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10-20-2008, 01:25 AM
Hi Wearables buddies :wave: , yawn, early morning here, just having my coffee before my commute to work.

Pam, so sorry to hear the news about Mr Nibbles. I think you are right that larger animals are the way to go ....... elephants are pretty robust once they are weaned!

Sorry to be MIA for a couple of days. Internet wasn't working Saturday night after I had finished all my chores, and then yesterday I went out to meet up with Claire :clap: Such fun to do that, there was a nice cafe restaurant in the building where she was doing her class and we both had sausage and mash for lunch ! So British. For some reason ( probably the pic on her avatar ) I thought she would be wearing a hat! but she wasn't. Time just flew by before she had to go back to the studio for the afternoon and I went off to buy some cheap jeans for work. My old pair died last week, big rip just below the butt, and even though I have my thermal leggings underneath ..... well they were past looking respectable.

Gotta run now. Need to discuss bathroom plan 'B' with the builder. Some of the things we wanted are not available, so it means rethinking which range we use. It's only a very small space, which makes life difficult, plus getting a vanity and matching wood bath panel is proving problematic. If I wanted tiles on the bath .... not a problem, if I wanted a white bath panel .... also not a problem, but would I want anything simple Noooooo. You all have a good day. Fiona

10-20-2008, 01:49 AM
Fiona, sounds like you and Claire had a good time. What fun to meet an online friend IRL! Somehow I can't picture you in jeans, messes with my image of a princess. ;) Hope the bathroom plans come together without too much more hassle.

Slept off and on today after taking DH to the airport so I'm wide awake now that it's bedtime. Spent about 1 1/2 hours making a bead last night and took it out of the kiln only to discover some serious thermal cracks. Was able to reintroduce it to the flame and heal them and increased the annealing time and temp of the kiln so hopefully no surprises when I open the kiln in the morning.

Here's a picture of Dammit Dog while she stores up energy. Gawd, she's cute when she's asleep! I can almost forget what a holy terror she normally is! Almost.

10-20-2008, 09:45 AM
Quick fly by just to let you all know I survived the weekend!! There were no serious traumas, though a few glitches, interesting stories, lots of BEADS, only needed the pointy stick once (canes apparently work just as well - who knew!), and there's a funny (now) story about a stripper pole! It's nice to be back and I'm hoping to catch up properly at some point today or tomorrow!

Pam, if what I read above is right, RIP Mr Nibbles? Although somehow I don't think an elephant is going to fit in Luke's room.

Fiona, so glad you got to meet Claire IRL! How fun!! I'm with Angela, jeans blow the princess image, let alone thermal leggings!! You little rebel! LOL Hope you find a satisfactory bathroom solution!

Angela, Dammit Dog is beautiful!! Much like small children, absolute angels when they're asleep! Hope the bead is all you thought and more! :)

I'll be back later, gotta go back to bed. Woke up this morning with the first sore throat and stuffy nose in AGES!! Better today than last week though!! Hugs all around, have a wonderful Monday!

10-20-2008, 11:13 AM
Fiona, Hoping plan b works and you do not have to come up with a plan c.

Angela, Maybe you'll get back into your sleep routine tonight. Dammit Dog is too cute to be any trouble!

Barrie, So happy everything went well. I'm sure a few glitches are a norm at that type of event.

Drinking my hot cocoa in bed and waiting for the sun to come out and burn off the fog. John is supposed to be coming over today to work on things. Not really sure what I will be doing.

10-20-2008, 12:23 PM
Fiona, Nice to see you back among us. I had bangers and mash in Victoria BC, delish!!! At least when your jeans split they were accompanied by some thermals. No peeking skin, and not so much draft. :D Hoping your workday is productive in all the right ways.

Angela, I am sure it was tough getting to sleep during normal hours after the middle of the night trip to the airport. Dammit Dog is adorable. What a beauty she is!!!

Barrie, So glad it is over for you and you can get some rest. I am sure the cane worked well. I wield mine as needed, too. We'll be waiting to hear about the stripper pole, and the rest of the story. Also waiting to see what wonderful finds you found. :D

Maggie, Hot cocoa in bed sounds like a delight. Sorry it is because it is too darned cold there!!! Hoping John will get more things taken care of for you soon. Thank heaven for down comforters!!

