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08-10-2002, 05:32 AM


Title: Page 3 from Strange World
Year Created: 2002
Medium: Pencil
Surface: Paper
Dimension: 8 x 11
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

Both of these images are from the same page. As you can see the lower section would be attached to the bottom of the top image. This is taken out of my first attempt to draw comics.

I really would appreciate feedback of any kind. I don't show many people my drawings and I'd just like to know what anyone thinks.

08-10-2002, 09:44 AM
Again interesting depiction of another world. I liked your painted images of the same odd dimension.

08-10-2002, 10:14 AM
Strange world, indeed! I find your work a morphing of Bosch & Munch. What story do these drawings tell?

08-10-2002, 11:07 AM
lines leading
up and down and
around and through
your strange and wonderful
imaginative wackey world

always an interesting journey
from beginning to end
and back again
seeing more the second time
third time...and so on
each small aspect
telling its own individual story
which blends into one massive attack

08-10-2002, 07:04 PM
thanks for the replies. I always strive to have some of Bosch reflecting in me. Here is something I wrote to describe the plot of this book. Here's a link to more pages http://www.anycities.com/cabal/comic.html

A man is taken undeground to a strange world. He has no real control as the creature he is riding in takes him where he goes. This is a small metaphor for driving in a car and letting go of the wheel. Something along the lines of the scene in Fight Club. It's not very obvious but it's in there nonetheless.
The places he goes are real but the last few pages will show that he really died in that alley and is really in the afterlife.....his imagination. That is what I personally believe as when we die we retreat into our minds. We become the kings of our own imaginary castles in death. Yet this character lived a Kafkaesque life. He is unsure of anything and in a place where he has complete control he's become a passenger with no control at all.

I'm making the first two pages showing the man walking into a dark alley and being kidnapped by a monster from the ground. The last two pages will show him walking into the same alley but getting shot by a stranger. He dies there.

Sorry if I ruined it for you all. This is currently going to be 64 pages in 2 issues. Not sure if I should give him control in the world or leave it like Kafka would. No control, no end result, a perpetual labyrinthe of mystery.

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08-12-2002, 01:51 PM
Okay I'll be bold I think this work could go one of two ways to be really good. More lines/objects/contrast or fewer lines/objects/contrast.

That is While it's amazing for me to see bosh and escher and crumb all kinda' wrapped in to one I don't know if you are being flat (like crumb) or full (like escher) or busy (like bosh)

maybe it's a combo of some of these but I'd like to see:

-a drawing where you put as may "things" on the paper as you possibly can
-a drawing where the focus is "3Dness" or whatever
-a drawing where It's bot flat and simple but the subject is most arresting.

Not that you should go with any of these alone, just my random thought and trying to explain why I *almost* really really like this. I do in fact like them, esp the 4 section thing with various views. If you plan on selling your work framing each section might make for a good set that people would pick up. (I sell mostly sets, or I did this weekend at least!)

Oh well, those are my thoughts... I can't guarantee they are really of any value.


08-12-2002, 08:04 PM
Actually a lot of the pages have 2 and 3 point perspectives. This page just happens to have a lot of profile views. I wasn't even thinking about that. I have some ink drawings I posted a while ago that are twenty times as busy as these drawings. I have a deadline for this book so I can't put my all into it but I am putting a lot into it so it's gonna look decent. I can't seem to spend less than 6 - 8 hours on one page. It's crazy.

I think the difference between Bosh and I in the monster department is his are allegorical imaginary representations of religious, alchemical significance. Mine.... ehm.... aren't they simply exist in this strange world and aren't intended to be seen as metaphorical.. But then I was aiming at this book to follow a similar path to Dante's Inferno so I don't know. I'll just let the voices in my head decide all that.