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12-23-2008, 02:15 PM
For about a year I've been seriously donating part of my liver--only I want to continue to live afterward. :cool: I've read extensively about the risks involved, but the information is always geared towards people donating to friends and family. I try to give blood every year but I have never to date been able to because of anemia. But I am healthy, disease free, and 30 years of age. However, any medical costs, transportation, and if needed, boarding would have to be assumed by the hospital or recipient because I don't have that kind of discretionary income. So, is this possible? Whom do I contact?

12-23-2008, 11:34 PM
:clap: I applaud your generousity and as a two-time organ recipient, kidney, I thank you from the depths of my being from all of us who have been given the gift of life by such selfless people as you.

Briefly, I received my first kidney back in 1985 by an unknown stranger who had passed away in an automobile accident after what for me had been three years of kidney dialysis and many, many years of serious illness. It was truly a miracle and I felt like a new person, wonderful, after receiving my transplant. It enabled me to continue to raise my three children and today I am even blessed with four grandchildren. Both of these things had been beyond my wildest dreams back when I was ill.

In 2001, due to failing health again I received a second kidney transplant donated to me by my brother-in-law. God bless him. I again was given life and again cherish every moment of it. All of this began when I was 36 and now I'm 60, so you can imagine the innumerable joyful moments of life I have been given by my two heros.

I am grateful to both of these people, pray for them and their loved ones daily, and thank God for this miracle always. So, please know that your gift will be appreciated more than words can express. And, I can only put that mildly, because as I've said, honestly, there are no words to express the deep gratitude I and my family feel toward my donors and their families.

Perhaps someone else who sees this post will have more information for you, but I'll share what I know. There is a website, www.unos.org, that should answer some of your questions or at the very least steer you to someone who can. A hospital that does liver transplants will also have a social worker on staff in that department who can help you. Just start by phoning the transplant department and explaining your intention. There is also an organization named TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization) that does a lot with organ donors and is full of information. If you do a web search for them you should have no trouble finding them.

I hope I've helped a bit. Perhaps some of the above leads will lead to others that are informative for you. If not, please feel free to PM me and I will look up the website addresses myself and give them to you. Again, I applaud your generousity, but please do think long and hard about it beforehand. You will be councelled by a transplant social worker well before you would undergo surgery to make certain that you understand what you are attempting to undertake and that you are truly prepared for it. You will not be alone in all of this, I assure you.

I wish you all the best.


12-29-2008, 11:36 PM
I aplaud you as well. I did not know you could transplant part of a liver, or at all from a living donor. Judi, what a wonderful story, you are truly deserving, and kind. I am a registered organ donor, but only upon my dearh. I am sure that if a friend or family member needed a kidney or bone marrow I would donate it, at least I believe I would.