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09-17-2000, 03:45 PM
I use Acrylics on prepared canvas and I do not use a stretcher while i paint. I just lay the canvas onto the floor. Is it OK if I paint that way? Will it affect the work in any way?For a bigger canvas I pin it onto a board on the floor.

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09-17-2000, 05:56 PM
Welcome aboard reena!

No problem working on the floor technically if you have it primed. However, just a couple of thoughts...if the floor is smooth, great. Just be certain the floor is smooth/clean before starting or you will end up with little impressions or even punctures in the canvas. Also, unless you are painting a non-objective subject (abstract) the main concern is that you eyes remain parallel to the painting while working to minimize distortion. It depends too, on the size. Are you working small or very large?

Many times, especially when painting in the field, I'll place the canvas on the ground and stand over it just to get a different perspective while painting. Works especially well with small to medium sized-canvas'.

Paint however, however it's most comfortable for you; on a wall, on the floor, on an easel. Acrylics are an especially good medium for flexibility.

Happy Painting!

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09-17-2000, 10:07 PM
Thank you Diane very much for the advice.My studio has got a clean and uniform surface, so I find spreading the canvas( small/large) on floor while I paint ,as convinent.I mostly paint landscapes and I find Acrylics as a wonderful medium.