View Full Version : paper, brushes, tips????

Briar Rose
11-25-2009, 01:10 AM
What kind of paper can I use for oil pastel? After I finish my 2 water color/acrylics I am working on, I would like to try oil pastel.

I have water color paper. But is there is a better paper to use?

Also, I have brushes that are only for oil paint. Can I use those for oil pastel?

Also, somewhere on the swap thread I saw (already sold) some sponge tipped brushes for oil pastels. I have never noticed those at the art supply store. I am guessing that those are used for blending?

After I sketch out my drawing,probably an old barn, I do the sky first. But how do you make a sky using oil pastel? I am probably going to do the sky in water color first. What do you suggest?

And then if I mix the medium, should I pick what else will be water color before I lay down the oil pastel?