37 PM

Robert: The dinner sounds yummy! Put on a plate for me, I'll be right there!:lol:
Actually, I'm not going ANYWHERE today, neither if the rest of Wisconsin.
Winter decided to come all at once. Looking out my window, I cannot see the road for the huge mountain of snow left by the snowplow!
The entire University of Wisconsin systerm of state-wide campuses is closed...this just does not happen, by tradition...you just get a shovel and shovel your way to campus, usually! :eek:

I just saw one neighbor wade up to his newspaper box to look for the newspaper this is not there.:o

On a brighter side: When one has the luxury of sitting in a warm house and looking out the window with nowhere to need to go, it is a wonderous and beautiful sight! :heart:

Happy Birthday, Robert!
Enjoy this special day and your family! Many, many more birthdays!
:clap: :cat: :clap: :cat: :clap:

12-09-2009, 01:24 PM
Thanks, Elsie!

Oh yes, that's the best way to appreciate snow -- get snowed in so that you can't do any of the drudgery and enjoy it from a nice warm window. That's awesome.

I've got more light coming in than usual with all the foliage gone, the sky is clear today and everything's either golden or blue.

12-09-2009, 03:24 PM
Rob, Happy 11th, 44th, *and* 55th!

Gorge, have fun, and simply enjoy your birthday!

Btw, some wines get better the more mature they are, and you're from a very good year!


12-09-2009, 05:50 PM
Awww thanks! Much appreciated. I always lived in the future back then, now it's catching up to me and so much of what I hoped would happen has happened.

I write this looking at my netbook that's smaller than the average hardback novel, self contained and more powerful than the computers that launched the space program when I was a kid. Oh yeah, I am definitely living in Science Fiction and I love it.

But none of the stories prepared me for the wonderful inventions in art supplies that have come along during my lifetime. Not one SF writer said "and you will have pigments artists of centuries past would have pulled their teeth to get, and you will have Pan Pastels with fancy micropore sponges that pick up color better than any brush ever could, and so many colors of pastels available that you need to buy a $40 guidebook to keep track of yours..."

Really, I should have thought of that as an idea for a science fiction story. If I ever time travel, I'll have to write it. Just to get known as the great predictor.

12-10-2009, 09:53 AM
and many morrrrre.......:music:

12-10-2009, 12:33 PM

I got a good session, yesterday, in the studio working on a Sarback/Hensche block study! :clap:

And the world seemed to get by without me for a few hours, just fine!:wink2: :p

Sometimes I get so caught up in the list to "Stuff" I have to get done that I cut my art time out, instead of just scheduling it along with the rest. This is especially true this time of the year.
I notice that when I become over-loaded and think I'll never get it all done by...whenver it needs to get done by...I go into "headlong, full speed ahead mode" and then of course I burn out and end up in trouble! :eek:
So, I'm adding "Balance" and "Schedule it" to my December goals and then plan to make them primary issues for the New Year.

New Year?????? Hmmmmm!:rolleyes:
What have I accomplished in my art in the last year?
Where do I want to go in my art in the next year?

I do much better not to do the big New Year's Resolution thing, but to just
set out a path I want to follow in the next year, as a continuation of the last year, including adjustments and redirection when needed.:wink2:
Also, Charlie and Doug....I'm becoming better at showing the old "Drama Queen" the door! :lol: :p This morning, she appeared and was doing a full-blown Broadway performance, with song and dance included, about my list of "What needs to be done" by Dec. 23 when dau. Julia and family arrive.
I just walked quitely on to the stage, took her by the hand and shoved her out the door, saying, "Not today, Babe, I'm too busy for the show!":cat: :lol:

12-10-2009, 01:48 PM
Awww thanks, Judibelle! Purr at you! That's so sweet! I'm feeling all good and mushy right now after your message.

Elsie, yeah, I know what you mean about New Years Resolutions. I do much better with monthly goals and general directions. So I know that my 2010 resolution will be to improve, not something as specific as a monthly goal. In writing especially to improve my editing process and streamline it so it doesn't take so much longer to edit that I get way ahead of myself writing novels. And to enjoy my art and my writing thoroughly.

