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04-18-2009, 10:14 AM
Hi all,
her is my first finished acrylic landscape painting with Golden Open. But I had some problems with the paints probably because of the surface. I used sanded paper of Schmincke (pastel surfacd). It is water proofed. The surface was too rough for me. It is only a study, my aim is to paint like oil. So I used an oil landscape painting of Mcpherson. I painted it already with pastels. Thanks for comments and critiques.
At first the acrylic:
second the pastel

Charlie's Mum
04-18-2009, 12:39 PM
It's very nice Rudi.
I think some of those light yellowish shapes in the mountains are conflicting with the trees though - could be toned down a bit. :)
You have some very good brushwork.

04-18-2009, 10:17 PM
I agree, nice work. Both have good energy.