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04-01-2009, 12:12 AM
Hi Gang:wave:

Welcome to the "Goal Post," a place to post and share your art related goals with your fellow artists. You will get support and encouragement to help you reach your goals while you can help others do the same. Your goals can be short term or long term. You can have one goal or a whole list of goals. It is all up to you, because they are your goals.

If you want to share an idea or show us something you are working on, please post it. We are here to help and listen.

So, come on and join in. Good luck with your goals for April.


04-01-2009, 02:54 PM
Well, here we go with April's goals!

1) Daily art of some kind, even if it's a doodle.

2) Work on clearing up and organizing my studio (Spring Cleaning).

3) Work on my Oil Pastels website.

4) Study Carlson's Landscape Guide at least weekly.

5) Work on past due projects like my Colourful Still Life assignments.

04-01-2009, 06:06 PM
Good goals, Rob.

My goals for April:

1. I will take plenty of time for relaxation and fun. (I think I'll be able to make that one :-)

2. I will print more cards of my paintings to sell at my extended exhibition. They are selling like hot cakes! (They asked if I could keep the stuff up on the wall until 15th. I could.)

3. I will work hard on getting the Pastel Guild of Europe launched.

4. I will paint for shere joy.

5. I will participate in Don's portrait class, catching up.

6. I'll not bother much about goals and producing, except for what is listed here.

7. I'll buy supplies, get meself some decent range of --- ssshh! --- oil pastels. And a program for the computer, for the interesting merging of 3 pics for good colour and value.


04-01-2009, 07:29 PM
Sounds like you both have a good start for goals this month.
I will keep my goals fairly open-ended this month
I will participate in the Weekly Pastel Thread
I will participate in the Scavenger Hunts (not saying COMPLETE them...just participate!)
I will participate in the Landscape Challenge this month
I will do at least one Plein Air
that's enough for now....

04-01-2009, 07:36 PM
Charlie, those are some great goals! Especially #7 hehehe... and it is so great you're getting more cards made of your paintings. I can see why they'd sell so fast!

JB, yours are great too. Yay for plein air! I hope you post what you paint outside, it should be wonderful. I love plein air. Where is the Scavenger Hunt anyway? I saw your stuff from it last time and might look into that.

04-01-2009, 07:42 PM
Robert, the Scavenger Hunts are under Artwork from Life...they are changed every 9 or 10 days...and give a whole list of things to sketch or draw from life..Look it up....it's fun...

04-02-2009, 01:06 AM
Thanks! That's very cool. I think I'll go check that out, I like life drawing and it's cool that there's something like that. I just never found it.

04-02-2009, 12:01 PM
I started the thread on the evening of March 31 and forgot that it was April 1st yesterday.:lol: I guess my first goal should be "pay attention to the date.":o

Robert- These goals should keep you busy. Keep at it and have fun.

Charlie- You have alot on your plate. The cards sound like a great idea. Good luck with the Pastel Guild. It sounds like a great deal of work, but it will be worth it. As for your goal #7, don't tell anybody, but I have been playing with some cheap op's for my course. :evil:

JB- These sound like fun goals. Keep at JB. You are keeping busy and you are growing as an artist by leaps and bounds.

I will be back later to post my goals. I have to drive my daughters to school.


04-02-2009, 07:13 PM
My goals for the month April are:

1) I will work on my course for at least 90 minutes Monday to Friday.

2) I will paint with my pastels for at least 2 hours each weekend.

3) I will spend at least an hour a day reading art related material.

4) I will spend at least 3 hours a week sketching with my coloured pencils.

I hope to be able to do more than this, but I want to keep the goals realistic and obtainable.

Good luck everybody.


Lynne Vokatis
04-02-2009, 11:58 PM
hi everyone. i need to set goals myself.i never make lists and im very spontaneous. but ill try lol.
#1 remind myself that when work gets almost unbearable,that there is an art store around the corner,that stocks wallis and The pastel Journal.
#2 i will do my 1 hour sketch for paula's thread everyweek
#3 will paint a plein air once a week at least.
#4 i will remember to breathe
#5 and exhale
#6 i will find time to walk
#7i will start oranizing my pack for my plein air weekend in may... now...not 2 days before.
#8 tomorrow i will buy more pastels
#9i will set my wet canvas curfew to no later than 12 am.getting xeyed now
#10 i will not forget to smile

04-03-2009, 02:24 AM
Lynn, your goals all look good and somehow seem related... organization, stress management and painting! Yay for your Plein Air Weekend in May. I would be packing early too. I'd probably be repacking every weekend until May and then forget something important -- or not forget anything but wind up taking half the studio with me.

I could always strap all those boxes of pastels together and get them into a big backpack and load it on my son in law... lol

If you do plein air every week you'll have plenty of trial and error figuring out what to pack or not. Pack before doing your weekly outing even if it's into the yard and you can test how the arrangements work. Find out what you really need and really don't.

I've given up on curfews. It's gotten to the time of year where I slide back onto a night schedule -- good luck to you on keeping yours since you have a job you need to be awake for. The art store sounds like a good way to keep yourself happy and focused at work.

Yay for buying more pastels! Enjoy them! All your goals are great.

So far I am keeping up on Daily Art -- it's only been two days but I seem to have upped the ante and been doing more than one a day.

I read some in Carlson's Landscape Guide last night, two whole chapters, and got inspired to do a blue sky landscape from imagination testing how the shading works. It worked, spectacularly well for such a simple landscape.

I reorganized my Pan Pastels and got them temporarily back into the set box so that when the package comes with my new ones I can start fresh for organizing them. I also fed cats and shelved a couple of books. Baby steps on Spring Cleaning.

I checked the traffic stats on my oil pastels website. Must do something on that soon! I'm getting lots more readers!

Er, nothing yet on past due artwork but I'm moving toward it by having my softies all set up where I can get at them.

Oh and today I started peeling the labels off my Rembrandts and breaking them. This is a big breakthrough for me, but Deborah finally convinced me it's okay to do that and more convenient to do that than to just wait for them to break. I guess that's the point of becoming a real pastelist. lol

It's also making the square short unwrapped Terry Ludwigs a lot more tempting! hehehe

04-03-2009, 07:53 AM
Doug, great goals, very concrete. You know well that just having set goals and working towards them will let you accomplish *way* more than without goals, even if life interferes. You too, Rob.

I'm getting into my health-trouble time of the year. Allergic to pollen, and the hazels are dumping it like crazy right now, so I stay indoors a lot. What really bugs me is that it affects the brain, the awakeness and awarity level, as well as processing levels. OK, it will pass in a couple of weeks, but then it is time for birches... but I react less to them.