I think when I remember that, improvement comes along because learning is a big part of my excitement and enjoyment. So I can resolve to enjoy it and then wind up improving just by reading, experimenting and having fun.

Heh, maybe I should even rephrase the editing thing like that -- get editing down to where it's fun to do it so it goes quickly.

12-10-2009, 05:34 PM
Happy Birthday, Robert!!

Have a great day. I'm drooling just thinking about your dinner. Enjoy yourself.


12-10-2009, 10:21 PM
Thank you!

It's been rescheduled for Saturday since Kitten got called out of town, a joint party with me and my grandson Gabriel. However, tonight Karl fixed bacon and eggs for me with really good slabby toast, so I got two great dinners out of it too -- bacon and eggs is a definite treat too!

12-14-2009, 09:39 PM
Another goal met!

1) Participate in my Pastel Strokes and do a good job hosting. So far have checked it daily, answered nearly every other post and posted two pastel pieces! It's going great.

2) Try the beautiful PastelMat that I've been afraid to touch since I got it, that is truly silly. If I use it I can buy more. Yay, did it with my first Pastel Strokes painting in Pan Pastels and love that stuff now.

3) Resist the temptation to buy (as much) art supplies and use the new Art Spectrum pastels I broke this resolution with. Caved in and bought the Clearance set of Art Spectrum pastels, today used them in my second Pastel Strokes painting, wow, oh wow that was so worth it! Love and adore them, the color range is sweet, the texture's friendly, the results on Colourfix paper were better than I hoped -- sort of makes sense really, these are from the folks that made my favorite sandy surface too.

4) Finish writing "Greenwood Home" Did it!

5) Edit "Curse of Vaumuru" to the point I can send it out. Still ruminating, it's not procrastination if I start realizing things I need to know in order to do it right.

12-16-2009, 02:03 PM

Great Job, Robert! I know that December is a difficult month to get art done. You are making great progress on your Dec. goals!:thumbsup:

After all the talk about PastelMat paper, I just had to get some and try it.
It is on "sale" at Dakota Pastels now, so I put in an order for some. It will be January before I can get to using it after it arrives. I'm very excited to try it. Ok, that will be a Jan. goal!:p

There is just not enough Elsie to get everything done and be everything to everyone....:eek: Wife, mother, grandmother, Christmas Elf, Christmas goodie baker, house cleaner.......My list is very long. However, each day, more items get checked off. :cat:

Last Saturday our community orchestra played our holiday concert in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capital. We had a great crowd and nobody threw tomatoes.:p It is always great fun to play that concert and it definitely puts me in a holiday mood. Ok, the violin can have a rest for a week or so, while other stuff gets done! :cat:

Ok, Elsie...back to work: I have an appointment with a vacuum cleaner that is waiting!:wink2: I'm holding a painting time carrot out in front of this old donkey to get things done today! :p :lol:

I bet even Santa takes breaks to paint in December! :wink2: :lol:
Get dusty, December Goalies!

12-16-2009, 03:41 PM
Yayy Elsie! Sounds like you're getting a lot done. It's incredible what you do and still make time for painting, hope the vacuuming thing goes fast so you can settle down and paint.

I've been fighting some arthritis weather, fiendish weather as bad as spring in Kansas was. Getting out of bed is tough. But the space heater Kitten brought in has helped a lot and so usually after a couple of hours I can function between pain killers and heat.

I blew my art supply resolution again in the Swap Shop yesterday but the prices on Sennelier oil pastels and a pocket tin of Cretacolor Aqua Stic watersoluble oil pastels were too irresistible. Well, maybe that's why I have savings in the first place, so that I am not broke when something cool like that happens.

Or when I get the final renewal notice on an F&W magazine without planning for it and realize I needed to resubscribe on that one. Taken care of. There's always next month.

Last night I actually got started on the fifth resolution! After I painted in the afternoon, at night I got started rereading and line editing Vaumuru's Curse. Got about half through. When I reach the end, I'll write the new chapters, then edit the synopsis till it's sweet and submit it to the Ethan Ellenburg agency -- which just announced they want more SF and fantasy clients! Could be my lucky year, they are a fantastic agency.

So wish me luck on that edit. Maybe I can manage to combine painting and editing a bit easier than painting and writing rough draft novels.