Off to take Tess for her biopsy. Wish us luck!!!

Does anyone want to co-sign for Eric to get his dental work done?? We still have to find someone and his first appt. is tomorrow. The payments are no problem, but we have to find a co-signer or they won't start the work!!!

10-20-2008, 12:31 PM
...Although somehow I don't think an elephant is going to fit in Luke's room....

Never mind the room, it would never fit in the treadmill! ;)

Hi all - overtime, and than on a monday, and that when I was too tired for words. I felt like I was injected with a narcoticum (like you get before surgery) and had to fight that. All day long. My eyes kept rolling back and my lids kept dropping down, and don't even ask me about the thinking-process. Very very very slow.

Need to eat now, will try to drop in again in a bit, but if not - :wave:

10-20-2008, 12:38 PM
Rita, It's 47 degrees (8.3 C) inside and I am thinking of running home to my dad's this evening and staying there in protest until I have some heat source. John likes to brag how it was 5 degrees in his trailer when he lived in Washington, like I'm fortunate or something. Believe me, I hate being at my dad's for the most part, feel stifled there, but thinking of finding a place to set up my hothead. Hope all goes well with Tess's appointment. Missed what she was having biopsied. You guys have more than your share of medical appointments.

Andee, Almost forgot it was a Monday. Hope food finds you some energy. Missing my Andee picture.

10-20-2008, 12:59 PM
Hi everyone
Back to the real world, my boss had another of his little extra jobs to dump on me today. Luckily it is quite a quiet time so I managed to get it all done. I'm planning to be naughty and skip class tonight, I just don't think I have the stamina. So it will be a night in, and I shall look at my new books from Amazon - one on Lille and one on how to play the accordion. The instrument should be coming on Wednesday if he uses overnight carriers, otherwise it may be Friday. I'd better do a bit of housework too, the house is getting seriously untidy.

Sylvia, it's nice that your DH will go shoping with you. David is willing, but can't take too much of it, whereas I can trudge the shopping streets all day quite happily. Are you going to make things for yourself with your new beads?

Gwen, so pleased all is well with you and yours. I'm not decided on fusing, I enjoyed what we did, but it wasn't the sort of thing I would make for choice. I think I might try some small bits in my tiny kiln, get a bit more idea of what is possible. Some of the information on texture and mould making was very useful, so the course was well worthwhile.

Rita, hope all went well for Tess. Great news about the jewellery display and the weekend off, these bosses seem a big improvement on the last one.

Maggie, sorry to hear the back to nature life is so chilly. Does the cabin have much insulation? Even good heavy curtains can help a lot, they can always be taken down in the summer, my SIL who lives in Yorkshire makes them with an interlining of old blankets and they really stop the draughts and heat loss through windows. What is wrong with the fireplace that it can't be used?

Fiona, I hope the bathroom plan B is working out - if you want wooden panels is it worth getting a carpenter to build to spec? I'm hoping one of the girls is going to take pics of our pieces, it would be so frustrating not to know how they all turned out, after all that cutting and grinding and carrying them up the road. Maybe we will have to take a trip to California and sort out Maggie's cabin between us.

Angela, how frustrating to have the bead crack, well done rescuing it. Lacey is beautiful, hard to believe she can misbehave.

Barrie, I hope that cold doesn't happen, so unfair just when you have a chance to relax. I want to know about the stripper pole - please.

Andee, sorry your day was so tiring, I actually feel livelier now than I did last night, I must work harder at glass cutting than I do at my job - don't tell the boss!

10-20-2008, 01:58 PM
Hi again.

39 work days left.

Claire - yay that you had fun at the class, and got to meet Fiona for a very British meal! :) Enjoy your quiet evening with your books!

Gwen - welcome back! I'm glad to hear your sister's surgery went well, fingers crossed the docs are right and it's not malignent! Knowing my boss for more than 20 years I know what I can say to her, and what I should better shut up about. The straightjacket/snorkel got a laugh.