Lynne, great goals, especially no 5 and 10! Exhaling is a relaxation and a micro rest, and smiling not only make you happier, but it also brightens the day for people you meet. I'd need to borrow some of your goals, especially the curfew one....


04-03-2009, 11:58 AM
Lynne- Wecome to the "Goal Post." Very good goals. It sounds like art helps you relax and that is great. Good luck and keep smiling.:)

I spent an hour last evening attending an Art Fair at our high school. Both of our daughters had a number of drawings, photos and stained glass pieces on display. It was great to see all the work done by all of the students. This is an annual event and I look forward to it every year.

We are lucky to have a great art teacher in our little town. He encourages and challenges them at the same time. It seems to work. Our son is now a graphic designer, our oldest daughter starts her BFA program in September and our yougest daughter wants to start her BFA in Graphic Design next September. It must be in the blood.:D

Good luck everybody.


04-03-2009, 01:33 PM
How nice, Doug! Yes, talent is hereditary, it is passed on to children -- so now you've got nothing left. ;-D


04-05-2009, 05:24 PM
April goals:

1. Join pastel forum and become familiar with set-up..

2. Participate in Pastel Strokes and Weekly Pastel Sketch Threads

3. Paint and/or sketch no less than 3 mornings per week

4. Experiment with paint surfaces, e.g. acrylic pastel ground on paper.

04-06-2009, 05:35 AM
Hi Nahant, nice to meet you. I saw your painting and liked it in Pastel Strokes. Very cool. Great goals you posted.

As for me, I did something stupid a couple of days ago and nearly missed my Daily Art goal. No progress yet on any of the others. I overexerted doing a large load of laundry on a day that I was already having a bad day. The result -- wham, all the problems of having overdone it. I've lived with this for over fifty years and should know better than to bend over when my back hurts.

So yesterday was bad and I did something simple and today was worse (the 5th, I haven't been to bed yet) and all I did was an underpainting. It counts though. As long as I get some kind of image onto a surface, even if it were a doodle, it counts. Maybe today will be better after I sleep and I'll be able to finish one of these things I started.

Or get completely distracted and do something cool from Pastel Strokes because tomorrow it's also likely my new PanPastels will arrive. They are so irresistible. I'm reading the long Having a Ball With Pan Pastels thread again from the beginning and getting all warmed up.

Maybe I'll just shove a heating pad behind my back tomorrow and tackle something with Pans...

Oh right! I did do something toward Spring Cleaning/Reorganizing. I migrated all my Sofft tools over to one of the drawers in my new table and found my erasing shield that I thought was packed away somewhere inaccessible. It wasn't. It was with the Pans tools. Now I can't find the chamois though.

04-06-2009, 04:05 PM
*creeps in and waves 'hi'*

Hi guys! I kinda dropped off the face of the earth... what actually happened is in January, as money was getting close to the point of desperate, my little art business (a whole 2-3 months old) was struggling to get going, and my website was stuck in production - lo, I was offered a consulting job. So of course I took it, and started the first of February.... but my art essentially shut down. First with job training, then getting the ropes, being on a work computer all day and more recently some internet troubles - I am embarrassed to say that I haven't picked up a pastel in over two months. :(

But I have designated April as my 'get my life back in order' month... I'm so worried that I'll fall into the same pattern I did before, doing what I'm trained to do because it pays and letting the right side of my brain slip away - I'm already suffering a hesitancy to do art again because my confidence is eroded *sigh*.

So aside from keeping up (until recently) with posting the Dog Breed thread in A&W I've really not even been on WC :crying:. So I'm going to start here - since you guys are my WC-family. I'm going to start really slow this month, the last thing I need at this time is overwhelming deadlines!

1. Organize my studio to accommodate the new office setup and make it easier for me to pick up and work on art in small spurts when I have time.

2. Start my weekly studio hours starting 2 hours prior to my work shift (which is somewhat variable and I'll just have to get used to that)

3. Start exercising my art brain again by participtating in the dog breed project that I've been running and haven't actually posted in!

4. Reply to my web designer's last email :rolleyes:.

5. Resurrect my poor blog - even if I start with only one post per month.

6. Work on (hopefully finish) the Newsletter I'm doing for my husband's clinic (the clinic owner has been ill and not gotten stuff to me, but there's more I can do on my own and I *have* been dragging my feet on this project).

And I'll stop there... I'm always tempted to put more and more on my list, but I know I'll fall short and I can't risk that this month! So I'll produce whatever I can, whatever I feel like in my studio time... pastel, scratchart, graphite.. anything...

Okay.. I'm feeling a bit inspired already!!
Thanks for being here guys!

~~ Pam ~~

04-06-2009, 04:36 PM
Hi Pam, lovely to see you again!

Regularity is a good thing when you have a busy schedule. If the Queen of Denmark can devote half a day per week (Wednesdays, I think, and only national crises are cause for disturbing her then) for painting, surely a vet can! Working and painting in the same room seems smart!

And, a measly two month absence from painting wont have made you rusty, so gear up that confidence and get to it! You're good, girl!


04-06-2009, 08:11 PM
Pam, your painting is so skilled I don't see that you could have lost any of it. You might have a few moments of insecurity and really feel bad on hitting the Ugly Stage on something, but plow through it. You know like I do that the Ugly Stage, whatever it is, always snaps into something way cooler than it seemed and way cooler than it would've been without doing the ugly preliminary thing, whatever it is.

You've got great skills and I'm glad to hear from you again and know what you were doing.

Today was better, I'm getting over the exertion so even with the weather going bonkers I was able to finish the OP that I started yesterday. Did it. Six days solid, regardless of what health was doing. That's a major triumph, since I don't think I'll get any sick days worse than the past two this month. They were bad, a lot worse than usual even for spring.

04-07-2009, 11:55 AM
:wave: Hi, All!
Welcome, Nahant!

Hmmm...April is well started, better get to posting my goals!
Due to a family health need, my art time will be more irregular this month.
But, with progress there, I'm getting back to painting time etc.

I have to start with just doing some art everyday!
I keep my sketch book and pencils handy, so that I can at least get graphite to paper once a day.

The balancing act between watercolor and pastel painting is challenging!
Last month, watercolor get more time.
So this month I'll try to keep pastel painting as well as the watercolor painting going.

OOOOOOO! The postman brought my fresh-off-the press, Albert Handell DVD yesterday! I did mangage to view about 15 min. of it yesterday! It is such an experience just to watch that man work! His running comments, little tips and explanations of what he is doing and why are so great! I learned SO MUCH in that 15 min.! I can't wait to view the whole thing and then repeat it over and over! The beauty of DVD's is that you can go back over and over and see at a new level each time. Real live workshops and classes are much better, but just to be able to watch great teachers work is wonderful!
So, next goal, study the Albert Handall DVD.
Related: get back to Artistnetwork.tv and study the recent offerings.