12-17-2009, 11:33 AM
Rob, Elsie, you're doing so great!

Me, I'm snowed in, so I *can't* spend the money I got from selling (!) "Hello Lamppost". (Yes it sold, yesterday!)

We've gotten about 30 cm (ca 12") of snow, so all people in Stockholm stay where they are, regardless if it is in a bus on the road, in their homes, or at work. Gee, what a surprise, winter arrived this year too... Back in the 80s, a little snowfall like this wouldn't have frozen the whole area around the capital. Back then, the actually had people manning things, like snow-plows, and they didn't cut budgets by waiting to clear roads until snowfall had finished. People used to be a bit late, as they'd have to dig out their cars, but they got there. It was better before, and the more before the better... :-D


12-17-2009, 01:57 PM
Mhhh, snow.
We haven't got much this year so far but we have been in the deep freeze for the last week and a half. -35 C with wind chill of -46 at night, nasty. The lake is almost frozen, but because of the high winds it is piled with ice, no smooth skating this year or "romantic" paintings.
3/4 sketches done, course is done as of this morning, still didn't get to the pastel strokes, sorry Robert. I had good intentions.
I've been at the kids' school doing art projects. Watercolour snowmen with salt snowflakes and graham cracker houses this afternoon.
Presents still need to be wrapped, Christmas concert tonight and I am getting into the Christmas state of mind.
I think I need to take some reference photos for some hockey paintings. The gentleman at the sharping shop has some antique equipment which would make a great still life. Considering Cold Lake is hosting the Alberta Winter Games ( there is an art show which I am involved in volunteering for and showing in) that make be an appropriate themed painting.
I did paint a winter games theme chalkboard mural at the local coffee shop, snowboarder, X-country skiers, curler and a squash player this week. First layer in tempera and then the faces and other details in coloured conte. The tempera was frustrating me with its lack of coverage and tendency to leave brush marks. I lost a layer of skin on a couple of fingers, which is why I like suede board to work on.
If I don't get a chance to touch base with you until January, have a safe and joyful holiday season with you and yours.

12-17-2009, 03:01 PM
Terri, brrrrrrr! The coldest I've experienced was -25 C. No wonder the place is called Cold Lake, then. Absolutely, go for paintings of *all* the wintersports, especially action, pics, like hockey player skating for life, or ski-jumper just as he leaves the whatsitcalled the end of the thingy, when they start to 'fly'. Sporty men like that kind of paintings, and wives may forgoe a game to look at art, and get something for their guy, or drag him into the gallery later. I'd definitely paint a bunch of those!


12-17-2009, 06:29 PM
Robert- Way to tackle all your goals. It has been a very good month for you. Enjoy all you new art supplies.:evil: :lol: :lol: :evil:

Elsie- I am happy you didn't get any tomatoes thrown at you, and everything went well with your concert. I am sure there is enough of Elsie to go around. Remember to follow that carrot.:thumbsup:

Charlie- Snow? Lucky you! Now you will be able to enjoy a White Christmas. I grew up in a part of Canada that gets very little snow( no, we don't live in igloos :lol: ) and it was a treat if it snowed this time of the year. Of course, we knew it was going to melt in a day or two. Now we live in a part of the country that has snow for about five months of the year. :( We are VERY happy when it melts and enjoy the spring and summer. Have fun.

Terri- We're getting the same cold front as you and we can't wait for it to leave. Brrrr. I think your idea of doing sports themed paintings and a still life with old skates and equipment would be very Canadian, and would be a hit, eh.:wink2:

Well, I am happy to report my studio is clean. I can now walk into it and start painting without having to try to find things. I want to be in studio.:D

I haven't posted anything this month, but I have a pencil drawing started, a failed pastel painting on my easel and a sheet full of coloured pencil exercises. It's not a great deal, but it is a start.

I am recuperating from a return drive to the airport to pick up our oldest daughter. This is her first year of university and it was great to see her smiling face that I hadn't seen since the beginning of September. I surprised her by bringing her little sister with me. They grew up together and missed each other more than they thought they would. Our son can't make it home this year, but he is going to my wife's parents for Christmas, where he will be spoiled.