Rita - bummer about the photos, but great that at least the vid is good, it will be nice to be able to watch parts of the show again!

Maggie - brrr, I'm freezing just thinking about how cold you must be. And I'm sorry to hear you're not enjoying your time away from everything as much as you thought you would. Fingers crossed it'll get better soon!

Fiona - yay that you and Claire got a chance to meet!

Angela - what a cute fur kid, I love those paws! (Anything in the mail yet?)

Barrie - erm? You've got me sitting on the edge of my seat now, wanting to hear that story about the stripper pole! :lol: Congrats on the successful show, but bummer about the cold. Hope it won't stick around as long as everybody else's!

Off to bed with me (7:58. Sigh.) :grouphug:

10-20-2008, 03:18 PM
hi everyone :)

Fiona, I could keep the elephant outside, no? LOL, that would be really too fun. I'd love an elephant. Zoe would too. How cool that you and Claire got to meet - I was hoping you would!

Angela, I think DD looks way too cute. How bad can she be??? Is she getting a little bit older as she ages?

Barrie, I'm glad the show was a success! Congrats! And now what, you get to breathe and start that bathroom? Or do you have something else big up your sleeve? And yes, whats up with the stripper pole?????

Maggie, OMG can you just go to home depot and get an electric space heater or two? They have them with thermostats you know, they aren't bad. Though if you have cracks in your walls, it won't do all that much good unless you are sitting right on top of it.

Andee, get some sleep tonight!!! 39 days sounds not too bad!

Rita, why is Tess having a biopsy??? Hope it's all fine.

Claire, what were you and Fiona up to, construction??? I thought it sounded like a quick bite, now I'm going to have to go back and see what I missed.

Well not much here, i'm tired from the super busy weekend. And I've got a lot to do still. It's never ending I guess.


10-20-2008, 04:02 PM
Claire, The top of the chimney fell down during a 1989 earthquake that was centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains. No curtains at this point and over half the upstairs is windows. It's on my list of things to do, need to measure them still. Would love for you and Fiona to come solve my woes! Good for you playing naughty, although it sounds like you may be ready for first steps when the accordion arrives. Oh, absolutely no insulation in the place and I wouldn't want to change that because I love the look of the walls.

Andee, 39 doesn't sound too bad. I so know about countdowns.

Pam, Yep, lots of spaces for the warmth to go through, lots of ventilation. The chimney is on the list and John is already storing up wood for me. Don't you wish there was a miniature variety of elephant, like the pot belly pigs. I'd rather have an elephant.

Found a sick bat outside the bathroom door this morning. Looked like a baby or pretty young. Was glad John was here though I know I would have handled it if I were on my own. He had to take it out of its misery as much as we didn't like that thought. Sometimes we are more humane to critters than we are to humans.

Torched for a few hours and now I have some cabin stuff to take care of.

10-20-2008, 04:04 PM
Greetings, All!

Gwen, Good to have you back! What a relief that the doctor believes that you sister will recover all right. You mom must have truly enjoyed the shopping trip, and I bet your dad was happy to see you, too. Glad the kittybabies are fine.

Fiona, Hope you get the bathroom decor all figured out! What fun meeting Claire must have been!

Angela, Cute pic of Dammit Dog, sheís pretty! Seriously, is that her name?

Barrie, Stripper pole? Sounds like a very interesting weekend you had! Glad it was a success! Oh, I do hope you are not coming down with a cold, take care!

Rita, Prayers that Tessí biopsy results in good news! The strands just to the right of the turquoise (in my pic of my paycheck stash) are faceted rose quartz. I loved the different colors in the strands.

Andee, Get some rest!!!

Maggie, Yes, the barter system works well for me. Brrrrr! Way too cold there for me! Good idea to stay at your dadís until you get heat installed. When we used to take the kids camping years ago, we had to use the public washroom. That didnít bother me. What did bother me, was the cold,and walking in the cold to get to the washroom. Yes, cold in FL! When it gets in the 50ís, I go looking for the quilts!!

Claire, I believe youíre entitled to play hookey from class once in awhile. I hope you get some relax time!