I'm WAY behind on reading and learning on the PanPastel thread.
Next, goal: spend some "quality time" there!

My hubby loves photography. So we have planned some photo/painting ventures outside this spring. We are still looking into a new camera for me, so I'm hoping to have that to use, soon, too.

Well, lets see what I have so far:
1. Do some art everyday.
2. Keep pastel painting as well as watercolor going.
3. Continue pigment experiments in watercolor from Jan Hart's book.
4. a. View/study Albert Handell DVD.
b. Catch up on new offerings at Artistnetwork.tv.
5. Do some outdoor painting and photography.
6. Catch up on the PanPastel thread!

Oil pastels: Oh, Charlie, have fun! :cat: They are nice in that you have more choices of supports, not just toothie surfaces. Also, I love the creamy texture and how you can blend the colors on the paper. :heart:
Here is an "en plein air" tip I learned for oil pastels: On very hot days, oil pastels tend to get melty: Get some of those bags you put in the freezer and then into a cooler. Carry your oil pastels to the site in a cooler with the bags. Then put the bags under your pastel boxes when you are painting outside. :wink2:

May April Showers not rain on your pastels!:lol:

04-07-2009, 12:36 PM
Elsie, thanks for the tip! Your goals look great. Daily art has been doing a lot for me, especially for my ability to sketch quickly and do gestures.

That Albert Handell DVD sounds so great. I watched the preview for one of his at YouTube and can see it would be fantastic, just haven't gotten around to buying one. I'm still enjoying Deborah Secor's and planning to get her next one sometime. I should probably just subscribe to ArtistNetworkTV, there are some others I'd love to see.

Yay for PanPastels thread. I'm still waiting for mine, maybe this afternoon I'll finally get the box.

04-07-2009, 12:41 PM
Hi Elsie, may the family health issue be healed.

Great goals, Elsie, and thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to freeze the OPs, smart!

Doug, sorry for the bad joke. :o

I'm working to realize the Pastel Guild of Europe, step by step we're getting there.

I've not painted anything for 3 weeks or so... getting withdrawal... Hope to squeeze in at least some sketches in the next few days. And I'll remember to apply for 4 extra hours added to each day... :-D

I've not even had time to order goodies from art supply stores!

Looking forward to ending the extended show on the 13th! I'm happy to have the stuff hanging there, but not happy to be there when there is activity in the venue, as ppl do not come for the show, but for their own activities, so it is basically a very low level marketing opportunity. But, one never knows. I have offered my contacts a last showing on the 13th, for those who couldn't make it on the opening weekend.

Happy painting, guys,

04-08-2009, 02:19 PM
Wow, Charlie, it must be maddening to go three weeks without painting. I've been keeping up daily art so far for five weeks so that's kind of the reverse, at least I'm always saying hello to my sketchbook. You deserve to settle down, order something special and then plunge into a new wonderful painting. Go you!

Wish I could be there and visit the show before it closes, but it'll be neat when you get the paintings back. You might get one or two last sales too, good luck with that!

Congrats on the Pastel Guild of Europe.

No progress on my other four goals, but I kept up daily art through the 7th and surely will draw or paint today. Hanging onto that one! I also got up early enough that I might actually write today.

04-09-2009, 01:47 PM
:wave: Hi, All!

The Albert Handell DVD: I have watched it through two times now!
There are not words to explain what that man is able to to!
He has made me so aware that you just not start in with the "main layer" that you are trying to present, but are building up a background, developing the space and light in which you are putting your main vision.
The way he talks in such a soft way and works at a lovely cross between the plan and the intuition is so inspiring! The background music is absolutely perfect! Last evening when I got to the end of the DVD, I was just speechless. It was like I had been transported "somewhere else" and watch a master work!
Thanks for the good wishes for my daughter's road back to health!:heart:
As she is now able to do more things, she has returned to art! She has been working in colored pencil and finds it a good media to work in when she can't be up doing so many "messy" types of art. When she was younger, she did a lot of pottery and some abstract painting. Art the great healer! Art the vehicle for the Great Creator to heal! Blessings!:heart:

Today will be a practical day....a little spring cleaning/organizing of my study! Among all the shelves, file cabinet, binders of genealogy and ancestors are three art books that I want to find! Those old ancestors just take over if you don't keep them in order!:wink2: Also, finding the books is a good motivation for doing the task I have been putting off! :lol:
But, this afternoon....I paint!:clap:

Daily getting SOME art done is going well. Painting some, drawing some etc.
Thanks Robert for the encouragement!

Charlie: Paint soon! :heart: Oh, I wish I could get there to see your show!
The work on Pastel Guild of Europe is so important! So many will be supported and inspired by the what you are helping to do.:thumbsup:

04-09-2009, 03:10 PM
Elsie, you're tempting me to get that Albert Handell DVD sometime. It sounds great.

So glad to hear about your daughter starting to get better. Colored pencils rock for being able to work in a small space with no energy spent on cleanup. Glad you're back to painting too, and good luck with your cleanup!

Today I'm going to try to get an article written for EmptyEasel and then maybe if I'm on a roll, something for my oil pastels site. It's the 9th and I still haven't done anything on it this month -- price of doing laundry, yeesh. But I have lots of clean clothes so that's good.

04-09-2009, 04:51 PM
Elsie, glad your daughter is feeling better. I honestly think painting is healing. When one loses oneself to the flow, things start to happen.

The Handell DVD sounds wonderful!

Rob, I'm gnawing my knuckles in order to not scream from the "cold turkey" withdrawal from painting. ;-D I have several planned, and by gawd, I'm gonna paint tomorrow!


04-09-2009, 07:39 PM
Go you, Charlie! It had to have been a nightmare going cold turkey on painting. Tomorrow probably can't come soon enough!

I finally got my Pans coming in on the 8th and today I managed to organize them.

That counts as part of Cleaning and Organizing, doesn't it? All of them sorted out and each masstone matched with its tint and shade in neat little six-color stacks with a storage jar separating the hues?

Also I got somewhere yesterday on reading Carlson's Landscape Guide. I finished a chapter, go me! I should read another chapter today if I'm hesitating on the Pans painting in progress.

I'm thinking of doing Rainbow Bottles in Pans, or at least partly in pans. Since they are now so handy and they're a little easier when my back goes wonky. Even when it starts to get better that's when I need to take it easy to make sure it does get better instead of going off again.

I did write my EmptyEasel article though, one more step toward working on my site.

04-09-2009, 11:10 PM

Charlie: Paint, paint, paint! :thumbsup:

Robert: Isn't Carlson wonderful! In the Handell DVD, he is commenting along and Handell says, "These will be upright planes...." And I'm saying, "Yes, Carlson!"

