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12-01-2009, 03:00 PM
Dear Blick,

I recently placed an order of about 25 items and none of them were out of stock. I specifically choose a certain tube of paint because it was the only tube that was IN STOCK and available that fits my needs. When I checked out, the item said it was IN STOCK AND RESERVED and I would not have chosen it had it not been.

Now, when I checked the status of my order, it says that my item has been back ordered and will not ship for over a month. This is completely unreasonable. Your customer service representative informed me that because I had express shipping, my order will ship without the item and I will receive it when it is available.

I do not appreciate that despite my item being "IN STOCK AND RESERVED" for me, it was actually back ordered and I have to wait for over a month to get a $14 tube of paint. It was one of your Blick Artist oil paints, and I decided to choose it exactly for the reason that it was the cheapest variety that was IN STOCK.

I had my choice of a half dozen other brands with the exact same product for comparable prices. I could have chosen any one of them. By choosing your own brand, with express shipping, on an in stock item, I expect that the item will be here on the expected delivery date because it is needed by that date. Waiting an additional month to get an item I specifically paid extra for to receive quickly is unreasonable.

If I purchase an IN STOCK item, I expect for it to be in stock when the company says it is. I understand that there are always issues with inventory, but my time is as valuable as yours and I will be shopping with other companies in the future.


Blick Art Materials
12-02-2009, 09:05 AM
Thank you for purchasing from Blick Art Materials!

We understand how valuable our customerís time is. We take every measure to make sure our inventory is correct and prevent unexpected back orders. We apologize there was an unexpected back order on your order. This could have been due to high demand for this item while you were placing your order. Also we could have gone to pull your item for packing and discovered it was damaged.

We are always happy to look to see if there is a different size or brand that we can send you instead. We can be contacted at 1-800-723-2787 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 8pm central time and on Saturday from 8am to 4pm central time. We can also be contacted at custserv@dickblick.com (custserv@dickblick.com).

We apologize for any and every back order. It is never our intention to run out of stock.

12-02-2009, 05:12 PM
I emailed customer service, and the item came into stock and it is being overnight shipped to me. I feel that this is a great resolution! Thank you, Blick!