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K Taylor-Green
03-16-2009, 11:26 AM
Happy Monday morning to you! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives.

We had a very quiet weekend and I managed to get some painting done.
The puppies have a little intestinal upset and I am being very watchful.
So that keeps me in the studio as that is where the whelping box is set up!

The temps were very mild and Jess got a lot of yard work done. He wants to start on the new kennels this week, so I hope the weather holds!

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!

CM Neidhofer
03-16-2009, 05:40 PM
I think I have Spring fever! It's 70 degrees in the sun on my balcony and I just don't feel like doing a darned thing today!! I've thought about painting...just thought, haven't done any. Bruce said let's go fishing...don't feel like going out either! Got munchies and can't decide what I want....:p :p lol Anyway.....(sigh) :p


03-17-2009, 09:43 AM
Hello Christine and Kate,

It's been a while since I last dropped by and actually joined in the Scumble, I pop in now and again to see who is around and to check out some of the paintings.

My watercolour painting has very definitely improved, the New teacher has been a lot better and has spent time going through all of the basics which has been great as I had none at all. One of the things I did ( DH great idea) was to make up a watercolour paper book with card front and back and punched through with ribbon to hold it together. This way I had the good quality watercolour paper that I love and somewhere to practice various things and it is all kept together and you can add more pages if you want to. I had found that I was getting bogged down trying to constantly think of something to paint. I may use the same idea with Pastel Paper as well when I get back into my soft pastels. I can now also use my watercolour knowledge to use it as underpaintings and this may helpme with my pastels.
Unfortunatley teachers in Soft Pastels are impossible to find here.

Anyway, the weather is at long last starting to cool down and I am hoping it will now stay with the lower temps until next summer.:thumbsup: DH and I have been doing quite a bit of work on the New Patio area at the back of our house and revamping the various gardens around the place. Things are now starting to look a little more orderly and we love how the back area has turned out, infact we seem to be spending a lot more time out there now like having breakfast, lunch or dinner out there or havng a coffee and a chat. There are so many varieties of birds that come to feed in our back garden it's like being in an open Aviary. I have a family of Magpies who come singing at the font door at various times of the day expecting me to feed them mince everytime they show up, I do however limit what I feed them, there are plenty of insects and the likes for them to eat in my lawns and flower beds.

Healthwise, well everything with the DVT seems to be OK and am now on a stable dose of the Warfarin and only have to have my bloods done every 2nd week. I still have to wear these heavy duty compression stockings, but I have been taking them off at night and seem to be sleeping a little better.
I got to see a very good Liver Specialist and he is in the process of organising a Liver Biopsy going via the Jugular vein (a bit nervous here). We have also discovered that a valve (Mitral Valve) in my heart is not functioning as well as it could and we may at some stage have to do something about it. My first thought was ' Oh not another open heart surgery' but I guess if it is going to improve my quality of life then there is only one descision to be made really isn't there. :wink2:

DH has 8 weeks Annual Leave (he's been on it about 3 weeks already) and I have just started 4 weeks Annual Leave, by the time I go back on shift it wil actually be 4 weeks and 5 days. What do we plan to do, mainly getting things done in and around the house and garden. I am also hoping to get some painting done and if I am really lucky a bit of sewing, but you know how it is, time has a habit of disappearing on you.

Well I'll say cheerio for now and will keep dropping by, I'll now go off and look at some of your work.
Take Care
Lots of Love Carolynn :):):wave::heart::heart::heart::heart:

K Taylor-Green
03-17-2009, 01:36 PM
Hi Carolyn! It is good to see you here and VERY good to hear of the improvement in your health.
We are just the opposite of you, looking forward to it warming up! It is very nice out, low 60s. Yay!
I want to go out and do something but I am really trying to finish this dog portrait.

I LOVE days like yours Christy!

CM Neidhofer
03-17-2009, 10:54 PM
Had to go to Denver today for PT on my shoulder. What a gorgeous day! Had lunch at Sonic and then went fishing for the afternoon. I have a mild sunburn!! In the middle of March...in Colorado...lol Nary a nibble, but just being outside in the fresh air and sunshine after a long cold winter...nothing much better!! :thumbsup:


03-18-2009, 01:13 AM
:wave: Hi, All!

Kate: Hope the puppies get over their little illness! They are so lucky to have such a good "Mom" as you are to them! So sweet to think of them sharing the studio with you so you can keep an eye on them!:heart:

Christine:Oh, I bet you enjoyed that fishing outing! Yes, sunburn in March! Amazing!