Yipeeee for me: It does pay to clean up and organize: I found the missing books! Plus, I found a whole pile of other books that I thought were packed away somewhere! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Tomorrow, I do not have ANYTHING on my schedule except violin practice:
Tomorrow morning, I paint!:heart:

April is moving right along and I am getting in more painting time than I had thought I might! Yea!

04-10-2009, 04:33 AM
Yay for finding your lost books. That is always such a joy, especially if you didn't think you still had them. I've had that experience occasionally living here and it's great. Glad you're getting more painting time than you thought you would too.

I wanted to learn to play violin or country fiddle at various times in my life, but never bought one and tried. I think I need to master the pennywhistle first and actually work my way through the tinwhistle book and learn to read music before I try anything more complicated. The practice might scare my cat as a beginner.

Carlson is wonderful. I'm falling into a habit of reading a bit and then trying it, reading a bit and then trying it, not just plowing through reading all at once the way I usually do with books. It's so rich with information and the anecdotes are so much fun. He's a great writer. It's just that like reading Tolkein, he's the sort of great writer that takes slowing down and reading thoroughly instead of gulping.

Actually that might be what my Pans imaginary landscape is about -- playing with the Carlson concepts independent of a reference or need to stick to anything specific. I didn't like how the land was going but I might just grab my kneaded eraser tomorrow and rip out chunks of it, then replace it with other forms and see how that works.

Thanks for reminding me about upright forms. I have some of them light -- based on local color of sandy banks that I remember, but that's not true to the light. They'd be shadowed dark and maybe blued with that. I may have a lot of fun sculpting them tomorrow.

04-10-2009, 01:07 PM

Oh, yes, reading Carlson is reading great literature and getting art learning at the same time! That is the best way to read Carlson: it is so rich you can't take too big a bite at a time, then to put it to immediate use! :thumbsup:

I'm planning on using my pans to try to transfer what I'm learning about color from Jan Hart's watercolor book to pastel. They make color mixing easy with pastels. I still want to get back to the PP thread and catch up on recent postings....that is truly a "Golden Thread!" I just have to order those greens! Yummy!:heart:

This morning, I did some sketching of evergreen branches on a tree in our back garden. The light falling on the needles and patches of shaded areas and the graceful spreading out of the branches. I want to start using the material from Handell's DVD, but I'm not ready for a full painting yet. Got the idea to cut up a piece of Wallis and do some trunks and branches studies.:rolleyes:

April is moving along and I find I'm getting progress on my goals!:)

04-10-2009, 03:50 PM
Hmmm. I could have sworn that I posted some comments a couple of days ago. Sorry about that.:o You are all keeping it going without me, which I knew you would.

Nahant- Welcome to the "Goal Post." Your goals look great. The Pastel Sketch thread and Pastel Strokes are helpful and challenging. Have fun.

Pam- Welcome back!! I thought we lost you. I hope everything works out for you and you can find a happy balance. I am so glad you are back with us.

Elsie- Great goals as usual. It is great experimenting, isn't it? You can learn so much using different mediums. (Or is that larges?:lol: :lol: :lol: ) Sorry. But with my sense of humor, that was the first thing that popped into my mind. Now you can see what my poor wife has had to put up with for the past 28 years.:evil: Have fun reading your "new" books. I hope your daughter is on a fast road to recovery.

Robert- I am glad you have your Pans. I have used my Pans while sitting in my recliner using a box lid on my lap to catch what little dust there is. I hope you recover to what is normal for you. I had a good chuckle when you said you have "lots of clean clothes." Keep at it and keep that sense of humor.

Charlie- I didn't take offence to your joke. I am sorry that my lack of posting made you think that. If anyone here has a warped sense of humor here, it is me. (see comments above:D ) I hope you are selling everything at the show and just think how good it is going to feel when you get to paint again. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Hang in there.


04-10-2009, 04:13 PM
Doug, I'm glad you're OK with the joke. Sometimes what can be said with a teasing voice and a wink doesn't come through well in writing.

I'm Painting! One of the landscape challenge photos! Aaaaaahhhhh! Such a releif! A good dose of feeding my pastel habit! But, I'm not addicted, no-no, I can quit anytime I want to... I just don't want to right now. ;-)


Lynne Vokatis
04-11-2009, 12:00 AM
hi. wow .everyone is so busy writing!do you sleep lol??this has been the weirdest week. i tripped over the cats and sprained my ankle(talk about dumb things).so there goes my goal to go walking.i went to the grocery store with my mom(on crutches). i swear...the people in motorized carts had it in for me! and these four ladies were having this in depth conversation in fron t of the asparagus...i finnaly said "eh hem" (with a smile lol)i need to get to the asparagus...pleeese.when they saw my crutches they scattered lol,maybe i wasnt smiling lol.i think we got everything for easter now,but still have to color eggs yet:o . i managed a sketch/picture window plein air in an hour. i will master that birch tree!! i will i will i will. breathe breathe breathe.. lol did you know that theres like 4 songs on my blog page that are about breathing???!!!i must sound like the most stressed out person on the planet...which might quite possibly be true. lol but working on it...getting better.i put some color in my lighthouse ppicture"back to basics"i was thinking of charlie lol...i cant do a painting without color:eek: . actually charlie,if you pop in on that thread,ide love to know what you think. i know you love color so i was curiuous what you thought of a b&w .ill post the picture with the color in a few days,i dont really like what i did.ill prob work on it sunday before family stuff.i have work tomorrow....shudder....saturday,holiday,kids noise itll be hideous. im an optician/manager for a bj's wholesale club wharehouse optical.(for those of you who have seen "employee of the month" i do not look like that optician!!!!). the most incredibly horrible sound in the world is when they bring in the carts,the jewelry alarm, camera alarm goes off,someone turns on the interactive bose speakers,deaf people turn up the tvs at max volume ,someones child starts to cry and it all happens at the same time. and of course i have someone looking at glasses:cool: . most of the time i like it but its challenging.i got three art books from the library. wolff khan pastels,painting the landscape in pastels and childe hassam an island garden revisted.ive already gotten into the wolf book.hes very cool.i like his ideas. maybe ill give my backyard pine trees a wolf over. lol. wow . i really didnt mean to ramble so. ive really got to re read all your posts. charlie, i think that is marvelous about the pastel guild,and i cant wait to see new work from you.i tnik maybe i thought i was on the scumble here lol. im sure ill be back on, but everyone have a happy easter!!!!!:heart: lynne

04-11-2009, 12:02 AM
Let me help enable you, Charlie! Don't quit! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the landscape challenge. Yay for the end of your forced cold turkey!

