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07-30-2002, 11:54 AM
I want to attempt to draw a tonal (underdrawing?) in charcoal rather than underpaint in oil for the grisille foundation of a portrait. I am hoping that I can just spray fix the charcoal drawing and then use spray varnish to prepare the surface for an imprimatura using cad red lt & yellow ochre then work into the wet surface somewhat direct from that point on . . .

Is this method sound? How long will I have to wait for the varnish to dry before I can tone the canvas? Is the spray varnish a wise choice alone or should I varnish over that in order to really seal the drawing in? Will the varnish underlayer compromise the painting's longevity?

Any help advice will be greatly appreciated--
Shirley Bales

08-03-2002, 07:20 PM
Shirley, try Grumbacher's message board. You should get a very good answer in a few days.


08-11-2002, 05:10 PM
the board with all the answers is the debates forum:D