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02-08-2001, 02:54 PM
Hello Artbyking,

You can paint over varnish, but then you can also paint with acrylics over oils, can't you?
Manufacturers advice against both however, so I think you'd better not try though I don't what the ill effects of painting over varnish would be.

But I guess you wouldn't want to adjust and paint over infinetely.
And if you want the opportunity only for so long untill you've decided it is finished and can be varnished you can use most of the acrylic mediums to do the trick and control brilliance.
And you can almost endlessly put such layers on and in between.

In fact Golden (see their most informative website on these matters) advices a layer of their soft gel diluted with some water before varnishing.
This because when removing the varnish you would first hit this layer instead of the actual paint(ing).
All these mediums are chemically (very much) the same as the subtance of the acrylic paint whereas the varnish is relatively to totally different and have different characteristics such as the painting will attract dust and the varnish of course must not do so.

So you can use these mediums as you would a retouching varnish in oils.

Hope this helps, Dick


02-09-2001, 12:00 AM
I want to varnish some acrylic paintings for protection and brilliance, but since I often come back to them later and want to add to them I also want to be able to paint over it with new acrylic. Is acrylic varnish over-paintable for a permanent finish? I am referring to the polymer based varnish and not the mineral spirits type which I assume would not be compatible to overpainting because of the solvent base.

02-09-2001, 12:49 AM
I think I remember that the bottle of varnish I have (some kind of Golden polymer varnish) says that it is "not to be painted over." I'm not home so can't check right now, but I'm almost positive it says that. If you used the thing called "gloss medium varnish" or "gloss varnish medium," you could paint over that.