This weekend's WDE saved my Daily Art resolution this month. I got up real late today but checked and found a cat I wanted to paint -- so did get in a daily painting quite a bit better than just a gesture sketch of a feline. It's up on my WDE thread, my blog and down in the Ball with Pan Pastels thread if anyone's interested. I almost ran over my two hours with it but managed to do it without undersketching or detailing with pastel pencils.

Might try for some writing later tonight if I don't just curl up and read. Been reading Carlson on Linear Perspective and love the way he goes into some things that make it connect with reality. The usual linear perspective explanations fall short of making those rising and falling country roads make sense, or clumps of trees receding.

04-13-2009, 12:04 AM
:wave: Hi, All!

Lynn: Oh, do be careful of those cats! All round the ankles and down you go! OW! :eek: Hope you heal fast and can get off the crutches! Take care!:heart: :cat:

Oh, Doug: You would fit in well in our household! Puns and plays on words all the time. Someone asked me how I managed to survive 46 years of my hubby's puns. My answer is that I learned to fight back...pun for pun...a way of punishing him!:lol:
With all the sticks and pans of pastel and all my growning collection of watercolor paint tubes...especially additcted to Daniel Smith's paints...they are "larges", not "mediums" in my studio!
Studio? I have to chuckle...I had no space I could use to make an art studio, so I took up residence in my music studio....on an old desk, the walkway and the surface of a futon.....those sticks, tubes and pans are everywhere!:lol: :p

Charlie: Oh, good...I could just see you climbing the walls, or passed out cold on the floor from pastel withdrawal! Welcome back to Pastel Land! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!:clap: :heart:

We had a delightful Easter here: Our daughter is recovering and the Easter Bunny brought her a new set of "upscale" colored pencils in her basket! She is using drawing as a way to keep herself occupied! We had to try them out right away! :clap: We are counting our blessings. MS is not a fun thing to deal with when it just attacks when you think you are making progress! But, since her version in not the regressive one, we just help with the healing and know things will recover!
And, I am getting painting time this month that I feared I would not have!

I spent some time this morning, very early, with my new Pentax camera out shooting pix of morning shadows on the various tree turnks in our garden!
I'm doing some study paintings of trees and those lovely shadows are fleeting! I was so early that only the Easter Bunny was out at that time, Just the newly risen sun and the trees and me!:heart: I recall going to "sun-rise" church services in Zanesville, Ohio, as a child with my family! I had my own little service!:heart:

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

04-13-2009, 04:39 PM
Happy everything, Elsie! So glad to hear your daughter is doing better. And you got enjoyment time outdoors! Pun-ishment, I get it. You're either the world's funniest couple, or... :-D (Hubby and I compete about who makes the *worst* jokes.... the most contrived puns.)

I have closed my exhibition! We were expecting at least 20 people who'd *said* they'd come, so I thought about 20% would actually show up. What's that, about 4 ppl? (Maths is not my strongest talent...) (Visitors to shows follow the rule of 20%, if you want 50 visitors, you need to invite 250 ppl. Er... I hope... Of those 50, 20% will buy, that is... er... 10 ppl? Of those ten, 2 (20%) will spend 80% of the money you earn from all those 10.) So, I had 3 visitors (who came for my paintings, we were 2 artists), and one of them bought 2 paintings. Clear as mud?

In all, with a lot more work, this show sold as well as my previous ones. Not bad at all, with the global economy we have now!

Now I can start to think about other goals. What were they? For some reason, I only remember two: relax/play/have fun, and buy art supplies!

Have a good evening,

04-13-2009, 04:50 PM

Charlie: Glad the show went well! Nice to have sales!
I'll not do the maths....I'm married to a math prof., have one daughter who is a math prof. and I taught math....been there done that!:wink2: :lol:

Get in some good painting time during the rest of April!:clap: :thumbsup:

04-17-2009, 01:23 AM
April progress so far... this week the weather/health issues lightened up a bit and I've been getting more done during the day -- then falling into a stupor at night. Though at least last night I really slept!

I've added six pages to my site -- major progress on the site. One a day for three days and then today I did three of them, two reviews and a demonstration for those who are getting tired of book reviews.

Spring Cleaning is still on hiatus because my back is still giving me trouble from that laundry day and the weather shifting toward arthritis time. I'll get there eventually. Small things are migrating toward the new work area though and it's getting gradually more comfortable.

Daily art, I've kept up on it and that seems like a miracle given some of those days.

Carlson's Landscape Guide, I have not only kept up on that but read several more chapters and got ahead of myself. I'm now on chapter 9, "Trees" and really enjoying it.

Catching up on late things... er, what I'm catching up with is canceling them one by one to get back on some kind of balance, where I can. I still might get to the last two Colourful Still Life projects but unless the weather lifts I may not be up to that for a while. I canceled the lightfastness tests on oil pastels till next year because we may be moving to Arkansas and the moving date is wide open, don't know when that'll be -- and I don't want to set up for a lightfastness test and then change its conditions immediately. I think I'd do better starting it in the new place once we get the move done.

Besides, that'll give me time to work toward having full range in some of the artist brands at least.

04-21-2009, 12:03 PM

As April moves on, I'm discovering that balance it what will make this month work. With a family genealogy book to get finihsed, family health problems, my own left hand and arm deciding to kick up with muscle problems related to Post Polio Syndrome, and wanting/needing to paint and practice my violin, I just need to take deep, slow breaths, let up a little and be selective with what I do and when. Today, I'll practice violin, paint some, and hope to get about an hour of writing. This evening is orchestra rehearsal.
Focus on what I am doing NOW, DO fewer things, but DO some!
By May, I should have the book off my plate, my May 4th concert over, warmer weather, and more painting time!

Happy Spring....of Happy Fall if you are "down under!":lol:

04-21-2009, 01:34 PM
Elsie, and Rob, do take good care of yourselves!

I'm finding myself setting goals that make life 'hysterical'. We're about to found the Pastel Guild of Europe, and I had no idea so many small things to take care of could take over one's life completely... But it is great fun, too, and developing of all sorts of unknown skills.

Have not even managed to buy supplies..., but am ogling really expensive stuff. :-)


04-21-2009, 05:27 PM
Rob. Elsie, and Charlie....you all have had so much to deal with...I applaud you all for what you all have accomplished even with adversity.
I havent done too well with the art goals....kept up for a couple of weeks, but my 'real' life has taken over for a while, so I've accomplished, but in different areas.
Weather is warming up a bit, so I may get to do some plein aire before the month is over. Hope to get back with the Scavenger Hunt this week, and the Weekly Pastel Thread. I do want to finish out the month on the plus. side... well, still have a week or so to go...