I think I will try to sit in my studio for a while and see how things go. Have a good one everyone.


12-17-2009, 06:34 PM
Terri, the hockey painting and all the winter sports paintings do sound fun. They're so cool when they're done well and I think Charlie's right. People will buy those. Heck, I might and I'm not even a sporty guy. I'm a glued in a squashy archair guy who's a champion at novelwriting, not anything more physical!

But I used to like downhill skiing when I was in high school and had transportation and cheap rates with a group that went a couple of times a month. It was a lot of fun, one of the few sports I could do. What the skiers fly off of is a "ski jump" if it's big or a "mogul" if it's just a little one made up of a pile of snow instead of actually built to jump off of. You can jump off moguls if you're at the point in Intermediate where you can ski with your skis parallel.

If you still like my references and don't get a chance to do Pastel Strokes, they're all posted "As If RIL" and the holiday one is from the RIL, so go ahead and do your painting later in January. Yeesh, I'm so late on so many things I can hardly complain and you're just doing that for fun. I'd still love to see it.

Those temperatures -- brrrr -- sounds like "snowed in" to me or worse, the kind of weather that'd kill me fast. I don't have enough metabolism to stand the bitter winters. Chicago used to get those super low wind chills on Lake Shore Drive and I can remember trudging out to the bus stop in 55 below windchills with this oversize parka on and about four sweaters, still getting so sick I could barely move. I used to wear my ski gloves to work when I lived there.

I think that wind chill had to do with the lake effect itself, with wind gathering over the lake and hitting the city hard without any buildings between me and it. I also used to hate the buses that'd roll fast through foot-deep puddles of brown slush and spray them twelve feet away from the stop. I'd get soaked head to toe.

All in all if I ever go back to Chicago, it'll be in the summer and I'll use cabs.

Charlie, congratulations on the sale! LOL that you're stuck snowed in and can't run out to spend the money. That must be so frustrating. Especially when your art store has all the beautiful sticks out tempting you any time you go past. Pastels have it all over oils and watercolor for sheer beauty of the supplies.

It sounds bizarre that they're cutting back on snow removal. Surely they realize this has to hurt the local economy a lot if snow removal's slow, intermittent or patchy. Weird.

Makes me glad to live in a warm climate though even if the warm climate is acting up and doing bad, bad things to my arthritis. It could be worse. I could be crippled with arthritis in places with low windchill and foot-deep slush puddles and snow to impede my trying to walk, in situations where I had to anyway.

Paint something beautiful in a colourful summer scene. Or sit by your nicest window and do a plein air of snow at its most beautiful -- when you're indoors and it's nice and warm with lots of lovely pastels spread out in front of you. Snow can be gorgeous if you don't have to go out in it.

Last night I edited all the last chapters of Vaumuru's Curse. I fell in love with the book again and realized I have only one chapter to add. So this isn't going to be so bad at all. I'll do it tonight and then be ready to start by sending it to the Ethan Ellenburg agency. I am so hoping they like it. That solves everything if they take me on, then I don't need to worry about doing submissions any more. Just do what edits they throw at me, write more books and give them to my agent for the stressy selling part.

12-18-2009, 03:11 AM
Final chapter of Vaumuru's Curse finished.

Next step, read through it slowly and write the synopsis, about a paragraph or two per chapter, what happened. Then write the cover letter. Put three chapters into a nice Word document so the whole package is a nice series of Word documents and yay good, it's ready to go. Starting with Ethan Ellenburg Agency. That just totally rocks.

I'm getting there. Breaking the anxiety-raddled goal into subgoals is helping me do it. Tonight I wrote the chapter. Tomorrow start the synopsis. And so on and so on, it'll get done before 2010.

12-18-2009, 11:59 AM
Hi Goalies....
Robert...great going! You are a remarkable person, and very inspirational.
Doug....hope you do get to do some painting SOON! (says I, who has done nothing for the month!)
Elsie....glad to hear things are moving along well for you so far this month, busy as it has been.
Terri...I have never been a skier, though I've lived here in the Berkshires almost all my life....was a pretty good skater, though, through my school years...
Charlie...sorry to hear you're 'snowed in'....we are having a real cold wave at the moment...makes me want to hibernate, for sure. But at least, our roads get plowed! BTW...CONGRATS on the sale of the Lampost!

