View Full Version : Regarding Art-Agent.com

04-28-2009, 01:54 PM
Hi All,


As some of you know, we've had some particularly vexing issues with Art-Agent.com for some time.

Among the issues are:

* Art-Agent.com, as a whole, is basically non-functional
* The Gallery Manager wasn't working
* People can't modify/change their listings... and so forth...

Art-Agent.com, as an idea, is great. But that site was built quite a while ago, and has remained literally untouched since 2004 (which in Internet terms is a very, very long time).

Rather than spend a considerable amount of time & effort resurrecting the old site as-is, it would be far better for everyone if we simply started over & did it right.

What we're going to do is build an Art Agent that is easy to use, and does a better job of doing what it was meant to do -- helping artists to sell their work online.

Therefore, we've taken the old Art-Agent.com offline while we begin working on an Art Agent for today (you may have noticed that the Gallery Manager link has already been taken down).

And as always, WetCanvas remains the top priority. More to come on that soon. :)