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pastel lover
04-07-2009, 12:23 AM
Hi All,

I just returned from Maggie Price's workshop in Merriam, KS and it was wonderful. Not only is Maggie a phenonminal artist, but she is a great teacher as well. I very much enjoyed Maggie's teaching style. She explained the exercises we were given in concise, easily understood terms and provided handouts as re-enforcement for later. She also did thorough demos of each exercise and then completed the painting, explaining why she did things as she painted along. We were able to see how to handle all the steps, from beginning to end. This was very valuable to me, being a self-taught painter, it was great to see how to "properly" paint with pastels. Another thing I particularly liked was, although we all were expected to do the same exercise, we were allowed to apply the exercise to our own projects. At the end of the workshop, we all had different paintings... no cookie cutter, cloned pieces there!
Each of us received plenty of one-on-one instruction time with Maggie at our easels. She answered all of my questions with knowledge and consideration plus she offered painting tips and suggestions for making my paintings better. Even though it was a workshop with several artists, I felt like I received very individualized instruction. As a bonus, Maggie's husband Bill, an award winning artist himself, was there and available for questions if Maggie was busy. The only bad thing was how fast the time flew by and the workshop was over too soon!
Maggie herself is friendly, inspiring, encouraging and enthusiatic! She is a very, very nice person, as is Bill.
My recommendation is, if you get the opportunity to take a workshop with Maggie....DO IT! You'll love it!


04-07-2009, 12:31 AM
Sounds great Tanja! Any more info? It's always fun to hear how different workshops are organized. Let us know more if you get a chance!

04-07-2009, 10:20 AM
Thanks Tanja, glad to here it went wonderfully well, do you have any of the painting, you can post here as well? Would love to see them

Paula Ford
04-07-2009, 12:20 PM
That's wonderful Tanja! Did you take any photos to share with us?

pastel lover
04-07-2009, 06:27 PM

Scotty & Paula - I do have both paintings & photos to post, however, I have two show entries due this week - one on Tues. & one on Thurs.....so I haven't even downloaded my camera yet. But as soon as I do, I'll post them.


04-07-2009, 06:52 PM
Tanja, thank you for telling me how the workshop went. I love Maggie Price's art and have seen her posts occasionally, so it's great to find out her workshops are that good too. Looking forward to see the paintings and other photos.

Mike Williams
04-09-2009, 05:03 PM
Hi Tanja... I have to agree with everything you have said about the workshop so far. ( I was attending the workshop also) There were about 10 or 11 of us there and I think I was the greenhorn of the bunch. Maggie was great, as was Bill. I was the only male there, so having Bill around was a bonus. Maggie and Bill also had a small retail setup where students could purchase Wallis and Richeson paper or choose from several different sets of Ludwig pastels. I bought a few sheets of Richeson storm gray 11x14, but haven't used any yet. This was my first workshop and when it came time to paint, I was nervous. My first one didn't come out so great, but I was happier with the last two I did. Maggie gave demos each day, which always involved an under painting. Under paintings (using turpenoid) were emphasized in the workshop and all the exercises we did had one except for the 20 minute exercise which really was about seven minutes long for me. Being a beginner, there were a lot of little things I learned from Maggie. One big one was about painting the shapes that are there instead of what I thought a tree should look like. At one point when we were starting our last painting I felt a bit lost as to what I was doing and after the under painting I was scratching my head. Maggie kept giving me words of encouragement and by the end I was happy with the red rocks. It was really a big surprise to me that it came out pretty good. So a big thanks to Maggie and Bill! At the end of the workshop each person showed all paintings they had worked on and the artist would comment about their weekend experience and Maggie would give comments, mostly about what she liked in the work. There were so many beautiful paintings and I found things I liked in every artists paintings. It was great fun and a learning experience for me. I think Tanja, Maggie and I were the only ones that hang out on WC.

Mike Williams
04-09-2009, 05:06 PM
This is the under painting for the red rocks. I had already filled in the sky and made some lines with charcoal then remembered to take a pic. There was no path in the photo, but I decided it needed one at the end.

Kathryn Day
04-09-2009, 05:56 PM
Mike, your paintings show a progression of improvement. I really like the red rocks and how it came out and the lone tree is really nice too. Workshops are great, but can be very stressful when you are new. So much to learn! You did great!

Maggie P
04-09-2009, 06:04 PM
Wish you could all see the beautiful textures and colors Mike got in the grasses on the painting with the lone tree. It was great. And his red rocks turned out beautifully.

BTW, this workshop was one 3 hour evening session (which I took half of with a demonstration) and then two full days. Amazing what people can accomplish in this short period of time. The group was so focused, the only sound you heard most of the time was the scratching of pastel on sanded paper. Having classes like this is what makes teaching so rewarding.

Thanks, Tanja and Mike, for your comments!

pastel lover
04-09-2009, 06:52 PM
Hi Mike,

I agree with all your comments. It was my first workshop as well & I think we are very lucky to have an instructor like Maggie, who took that into account. I have one comment on your paintings...the internet being what it is, does not show the amount of depth that you captured in your Red Rock painting. It is a pity that other WCers can't see how really beautiful those rocks are.

Maggie, if you're out there. I have an acquaintance who expressed an interest in a workshop. I told her about Scotland & Spain, but she needed one in the US. I suggested she go to your website for details. I don't know if she will but that's what I suggested. Hope that was OK.


Maggie P
04-09-2009, 11:07 PM
Maggie, if you're out there. I have an acquaintance who expressed an interest in a workshop. I told her about Scotland & Spain, but she needed one in the US. I suggested she go to your website for details. I don't know if she will but that's what I suggested. Hope that was OK.


That's not just okay, that's great! Thanks. My web site is always (almost always) current and all my workshops are listed there. I do have some more in the US this year. Hope one will work for your friend.

You're right about the images on the web...they really don't show the depth and beauty of color, but it's still fun to see them!