Probably wont be posting again til after, so wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday
Love to all,

12-26-2009, 02:20 PM
Well, here it is, the day after Christmas and time to review my goals:

SOOOO...as for goals....gotta do at least one Challenge (probably CAC again, although I didnt do too well with last month's offering...) I had done it in both watercolor and pastel....the watercolor came out better! But it was the pastel that showed. Wsnt too happy with it.
Goal #2: get back to pastel-ing
Goal #3: keep my basement "studio" clean (will try to get some pics to show, but no guarantee on that one...)
Goal #4: Get my Christmas cards out before Christmas! That's always been a challenge....but I'm determined..

1...did the CAC, again in watercolor
2. did get back (sorta) to pastel-ing
3. kept the 'studio' fairly clean....probably because I didnt use it much...
4. did get my cards out and in the mail before Christmas....
So fait accomplie....
Now looking forward to setting goals for January and the new year....
Love to all....Judi

12-26-2009, 02:22 PM
Oh and just made it under the line....the pastel strokes challenge! Didnt think I would be able to, but I did!

12-26-2009, 04:00 PM
Congratulations, Judibelle! Now I have to go up there and see what you posted. It's so neat when Christmas Day turns out to be a good art day.

Taking your example, here's my December goals...

1) Participate in my Pastel Strokes and do a good job hosting. Yes!

2) Try the beautiful PastelMat that I've been afraid to touch since I got it, that is truly silly. If I use it I can buy more. Yes, did three paintings on PastelMat and they all came out great. I must buy more next month!

3) Resist the temptation to buy art supplies Totally failed and spent everything in my savings on art supplies and books. Give up on this one, unless I want to try it to make sure I run into the best bargains all year by ironic coincidence.

4) Finish writing "Greenwood Home" Yes, done that early on!

5) Edit "Curse of Vaumuru" -- Edited, finished, now I need to do the synopsis and cover letter, then send it out to at least four agents or publishers. I am really riding deadline on this one, but I think the synopsis is one day's work and I've still got a week of December to do it in. Wish me luck on this.

Happy Boxing Day to all you Goalies, may your goals come in reach and everything turn out better than planned!

12-26-2009, 05:26 PM
:wave: Hi, Goalies!

Robert: Inspired by Deborah Secor's liking Pastel Mat paper, I ordered some.
OOOOOO! I'm in love! :heart: :heart: Sanded surface of Wallis it is not! But, it does have tooth and yet a smooth as silk feel! I know I will still use my favorite Wallis paper when I want to have a sanded feel. But, I can really see this new paper as being right up there in my use! The amazing thing was that so little pastel fell off the surface! Amazing! Do try it!

Santa brought me a 120 tin of Faber-Castell Polychromos hard pastels! :p
I tried them this morning on the Pastel Mat paper! Wow!

Judybelle: Way to go! You really have accomplished this month!

As we slide down the snowy slope of December to January and the New Year: I'll be looking at January goals, but also, just what I want to do during the next year! Exciting time!

Happy Holidays and a very Artful Happy New Year!
A year to get dusty!

12-26-2009, 06:28 PM
As usual, you guys are doing just great!

Elsie is in luuuv, and so am I, and Rob too! LOL! That paper is fab! Though, it curls a bit... so store flattened between something. Judi, :clap:!

Rob, when you decide to not buy supplies next time, tell me, so I can be ready to snatch the bargin from under your nose! Seems to be a bit like bringing an umbrella to make sure it doesn't rain. Fantastic how much you got written.

So how am I doing?

Charlie's December goals are:

1) Paint :thumbsup:

2) Paint :thumbsup:

3) Rest, and then Paint. :thumbsup: Forced to rest, as SAD hit me hard one week or two, is a bit better now, but short term memory still about half a sentence long...Painting becomes a necessity, especially still-lifes which I love to paint, and I put on lots of light in the studio, some 850 Watts or so. (pointing light at still-life, and the others at ceiling or walls, as I can't have that much light on the painting or it'll be awfully dark.