Carolyn: So great to hear your progress health-wise. Oh, I know the relief of getting the meds balanced and only having to go for the INR test bi-weekly! That is my stage now, too! Sorry to hear about the heart things popping up to add to the issues. Hopefully that will improve, too! Enjoy the cooler temps and the birds sound so wonderful! :thumbsup:

It was an absolutely lovely day here. Very unseasonal at upper 70's deg. F! We had windows and doors open and a delightful breeze filling the whole house! I had planned to paint all morning, but a genealogy related phone call from a distant cousin/research buddy resulted in taking over an hour on the phone (his bill!:wink2: ), and each on our own computers, going over photos of newspaper clippings from 1795-6 in Georga, where our ancestor was for a couple of years! Totally amazing what we come up with! Great adventure and fun. But, alas, not much done in the studio! I did get a little painting done this afternoon. Tomorrow....:lol:

Carolyn: What a great idea on making the little packet of paper for watercolor! I think I'll try it. :clap:

Have a great week!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to All! Oh, yes, "Elsie H." is really Elsie Hickey Wilson...0'Hickey...from Co. Cork, Ireland in my father's family!

Lynne Vokatis
03-18-2009, 01:18 AM
Hi there I love this scumble:) . i probably should be in bed,,,,but i had to check out what whats new in the gallery and pop in and say hi quick. i started a big shell ,its under snow shell in the soft pastel gallery. trying to break away from the maine paintings. countin the days until my plein air weekend there in the end of may....still havent gotten an easle yet:eek: cant decide....lots of people have given me alot of good advice....but i cant choose...and want to choose wisely and economically.i saw a guerilla box...pochade box/easle (without a tripod)and i may do that, i can just hold it on my lap...im just as comfortable sitting on a rock or the ground or standing....its my first plein air experience and i dont want to go overboard:eek: omg litterally. ill have remember that if my backs to the surf lol. well its awhile yet.
finshed my books....they were ok. the mary bennet book was ok.fortunes rocks was better... but was kind of strange...its supposed to be set in fortunes rocks new hampshire(as they say in the book you can see the isle of shoals). now only because im a maine freak....i know that theres a fortunes rocks near saco/biddeford(which is miles north of the isle of shaols) and the heroines last name is biddeford? lol artist liscence??wrong sense of geography?weird picky reader?(more like it:) ) anyway it was a good story.
weather was 50 and sunny today and the snow is finnally melting. of course i have to work on all the nice day:( . probably wont be able to work on painting until thurs.
hi katherine,i like your thread idea for this scumble...hehehehe i just like saying....scumble.i would love to be with those puppies!ide watch them and rub theyre tummies too:) poor babies,i hope they are ok.
Hi christine,wow you have nice weather! its warmer there than here in ny:lol: . ide like to go fishing. i havent fished since i was a kid....i always have these dreams of fly fishing with those beautifull lines and rushing streams. lol ide prob wrap myself up like a fly ina spider web.
hi carolyn..i hope you will be feeling better.sounds like you have been goiing through alot. i would love to be in your backyard with all those birds!it was like 50 degrees here today and the poor birds were singing their hearts out this morning!the poor cardinal that calls from my big pine tree sounded like he had laringitis!magpies are supposed to be lucky arent they? i just love watching the birds around. i saw a robin this morning and the morning doves are cruising around cooing....but i bet were going to have one more snowstorm....i can just feel it brrrr.
well anymore and i will be babbling lol its after midnight so i have officially become a pumpkin! have great week everyone!:heart: lynne

03-18-2009, 10:07 AM
Oh wow, I didn't know the puppies were here. What fun. How many? Any photos? Did I miss that information? (possible Senior Moment Alert). Nothing sweeter than a brand-new puppy.

Nice to hear from Carolyn, and hope her health issues continue to straighten out. Christine, sorry about the sunburn, but an afternoon fishing sure sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time and relax. It's supposed to be in the low 60s (F) today here, and I love that. It really feels like spring is coming.

This weekend I have my Spring Choral Festival which I'm looking forward to. I'm hoping we are all done with snow for the season. Things are so uneventful right now I really have nothing to report. :D

03-18-2009, 03:27 PM
:wave: Hi, All!

Nice to hear from you Lynne! Plein air in upstate NY or elsewhere is better after the snow melts! :lol: I know that spring takes awhile in upstate NY, the snow does not like to give up its hold! I have family from around Seneca, Wayne and Ontario counties: very much winter world! My daughter, who lives in Fredonia, says that most of their snow has left. She got so tired shoveling, and shoveling and shoveling. Their drive is so narrow that there was no place to pile the stuff and they ended taking it to the back garden area to pile!:eek: Enjoy the spring!:heart:

The Spring Choral Festival sounds lovely! Enjoy!:music:

My St. Patrick's Day ended in a big way, but the "Luck of the Irish" helped me out! I had orchestra rehearsal last evening and afterwards, a group of us were coming out of the building and heading across a street. In the sort of half-dark, I tripped on a small broken tree stump sticking up and fell, splat on the sidewalk, violin, music, cane and all! Lucky for me, my cane took the brunt of the fall and I ended up with a few bumps and some stiff joints this morning. But, the violin and I are neither of us broken! Other than a little stiff and sore, I'm fine today! I feel very blessed! :clap:

