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03-24-2009, 08:02 PM
Hi all,

Here is what I do. I always work in public domain material. I think copying the masters work is always a great way to learn.

I gather pictures from sources for personal use only. So, remember that while I share what I do. I do not even try to sell them. I am very aware of copyright laws.

I will take a color picture, grayscale it and print it out. I will also print out the picture in color. These are my references. I will then trace the picture from my printout, or portion of the picture that I want to do. Next, I scan that back into my computer. Now, my tracing is not the best. I can use the "tools" in my paint program to clean it up. Once satisfied, I then print it out on pastel paper. I have my reference picture for color. I have my grayscale for value determination. Then, it is up to me to pick the right color and match it, or create the right color through layering. This has been a great exercise for me to learn more about creating the colors I see. And, it's fun. It tests what you think you see and what is really there!!! I color it to my satisfaction. I call it a "study" as I am learning from it.

Something I would like to do is print the outline of a design on pastel paper and then go over it with clear Art Spectrum Pastel Primer after I get it off the printer. Does anyone know if the Pastel Primer would adhere to a pastel paper that had an outline printed on it? I think that with the clear primer, I would be able to see the design underneath. Anyway, I am not an artist as most of you are, I just do pastels for therapy. It's just awesome. I do pencil exercises, as they sort of zone me out and it does help me with my "coloring"! LOL!

Any input is desired.


03-25-2009, 05:26 AM
Great way of learning, Annette! Colourfix clear primer should stick to a printout, but you would have to either mount the paper on board, or stretch it. Colourfix sticks to glass and metal, and also on top of watercolour.


03-25-2009, 03:20 PM
Hi Colorix!!!

I am actually honored that you commented on my post. I went to your website and was just bowled over with your work and the tutorials that you have there showing how you created them. I adore the doggy pastel!!! So precious and adorable.

Thanks again for your information on the primer!!! I am so excited!!!


03-25-2009, 03:44 PM
If your pastel paper is on the heavy side it should hold the colorfix primer just fine.

You could also mount your pastel paper on foam core or masonite. I do both. I use acrylic medium as the glue, lay the pastel paper on the brushed on medium and use a firm brush to make sure there are no bubbles under the paper.

After all had dried, I would put the clear pastel primer over the image on your pastel paper.

The pastel primer has pumice in it and I have used it on water color paper and on canvas. You don't have to use pastel paper. I have often done a loose under painting in water color before I applied the pastel. I usually do that when painting plein air, because I can get a quick, loose under painting in, and make my mistakes with the water color, make corrections then do my pastel painting.

If you are doing old masters, you can show them and sell them as copies. Their copyrights have run out.

Feel free to show your work here. I would be delighted to see your pastel copies.

03-26-2009, 02:28 PM
HI Hal,

I love your artwork!!! My dad was a pilot and so my brothers seem to have the bug for flying, too! Seeing your artwork is just outstanding. My son's birthday is in May, and I think there are a couple of things that we are picking up from your web site!!! Thank you for pursuing your passion. You art work is to collect!

03-26-2009, 02:53 PM
Thank you PVartist.

Let us see some of your copies of the old masters.