04-22-2009, 05:43 PM
Elsie, way to go! That's how I get the most done -- set my sights low and treat everything I get done as a challenge and an achievement. Going for "some" not "all" is a lot more emotionally satisfying and it gets more done than trying to do everything. You are doing so great despite the post polio syndrome -- that sounds so rough, especially for the music unless you're a left handed painter. Go you!

Charlie, thanks! You have a lot on your plate too, what you're doing is so great. You deserve to reward yourself with some expensive supplies.

JB, it makes sense that other things in life are eating time. Good luck on getting back with the Weekly Pastel Thread and Scavenger Hunt, it does sound great. It also sounds like you're finishing out the month on the plus side anyway, you have done a lot. Count up the things you've done that aren't art too along with art goals, doing even a little when challenged by other things going on is a major accomplishment.

Today is the 22nd. I have managed to keep up with Daily Art so far through all of March and 22 days of April, maybe I can keep on Daily Art continually as it's been long enough to become a habit. I'm really enjoying it. I switch mediums sometimes, have been saying hello to my watercolor journal, some pen and ink with watercolor ala Claudia Nice and all, but I'm still at it with daily art and you can see it on my blog. I think blog-posting it daily is doing a lot to help me hang onto doing it.

Today I also did some work on Reorganizing Studio! I even have pictures.


My table reorganized with the wooden box that has my pigments, sumi-e stuff, dip pens and other small things like spare pencil sharpeners and tortillons finally over here and almost easy to get into. Stacked on it very easy to get into are some ACEO blanks in boxes, salt shaker for watercoloring (and lunch), Colourfix primer in black, white and clear 250ml jars, in front of it are all my Pan pastels stacks and some pencil cups made out of old pill bottles and my pencil sharpener.

Pencil sharpener is not obstructed now so if I need to sharpen pencils or sharpen Sascha's pencils there's no rearranging needed. Male manikin wound up on my external CD/DVD-RW which is off to the right of the laptop. Everything has been dusted and put away properly in various places.

The white butcher tray palette that used to sit where the wood box is now has been emptied completely, its contents put in drawers. It is now usable as a palette again! I dusted it and washed it, you can see a corner of the palette over on top of the printer. It'll be a lot easier to take off the printer for scanning now that it's actually empty.


Behind the laptop is the stack of artist grade oil pastels sets, with the paper towels roll for doing Pan Pastels on top of it and next to it a plastic small box full of small still life objects. I might empty that out into the drawer of small still life objects but there are a couple of fragile things in it that might be safer in the present arrangement.

Again, everything pretty much in reach. If I lower the lid of the laptop I can get at that stack easily, or if I stand up to reach down to the stack. I might migrate one of those sets at a time to the top of a different stack over on the rolling cart:


The Rolling Cart reorganized. Since it no longer is my laptop desk too, it became a nice shelf for all my sets of soft pastels (right side) with a couple of colored pencils sets and stack of watercolor palettes on top (Inktense and Pastel Pencils), to the left on top is the extra (broken) drawer unit from my table which is still usable if not perfect, with loose stuff in it. Under the boxes of pastels is the three-drawer pastels box now easy to get at again with all the open stock sticks of oilies in the top drawer, softies in the middle drawer, assorted drafting aids and things in the bottom drawer.

I should retrieve my compass from across the room and get it into that drawer to complete this, since it's still back on that small table by the old armchair. That table now has some spare things stacked on it like the big can of clear Colourfix primer for refilling the litlte jar of clear and so on. It's more storage now and these areas are the stuff in immediate use.

It may look cluttered but the net result is that everything I use all the time is in reach and all my pastels and oil pastels are very easy to get at. The taboret drawers have all my assorted pads of paper except the Wallis pad which is out in front of the rolling cart easy to get at.

So that's a big step on Cleaning and Reorganizing!

Progress on my website -- six more articles on it last week, should start doing more this week too. Got caught up on quite a few book reviews and even did one more demonstration.

Carlson's Landscape Guide, I finished Trees and am now starting the Clouds chapter. I love that book. Thanks to everyone who recommended it, this is making my imaginary landscapes look a ton more plausible now.

The only goal I don't see my way to completing this month is working on past due art, but I might give that a go sometime in the next week and see if I can put in at least a little work on a past due project now that I've got the supplies handy for it again. That's been really messing me up lately. I could put Cat/Wombat onto the drawing board to make it a little easier to grab and work on it again... that would help.

One more trip across the room for the Compass and Cat/Wombat...

All right! Everything off the easel is now on the drawing board, which means the easel's open for Lisa to use when she comes over (or when I want to bring stuff over there and use it, it's still good as an easel for use from that old chair).

I even found a small box of Conte crayons -- the old style white box with the styrene slots inside rather than the flatter one for 12 sticks -- that has some hand me down bits of black, white and sanguine, put that into the side tray of the table in a compartment that fits it perfectly. Compass is over here by me now to go into the bottom drawer of the pastels box with Drafting Tools.

It fits just fine in that drawer next to the Rolling Ruler, as long as it's not on top of a rubber band or kneaded eraser. I even found a couple of unused still wrapped kneaded erasers, yay, thought I'd opened the last of those the other night.

So I now have success on four out of five goals. This is going good. But I don't think "move an old past due project over near me" counts as progress on it in itself. I'll have to actually pick that up and work on it during this week to score all five goals this month.

04-22-2009, 05:55 PM

Charlie: Oh, it is so wonderful what you are doing with Pastel Soc. founding!
So many artists will benefit from it and great things will happen. Hey, Learning new skills...always in favor of new learning!:thumbsup: :wink2:
OOOOOH....new art stuff....$$$$ Fun, fun, fun!:clap: Order and enjoy!

Robert: Do take care! Little by little! :)

Thanks for the good thoughts, Judibelle!:heart:

My Mother's Day present arrived early! The post delivered it from Dakota Pastels yesterday. And of course I had to try it out! :wink2: A set of 60 Carbottelo pastel pencils. They really are so great! The pastel is a good consistancy and they are supposed to sharpen well. I've been using some cheaper ones and really avoiding using them at all as they broke so easily and would break more just sharpening. But, I think these will be more useful, espeically for getting details etc. Love them!:clap:

I got through orchestra rehearsal quite well with my hand and arm. I had put it in ice for a couple hours off and on in the afternoon and was careful to do my computer typing, on the book I'm writing, in the morning so I could have some rest time. By the time I got home it was cramping a bit, but not while I played! Yippee! I am right handed and use the right hand for painting, so no problem there!

04-22-2009, 05:59 PM

OOOOOO! Robert:
As I was typing my posting you were posting your great photos and organization! Wow! Come to my house now....:lol:
You are truly amazing! Bedroom, studio, study, computer office...you've cleverly got it all in one place! Well done!:clap: :clap: :clap:

But, take care of that back!:cat:

04-22-2009, 06:04 PM
JB, great you're getting more painting time!

