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01-30-2001, 06:01 AM
I'm just getting started on an acrylic painting on canvasette ("paper canvas"). I put on a couple of layers of dark green gesso as a undercoat & base color to build from, as there will be a lot of green in the painting. Unfortunately, the canvasette, which I had stretched and taped to my drawing board, buckled as the gesso dried. Guess I didn't stretch it well enough. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/frown.gif What should I do? Would dampening, stretching, & retaping work to get it stretched flat, or should I just start over?



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01-30-2001, 09:08 AM

Generally, canvas paper can be gessoed, but I suggest trying thinner, repeated layers of gesso (first in one direction, then the other), rather than the usual full strength coat given to stretched canvas. Also, dampen the back of the paper before applying the gesso to the front to minimize warping.

You could do a couple of test pieces. Cut a canvas paper sheet into 4, and test your applications 4 different ways to see which works best for you. Try a couple taped to a board, and a couple not taped at all. From this, you'll be able to gauge how to handle a full sheet. It takes a bit of time, but will save $ in the long run.

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