My arms are sore. I had the flu shot in the left and the pneumonia shot in the right arm. Stupid. Very, very, stupid. Plus I had a fever all last night. Dh kept throwing the sheet off, and I kept huddling under it. The fever is gone now,but the soreness feels like I canít lift my arms or do anything.
Tonight is a meeting, for practice... See you all tomorrow! Take care hope Tuesday is good for all of us!

10-20-2008, 06:05 PM
Just to let you know, Tess's biopsy was due to a bad result on a PAP test. Dr. says there may be a bit of a viral thing, we will know in a week or so. He was NOT worried about it. Whew!!

Maggie, Brrr, 47 inside is way too cold. Even for roughing it. I think it is about 58 here today. Not so bad. It didn't change a whole lot overnight, either. May have gone down a few degrees, but not much. Can you hang Blankets around a segment of one room to keep the heat located and use the space heater to warm just that area? We did that one year in a big moose of a house and it kept a nice area for living in toasty. Otherwise I thought for sure we would have to spend the entire winter in bed. It is lovely rain today. Rained so hard in the night it woke me up. I used to be really afraid of bats, but got over it after we had hundreds in our attic one year. Don't like to be dive-bombed by them, but they do their jobs really well and I appreciate them now.

Claire, I think skipping class was in order given your busy weekend. If you have a kiln now, I am sure you can do small jewelry sized fusing and make some great earrings, cabs and such. Tess's boss does tons of that sort of stuff.

Andee, sorry your Monday was such a Monday. I hope you get more sleep tonight!!!

Pam, Have you recovered from the party yet? It sounded like you did a ton of work, and I'll bet a ton of clean up after.

Sylvia, Getting those shots at the same time is tough. I hate how sore you are after them. I am sure your DH can at least fasten your bra for you. I know that was the thing I missed most after having both arms shot at once, wearing my bra. Usually it is the first thing I take off when I come through the front door. :D

Barrie, We want to hear about the stripper pole!!!

:heart: :wave: BBL

10-20-2008, 06:10 PM
Hi everyone. Got back on the torch today but not sure I was very productive. Made some butterflies for Beads of Courage. I think they are all ok. Not sure I made anything that would be saleable. (That's probably not a word but you know what I mean.)

Maggie, if there is no insulation will the cabin hold heat? Hope you got all the cracks caulked up at least. Can you install propane space heaters? How cold does it normally get in the winter???? I'm sure it is difficult for the sun to heat up the cabin since it sits amid so many trees. I had such high hopes for you in your little tree house! Maybe it will all still work out.

Rita, hope Tess's biopsy went well today. I had to have that cryosurgery once because of abnormal paps. I hated the thawing period! UGH!!! I saw a website the other day and thought of you and your family. I think it was freemedical.com. They list all the places that offer free, or little charge, medical and dental in each state. Your new owners sound better and better. So nice that you will have weekends off.

Angela, DD is just too beautiful! Is she still a puppy? I'm calling the vet this week to get Chica and Sunni in for their mind changing surgery. RJ is finally eating big kitty food. They all still nurse, of course, but I think that is because Chica lets them. They chow down on whatever is in the bowl.

Sylvia, how terrible about the sore arms from the shots. My mom and dad popped into their doctor's office while we were at the hospital and got their flu shots. They gave my sister one before she left the hospital. My sister said that getting both together last year made her arms very sore. Hope your practice goes well.

Barrie, sounds as though you have some gooooooood stories from your show! Can't wait to hear them. Glad it all went well for you.

Fiona, good luck with the bathrooms. Those and kitchens are the real biggies.
Too funny about your jeans. You would be right in style with the butt rip and the longjohns showing!

Claire, sometimes you need to just sit and read a book. It's good for you. I saw some slumped votive holders over in the Glass thread that I thought I wouldn't mind doing. They were very plain and simple but probably the mold is very expensive.

Andee, so glad your Monday is over. It is always nice to have that day behind you. That clock is ticking down the days. Your nice long holiday will be here before you know it.

Pam, you did have a long and busy weekend. Hope you had a peaceful day today.

Well, I'm off to chill on the couch and read for a bit. Then it will be time to feed my cat herd!! Hope everyone has a good evening.

