View Full Version : By George, I think I've got it! (C & C wanted please)

04-12-2009, 01:29 AM
My latest flower.
I am quite pleased with this one....how is it?
C & C welcome.
Calla Lily
12" X 24"
Acrylics on Canvas

04-12-2009, 01:36 AM
Oh Kathleen you should be pleased with this one, it's absolutely stunning! I love the tall format and composition, and the dark background sets if off beautifully!

04-12-2009, 01:44 AM
It's very dramatic, and I agree with Lillian on the tall format and composition. Very nice! I like the very graceful shaping of your flower. Lovely work!


Kathrin G.
04-12-2009, 03:00 AM
just gorgeous :clap:
love the colour choices you made and the 3D feel is great :thumbsup:
Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and be happy with it I think :)

04-12-2009, 08:08 AM
Wow Kathleen! This is terrific!

04-12-2009, 08:45 AM
Beautiful. I love the lyrical movement of the flower and the contrast of the light flower against the dark background.

04-12-2009, 08:46 AM
Kathleen this is very elegant!! I have a question though, shouldn't there be a bit of lemon in the centre?

04-12-2009, 09:14 AM
The dark background really shows your flower beautifully.

Lady Carol
04-12-2009, 09:18 AM
drop dead gorgeous. Bravo. I'd hang that in my house :D

04-12-2009, 09:42 AM

04-12-2009, 10:12 AM
Beautiful! You've captured the lily's strong structural presence perfectly.

04-12-2009, 10:45 AM
Beautiful, the dark background works really well :)

Li'l Brown
04-12-2009, 11:15 AM
By George, I think you've got it too!!! This is gorgeous Kathleen! I'm with Carol, I'd hang it in my house too. Guess we'd have to arm-wrestle for it :D

04-12-2009, 11:31 AM
Holy Cats!
I am so pleased that you all find this work as pleasing as I do!
I wanted to continue on with practicing flowers because I have always remembered when I first began posting here, and was commenting on a flower that Ruth (RMC here) posted.
She replied to me...."I just started painting a little while ago, so you can do it as well!
Now, I doubt that I'd ever reach her level of excellence, but i can try.:wink2:

Still, I decided that it was time to try my hand on flowers first with the Daisy then the Mum and now the Lily. Diving in and attempting to do the unknown is so important. Asking for help here is so wonderful as everyone (well almost everyone) that posts paintings here is always ready to help and offer some suggestions and help with the progress.

Flowers are very tricky as the light is diffused all over the place, and what looks like one colour can turn out to be many. Shading is important, and the light source must be decided before beginning.

To all of you, I say Thanks so much.:wave:

Your encouragement has helped me grow so very much as an Artist.

04-12-2009, 01:18 PM
Yes, Yes, very nice in deed.

04-12-2009, 01:21 PM
Its lovely Kathleen. Beautiful, and suits the long format so well.

04-12-2009, 01:32 PM
Kathleen, my friend.....WOW! All the words from above....plus, I never have thought to apply human terms to flowers before, but this has a proud and dignified stance, with a sensual feel to it....as tho' "she" is queen, and knows it!! I love how it just emerges from the shadows of the bg...wonderful!!

04-12-2009, 01:32 PM
Whhoooooo Weeeee! You bet you got it!!!!

04-12-2009, 02:27 PM
Wow. That is truly stunning.

04-12-2009, 02:28 PM
very elegant Kathleen!super!!!!!!!!!

04-12-2009, 06:35 PM
Very pleasing indeed! :D

04-12-2009, 06:53 PM
Kathleen, this is quite elegant - beautiful job against the dark background!

04-12-2009, 07:34 PM
Of all the adjectives used I personally think elegance best fits the Cally Lily - you have captured the form and elegance that characterize this lovely flower. Very nice going, I think particularly in the way you are presenting each flower.

04-12-2009, 07:51 PM
You can't go wrong with a dark background. I had a similar "aha" moment when I painted my first dark background. It really brings drama to the painting. You've done a beautiful job. Congratulations!

04-12-2009, 07:54 PM
Impressive! Thanks for showing it to us!

04-12-2009, 08:04 PM

04-12-2009, 08:53 PM
That came out right good - very dramatic, good colors :thumbsup::thumbsup:

04-13-2009, 01:47 AM
Ah, my favourite flower! Fabulous job on this Kathleen. You've caught all of the subtle nuances of the flower and all of its drama!

04-13-2009, 04:13 AM
Oh yeah, you nailed it, alright.

04-13-2009, 02:28 PM

Since only one other person mentioned this, I'd like to say that it was the single undulating graceful line of the flower that captured my attention. Just wonderful composition. You should be very proud.


04-13-2009, 07:41 PM
Again, thank-you so much for your support and kind words on this painting.
Needless to say I am proud if it, and keeping at a problem and not giving up is important.
While painting it, it was as if I was painting an optical illusion with all the twists and turns this flower takes.

So each and every comment re the Lily means so very much to me....especially from My friends here at Wet Canvas many of who have watched me grow.

04-13-2009, 08:02 PM
This is very rich indeed Kathleen, one of may favorites. This must have been a tough one to paint with the twists and turns. Very nice job on this. It kind of stands as a symbol for all flowers, majestic and well painted. The fade-out of the stem is super.
Cheers, Derek

04-14-2009, 12:36 PM
Kathleen, the Calla lily is one of my very favorite flowers as well, and this singular star of the show really is outstanding. Love the curvature of the flower and the prominent placing, as well as the drama of contrast.

04-14-2009, 01:17 PM
Very pretty! Great color and form.

Charlie's Mum
04-14-2009, 01:18 PM
Very nice is how it is! :D

Love the simple elegance of both flower and format.
Almost losing the stem in the darkness is brilliant :D

04-18-2009, 08:26 PM
Breathtaking!..you definitely have it!