K Taylor-Green
03-18-2009, 03:27 PM
Debbie, they arrived three weeks ago, a bit of a surprise to this experienced breeder! I'll never live down the fact that I thought she was having a false pregnancy, because I didn't breed her. But I made the mistake of housing her next to my stud dog, Harry and he somehow did the deed either over or through the fencing. And the weave in the fence is small! So I have a lovely litter of yellow Labs. It was a good match, just not the one I had in mind and I wanted to wait til her next cycle. Oh well, the breeding is still very good.
Tummies are better, thank goodness. I think the little demons can go back to the puppy house this weekend!

Lynn Marie, I am happy you like our weekly chat scumble! It's a neat way to keep in touch and get to know each other better.

Weather has been mild and sunny here for the last couple of days. I have really been enjoying it. I can look out over my winter looking gardens as I paint. The yard is getting green and I am so ready to get out and work with the dogs.

Christy, my hubby loves fishing in Colorado. He has a cousin who lives there and got him interested in fly fishing years ago.

Elsie, sounds like you are having a busy fun filled week!

03-18-2009, 09:10 PM
Elsie, I hope you are feeling better, falling can be bad. :eek: Your instrument is in one piece and so are you, that is good. Rest up!!

I am Laying on my couch with a cast on my foot and my foot elevated. The surgery was a success and I am getting nothing done. I am reading a new book "Garden Spells", saw a cute movie on Sunday "Bottle Shock" about the wine industry in CA in the 70's. Have napped a lot, which is a new thing for me, I am usually on the go constantly. I roll around the house on this knee scooter to keep my foot off the ground, I feel like a kid, my daughter wants to put a bell on the thing.:)
Happy week to all.

Dot Hoffman
03-18-2009, 11:54 PM
It was an absolutely lovely day here. Very unseasonal at upper 70's deg. F!

Hi Elsie, Talked to my cousin in Wausau yesterday....it was in the 50's and they were so happy the snow was melting:wink2: :wink2: We'll be visiting up there in another few weeks.....hope all the snow is gone by then:lol:

So sorry to hear about your fall Elsie....hope your bumps and bruises are better by now.

Another busy week here. Talked to our accountant today about our taxes and now that she explained them to me, they are ready to send in. Went to the nursing home this afternoon for about 3 1/2 hours to do my umbudsman visit....they have a new administrator and a new Director of Nursing, so it will be interesting to see what kind of changes they make. Overall a good visit. Now to do the paperwork:p .

I thought being retired meant we'd have time on our hands. That's not the way it's working out though! DH is doing volunteer work at the Al Unser Museum (perfect for a car nut like him) and all his pottery stuff. And we still have a lot of work to do in the yard.....wonder how long before we a) finish it or b) run out of $$:lol: :lol:

Everyone, have a great week:heart:

03-20-2009, 02:22 PM
:wave: Hi, All!

Dot: Enjoy your Wisconsin visit! I'll order some nice spring weather for you! :wink2:

Hi, Sharon! Glad to hear that things went well with the surgery! Enjoy the recovery and hope you can get to painting soon! Do take care!:heart:

I bragged just a little too soon on my luck on the fall. Wednesday afternoon my left hand started swelling up and by about 5 o'clock we decided it needed attention. Bob drove me to our clinic's Urgent Care clinic and they were super busy with several other people with possible breaks and lots of kids with coughs. We arrived at 5:45 pm and did not get seen until 8:30! :eek: The nurse had looked me over and gave me an ice pack and kept that replaced as needed, so I was cared for. But, when I did get to the doctor, she ordered an X-Ray. The good news is that I did not break any bones. :) But, have it bandaged in a stretch bandage and have to take that off once an hour to ice for 20 min. Also, they gave me some meds for pain that helped. With a concert to play in a week from today, I was not a happy camper!:eek: However, with the ice and bandage, I now am only a little swollen and can use my fingers as they hang out of the bandage. Almost all the pain in gone. The doctor said I badly brused the joints and "scrunched" (is that a real word?:lol: ) the bones a little resulting in the swelling. She said that as soon as the swelling is gone and pain, I can work back into violin practice a little each day. So I plan to just do about 10 min. tomorrow and see how it goes. Hopefully, by next Tuesday's rehearsal I can play through the music and by next Friday, I'll do the concert. :music: :music:

While I have not painted much, I did a little. I'm right-handed, so I that is good. I'm going to spend the afternoon...when I'm not on ice:lol: , doing some painting.

Kate: Hope the new little puppies are over their illness! So cute! There is just something so sweet about the eyes of a little pup!:heart: :heart:

Have a great weekend, All!