4) PGE: Get the levels of Signature Member and Senior Journeyer written. Yes!!!! Write interview Yes , write structure Yes, get the computer tech people going No, write rules for online competition Halfway, write new Pan article with pics Done, write agenda for Annual meeting oh-sh** forgot that one, announce annual, etc etc etc. And etc. PGE is listed at IAPS, now!

5) Try to keep up the good tradition of minimal celebration of Christmas Minimal celebration 'minimaler' than usual, as mommy dearest had a cold so no visit.

I've even framed 6 paintings, some from earlier.

Am in process of painting next year's christmas card, very subdued and neutral (crossMyHeartAndHopeToDie, it *is* true, nearly so :D). Better do it when all the stuff is in the house and not in the garage.

I have made one NewYear-resolution I've kept for decades: To not make any new year resolutions at all. I'm still in school, mentally, as my years shift over summer. Autumns is when I start things. *After* New year may be a good time to check things, and re-evaluate strategy. I'll test having stuff at a print-on-demand for images, for example, just to see what happens.

Have fun, guys,


12-27-2009, 12:52 PM
Elsie, yes! I was so amazed at that. The stuff is like painting on glue! I just reviewed it over at HubPages this morning using my Christmas paintings and Pans landscape as examples. It's wonderful. That's what next month's art supply is -- get more of that wonderful paper and try SpectraFix. I hope the SpectraFix works well, if it does all my environmentalist guilt over spray cans of Blick fixative is over.

LOL Charlie -- yeah, if I do resolve not to get art supplies again, start looking at all the good online art suppliers because they're sure to put the best on Clearance. I'm frustrated the move ate all my savings because I'd be blowing it on year end Clearance stuff now otherwise.

I think I agree with you on New Years Resolutions. It works much better for me setting monthly goals, I get more done. Thinking a year ahead usually results in many changes from the plan, but a month ahead I get at least some of them done!

12-28-2009, 12:54 AM
Judi- Great job on your goals! A good way to end the year and bring in the new one. It looks like you are back in the groove. It's good to have you back with us.:thumbsup:

Robert- Other than goal #3, you did a great job on your goals. And if you were going to miss any goal, that was the one to miss.:lol:

Elsie- Enjoy your FC Polychromos. I got a set last Christmas and I use them all the time. They are great for stage one underpaintings. I must try that Pastel Mat. It seems like everyone is raving about it.

Charlie- I am with you on New Years resolutions. I make goals instead. It's great to see you have found time to paint. It's good to get all the other stuff done, but painting is what you were born to do. Hang in there, Charlie. You are doing great.


12-29-2009, 01:46 AM
Everyone has so much going on. so many great pieces posted. I would like to take this time say Happy New Year if i dont get back before hand. and I hope you will all join me next year here. well at least in 3 days anway. Robert thank for being such a great host. I had fun and painted something i have neve did before. even did the same piece in oils something i haven't done for some time. thank you.

12-30-2009, 07:34 PM
Let me know how the Spectrafix works for you. I've some problems but that is because I dropped the bottle a couple of times and need to replace the spritzer mechanism.

12-30-2009, 07:49 PM
Terri, thanks for the tip on the SpectraFix spritz mechanism. I probably should pick up the extra bottle -- they sell an empty smaller bottle for travel so maybe if anything happens to the mechanism I can use that with what's left from the big one.

12-31-2009, 03:05 AM
At the very last possible time, I got going on doing the synopsis for Vaumuru's Curse. Tonight I've got it half done. Tomorrow, I need to finish up and start sending it places, starting with Ethan Ellenberg Agency and then find three other places to send a query and synopsis package. Preferably all by email.

In the process of synopsizing I'm also transferring all the chapters into a single Word file in manuscript format, so if one of these places wants full manuscript in either emailed or printout form, I can just run it out. It's getting done. I really wasn't sure I'd manage to push myself hard enough for that last part, but I'm getting it done. Whew!

12-31-2009, 04:30 AM
Way to go, Robert! Don't start a fire with the sparks flying from your keyboard.