10-20-2008, 07:49 PM
Sylvia, Do you think the fever was a reaction to the shots? I am one of those people afraid of flu shots. Think it is because I have reactions to some medicines and am afraid of any reactions.

Rita, Glad the doctor was not worried about it, but even more glad she had the biopsy. So many woman's issues go undetected for too long.

Gwen, I need to try my hand at butterflies again. Think I need to make a list in the morning or the night before on what I want to try. Today was black and whites for Maxine's exchange. I did get the autumn ones in last week and dots on their way to Trish just now.

John has been working on the chimney today, but I am afraid to ask him how long before I can have a fire. We have talked about a propane heater also, the cold just came before we expected it. Told him I was going to Dad's for a warm bed so he knows I am a whimp!

10-20-2008, 09:13 PM
Claire, hope you're enjoying your break from class. Had to laugh when you said you didn't have the stamina for class - I think your schedule would have me begging for relief!

Rita, glad Tess got her biopsy done and didn't put it off. Keeping my fingers crossed that the results are good.

Sylvia, nice bead haul there! Pnuemonia shots hurt like he!!. Kind of feels like getting punched repeatedly in the arm. I'm due one next year. Never had a reaction to flu shots. Dammit Dog's real name is Lacey but she hears "Dammit Dog!" so often that she thinks that's her name. ;)

Barrie, oh yes! We want to hear about the stripper pole! Sounds like a successful show. Bet you're glad to have it behind you for another year. Hope that cold doesn't hit you too hard and you get some rest.

Maggie, BRRRR! That's too cold! Hope you can get a fire lit soon and warm up. Roughing it is fine for a day or so but not as a way of life!

Gwen, we need new kitty pictures! Bet they're so cute. Lacey is about a 1 1/2 yrs. old so still a puppy in retriever years. Trying to get her back in some obedience classes and I'd like to try agility class with her because she loved it when we did a bit in her last class. She's a smart girl.

Andee, my package came today! LOVE them! Will wear them tomorrow when I go to my new office for a meeting.

Hi Pam and Fiona and anyone else who comes by! I'm off to light the torch. My bead came out cracked again so I think it's got some incompatibility issues. :(

10-20-2008, 10:45 PM
Gwen, Glad you got things made for Beads of Courage. That is something I will attempt to make once I get going. I love the concept and feel how important it is. Yep, I am glad Tess got the biopsy out of the way, too. Scary. Tess checked into free dental or low cost, and the earliest appt. she could get Eric was nearly six months from now and there was no guarantee they could do the needed work. the dentist he saw said he could die if he didn't get it taken care of in the next month or so. Yikes!!! It is appalling how difficult it is to get medical or dental care in this country if you have no medical insurance and no money.

Maggie, Hoping John realizes it is more than just being a wimp, not that I think freezing and not liking it is being a wimp!!! Being cold and damp is no fun, even in a fun place.

Angela, There is hope for Dammit Dog outgrowing her puppy stage eventually. I have heard many dogs retain that silly puppy attitude until at least 2 or so. Bummer about the cracked beads!! I am sure I will have tons of those in my future. A fiber blanket can just do so much. :D

BBL :heart: :wave:

10-20-2008, 11:43 PM
I'm at my dad's and warm! Love being warm and cozy. John is about 1/4 of the way finished with the chimney. Today was his day off and I am not sure when his next cabin work day will be. My sister has Wednesday and Thursday off so we may do something.

Angela, Hope you sleep well tonight. Have to go check if Mike has answered your question about how to sign up. What kind of bead keeps cracking?

Rita, I agree that our country needs an overhaul when it comes to health care. I have excellent coverage while teaching (paying over $400 a month for it out of pocket right now), but once I retire nothing. Just medi-care or cade I never remember the difference.

10-21-2008, 01:15 AM
Maggie, I am glad to hear you are warm again. I hope your chimney get fixed up soon, and you have a way to heat up your home. (away from home) I used to have medical ins. but lost the job that paid a reasonable wage a bit over three years ago. After that I haven't had the $400+ for basically nothing but major medical I have found available. Medicare is after 65, medicaid before, if you qualify.

Night all!!!