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12-10-2008, 10:44 PM
From time to time we talk about Canson paper and the light fast issue. So I thought some one here might find this interesting. This was copied and posted here from the pastel forum...This was posted by Donna Allridge who is a very talented artist. She also is a very sharing lady who often post suggestions and help in that forum.

The new post was asking about the light fast quality of Canson MiT. paper. It was suggested in response that if the proper framing was done that might protect the paper...

Originally Posted by Donna A
I'm not so terribly sure that all the archival framing in the world would keep some of the Canson colors from fading. I discovered the fading problem when I began cleaning up my studio after having been terribly ill for several years and finally able to be up and about again and cleaning off the dust layers! :-) Dark Cansons had been stored on 4" high shelf, tucked back a good way from the edge and in shadow---and when I pulled the paper out, the top piece was terribly faded (in the shadow of the shelf for several years though in a bright room) and where just bits of corner of other papers had been protruding from under the navy sheet, those portions were faded as well. In the shade! Well, a couple of years later I reported on this at one of our MidAmerica Pastel Society meetings. John Roush, a marvelous pastel painter whose work you may have come across (gorgeous!), had been using that exclusively and could not believe my comment, so went home and fixed up tests of 12 different colors of canson, covering half of each sheet in heavy black paper, well fitted against the hidden parts of the papers to keep all light out---and then hung it in a south window for a couple of months to expedite any fading---and it was winter, so much less sun! He brought his test results to a meeting two months later---and did a presentation for the whole group. John was shocked how much the papers faded! (any at all was NOT GOOD!) He never painted on it again. He had a big supply of it---and announced that he had now confined his use of Canson to the back of his pastel paintings as his backing paper on the framing---where he didn't have to worry tooo much about it's fading! :-)

Another one of our MAPS members who lives in North Dakota was in Kansas City for the big Plaza Art Fair. She stopped by for a visit. We'd been on the phone the week earlier talking about all manner of things including our art. Paper came up. Canson. It fades. Oh, that's alright. I cover it all up. Hmmm. (is how our conversation went in general.) When she arrived and pulled out some of her gorgeous paintings, Oh---you did that one on wine red! How did you know???? :-) Well, I can see it here and here and here and here...etc. She never used it again, either. And showing her the test panel John had made confirmed it for her. He had given me the test panel since he knows how I'm always sharing info.

Take good care! Donna ;-}

12-11-2008, 04:36 AM
Thanks for this important info Pam!

I'm going to archive this thread in the CP Library!!