Rob, that's a neat and tidy "creative chaos" you've organized! May many beautiful paintings be borne from this effort!

Elsie, glad you could handle all you had to do. Packing in ice? Didn't you overdo it if you had to do that?

It is soo exciting to found a society! And scary, too, as we have to have both fun stuff and some high standards! Learning it all from scratch, so I'm glad I've chaired a few societies before, but I've never actually *started* one.


04-23-2009, 01:09 AM
Elsie- I hope you can find a happy balance. Make sure you look after yourself, and enjoy your new pastel pencils.

JB- I hate it when real life gets in the way of our fun. I hope you find time to do some painting. One day at a time.

Charlie- That is great news about the Pastel Society. Exciting times. It takes people like you to get things going. Good luck.

Robert- That's quite the setup you have there. It is nice knowing where everything is. It sounds like you are doing a good job on your goals. Keep at it.

I have been busy on my course and haven't had time to do much else. I am doing some work with my coloured pencils. We have a sketch book with the course, so I have been doing the exercised with the cp's as well as the oil paints. I broke my painting knife today. It must be my light touch.:lol: I did too much today, so I am hoping I will be able to do more tomorrow. One more thing to complete and this unit will be done.:D

Good luck everyone. Happy painting.


04-23-2009, 01:13 PM
Hi Doug...hope you can start painting for fun again soon....
Rob...love the pictures. Wow you do pack a lot into a relatively small space! Good that you have things where you can find them now!
Elsie...glad you're enjoying your new pastel pencils! Sending healing thoughts for your arm and hand.
Charlie...Kudos for the success in starting the Guild. I consider myself a 'follower' not a 'leader', but I started a members social meeting with a program, in the Art League I belong to. Was a challenge, but so far so good. One more meeting May 12, then I,m done til after the summer.

Still havent gotten to do any painting...too many appts. and interruptions.
but hopefully SOON!

04-23-2009, 06:30 PM
JB, good luck on finding time for painting. I feel for you with all the interruptions and appointments.

Doug, congratulations on getting ahead in the course, it's great that you're getting so far with it. Hope you can make some time for painting outside of class too sometime soon.

Charlie, it's awesome what you're doing and you're one of the people who makes a big difference in the world. Thank you.

Elsie, congrats on your pastel pencils, luck on all symptoms and limitations, and hope you get to paint something new and good!

I had a setback yesterday when one of our two big dogs got out of the yard and I had to chase her down and wrestle her into the house. This was serious overexertion, nature did not evolve me to care for very large canines or take them walkies when they're one year old sixty pound strong, fast, frisky young dogs with the attitude of a brainless puppy. But I won, the dog is safely back home and this afternoon she's tied in the yard on a long chain looped to a tree.

I still managed Daily Art today though and even a page on my oil pastels site, so I have made huge progress -- especially for a bad day resting up from emergency action.

04-23-2009, 11:56 PM

Good for your, Robert! Sorry for the overexertion and problems! But, I love your determined attitude! Big doggies are a challenge! Great about the daily art!:clap:

I'm doing well on getting some art done each day. Most of my blocks of time have to be writing on the genealogy book and practicing violin. But, just getting some art makes all else possible.

Have a very painty weekend, all!:heart:

04-28-2009, 08:51 PM
Hi Gang! :wave:

I hope everybody is doing well with their goals and with life in general. It has been a little quiet here. I guess some people are busy with yard work. We can't plant anything here until the end of May. We can still get a heavy frost.

I have been busy painting for my course. It is a great learning experience and I thought I would share some photos.

On the left side of this first photo, we had to make different chromatic blacks. Believe me, there are yellow, green, blue, violet, red and orange blacks. The right side shows a grey scale. I made a black using mostly red, blue and yellow and added small amounts of white for the greys. No black paint was used for any of these.


In this second photo, the left piece of paper shows chromatic greys. It was fun making these. On the right we had to "break" colours to their complementary colour. For example, you start start with red and then you add a bit of green into the red and put it on the paper. You keep adding green until you arrive at green. What a blast this was!


The third photo shows some more chomatic greys on the left and "whites" and tints on the right.


So that's what I have been up to. It is a little different "making" a colour instead of buying one.:lol:


04-29-2009, 06:15 AM
Doug, as if you needed proof, but this is proof you're a true colorist -- you enjoyed these exercises! It is really very handy to know how to make luminous greys. You get by with a few tubes, or a handful of sticks. No need for 10 000 different pastel sticks. (Unless one is an art-supply junkie... :-D )

Btw, a great way to get beautiful greens in oils is to use a cad orange hue (not the real thing, it is too opaque) and a maganese blue. Very surprising 'grays'.

I'm working my derriere off to get the Pastel Guild launched, but I've found time to paint too! I'm preparing for an online event: Next month, I'll start a 100 paintings in 100 days thing, locally (in Sweden). I need an event to get more known, and I need to paint quickly and small to develop skills and looseness. I'm doing some 2 hour paintings already, as I doubt my health and my schedule will allow me to paint for 100 days in a row, so I need extras to fill in gaps.

I'm intoxicated with Thinking Big! Launching all these projects... (And I'm a wee bit scared too.)


04-29-2009, 06:23 PM
Hi Charlie. I think it is great that you are starting a Pastel Guild. Most people don't realize how much work is involved to do such a thing. This is the start of something that will go on for years and years and it's all because you started it. Good luck. If I lived in Europe, I would join.:D

Wow! On top of all that work, you are painting a hundred paintings in a hundred days!!?? :eek: Good luck. Maybe I should try something like that after my course. Hmmm... I just might join you Charlie.

Right now, I am just taking a break from my first assignment on "Discord Energy." More fun!! So far I have 30 pairs of classical discords. Only another 6 pairs (yellow/green) to go.

BTW Charlie. I don't know if you are a hockey fan or not, but my favorite NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, is doing well in the playoffs. I mention this because they have 5 Swedish players on the team, and I know they have quite a following in Sweden. Anyway, my girls and I are glued to the TV when the games are on and we are very thankful to have your countrymen on OUR team.:D

Well, I think it's time to finish off the assignment. Happy painting.


04-29-2009, 06:48 PM
Doug, hockey? is that sports? When you walk around green fields, toting a bag and hitting round white balls, originated in Scotland? ;-D Sorry, lack the sports gene. But those guys are good! It is every hockey player's dream to get a big fat contract with a Canadian or American team! (And the Canadians play *real* hockey.... schhh don't tell the Americans I said that.)

100 in 100, I will do it, when I've got a stack of them... LOL! Or 90 in 90? 60 in 60.... I see an inflation going on. :-D

I've totally lost track of this month's goals... Still not bought hysterically expensive art supplies either. I drool over online stores sites now and then, though, and try to talk myself into a very expensive thing.

