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Charlie's Mum
07-30-2009, 04:29 PM
Compression - How to:

Keeping your file size within bounds! -

Chiers, (thanks Sherry!) has kindly done some screen-captures so you can check the compression of your files before uploading.
Here are examples from PSP8 and Painter1X. Any other programs should be very similar to these. Compression is what makes the file size smaller. The higher the compression the more the quality of the jpg goes down. The settings shown here will usually leave a good quality picture!

It's worth remembering also that using a high resolution (say 300dpi) will make your work more vulnerable to copying by the unscrupulous.
For safety's sake, a resolution of 100dpi will still show the image well on screen but be less rewarding for the thieves!

Adobe has a save for web setting in the file menu, and PSP also has one, ie the jpeg optimizer under file/export, which may be useful.



*** (Any uploads you make to the RIL can be bigger than this and higher resolution...size is unlimited there). ***

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