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Shirl Parker
06-08-2009, 12:07 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.

Sunday night I drove up to Harlingen, about 20 miles, to go to a seminar on learning to use the Palm Pre. I've been learning a lot on my own, but I wanted to see if I had missed anything. Got quite a few tips.

I hope you all have a fine week.

K Taylor-Green
06-08-2009, 11:25 PM
Hi Shirl ! Quiet today so far.

I am soooo tired, but it was all worth it. I went to a hunt test over the weekend, up near Cleveland.
My Kansas passed both days to earn the first 2 passes for her AKC Junior Hunter title! We came home with 2 lovely orange rosettes.
I am so proud! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Jun-2009/41107-IMG_5371.JPG http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/08-Jun-2009/41107-IMG_6539.JPG

Shirl Parker
06-08-2009, 11:59 PM
Congratulations Katherine, it's exciting to participate in those events, I'm sure.

06-09-2009, 10:38 AM
:wave: Hi, All!

Kate: Congrats to both you and to Kansas! What a doggie! Great photos!:clap:

Shirl, your seminar sounds interesting!:)

Great news! I went to the doctor yesterday and she took me off Warfarin, at least for the next month! She was so pleased with how my legs looked, no swelling, my weight loss, and my progress on the Warfarin.
I still have to wear the compression stockings, but I am free to travel etc.
I need to remember to get out of the car once an hour and walk a little, and to get up from my computer when I'm working on the book, every hour to walk a little..This I can do!:clap:
Then in July, they'll do blood tests and another ultra-sound on the clot areas and see if I need further Warfarin or not.
Life is good!:p :heart:
The book is coming to an end! The problem is that just when I think I'm getting there, I discover more stuff to add! I need to just set a deadline and get the editing done and get away from the book!:eek:
This, too, shall pass!:heart:
This afternoon, I'm planning to take a break from the book and paint!:clap:

OH, we had such a great time last week with my daughter, her husband and little Ben's visit! Grandbabies are wonderful! Little Ben is talking up a storm!
Full sentences, big vocabulary! This is wonderful! Getting the coclear implant at 10 months was really the great blessing! He had no language delays at all!
Cute thing: Soon after his arrival, he walked by the kitchen counter where the fruit basket is: "Avocados! I eat avocados! Mmmmmm! Good!!" So I just had to make a big bowl of guacamole! He went around saying, "I eat avocado on chip!!" It was such a hit with the whole family that I had to make the second batch! We all eat avocado on chip!
One day we took him to the zoo! Great fun! He had to see everything and name every animal and talk about what it eats, what it does etc. Oh, the wonder of life when you are 19 months old!:heart:

This weekend will be very busy and exciting: Our other grandchild, Megan, will graduate from high school! We'll have a big family gathering party after the graduation, here at our house, and celebrate! They grow up so fast!:heart:

Have a great week, everyone!

06-10-2009, 03:07 AM
Kate, Congrats on how well your dog did and the photo's are great.

Elsie, I have been away from WC for a couple months, sorry to hear you are having blood clotting. I missed the original scumble, is this due to your fall when leaving Orchestra Practice many months ago? I tried to go back through previous scumbles but I guess I did not go back far enough to get the scumble on your health issues.

I have not been able to paint for months. :crying: I finally had surgery on my foot to repair the Plantar Facaii in my driving foot, it was in a cast for 4 weeks and then a walking boot for another 4 weeks. So basically now trying to teach myself how to walk normal after 3 years of pain. Since my foot has been incapacitated I have had to hire a person to weed my yard to get it cleaned up. A new thing for me:( I am trying to get serious about getting in shape so am working with a trainer to strengthen my leg after it's sabbatical, and working over all, I feel like a bowl of Jello after not being able to really work out for the past 3 years. We tried to build my new greenhouse on Memorial weekend and parts were missing from the kit, so we had to wait until today to get the parts, it is halfway constructed tonight.
We spent the better part of the Month of May moving my mother in law out of her home of over 30 years, packing, tossing and good willing. She is living with us for a couple months until her new place will be complete. Our son is getting married on June 27th so getting ready for the big event. :) Plus I work a 35 hour week at the office. I think once the wedding is over I can sit down and paint, so looking forward to that.

06-12-2009, 09:50 AM

Hi, Sharon! Sounds as if your life has been and is very full! But, that things are moving along and that you can look forward to better "foot health!"
My legs conditions with the clots etc was much earlier last fall than the fall during the winter. I seem to have recovered from the fall quickly and am so lucky that I did not break any bones!
Last fall, I got a serious lung infection, but in the course of treating that, It was discovered I had a clot in my lungs and two in my legs! So the Warfarin treatment started then. I feel like all was a blessing and cringe at what might have happend if I had not found out about the clots!:heart:

Right now I sort of feel like a juggler trying to keep too many balls up in the air at once! But, this too shall pass!
1. I'm trying to finish up a genealogy/family history book for a family reunion late in June! But, I'm nearly finished with that! :clap:
2. My granddaughter graduates from high school tomorrow! After the graduation, we'll have the house full of family and friends for a cookout, inside picnic celetration! Today is a day for my vacuum cleaner and I to spend some quality time together! :wink2:
3. There is art! Hmmmm! Yes, I am an artist and I love to paint!
A little here, a little there, I can sneak in a little art! :heart: :D
Life is good, even when it is hectic!:cat: