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02-28-2009, 04:02 AM
Hi all,
I have just read about 'Terry Ludwig pastels' and Wallis paper.
I would love to try both. Would anyone here, know where I could buy them from, in Melbourne Aus.
They sound great, especially the intense darks!

02-28-2009, 04:29 AM
Hi Surfroney,
I don't know about the pastels but I don't think you can buy Wallis paper in Australia at all. I got some awhile back from Dick Blick (from US) it turned out to be really expensive ( about $20 per sheet) because they would only use UPS to deliver.
Have you tried Art Spectrum pastels and their Colourfix paper? They are Australian made so easy to get here.
Hope this helps,


02-28-2009, 04:47 AM
Thanks Deanna,
I have used Colorfix paper and like it, I suppose the Wallis is much the same.
It was the intense darks in the Ludwig pastels that I would really love to get a set of.
Do Art Spectrum have extremely intense darks in various colours? I think they would be harder than the others.

02-28-2009, 06:14 AM
the art spectrum paper is definitely NOT the same as Wallis. Wallis is a beautifully prepared SANDPAPER, in effect, while Art Spectrum has a very different feel to it. If you cannot afford the Wallis, look around for some art-quality sandpaper, that will be the closest thing you will find to wallis.

also Art S pastels are most certainly NOT the same as Terry Ludwig pastels. terry's pastels are soft and velvety, AS pastels are quite hard, specially made for their hard surface papers. the closest pastels to Terry Ludwigs are Schmincke, who also have a fab range of darks. If you cannot get Terry Ludwigs, try the Schmincke range which may be easier to find in australia.

http://www.terryludwig.com/ he also sells wallis, according to his website. He is a great guy who is very accommodating, he may well be happy to send you some of his pastels. Pastels are heavy so the shipping may add to the cost, but I think his pastels are special, i feel they are worth every penny.

Maggie P
02-28-2009, 12:10 PM
I'm pretty sure Terry will ship to Australia; if you send an email to his web site someone should respond. And since he could send the Wallis paper as well, that would make it easy.

I agree, Colourfix is not like Wallis. I've never been able to get many layers on Colourfix and it just doesn't feel the same.

Schminkce makes good pastels, but I'm not sure you'll be able to find them any easier.

02-28-2009, 12:53 PM
Hi! Ah, no, the Colourfix and the Wallis are very different. Colourfix has grit mixed within the gesso like fluid, while Wallis has particles of aluminium oxide (I think it is) 'glued' onto the paper, much like ordinary sandpaper. In fact, you can get fine ordinary sandpaper and try it to see how you like it before importing.

A good alternative to Wallis Pro is Fisher 400, a UK artist quality sandpaper that comes in large sheets. But, you'd have to import it from the UK, so it won't be cheaper. Unless being in the Commonwealth gives advantages.

ArtSpectrum does have a dark set, but it is hard to imagine it would be as luxurious as Terry Ludwig's. He's great, and he puts handpicked sets together for artists who contact him. The near black Aubergine is divine. He ships to Sweden, so I imagine he'd ship to Down Under too.

ArtSpectrums are rather hard, as softies go. About as hard as Rembrandts. Personally, I think both perform very well on sanded papers like Wallis and Fisher.


02-28-2009, 09:19 PM
you have gotten some very good info already, I will add that you can't go wrong with either the Terry Ludwig pastels or the Wallis Paper and $20.00 a sheet is fair depending on the size it is. I live in the US and pay $22.00 for a sheet of Wallis 24x36 inches. I am sure if you contact Terry he would be happy to ship them to you. http://www.terryludwig.com/

03-01-2009, 07:41 AM
Thankyou, for all of the help and advice.
I do have some Schmincke, but it was the dark set of Terry's that I saw in a magazine that looked so appealing.
Will probably get some from him in the future with Wallis paper, which sounds wonderful.