Wow. It is the last day of the first decade of the century. It seems like it was just yesterday that everybody was fretting about Y2K.:eek:


12-31-2009, 08:04 AM
Yeah, you're right, Doug! It does seem like it wasn't that long ago. It's cool to live in science fiction -- I remember thinking 2010 was such an inconceivable long time in the future for so many years, and now it's tomorrow. By and large though, the future is a lot better than it looked in 1970 or 1980, especially for me. I could not have predicted what the Internet would do for my social life or for that matter, how much cool stuff would be invented in art supplies. Especially in the past few years between all the Derwent specialty pencils, Pan Pastels and now PastelMat and SpectraFix.

The idea of a non-stinky non-toxic biodegradable fixative is so great. No more of those dangerous, annoying spray cans chasing my cat away. Of course since it's milk solids I may have to be a little concerned about the scent attracting him. I doubt even a fixed painting would stand up to a cat trying to lick the fixative off it. One more reason framing with glazing is a good idea.

I've synopsized all the way through chapter 13 now, only five more chapters to go. This is getting done today. I'm on time -- barely. Synopsis so far is six single-spaced pages, it should run to about ten for a standard full novel synopsis for presentation. So it's coming out just right for length and detail.

Then I need to get up the nerve to send it in and find three more places besides the Ethan Ellenberg agency. Running right up to the wire on this one. I guess deadline pressure does help! But I think I'll stick to monthly goals and not do a New Years resolution.

12-31-2009, 09:05 AM
Doug, it is also the first day of the rest of your life!

Rob, you're doing just marvellously! Just put the stuff in an email, and *send* it! Your old book is quite good, and as you're much more mature now, I can only imagine how great the new ones are. Just send it out there, and let it do its work for you. Get rid of it, out, out, out! Then forget it, you can do nothing more, it is out of your hands. Who in SFF was it who sent to 20 publishers before being accepted, and then became a best-seller? Just get it out to the top ten publishers on your list, and then 10 more!

Longterm and shortterm goals

One smart way of setting 5 year or one year goals is to break it down into monthly goals. (I'm *not* talking about resolutions... I'm talking about what we have a burning desire to make real.) To sell paintings, I need to show them. So, say, I decide to organise a show around a specific time, then I need to break down how many paintings I need, and then paint them. Say, I realize I need 4 per month. I'll also need to book a place etc etc, all this can be planned out in monthly or weekly increments (is that the right word?). Then it is just a question of doing it, step by step. (Yeah, 'just', 'only'... :-)

Happy New Year!


12-31-2009, 10:30 AM
YAY Robert...Way to go!
Charlie...I agree with you on the long-term and short-term goals....I'm looking at 2010 as a whole, for the longterm, and monthly for the short terms. Got a few in mind already....
Doug, Elsie, Pete, Terri and any other 'goalies' looking toward 2010,
to everyone....

12-31-2009, 03:16 PM
Thanks, Charlie, Judibelle! Both of you have a very happy New Year's!

I finished writing the synopsis -- literally all that's left is sending it out! I can write the email, I've done thousands of them. Hi, this is my book, this is my contact information, hope you like it. The shorter and simpler I keep that, the better. The book can stand on its own.

Charlie, that was Stephen King who got 20 rejections on his first novel, Carrie, before it sold and became a best seller, then got a movie contract and launched his ludicrously wealthy and successful (well deserved) career. Not exactly SFF but he flirts with it, to me "The Dark Tower" series is epic fantasy rather than horror in any form. Thanks for mentioning that.

I know that's par for the course. Once it's sent, I can relax about it and enjoy the rest of my day playing with pastels, which is what I'd like to be doing. lol

Edit: Well, I sent it to the best one -- the Ethan Ellenberg agency is looking for new fantasy writers and issued a submissions call. One that had dozens of people asking if they could query before finishing a novel or before finishing its edits. At least mine is done! I followed the instructions on the website and according to that I'll hear back in two weeks. Translation, given the speed of things when reality intrudes, I'll give up after six weeks and send them a different novel. That's time to get another one edited anyway.

01-05-2010, 06:03 PM
Main goal clean out my studio sometime between now and next December.
Line up all the small pieces of paper I find and finally do a small painting a day.

01-05-2010, 06:12 PM
Hi Julia...nice to have you join the 'goalies'...but you might also enter your goals in the Jan 2010 thread....to keep them current...