Have fun,

04-29-2009, 07:13 PM
Doug...your color photos are most illuminating and helpful. What a lot of work involved! Glad the course was rewarding for you.

Charlie...the Guild will live long, and have you to thank for it! Kudos!
Cheering you on as you do the 100 in100 paintings! talk about pressure...I'm doin' good if I do one a week!

I kind of fell back at the end of the month...did a lot of thinking, though, and sorting, etc. One plein air...and hoping for more next month...
so all was not lost...but goals not really completed, either....
oh well...another month coming up!

see ya next month...

04-29-2009, 09:05 PM
Charlie- I forgot. I should have said ICE hockey. I should know field hockey is big over there. My wife and her sisters played field hockey when they were younger and they toured Europe. My father inlaw is Dutch, so field hockey and soccer (or is that football) were big in the family. He still plays at the age of 75!! Me? I played goalie in Box lacrosse for 17 years. I have always loved sports. Playing or watching.:D

I know what you mean about looking at art goodies at on-line stores. I have to add about 20% to the prices for the difference in the US and Canadian dollars. But, it is still cheaper, and a way better selection than anywhere in Canada. Then the delivery charges are different from place to place. But we NEED art supplies, don't we?

JB- Hi JB. It is lots of work, but it is well worth it. I am learning lots and it is fun.

Don't worry about not making your goals. If you are thinking about art, you are on the right path. One plein air is better than none. Next month is just around the corner so it will be a fresh start. Hang bin there JB. You are doing fine.

Happy painting.


04-30-2009, 07:06 AM
JB, next month is a new month, and you can sharpen up on your goals then. I bet you still got more done than if you had not set goals.

100 in 100: I'm not even starting it until I have about 30 of them made. Small ones, usually sketchy, made in 1 to 3 hours. I may even not start it on the blog until September. Gotta be thoroughly prepared, and cover for those days when I can't paint. My aim is to make this 'scientific experiment' and see if the changes really happen around the 30th and the 75th paintings, as I've seen in other people who've done this. (At least I am not deluded enough to make 365 in 365....)

Doug, ice hockey was that thing that banned us girls from the ice, as our figure skating was never as important as the boy's games... And yes, it is football, as it is played with a round leather thing (a ball is *round*), and you're only allowed to touch it with your *feet*. Grabbing an ovoid in your hands and running into huge brutal guys intent on crushing you... well, that aint neither foot nor ball. ;-D

Art supplies are as necessary and *needed* as air!


04-30-2009, 06:41 PM
:wave: Hi, All!

Well, old April is just about done in and we are about to start on May!
It is a favorite month of mine....I was sure, as a child, it was named for me!
Oh, yes, Old Elsie H. is really Elsie May Hickey Wilson. I was named for my grandmother, Elsie May Abbott! :lol:
Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes to my hand and arm...they are working, along with ice packs and careful use! :heart: Also, I'm back to wearing a little strap on my forearm just below the elbow that eases the strain on the muscles and tendons. Between trying to type for the genealogy book I'm trying to get finished and playing the violin, it is not a happy arm/hand, but if I make it until next Friday, week from tomorrow, I can give the violin a rest for awhile.

May goals wrap-up:
I got more done than I feared I would be able to do! :clap:
While I just completed one full pastel painting, I did a bunch of studies, both in watercolor and in pastel.
In watercolor, I got some color mixing and value study work done...
Hey, Charlie, I guess I'm a "Colorist", too! :wink2:
Our crab apple trees and our apple tree are just starting to pop with leaves and blossoms! Next week I have to get some tree painting done!

Viewing my Albert Handell DVD has started me on going back through his Landscape painting book. That prompted me to look on-line for copies of his earlier books. So I got three! :p The first one is called Pastel Workshop, and was back in the early 1980's! So funny to see pix of the 1970's and 80's! Also, it made me realize the good fortune we have to live in an age of computer images and amazing photographic possibilities for reproduction of paintings! The abiltiy to study artist's paintings from good images is wonderful! But the teaching is just as good! The second one is more modern and is called Intuitive Light and the third is called Intuitive Conposition. If you can possibly find copies of these two, I recommed you do! It explains a lot about this wonderful pastel artist and is a life-changing experience in trusting oneself and using what you learn, in doing paintings. Ok, why don't I just paint instead of reading so much? Besides painting, I have been a lifelong book worm! :eek: Some people smoke, some people drink, some people gamble....I read books and buy art supplies! :p Besides, I can ice my arm and read at the same time!;)

Charlie: Europe is richer for your work! Both in painting and in the work on the Pastel Society! Oooooo! 100 paintings in 100 days! Go Gal! :clap: :thumbsup:

Doug: Thanks so much for sharing the color work! Wonderful!:)
I learn so much from you! I have not been able to join in and do everything, but I have REALLY learned a lot from reading your classes/threads!

Let's pack up old April and spring forth into May! Get dusty!:heart: :music:

04-30-2009, 08:07 PM
Hi Elsie May

I am glad to hear you are not letting your arm hold you back. Do what you can. Those Handell books sound very interesting. If art books and art supplies make you happy, then what the heck. I won't tell anyone.:D (I am making a list for Blick's right now:lol: )

Here's hoping that May will be better than April. (Who's April:lol: :lol: :lol: )


05-01-2009, 03:20 AM
Doug, your color work is great! I've done things like that and it's also led to another variation on art supply addiction -- find new pigments and put them through all that so that I can choose exactly the right ones for the particular painting... hehehe it's not a permanent stopper to the art supply addiction.

JB, you did great anyway even if you hit a slump at the end.

I got four out of five which was excellent considering how rotten a month this was for sick days and interruptions. More pages on my website, got to clouds in Carlson's Landscape Guide, most of all managed to keep up Daily Art for two entire months without one missed day. On the 29th I actually started my sketch at 11:54pm and finished scanning at 11:59 so I was right on the wire -- but I did manage something on the 29th that got its own folder instead of kicking off the folder for the 30th.

I'm also breaking in a new netbook and getting used to it, importing files and adding software and settling into it daily. The old laptop has been semiretired to mostly the one I do scans on, but I'll be setting up the scanner in this one on the 1st after I get up so that I get a clean start on the files.

I should probably put "work on making backups and sorting out computer files" on my May goals along with "pack for the move on June 1st." We're moving to Arkansas that soon, Kitten is starting to get very frustrated at the long separations from her husband, kids, critters and me.

No matter that I didn't get to any catching-up projects, I think I did great in April just for keeping up the daily art let alone the rest of it. I'm going to lighten up a bit on that and allow sick days from here on out, the challenge is done so while I'll still try for daily art I won't go so nuts with it as I did night before last.